Destiny Beta Available First on PlayStation

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Destiny Beta Available First on PlayStation
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What’s up, PlayStation Nation? Heard any good news lately?

Everyone here at Bungie is thrilled to help ring in the next generation of gaming, and to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 4. Though we couldn’t bring the entire studio to the launch event in NYC, we thought it was only right to deliver a little taste of in-engine footage. Check it out!

Destiny Beta Available First on PlayStation

We also announced that the Destiny Beta will be available first on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. To reserve your seat, pre-order the game at select retailers.

Hope you had a great launch night! See you in the Beta in 2014!

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14 Author Replies

  • StealthReborn--

    Hey DeeJ!

    I hope there are plans to release a collectors edition for Destiny. I haven’t pre-ordered just yet for that very reason! Hope you announce one soon! =)

    • DeeJ

      Unless someone gives you a Beta code that you can redeem on (like this one MHF-MHX-NTN), you’ll need to pre-order. We won’t ask you which console you want to play on until later. Your final purchase is wide open until launch day. Don’t hesitate because of the unknown. Reserve your seat now, and order off the menu later.

      And, yeah, that’s a real beta code.

      And, you bet, there will be more.

  • Wish I could do a PSN pre-order, I don’t want the disc.

  • DecadanceFantasy

    I didn’t know it was for ps3 as well. I might have to pre-order it.

  • Thank goodness i pre-order on PS4 cant wait.

  • will this beta thingie be available in latin america?

  • tarrnation_88

    Haven’t anticipated a game as much as I have this one in a LONG time! Would pre-order if I was getting a PS4 right now but that’s going to have to wait til Christmas. :(

  • People are fast…all codes redeemed :(

    • DeeJ

      Oh, yeah? How about these?


  • StealthReborn--

    Thanks for the codes DeeJ. =)

    I guess now since I’m in the beta, I CAN wait to pre-order Destiny to see if there’s a collectors edition! =)

  • Haha I got one, awesome.

  • Got one too (RH9-MD7-VGC) thanks !

  • Can’t wait to play DESTINY!! <3

    • DeeJ

      We can’t wait for you to contribute the most important ingredient for this brave new world. Get in there and create a character. We need Guardians to fill these wide open spaces with gunfire!

  • Skater_Ricky

    Going to go pick up my PS4. It’s calling my name. Because I’m going to pickup my second wife aka my PS4 :-) drop me a code please to my PSN ID Skater_Ricky


  • Woot, thanks DeeJ! I was able to redeem one! (GC4-PRY-4XC).

  • Success! Thanks!

  • Got one, 776-6JG-TX4. Thanks. :D

  • Skater_Ricky

    I can’t activate codes to many of them have been active :-( I have to leave now.. Really I’m getting my shoes on now. :-(

  • TheCraZyCloWn

    more please not fair arggg

  • Aww, any more codes?

    • DeeJ

      I started the day with 44.

      They go so fast.

      But here’s one.


  • osoelhartani

    Man, people are ninjas. Wish I got a beta code lol

  • A beta ? I want one !!! :O

  • allangba707

    you gotta bring more codes plzzzzzz

  • GodlessChaos

    Dang I missed the code..

  • So I got my code from the retailer I ordered from. But I have yet to be able to receive a confirmation email when trying to sign up on the Bungie website… kinda frustrating.

  • TheGameIsLost

    No more codes? I has the sad now…

  • NOOOOO! Someone took mine :( any more, please??

  • TheCraZyCloWn


    wow got this one so shocked stolen :) sorry to everyone who tried

    See you on the PS4 beta :)

  • Oh come on..

  • This is awesome. Can’t wait for Destiny. Only 90 minutes left until PS4 where I’m at!

  • Please send me a code… pretty please.

  • TheCraZyCloWn

    Sorry bro I tried like you did


  • damn, all the codes went too fast and i missed them :/ how many more are going up?

  • PercivalPale

    I pre-ordered the game before the Beta was announced. How can I get my code?

  • It’s nice to have you guys on PlayStation again. Really looking forward to Destiny! Hope I get a code someday!

  • haha wow people are FAST!

  • Shadow-Man_4

    More please, I’d like to check if this game is worth my pre-order.

  • damn, no more :(

  • All the ninjas in the world couldnt beat these people if they had australian internet

  • Stryder_Hazuki

    It’s near impossible to get a beta code here, it might be better off just putting $5 on the game for a code =P

    • DeeJ

      A pre-order is a guarantee.

      We want to make sure that our beta testers are the bravest of Guardians, able to endure the trials of a launch.

  • It is awesome to live in a country where you can’t preorder Destiny and the internet connection is slow enough to not be able to redeem the codes before anyone else do it… Yeah, awesome :(

  • I wish… FOR MOAR CODES

  • Mana-de-Dethecus

    Can’t wait for this game.

  • I’ll be playing this game to get the code all night, so you better give me one >:-(

  • Does anyone know if you can preorder Destiny on the PSN store? I’m trying to live a disc-free life this gen.

  • allangba707

    DeeJ you must have some more codes?

    • DeeJ

      I have a few more.


  • Anymore codes?!?!? PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! Would really love the honor in playing the BETA #2014BEREADY

  • osoelhartani

    Wooo! Got one!! Thanks Bungie! :D

  • DivisionProdigy

    Picking up my PS4 tomorrow! Can’t wait to get my hands on this game!!

  • Heart thumping, feeling like I’m gonna throw up, I want a code, need a code

  • Bacardirum4203

    Ninjas everywhere!

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