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Nov 06

Nov 06

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Coming to PS Vita

Aaron Webber's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Sega of America

Hello there, PS Vita owners! Halloween may have just passed, but SEGA has one more special treat for you.

Following the fantastic response to the PS3 release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, SEGA is proud to announce that we have now begun development to bring Project Diva f to PS Vita in the West!

Hatsune Miku + PS Vita

Yes, you read that right. You’re not dreaming. Watch the Vita announcement trailer above, take a deep breath, and then let loose that smile.

Now, I want you all to think back a few months to when we released Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on PS3… do you remember what the user comments here on Playstation.Blog looked like?

“We want the Vita version!” you told us. “Please, I’d sell my soul for a Vita version!*” someone said.

Today, we’re overjoyed to not only share the good news of a PS Vita release, but to also finally add a shiny new soul to our collection. (We’ll put it in our lobby, right next to the big Miku standee.)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f will be releasing in early 2014 on PS Vita, and we’ll have more news on the title soon.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments! As usual, I’ll be responding to as many comments as I can.

Happy (early) Christmas, Miku & PS Vita fans!

*Not an actual comment… probably.

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MVC2Fighter said:

November 6th, 4:40 pm

I was actually having a pretty down kinda day today. This more than made up for it. The PS3 version was way too fun and I can’t wait to have this version on the go! Thanks Sega! I don’t even mind if it’s digital only, better than not getting it at all. Excited about PS4 next week as well. Get HYPE!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:14 pm

    Fantastic. Very glad you enjoyed the PS3 version – and that we could make your day a little brighter. :)

OxNEOxO said:

November 6th, 4:44 pm

Oh meh gawd! I already bought the Japanese version 8 months ago! *$85* still haven’t got all trophies but, it takes awhile… Ehhh… I’ll buy it again digital :D

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:20 pm

    And though we aren’t ready to reveal pricing yet, I can confirm that we definitely won’t be charging you $85. :)

ani_nyanko265 said:

November 6th, 4:55 pm

Omgz SEGA thanks so much for the awesome news I ever heard! I nearly fainted seeing PDF is coming to Vita! I hope you will release both a hard copy and download copy just like from the PS3. So that I can be a show off and convince my friends to support Miku and friends! And also release the pervious Project Diva games in a bundle classic set, I would so totally get it! And again thanks again SEGA for getting Project Diva f for vita I will love you forever!

P.S. I hope you guys will release PDF 2nd soon for Vita and PS3! (#^.^#)

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:20 pm

    You’re welcome, Ani! Thank you for showing the game to your friends, and for helping us support the release of Miku in the West!

ShizukaShindou said:

November 6th, 5:02 pm

Th-thank you all so much for listening to us and actually bringing more Vocaloid to us! It means a bunch that our questions and wishes were answered. ^w^

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:21 pm

    You are most welcome. :) Thank you, Shizuka, for your support, and to all the fans out there who are picking up copies of the PS3 version / plan to get a copy for PS VITA!

Gooeyworm23 said:

November 6th, 5:30 pm

Now i just really want a PS4 port of the game, maybe zaikai will eventually be able to stream it. Only reason I couldn’t buy the PS3 version was due to lack of funds… since need to save up for the PS4. Grabbed the Japanese vita version ages ago though. Amazing games!!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:54 pm

    Glad you enjoy the series! Thanks for the comment, Gooey.

DarkKnight0447 said:

November 6th, 5:30 pm

I’m Really exited to see Hatsuneeeeeee in action for the Us i was gonna buy the ps3 version but seein g it’s coming for vita i’ll just wait for that jiji thanks Sega though i have to ask any news on Phantasy Star Online 2 for the us im currently playing the jap version and well im pretty advanced now but it be alot easier to buy exclusive stuff with us Credit card and be premium member if it would come to the us.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:55 pm

    Very good! I hope you’ll enjoy the game when it arrives on VITA next year.

    No news on PSO2 from my side – sorry!

LightOfValkyrie said:

November 6th, 5:30 pm

This made my day. Will be picking it up on day one. :D

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:55 pm

    Thank you for the support, Valkyrie!

halfHOLYpaladin said:

November 6th, 5:31 pm

Yo SEGA! Please bring Classic Sonic games to VITA. I really want to play, my favorite game of all time, Sonic3 & Knuckles anywhere.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:58 pm

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles is probably my favorite combo from the old days. I only have Miku news currently, but thank you for your feedback!

