Inside the Explosions of Resogun on PS4

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Inside the Explosions of Resogun on PS4

As final platform testing comes to an end, I’m here on behalf of Housemarque to share some new footage and a few development insights for Resogun, our incredible new shoot-em-up launching alongside PS4 on November 15th.

First off, a short video from the team telling you exactly what Resogun is about.

As the guys explained in the video, everything in Resogun is constructed from gazillions (too many to count) of 3D bricks/cubes, known as voxels.

Voxels aren’t particularly new, but it’s difficult and time consuming to build intricate structures with them, so designing the game worlds of Resogun has been a really interesting challenge.

Here are some images showing some test buildings that we created.

Resogun on PS4Resogun on PS4

Resogun on PS4

The final worlds are, of course, much more sophisticated, but the cool thing these images illustrate is that the entire world in Resogun is literally a huge pile of bricks, begging to be blown up at any given moment. And one of the best things about Resogun is that stuff blows up all the time, and when stuff blows up in Resogun, it blows up BIG!

Yes, we like seeing stuff blow up.

Switching gears, the next video shows off the beautiful concept paintings that were created for each of the game worlds. It also has a full capture of the first world in Resogun blowing up, along with more of the cool introductory animation that you’ll see in the final game.

You’ll see that all of the world names are based on Greek and Roman mythology, and if you look them up and you may learn a little more about each theme.

Wrapping things up, I’d like to thank everyone that’s played the early demo at one of this year’s game expos, and I also want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the development team at Housemarque, our partners at Sony’s WWS XDEV Studio Europe, all of QA, and everyone else that has helped to create Resogun.

Last but not least, we’ll be back again with more gameplay footage, and details about the different ships, just before the official launch on November 15th.

So stay posted here, and visit us on Facebook.

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  • thebledkid22

    Can’t wait for this game. First thing I’m playing when I pick up my PS4 next week

  • This will be an addiction for a very long time, I like how things are changed up with higher difficulty levels.

  • SmokeAdellic

    Does this have stereoscopic 3D support…it would be nice if it did! ;)

  • Game is hawt.

  • leighismine

    @SmokeAdellic: I wholeheartedly second that! Stardust was one of the few games I actually enjoyed to play in 3D. Seeing all these voxels flying around, this seems like the perfect fit.

    Sony has made a blanket statement that no launch games provide 3D support. These dev’s seem pretty open to comments, though, so keep them coming and maybe we’ll see it added in the future!

  • snakeeyes211


  • snakeeyes211

    stereoscopic 3D support

  • @7 +1, I loved Super Stardust HD in 3D

  • Kong_Angantyr

    Looking forward to playing this. I’m with all the others in regard to 3D support. Please add it in a future patch!

  • Ah i see some PS Plus members talking about this game, can’t wait to play soon. More peolple need to get on board with being a PS Plus member!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game makes me want to hop into my space ship and grab pedestrians off the street and daisy chain them together as i shoot other space ships and blow stuff up. Thats why video games are bad, who says I won’t do just that? BAD Housemarque!

  • Great game! please support 3D!

  • KingXtreme81

    Heads up to all waiting for your codes from the “spend $50 get $10” promo, check your messages on PS3 because I just got mine.

  • It is great you will be giving this game out free with PlayStation plus, so many more people will play it because of this.

  • Cant wait to Play it, pls Support 3D !!!!

  • This is a killer app for me.

  • Rezolution77

    Defender, was one of my old school Favs.

    Would have liked to see this on Vita.

  • Rezolution77

    And , definitely looks more fun that Super Stardust Delta.

  • Can’t wait to play this. Looks fun.

  • KidCommando


    Can’t wait for my eyes to melt from the beauty of Resogun.

    It looks like HD digital crack!

  • Day one on PS4 looks nice. I loved all the times playing Super Stardust hopefully this will bring back those nice memories.

  • This looks awesome! Must have!

  • TheBanditKing

    Can’t wait to play this, love House Marquee games!

  • Reminds me a bit of Tron legacy with the cube explosions.

  • samiamiamsam

    Those particle effects are mesmerizing. Seven more days!!!

  • Just want to get alone in a dark room and play with those sexy voxels…all night long!

  • Stereoscopic 3D?

  • This is a game I would have gladly paid for, but it being free with PS+ is icing on the cake. You guys crafted some of my favorite games of this gen (Dead Nation and Super Stardust), and from what I have seen I have no doubt this game will be amazing.

    Also the thought of a Dead Nation sequel for PS4…OMGZ

  • TigerStealth

    hell yes! Resogun is my MOST anticipated PS4 game

  • can i play co-op with my friend on Resogun?

  • Looks like a decent game, glad it’s a PS+ IGC title. I highly doubt I’ll enjoy this as much as Super Stardust, which I still play to this day…but I trust Housemarque will make an enjoyable game.

  • IcedDice777

    Dead Nation 2 !!!! Make it happen soon please. Loved Super Stardust and Dead Nation. Housemarque is one my top 5 Developers.

  • RedFoxCommando

    Game looks flipping awesome! I love Super Stardust Delta and I can’t wait to play this!

  • This game is just BEGGING for 3D support. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Even if it wasn’t free for plus members, I’d happily shell out the money for this game.

  • wow… the PS4 isn’t even come out yet but it already infected by a lot of indie games.

  • Trine 2 also is a launch title and devs confirmed 3D-Support. There’s hope! :-)

  • guitarded77

    Dat particle effects.

  • This game NEEDS STEREOSCOPIC 3D support! How could you NOT implement 3D in a game like this when SSHD did it perfectly on PS3? The 3D was literally perfect on that game, and now that you have a chance to really show off the PS4’s 3D at launch you’re just letting the perfect opportunity slip away. Please do 3D justice on the PS4, it finally has enough power to actually do so!

    The PS3 was not ready for 3D, but the PS4 is MORE than capable, yet suddenly all the support is gone when we finally have the hardware to do it justice.

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