Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath and Build Your Own Trailer

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Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath and Build Your Own Trailer

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

Your epic moments are meant to be shared, and PS4’s Share button makes it easier than ever to show the world your greatness. We just launched one of PS4’s hero games, Killzone Shadow Fall, and it’s an exciting example what the Share button is capable of.

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

Killzone Shadow Fall has evolved for the new generation, and will be exploding with stunning graphics and intense heroic moments that you can capture and share with your friends and the gaming community.

For Killzone Shadow Fall, we’ve also created a never-before-seen custom sharing experience to bring the content you share to the next level. For the first time, you and other gamers can upload your own gaming footage into a Killzone Shadow Fall trailer and create a personalized, filmic story filled with your most epic Shadow Fall kills, combat honors, and war zones. We’re handing over the trailer to you, so you can make it greater. Make your own Killzone Shadow Fall film at

Killzone Shadow Fall: Take the Oath

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  • Devils_Demon

    I get a ‘WHOA ARE YOUI SURE YOU WANNA GO THERE’ warning from McAfee when I click that link. So I’ll pass.

  • StLCards1985

    @13 My son falls into the category of growing up (turns 18 in a few months) and wanted to use the sharing feature. he didn’t whine and complain about it, he and I simply looked at our options. He kept his original sub account for use on his PS3 so he could still use his game saves and access his purchases. For PS4 he created a new account, a master account. It was real simple to add people from his sub account friends list. 30 minutes later he is all finished and playing KZ with me. Problem solved, without bashing or complaining to Sony or the developers.

  • @33 and @ 52 I find it funny, but not surprising that you are defending PlayStation even though it is clear that it was their mistake and not mine… even Shuhei Yoshida realizes this. I know that I can make a new account and add my friends again, but I invested 6 years into this account with PSN purchases, PS Plus and Trophies. If you have a rightful complaint you should be able to voice it and there shouldn’t be any learning the “hard way” specially when Sony CAN fix it! Imagine if they did keep DRM on PS4? Would you not complain? Because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean that it isn’t disappointing for the people that it does.

    @52 I imagine that you did most of your purchases on your master account instead of your son’s. I did not want to use my brother’s master account on my PSP or PS Vita since I am the one that plays it the most and the PS Vita does not support multiple accounts. I have PS Plus games and PSP/PS Vita games that I can’t get back if I made a new account. If they found a way to transfer over this purchases then I wouldn’t mind making a new account.

  • Also, some of the purchases that I made on PS3 transfer over to PS4.

  • Not to mention making a new account would mean that I have to buy PS Plus again to be able to play Multiplayer on PS4. Making a new account and starting from scratch is just not a good solution, other services have no issues over upgrading a sub account to a master account why can’t PSN do the same?

  • @33 and @52 You guys are Trophy Level 5 and 14… you guys haven’t invested nearly as much into games for PS3, PSP and PS Vita that I have.

  • It hasn’t been the first time that I have been asking for sub account to master account upgrade either since I turned 18 a few years ago already… I was fine with it on PS3, but I really thought that they would sort out the issue on PS4.

  • Again there should be an asterisk in all of the posts mentioning the Share functionality on PS4 to explain that it is a master account only feature since it is misleading.

  • AizawaYuuichi

    @Kchow23: Have you set your PS4 to be your Primary system for you sub-account? If yes, make a new account and also set that one to use your PS4 as its Primary system. Your PS+ sub will apply to all accounts on the system, you will still have access to all your old content, and all the new PS+ content going forward, as well as MP. Currently the only things PS+ has better besides the games are getting updates while the system is completely off, rather than just during standby. Everything else applies to all accounts on the system. Yes, you’d have to start over on your new account, but at least you’d still have all your content and access to the new stuff going forward. I realize that’s not a real solution for your issue, but try it and see if it works. Sure, you’ll have to stay subbed on your sub-account, but if it works, it’s better than the nothing you’ve got currently, right? Hope this helps.

  • The multiplayer for this game is difficult hopefully in the coming days I will get better at it.

  • jimboiscool1

    PLEASE let sub accounts use the share button! Or let us upgrade to master account.

  • jimboiscool1

    Kchow23 I’m also stuck as a sub account! It sucks we can’t upgrade.

  • boomstickbhg

    No replies, so apparently the Associate Product Marketing Manager, doesn’t care about marketing his product, consumer concerns, legitimate questions, or anything else PR/Marketing related.

    Beyond, of course, making a post that upsets a bunch of the KZ community….

  • @59 Thanks! Yes I do have my sub account as secondary so I everyone that uses my PS4 can use multiplayer and play PS Plus games, but the issue is that sub accounts cannot use the Share button even if the master account has the setting that should enable them to.

  • I meant sub account as a primary account*

  • @62 I know, I was hoping that they would let us upgrade or at least allow sub accounts to use all the features on PS4.

  • TheCraZyCloWn


  • Id like to know why when I create a warzone it says “waiting time 10 minutes”? or the fact that in the regular warzone its set to only 14 players but if you create a room “warzone” for 24players it says ten minute wait? its a good game and the mp is good but whats the point of creating a room only to have it empty like almost all of them are. the 24player team dm warzone that was created is ok but its filled with campers who use the 1shot 1kill overpowerd sniper rifles. its going to be KZ3 mp all over again empty with only a few players who camp the whole damn time.


    Ok so 24 player team deathmatch is a hit and now has more player then anything else witch is great because that what i like to play but how about you add the 4 maps that are missing so we can vote to play those also

  • Ya compre killzone shadow fall en la store de usa, pero no tiene el idioma en español, lo podrían poner como opción para descargar por favor.

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