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Nov 05

Nov 05

Experience PS4’s Launch Tonight, Live

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

UPDATE: Watch the stream live at 11PM ET / 8:00PM PT.

In February, we announced PS4. In June, we showed it for the first time. Next week, on November 15th, we unlock a new generation of play in North America.

Join PlayStation and Spike TV for the live PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event! We’ll be live in New York City on November 14th starting at 11:00pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on regular cable providers; and 11pm Eastern Time/8pm Pacific Time on PS3’s Live Events Viewer app, DirecTV and streaming. Tune in to see exclusive world premieres and announcements about the PS4 games that will define 2014 and beyond. Watch live on Spike TV, Ustream, or right here on PlayStation.Blog. And why not RSVP, so you don’t forget?

And keep checking back for up-to-the-minute information on all the PS4 launch week festivities. This is gonna be one for the history books!

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andremal said:

November 5th, 11:25 am

I will be there via Spike before heading out to pick up my PS4! Greatness awaits!

LeeBabins said:

November 5th, 11:32 am

When are we getting a video of the PS4’s U.I.?? Seems pretty strange that we’re almost a week out and still no real good footage of this has been released yet :(

Wario64 said:

November 5th, 11:32 am

11 PM EST? PST? :)

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    November 5th, 2:22 pm

    Both! :) Sorry for the delay, but it’ll air at 11pm local time on both the East Coast and West Coast for regular cable providers. If you’re watching on the livestream or on DirecTV, you’ll be able to start watching at 11pm Eastern Time / 8pm Pacific Time.

dodgedoors said:

November 5th, 11:32 am

I have to wait for my shipment from UPS at work friday :( I will be watching because I won’t be in line. I’m psyched to hear the game announcements .

dodgedoors said:

November 5th, 11:33 am

@3 est

Gorvi said:

November 5th, 11:38 am

Nice. I have mine coming via Amazon, and have a 10 hour day of work on the 15th (/sigh) but this’ll be a nice primer for when I can tear into my PS4 Friday night. :)

Butters360 said:

November 5th, 11:38 am

I’ll be watching while in line at my local GameStop!

Zacky-V-A7X said:

November 5th, 11:40 am


fromage2323 said:

November 5th, 11:42 am

Its 11 p.m. EST in case there are some confused. thats 10 CST 9 MST and 8 in Californialand

Surreal said:

November 5th, 11:44 am

@LeeBabins – there are videos of the PS4’s UI circulating, just google it. I think I saw one on IGN

Ali_16x said:

November 5th, 11:46 am

Oh hell yes, I can’t wait for the new announcements, I really hope we finally see The Order 1886 gameplay.

Sum-Mischief said:

November 5th, 11:46 am

I’ll be too busy getting mine to watch …maybe watch it from my phone.

GGCAN said:

November 5th, 11:46 am

Can’t wait !

Just received my extra PS4 controller and camera in the mail today !

LeeBabins said:

November 5th, 11:47 am

@Surreal – But no official walk through videos or high quality ones.’ nothing with the final design and full functionality. I would like to see one done by Sony, an official guide to the new UI.

IronfistChris82 said:

November 5th, 11:52 am

Half life 3 confirmed.

NYPUNK88 said:

November 5th, 11:52 am

Yes! I don’t have cable anymore(waste of money)so thank you for streaming it on the web. :)

boxmyth said:

November 5th, 11:53 am

Really looking forward to next Friday, but still kinda bummed there’s no Wipeout for PS4’s launch.

DaBats said:

November 5th, 11:53 am

I hope they plan to announce that the PS4 will be a true media hub like the PS3 including CD, MP3, and DLNA functionality, along with external storage support as well as an expanded codec for more video file playback. If these things are not included than the P4 is an epic fail and will truly be the hare in this race, a great start but over confidence costs them the race to the Microsoft tortoise. Which will you be Sony?

Fullmetal156 said:

November 5th, 11:56 am

Hey Sid this is completely off topic but since I’ve updated my iPad all videos on the blog play on super low resolution i contacted apple and it seems the problem is on the blog can you check that out for me… back on topic cant wait for the event wooo.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

November 5th, 11:56 am

Im not too excited for a system that cant play cds or mp3s..or PS3 disc and PSN games.SMH. I shall be waiting for next year to see if there are any MUST HAVE GAMES ..

Mando44646 said:

November 5th, 12:04 pm

has Sony reached out to Gamestop to show this on their TV screens at launch parties? This seems poorly timed to make new announcements otherwise

Mando44646 said:

November 5th, 12:05 pm

*I hope Santa Monica and Naughty Dog announces their PS4 projects – I’ve been waiting for info on what those two studios are up to :D

onslaughtree said:

November 5th, 12:09 pm

@#20, Well Thank god it can Play PS4 GAMES !!!!!

As always, Keep on Gaming.

Ejsponge61 said:

November 5th, 12:13 pm

Thanks for doing this! It’ll be great for those of us like me who are too poor to get a PS4 right now, but are still HUGE PlayStation fans and want to join in on the festivities.

