Experience PS4’s Launch Tonight, Live

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Experience PS4’s Launch Tonight, Live
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UPDATE: Watch the stream live at 11PM ET / 8:00PM PT.

In February, we announced PS4. In June, we showed it for the first time. Next week, on November 15th, we unlock a new generation of play in North America.

Join PlayStation and Spike TV for the live PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event! We’ll be live in New York City on November 14th starting at 11:00pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on regular cable providers; and 11pm Eastern Time/8pm Pacific Time on PS3’s Live Events Viewer app, DirecTV and streaming. Tune in to see exclusive world premieres and announcements about the PS4 games that will define 2014 and beyond. Watch live on Spike TV, Ustream, or right here on PlayStation.Blog. And why not RSVP, so you don’t forget?

And keep checking back for up-to-the-minute information on all the PS4 launch week festivities. This is gonna be one for the history books!

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  • PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4

  • no countdown here on the blog?

  • Ok, confused now. 11pm EST and PST, what time CST and MST?

  • Cant wait PS4 is almost here

  • This is gonna be great the anticipation is very high. Sony’s about to blow the gates wide open!!!!!!!

  • I’ll have to DVR this, because I’ll be at GameStop waiting for my PS4.

  • Awesome!

  • Sweet! I will be there! I’m also going there for my sister concert!

  • Sweet! I will be there!

  • slimshadyo0o0o0

    i live in KSA so can you till me the time the show will start in my time zone?

  • ChaoticAssault31

    I hope that they will be announcing what Naughty Dog is working on. I am guessing they will at the VGAs but here is to hoping they will on November 14. I also am hoping to see Playstation 4 stuff from Sony Santa Monica, Sony Bend and Media Molecule. I also want to see what the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus developers at SCE Japan Studio are working on.

  • Nero-Emerald

    Can’t ******* wait! Wooooo THE LAST GUARDIAN!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for a gameplay of the order 1866 and the reveal of naughty dogs new game.

  • Awesome! Can somebody tell me if the event will be open to the public? Can I got to the event live? Thanks.

  • Where do i go to get it in the live stream? i’m going to there anyway?

  • So excited. Wish I was getting one!

  • pennybuddha

    Cant wait Lets rock this s#^t!

  • I’ll be in line at Gamestop but I’ll tune in later while setting up my PS4. Getting excited!

  • I’m going in person. Hopefully they’ll let some of the general public in.

  • Blueobelisk

    Sony, let me come to the event! I live in New York, let me get some tickets (although ironically I don’t have a PS4 reserved so if I go to the event I can’t wait on line for a PS4).

    No I’m dead serious, Sony PM me and let me come please.

  • ready to see the new graphics and the new technology Cmon man lets get it in

  • dangerousbrian0

    Hi im in the uk and i would love to watch this where can i watch this and what time will it air in the uk and i wish sony would do something like this for the uk launch on the 29th november.


    When I read my email and I saw” you’re invited” I was at work I almost jump out my like I got Invited back when the PS3 launch party VIP style. I’m right in Philadelphia and i’m off that Thursday I’m going.


    Hey SONY help a brother out I was too late to preorder my PS4 can’t wait till next shipment I’m ready to switch my PS+ over to PS4 i have my money ready just can’t find it nowhere number fan :)

  • Allbiet it a humble request….my birthday is 11/15/1974. :)

    Set me up with a new PS4 would be an awesome birthday present!! ;)

    Truly a nice birthday that I can give to myself for an old 39th yr. gamer!! ;)

    Can’t wait for the PS4!!

  • I took a vacation day for the PS4 launch event!

  • This blows, as ill probably be in line for my PS4 at this time, and unable to watch what is announced until i get home, which is about a 2 hour drive in good conditions. Something to look forward to when i get home i guess, something to check out while doing the day one update and installs.

  • where in NYC is it going to be. I will be waiting in line at the 34th Street GameStop. It would be great if you guys were out there!!!


    Gonna be crazy out there .

  • Though i want to know which part of NYC is this event taking place? Since i live in NYC , i am hoping to attend the event instead of watching it on TV

  • death_nation100

    The Future is Among us!!!!!


  • irishsaint21

    when does it end cause i have to leave around 11:30 to pick up my PS4.

  • After my first time camping out for a launch, while a great and memorable experience, never again. This time I preordered on Amazon the instant it became available :) DVR already set to record launch event, and will watch it live!



    I think everyone is getting excited for nothing.


    Most of the launch games you can get on the ps3.

  • this is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait!!!!!! Picking up my ps4 tonight. Not sure if I’ll be into work this weekend.

  • I’ll be here to watch, so i’ll know whats coming when / if i’m ever able to find a place that has them. I’m guessing nothing till after xmas.

    what a drag.

  • StormxNights

    Looks like Im going to have to record it have to be in line to pick up PS4 before that…

    See you all Online

  • How long more to go, pls? Me in Asia, u see? :)

  • BigBangBear

    Thanks for posting a feed to this. Looking forward to the launch and my system arriving next week.

  • ExplostionsMgee

    The Last Guardian please!!!

  • ExplostionsMgee


  • Sweet!! I’ll watch on slime and then I’ll be getting my PS4 tomorrow morning at 6AM

  • On spike…. Haha

  • Does anyone know how good the hdmi cable is that comes with the ps4 please???

  • AmanaicShikitti

    I’m so freakin’ stoked!

  • I feel very fortunate right now. I couldn’t preorder a PS4 when they announced it and when I could, it was too late to preorder anything. I went to my local gamestop around and managed to get one of the few extra in stock. Ready to pick up at midnight.

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