J4NG3L999 said:

November 6th, 5:35 pm

Definitely buying day 1. Thank you SEGA!!!!!!!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 5:58 pm

    Much appreciated. Thank you for supporting us, J4N!

ToadJK said:

November 6th, 5:47 pm


I, Love, You!!!

LeViAtHaNxCOD said:

November 6th, 6:11 pm

Yes! We are getting Hatsune Miku. I love love Hatsune Miku. All we need now is God Eater 2 & Phantasy Star Online 2 and will be set. I’m glad we finally get a great game like Hatsune Miku for PS Vita. – Totally sold on Hatsune Miku.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 6:23 pm

    Go Miku! Glad you like the series, and likewise, thank you for your support.

Nazotchi said:

November 6th, 6:15 pm

Thank you so much for bringing this version over.
I’ll probably still be importing the Japanese version, just to have a physical copy though.
Vita memory cards aren’t reasonably-priced enough yet to justify download-only games.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 6:24 pm

    You’re very welcome.

    Thank you also for your feedback!

StevenBezarius said:

November 6th, 6:22 pm

Day One for me!!! *-*
Been waiting for this for too long, But I knew it would come! I just knew it somehow! :D

Thanks btw! :D

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 6:25 pm

    You’re welcome, thanks Steven! We’re excited to be able to bring the game to you early next year. :)

Blackstar131 said:

November 6th, 6:44 pm

Hey Sega what about phantasy star online 2? you abandon us.

EyesBleedNoSleep said:

November 6th, 6:46 pm

O_O Oh man, thanks a million! I was happy enough that you guys brought this game to us for the PS3 (I picked up mines ASAP) but now it’s even more great that I can take Miku & Co. on the go with me. I’m pretty sure I am going to get a lot of looks from people on on morning commute to work when I am bopping my head to songs like Weekender Girl, Odds and Ends & Time Machine. :P
Oh, will it be available for PS Vita digital download as well?

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:30 pm

    You’re very welcome! To confirm, it’s currently planned for a digital release on VITA.

    As to bopping your head to Miku music… as long as you’re having a fun time, that’s all that really matters. :)

PHEEliNUX said:

November 6th, 7:03 pm

If you are

PHEEliNUX said:

November 6th, 7:06 pm

Sorry about that, iOS Chrome sucks,
If you are bringing Project Diva, Why not Project Mirai as well, And a proper sequel for Rhythm Thief on 3DS, Not an iOS game

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:32 pm

    No worries. :)

    There are a lot of great SEGA franchises that I know fans would love to see. Right now, we’re focused on Miku (and specifically, Project DIVA f for VITA), but I’ll share the feedback we get with our internal teams, too. Thanks for your comment!

DerbyManiacB said:

November 6th, 7:07 pm

Last comment from me. I came back to check on the comments and man, Aaron Webber, your on roll with replying to all the comments. Thank you for all the great replys! You should get a raise. lol. (seriously)

@ halfHOLYpaladin #158 – I agree. We should get more Sonic classics and new Sonic games, I love them both. Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 is my all time favorite SEGA Genesis classics.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:33 pm

    Aw, thanks Derby! You’re very welcome.

    Judging by your Tails avatar, I had a feeling you’d be into our Sonic offerings. :) Sonic 2 is a good choice!

criperro said:

November 6th, 7:10 pm

Wow! Great news I have the ps3 version but I will buy this one too! Hope this means that SEGA will start bringing more franchises to the west, I’ve been waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2 for vita for a long time!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:34 pm

    One step at a time… thank you for your support of both the PS3 and the PS VITA versions! Having fans like you picking up the games is what makes it possible for us to keep bringing series like this to the West. Every unit really does make a difference.

justin456789 said:

November 6th, 7:15 pm

Amazing! :D day one buy. I’m just wondering do you know the memory size of this when it’s on the PSN.

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:36 pm

    Awesome, thank you for supporting us, Justin! I don’t know the exact memory size yet, but we should have a good idea closer to next year when the game releases.

divineLite said:

November 6th, 7:19 pm


I’ll be gladly double dip for DAY ONE
I just hope you won’t release this near f2 because I definitely will buy that too (and double dip again if you translte them)

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:37 pm

    Thanks for double-dipping, Divine! Your support is much appreciated.