Can’t wait to tune in!

snakeeyes211 said:

November 5th, 12:21 pm

Can’t wait to see the new information about PS4
Even though I’ll be in line at that time0_0 I am going to record it

Katriona said:

November 5th, 12:24 pm

I hope that this is saved so that I can watch it after the fact. I’ll be fully caffeinated and hanging out with my friends at our local GameStop to pick up my paid-off PS4.

BlueBl1zzard said:

November 5th, 12:38 pm

Thanks for the invite! I’ll likely be watching via the PS Blog while becoming crazy jealous of all the people who get their PS4s lol. Can’t afford one at the moment :(

xXCrazy-TrainXx said:

November 5th, 12:42 pm

I can’t wait! The only thing that we haven’t seen much of is the use of the Playstation Camera other than with The Playroom. I would like to see how the facial recognition and voice commands work. Other than that, I will be there, well I have to be, I work for Best Buy and will be at the release party.

TwinDad said:

November 5th, 12:42 pm

Hype train is still at the station, I’m not going to get excited for this, they always fail to live up to my, self imposed lofty goals. This time no expectations and no hype train, should be a good time.

Painkiller360 said:

November 5th, 12:45 pm

Will this be on the Live Events Viewer on PS3 to?

xeno3d said:

November 5th, 12:57 pm

Can’t wait! Picked up my copy of Killzone Shadow Fall, Call of Duty Ghosts and Knack today as well as my camera.

Sgt_0951 said:

November 5th, 1:05 pm

I’m going to do my best to catch this. Looks like it will be a great launch event and that awesome game lineup should ensure PS4 will do great once in the hands of consumers.

With that said, for now, it looks like you’ve lost me as a PS4 customer. I’m sorry if I got spoiled with all the media friendly features on the PS3, but its so convenient having a game console with such features in our living room. I choose to purchase my music over streaming and I own over 5,000 MP3s. We do a lot of gaming and we also host parties at our house from time to time. The PS3 was the perfect device as a console fits our A/V cabinet better than a dedicated media server or computer and we aren’t big PC gamers. I’ll support the PS3 until its no longer on my local Best Buy shelf or new ones are scarce on Amazon and I’ll consider your other A/V component stuff when I buy them, but I don’t think I’ll be investing in a PS4 until those media features return and are actually on consumer’s consoles. I’ve become a consumer who desires a console that does more than gaming and the PS4 doesn’t meet my needs.

xCh0z3n-0n3x said:

November 5th, 1:06 pm

Unfortunately i was not able to pre-order mine on time…because now apparently my whole town LOVES PS4 now when I thought I was the only one who loved games around here so Im going to have to start my hunt that weekend!


November 5th, 1:08 pm

Can’t wait for this new piece of hardware…. the PS4 is so much more capable of a machine than the PS3… The PS4 is basically a mid range gaming computer … For those of you who have only played console & are getting a PS4 you are in for a real treat

Carl-G said:

November 5th, 1:12 pm

OH LORD :P Even tho i am in the UK i’ll be watching this :D

narutofanO6 said:

November 5th, 1:33 pm

can’t wait or the PS4 too bad i’m not getting it until the 18th maybe

SpAwN_Mx said:

November 5th, 1:40 pm

PS 4 EVER¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ HI BRO ZACKY :)

NO_FEAR said:

November 5th, 1:42 pm

Sure, why not :)


Teflon02 said:

November 5th, 1:48 pm

Damn… I will be outside freezing my ass off at that time waiting to pick up my PS4 smh

Zacky-V-A7X said:

November 5th, 1:51 pm

PS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!! HI MY DEAR BRO SPAWN!!!!

djsaiyan said:

November 5th, 1:52 pm

Hope somebody brings a tablet to the midnight launch lineup, cause my phone and streaming video don’t play nice. =/

DaNTi3L said:

November 5th, 2:05 pm

I will be watching and on the 15th picking up my sexy PS4

Heavenly_king said:

November 5th, 2:12 pm

“Tune in to see exclusive world premieres and announcements about the PS4 games that will define 2014 and beyond. ”

But Mr. Yoshida said on twitter there wont be surprises.

lisatsunami said:

November 5th, 2:32 pm

I’ll watch the stream here and then, what the heck, the Spike broadcast off my DVR later. And in-between, go pick up my PS4 @ GS.


November 5th, 2:35 pm

I will wait for UPS to deliver mines,. I’ll be patiently waiting.

Apeman24 said:

November 5th, 3:24 pm

I am getting my PS4 on the midnight release.

Zelgorath said:

November 5th, 3:40 pm

Yeah! I will be streaming from my phone while waiting on line to pick up my PS4 pre-order at Midnight. W00t!! Took the day off so I can spend some quality time with my PS4 :-D

thebiglouie said:

November 5th, 4:00 pm

Dish Network will have it as well on Spike, channel 241, if anyone was wondering. They’ll have it live for everyone at 11pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific.

JAD_YASS said:

November 5th, 4:06 pm

2 things one infamous second son coming out on february 2014. 2 you should add only on infamous second son collector edition you should add the real cole macgrath playable.

Kchow23 said:

November 5th, 4:08 pm

You guys should also set up a Twitch stream :)

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