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Nov 05

Nov 05

Buy Xperia, Get 10 Free PSM Games and More

Jamaal Moore's Avatar Posted by Brand Marketing Manager of Emerging Platforms, SCEA

PlayStation Mobile

From now through December 31st, 2013, when you purchase either the Xperia Z smartphone or the Xperia Tablet Z, and download the Xperia Privilege app from the Google Play Store, you’ll receive the following:

  • 10 free PlayStation Mobile games
    • Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender by Tikipod Limited (Rated E with Mild Fantasy Violence, Tobacco Reference)
    • Forevolution by Pygmy Studio Co., Ltd. (Rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence)
    • Haunt the House: Terrortown by SFB Games (Rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence)
    • Hungry Giraffe by Laughing Jackal Ltd. (Rated E10+ with Crude Humor)
    • Rebel by PomPom Software Ltd. (Rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence)
    • Surge by FuturLab Ltd. (Rated E)
    • Switch Galaxy by Atomicom (Rated E)
    • Ten by Eight by Action Button Entertainment (Rated E)
    • Tokyo Jungle by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Rated T for Violence, Blood, Sexual Content)
    • Yu-Nama: The Puzzle by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Rated T for Violence, Blood)
  • 6 free movies, including Elysium
  • 60 day Music Unlimited trial

Xperia Tablet Z

But how does one take advantage of this opportunity, you ask? Purchase the Xperia Z smartphone or Xperia Tablet Z — available online at the Sony Store (the Xperia Z smartphone is also available at your local T-Mobile store) — and follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the Xperia Privilege app form the Google Play Store
  2. Select the promotion/s you want to redeem
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Receive the voucher code
  5. Redeem the voucher code

This promotion runs through the end of the year, so pick up a brand new device and take advantage of this deal while you can.

For more details, click here.

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Sum-Mischief said:

November 5th, 4:09 pm

Sony is just loading all kinds of candy this year.

    Jamaal Moore's Avatar

    Jamaal Moore said:

    November 5th, 4:36 pm

    We are just getting started………. :-)

sparepart said:

November 5th, 4:20 pm

To bad my Verizon Wireless no longer carries the Sony brands, otherwise I would be sold.

haze-BoY117 said:

November 5th, 4:25 pm

I bought an Xperia Z1 and got all these deals too bad a lot of US carries don’t carry any Xperia phones because Sony are releasing some good phone that compete with Samsung and Apple. Xperia Z1 is the most powerful 5inch Smartphone out now.

haze-BoY117 said:

November 5th, 4:26 pm

Waiting for a Tablet Z update.

Thwip said:

November 5th, 4:27 pm

“60 day Music Unlimited trial”

I understand the need to promote and grow the Music Unlimited portion of your business. Heck, I even bought it myself when it was available to Plus members for $12. But removing media server abilities from the PS4 is a mistake. I realize that recent Twitter comments would suggest it will be revisited, but I don’t want to see the passion for the movement to see it realized die. We need it for our PS4’s Sony, please make it happen.

Superstone said:

November 5th, 4:28 pm

I bought the tablet S and it died on me this week. Will be getting a xperia as soon as my bb contract is up. That won’t be soon enough

    Jamaal Moore's Avatar

    Jamaal Moore said:

    November 5th, 4:35 pm

    The Xperia Tablet Z is a great device. If there is a Sony Store near you, stop by and check it out.

remanutd5 said:

November 5th, 4:36 pm

i currently have a samsung galaxy s3 but if sony keeps releasing quality competitive phones my next cell phone will be an Xperia one, maybe next year.

jrodfantastic said:

November 5th, 5:14 pm

Words can’t describe how disappointed I was to hear the the Xperia Z was a T-Mobile exclusive. Here’s to hoping the Z1 comes to Verizon.

KazeEternal said:

November 5th, 5:15 pm

3 Things that need to Change about Xperia Phones and Tablets:

1) PlayStation Mobile: The spec is out dated, 96 megs really? You want us to make good games fix this. These games are fine, but I’ve been fighting with technical hurdles more than I have been with making games for it.

2) Unify with the PSN for no extra charge: Last we heard about PlayStation Certified devices we had to pay extra for PSOne games we already owned. Time to step up your game sony, bring us a phone that fits the bill.

3) Provide us with Dualshock 4 support: Look funky built in controls touch screen controllers and all are nice, but give us a reason not to buy a Moga and to not use an emulator.

I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S and I’m looking to move to an S4. I’m also using a Galaxy Tab II 10.1 and right now I have no incentive to move to this system out side of some unproven unheard of PSM games. Why should I care about this, show me why? Show me how this makes my Life with PlayStation better.

vza004 said:

November 5th, 5:19 pm

I’m wondering if the Xperia Tablet Z can be a good sketch companion.