November 6th, 7:26 pm

Played the first Miku game on the psp and it instantly hooked me into the Miku madness (those songs were just so gosh darn catchy). Made me a fan of the game series as well as a fan of vocaloid music created by many talented ppl around the world.

Anyways, played all 3 psp Miku games, and imported project diva f on vita. I was excited when PD F was announced for a US release, though I was let down that the vita version wasn’t coming along w the ps3 version…

That is until today. Let’s just say there is a god/s (whatever floats your boat) who is also very much a Miku fan :)
This is a game I would like having a physical copy for my collection, but digital only is better than nothing. Either way, day 1 for me.

Now we wait, all the while crossing our fingers for PD f/F 2 to get a localization announcement in the US for ps3/vita. ;)

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:37 pm

    A great story, and great feedback. Thanks so much for sharing, and for your words of support!

Aaron Webber's Avatar

Aaron Webber said:

November 6th, 7:40 pm

And with that, ladies and gentlemen of the Playstation Blog, I must now head home. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you guys in the comments today – and, 172 comments and replies later, it’s time for this Miku fan to call it a night.

Have a great evening, and thank you all once again for your support!

    Aaron Webber's Avatar

    Aaron Webber said:

    November 6th, 7:42 pm

    Almost missed one:

    You stay classy, San Diego.

FireDragonMonkey said:

November 6th, 7:45 pm

So so happy!! I imported the PS3 version at launch because I was so excited but I held off on the North American version because I wanted to hear news about a Vita version. And now, I think I’m going to buy both! Especially if there’s some kind of special bundle! (And DLC!! Costumes from other Sega franchises anyone?)

I don’t know if it’s possible but could you guys at Sega patch in the translation of the Japanese words for the subtitles? Having the Romanji subtitles doesn’t help non-Japanese speakers a whole lot. Thanks!

Also looking forward and hoping to see Project Diva F 2nd released here too on both PS3 and Vita. You’ll have a guaranteed sale if you announce it before the games get released in Japan!

PS: Thanks for replying to all these comments!! +9001 awesomeness points to you Aaron!!


November 6th, 7:45 pm

Thanks for all of your hard work Aaron! Very impressed with all of those replies! It’s fantastic to see so many people show up here on the blog to show their support for Miku. Nearly 5 pages of comments!!! Most of the big “AAA” games don’t even get that much love. Looking forward to the next post from you on the Vita version as we head closer to launch.

darkwonders said:

November 6th, 7:45 pm

Wow. Dedication to replying to everyone :)

Props for bringing this to the Vita! Also props into showing that you are still willing to localize niche Japanese games for the US audience! Hope this trend continues onto the PS4 :)

pikmin44 said:

November 6th, 7:49 pm

I hear about Miku all the time and seeing how happy everyone is about this, i think i will try the PS3 demo later so i can see what it’s all about.

TUNA-EGG said:

November 6th, 8:05 pm

Not sure if I’ll double dip, but really great news! Currently enjoying the PS3 game :)

SPC-AR said:

November 6th, 8:58 pm

Other games such as Virtua Fighter 5 and some of the prior Sonic games such as Sonic 4 episode 1 & 2 would also be good for the PS VIta.

kagami_ryuuji said:

November 6th, 9:09 pm

This are great news, cant wait for it….but

Will it be just like the Japanese vita version? or will it include the songs from the PS3 version as well?

CONTOM-X said:

November 6th, 9:26 pm

This is great news!!! I’ll DEFINITELY be picking this one up!! Gotta support you guys for supporting the fans!!

Any chance of Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to the PS Vita in the west? ;)

sockerps said:

November 6th, 9:27 pm

Thanks so much!

Hope to see some of the Shining RPGs make it over someday!

thegoodnamesgone said:

November 6th, 9:45 pm

Awesome news, kind of hope it come out next year, also ask sega about english version of yakuza 5. yakuza ishin phantasy star nova and phantasy star online 2

syscoman said:

November 6th, 9:46 pm

I have the Import and the PS3 domestic version. This is great news, I hope there is some new music added that the digital version. Will be looking forward to Diva F 2nd next year! :D

TerminaterNavi said:

November 6th, 10:54 pm


DarkOne_PR said:

November 6th, 11:02 pm

PLS PLS PLS localize PSO2 and PSONova!!! die hard fan of PSO on gamecube! cant wait to play PSO2 and nova with friends! the vita its in a dire situation with high quality exclusives here in the US i cant understand why these games are still not localized! DO SOMETHING! thanks. Also day one buyer of VC1 on ps3. totally worth the 60 bucks. one of the best JRPGs on the ps3. hoping to see a good VC made for the vita

Sons-of-Helghan said:

November 6th, 11:23 pm

I’m so excited for this!!!! I got the platinum in around ten days of Project Diva F’s release for the PS3 in NA. ^^ Will there be hard copies available for us who like having a library or is it just digital distribution?

JD69Han said:

November 6th, 11:24 pm

Looks awesome will defiantly be picking this up once my wallet has a little time to recover from the purchase of a ps4 :D

boyakasha64 said:

November 7th, 1:11 am

Can we also see some genesis games on ps vita at some point, even if its a port of a previous genesis collection?

Matsurosuka said:

November 7th, 2:58 am

Thank you so much! Ya’ll just saved me a lot of money. My wife was about ready to strangle me when I told her how much it would cost to import this.

HeadacheHunter-X said:

November 7th, 3:07 am

Any price information about the game and dlc? I wish dlc’s price could be reasonable… Already get the jap ver of this game and bought all the dlc for it in the HK server, must say they are a bit expensive, and a ps3 version includes them… And what does “*Not an actual comment… probably.” at the bottom of the post mean, Aaron?

Toa-Nuva said:

November 7th, 5:41 am

Really looking forward to it. When I first read the headline, I just started grinning and couldn’t stop for several minutes. :D

If you’re still open for input, I’d prefer a physical release (in Europe) as well. Space is quite limited on those expensive PSVita cards, after all, a lot more than on PS3 HDDs (it’s 16 GB vs 640 GB for me). Cross Save would be quite important to me, as well…

migukstyle said:

November 7th, 6:19 am

Aaron, your commitment to responding is appreciated. I’d just like to register my vote for a retail/physical release. Retail releases mean so much that many of us would rather import at a high cost than spend money on a digital only release. In the spirit of “vote with your wallet”, there’s a subtlety here that my preferred voting option is not really available. Language barrier and all!

One question for the future: I’d be very interested in more Japanese games that included localization on the retail release. The publisher wouldn’t necessarily have to release it in other markets directly, especially for less popular titles. We’ll continue to import but at a higher rate.

Thanks again for reading.

cassarcc said:

November 7th, 7:17 am

Very cool! PS Vita needs more good games like this…

madlost_1 said:

November 7th, 7:18 am

Terrible news about it being digital only. I would kill for a physical release. I barely have any room as it is on my vita but I’ll be deleting soom things to accommodate for this.

xJaxMx said:

November 7th, 7:35 am

It really is awesome seeing more games like this out and about. Makes a very nice break from all of them shooters that get all the love, these days. I’m also a Miku and Vocaloid fan/user/aspiring producer so this is just double the awesome! Hope to see more people get curious about this game and also Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid ln general :)

Safros said:

November 7th, 9:36 am

Does anyone know how much memory the game takes?

matmanx1 said:

November 7th, 12:16 pm

Classy move, SEGA, classy move. Domo, Arigato!

DeeBG said:

November 7th, 2:29 pm

This is great to see (and of course I will support the NA versions as I have with the Japanese)! I’m actually in Japan (Shibuya, Tokyo to be specific) until the 18th and it’s amazing to see the presence Sega has here (it reminds me of the glory days of the Genesis, Dreamcast and of course arcade). As a fellow PSO addict myself (~13k hours including a few hundred in offline mode) and Japanese as a 2nd language-r, I’ve been playing PSO2 on the PC since pre-open beta. The UI has grown much more English-friendly and I’ve tried teaching friends how to use signals even if you can’t speak the language but there is too much of a gap (although the Vita games are slightly more forgiving).

Sega was way ahead of its time with the phrase translator and I hope to see the PSO2 property take on NA as well. Please do all that’s within your power to not have this end up like Shenmue Online (I know that was more of a timing/budget issue). I can only get my friends to play Spiral Knights for so long (simple but addictive game BTW), so hopefully PSO2 will be seen on PC as well as console(s)/handheld(s) in additional languages soon! You guys know how to reach me if I can be of assistance =).

ggerry72 said:

November 7th, 6:15 pm

OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! MIKU IS COMMING TO PS VITA IN THE WEST! :’) this is soo freaking awesome im happy/excited and ready to burn those buttons on extreme mode! THANK YOU SOO MUCH SEGA!!!!!!

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