Stranger_Eddie said:

November 5th, 5:21 pm

I Only have these Sony Products:

– 46 Pol. OLED TV;
– 1000 RMS Home Theater (a little bit old, but THE BEST);
– DVD player;
– 2 PSP (one FAT = 1001 model… one Slim = 2001 model);
– 1 PSVita;
– 1 mobile Xperia Play…

And now…..

I tell you SERIOUS Sony!

YOU NEED to create a TABLET like your COMPETITOR called >>> ARCHOS GAMEPAD 2!

YES, SONY READ THIS:…Oled screen with 7 Pol. full HD, 10 hours battery, TOUCH, ANNNNNNNNNNNNND BUTTONS (like PSVita)…


An android Tablet WITH BUTTONS like PSVita!….


After this, YOU GOING TO HAVE MY MONEY in an TABLET… Until now… My money for the NEXT DEVICE called “TABLET” is near than ARCHOS GAMEPAD 2 (I don´t like NVidea Shield desing… So Sony THINK SERIOUSLY in this Archos Concept!


cman199 said:

November 5th, 5:40 pm

I downloaded the app on my T-Mobile Xperia Z but my only question is how will Elysium be given out since it is not out yet and i redeemed my stuff already? Please answer.

    Jamaal Moore's Avatar

    Jamaal Moore said:

    November 7th, 12:31 pm

    Elysium will be available starting 11/26, which is still a few weeks prior to BluRay/DVD availability. :-)

bball230 said:

November 5th, 5:52 pm

Great… now if sony actually put their Flagship devices on the largest National networks like (Verizon) many many people could actually buy into Sony phones.

Rockefellow said:

November 5th, 5:55 pm


I can agree with you on how cool it would be if Sony released a tablet like the one you’re describing, but you have to realize it’d probably cut in to Vita sales, even if only a little bit. That’s not exactly smart marketing for your own company.

Since I feel like being friendly, I’m going to offer you a warning on Archos products. I’ve owned three separate Archos products over the past 5-6 years, and I have been satisfied with absolutely none of them. Two of them I purchased myself, and one was a gift from a previous employer.

I owned an MP3/Video player several years ago (I think it was the 503), which worked very well for a few months; after I updated the firmware as required by Archos, however, it started getting buggy and eventually blue screened itself to death, and it wouldn’t turn on past the random blue screen with code all over it.

I called up customer support, and long story short, you might as well pretend it didn’t exist. After weeks of phone tag I was told I was getting a box to return the product; the box never came, and upon calling back, I was told I could ship it in to get refurbished at a price that was upwards of 75% what the item cost.

Rockefellow said:

November 5th, 5:56 pm

@Stranger Eddie:
I realize I’m rambling now, but the other two products befell similar fates, that is, working well for several months, then succumbing to either technical error or, in the case of a tablet, poor manufacturing (it actually fell apart. Literally, just came apart into pieces, even though it never left my living room or fell on the floor).

I do have a coworker whose son owns one of the gaming tablets, though I’m not sure if it’s the older or newer one. He said it’s got some great features, like mapping touch buttons to physical ones (which is great– who likes touch screens?), but the machine feels incredibly cheap, the buttons are flimsy, and you’d better be content sticking with just android games (unless you hack it, then you’ve got a portable super-emulator).

B-wrekless said:

November 5th, 6:04 pm

Does the Z1 also get the same treatment?

tusunami said:

November 5th, 6:04 pm

This a great deal but I already purchased my iPhone gold 5S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elvick_ said:

November 5th, 6:30 pm

Oh sweet, the Z1 is available on Telus. :D The Z was exclusive to Bell here in Canada.

Now I want one again~

mike4fantasy08 said:

November 5th, 7:52 pm

Awesome! Thank you, I’m proud be Sony PlayStation Fan boy! :-) And exciting to have PS4 next Friday!!!

Dogtype said:

November 5th, 7:56 pm

Please consider bringing the Sony smartphones to Verizon. I really wanted one so badly, but I couldn’t because of my Verizon service.


GnomeWizard said:

November 5th, 8:01 pm

I’m glad I own an Xperia Z it’s an awesome phone :)
Can’t wait for the playstation app coming when the ps4 launches.

JMBlakk said:

November 5th, 8:10 pm


QueenB82 said:

November 5th, 8:10 pm

Dammit, can’t other Xperia phones get a hook up like this?? (I have a Xperia P)

GnomeWizard said:

November 5th, 8:18 pm

aw:( the music unlimited 60day trial doesn’t work for me.

    Jamaal Moore's Avatar

    Jamaal Moore said:

    November 7th, 12:30 pm

    The Music Unlimited promotion is only available for users who have not previously subscribed to any Music Unlimited premium subscriptions nor Music Unlimited premium free trials.

medenko1975 said:

November 5th, 10:10 pm

@11 you’re wrong it’s 1280×800 IPS 7”

Anddo said:

November 6th, 3:29 am

This is pretty cool. I love my Xperia Tablet Z.. Smooth move Sony.

@24- mine doesn’t work either.. Maybe because we’re already subscribed?

Stranger_Eddie said:

November 6th, 4:20 am

@Rockefellow, thank you for your opinion about Archos!

I´m reading a lot of reviews about the Archos Game Pad.

The Firts model .. I don´t like the colour, and the D-pad disposition.

This new Game Pad 2, have all I need!… The Size: is perfect for a tablet (I don´t like the big tablets like Ipad), The buttons controls: That´s the best to play games.

About Play games… My intention is a “Super-Old-School-Emulation-Portable-Center”, and of course to play a kind of Android games…

The principal Tablet function is “quick produtivity” ! Touch screen to play? OK!… For a QUICK functions like kill somebody in Killzone Mercenary, or make action in Escape Plan, or menu navigation, and for casual games. When I´m playing I like to WATCH what is happening and MY FINGERS is NOT the PRIORITY.. The action in front of my eyes is the priority!

About Vita games vs Android games: Vita is Vita.. Android is like my PC in mobile form.

Android don´t have: Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, WipeOut 2048.

Vita don´t have: Odyssey, Atari, Nes, Super Nes, Mega Drive, Old School DosBox PC games.

Android I´ll use to WORK and QUICK entertainment !

Vita I use to FULL ENTERTAINMENT and relax!


nathanuc1988 said:

November 6th, 5:16 am

Just downloaded and redeemed on my Tablet Z. Awesome stuff! Side note: this promotion still worked for me even though I bought my Tablet Z a few months ago. Nice to see Sony not cheating the early adopters!

Side note: 60 day Music Unlimited didn’t work for me. I’m assuming this is because I’m already a subscriber.

Squiggle55 said:

November 6th, 7:40 am

I would have gotten a Sony phone if AT&T carried them. As it is I got an HTC b/c they are compatible with PSM.

Ninjikun said:

November 6th, 2:35 pm

@12 Yea, I have the same concern, however looking online I saw a website(here: http://www.xperiaguide.com/2013/11/03/download-6-movies-free-xperia-privilege-movies-app-including-elysium-xperia-z1-z-ultra-tablet-z-users/) that the xperia privilege will notify us Xperia users when the movie will be made available, and I looked up the release date and it is on December 17th, so…check around that time for it, I am hoping it will be automatically in our downloads list then, instead of kinda screwing us out of that movie(but I doubt Sony would do that)

king_of_kings said:

November 6th, 4:08 pm

so i have a sony xperia z and i got the games and movies for free but i cant get the 60 day for unlimited… why is that?

Elranzer said:

November 7th, 7:09 am

Make an Xperia Play 2 and we’ll talk.

Rich8606 said:

November 8th, 4:41 am

Hang on a minute, I’m in Indonesia, I just bought an Xperia Z not three weeks ago. Is this promo also available in my country?

ManjoumeThunder said:

November 9th, 6:43 am

Does this apply to Xperia ZL?

British_boy19 said:

November 11th, 6:31 am

Will this work in Europe of is it only a US deal. If so can you please expand the deals in to Europe please.
Many thanks

CommandingTiger said:

November 11th, 8:04 am

Does this apply to the Xperia Z Ultra?

CommandingTiger said:

November 11th, 8:04 am

@34, I think so.

YourDyingMother said:

November 15th, 4:29 am

Hey Sony folks!

I got the email for the promotion today but the free games promotion is not visible in the Priviledge app; just the movies promo… is there anything I should know/do differently?

vyolettte said:

November 20th, 7:01 am

This seriously needs to come to Verizon. Now.

hovercroft said:

November 22nd, 5:17 am

Can’t get the 60 days of music unlimited Says code is invalid. Its apparently an internal error and should be corrected soon. No other information though.

Cemore37 said:

November 26th, 9:00 am

i redeemed the code and it says it was redeemed but the games do not appear on the download list of my play station mobile app. any suggestions?

D3adM4nW4lk1ng12 said:

November 26th, 3:14 pm


I have a sony Xperia z ultra and for some reason i dont get free stuff. my xperia privilege keep telling me that it does not have any stuff today, however my friends who have xperia z have like 5 movies..need help

Msblacknlacy1 said:

November 27th, 3:01 am

I purchased 2 Xperia Z1phones on the weekend, one for me and one as a gift and was delighted with the bonuses offered (free games, music unlimited access for 2months and 5 movies +Elysium later).
I redeemed my codes and have the unlimited music access and the 5 movies with no issues. I redeemed the games code and I see they have been redeemed and are listed in the media tab but I am unable to interact with them any further to actually download them to the phone.
I called Sony mobile and the customer service guy was going to call me back but didn’t so now over 24 hours later I still don’t know how to get the games. Have I missed a step somewhere?
Can anyone help with this please?
Also with the Elysium download which should be released soon..how will we be notified that this is available for download in (Australia).

Thanks in advance. Ms.

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