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Nov 19

Nov 19

Sound Shapes: PS4, DLC, and Art Packs

Zach Wood's Avatar Posted by

Senior Producer, Sony Santa Monica

Okay, this is a big one. Are you ready? Here we go.

So you probably saw the PS4 launch last week – pretty exciting, right!? Did you get one? Lucky lucky if you did.

We’ve been playing with the PlayStation 4 for a while, because we’ve been preparing Sound Shapes for this screaming fast new machine. Sound Shapes doesn’t exactly push the hardware, but it sure looks sweet! We’ve also added new functionality with DualShock 4’s touchpad, light bar, and speakers. It also takes advantage of PS4’s social features, like the new Share button that allows you to easily livestream your game with friends and share vids of your levels.

Sound Shapes on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaSound Shapes on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

With all these improvements, this is a great time to pick up Sound Shapes (we’re impressed with your monk-like patience if you haven’t). If you’re already one of our thousands of supporters, we have great news… The PS4 version of Sound Shapes is free for you! That’s right, everyone who’s already purchased the game from PSN for PS3 or PS Vita also gets it for PS4 (isn’t Cross-Buy great?). The flip is also true… if you buy the PS4 version you get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions at no additional cost – three for the price of one.

But wait, there’s more! We’re also releasing new DLC today. First up is another installment of the Milkcrate with brand-new guest curators including two head honchos at Sony (who also happen to be big fans of the game!) and the folks at Santa Monica Studio (makers of the God of War series, the PixelJunk Series, The Unfinished Swan, as well as Journey.) A total of five new albums.

Sound Shapes on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaSound Shapes on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

We’re also dropping two brand-new Sound Packs:

  1. The electro funk synthetic voices of the Vocoder Sound Pack, and
  2. The flute loops and jazz bass of the Old School Sound Pack.

We used them in the trailer at the top of this post, so have a listen there.

For the first time ever, we’re releasing an Art Pack. The City Art Pack brings buildings, bridges, graffiti, and BBQs to the editor so you can create a beautiful urban utopia in addition to the bombed out, post-apocalyptic, wasteland of the Beck Cities world. It goes very nicely with the Old School Sound Pack!

The Milkcrate albums are available via a free update and the DLC packs are $.99 each. All are available on PSN or through the in-game Music Store.

We’re super excited about all of the latest updates to the Sound Shapes world, and there’s still more to come in 2014. If you were lucky enough to get a PS4 at launch, we hope you pick up Sound Shapes and / or the DLC; if the new PlayStation is still in your future, no worries, everything is available for all three systems.

As always, share your levels with us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of the new content. Talk soon!

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MakoSOLIDER said:

November 19th, 7:09 am

There is an error with trophy syncing. Everything pops like normal but instead of the dubstep trophies popping they remain empty and instead the upcoming old school DLC trophies pop instead. And its not just me happened to my friends who also synched the trophies.

TheExiled12894 said:

November 19th, 7:10 am

Cross buy among all three systems? Oh my, well done Sony.

paulogy said:

November 19th, 7:14 am

I love the ongoing support for this great game. And three-way-cross-buy? How can you beat that!

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:09 pm

    Thanks! Cross-buy is indeed awesome!

TigerStealth said:

November 19th, 7:30 am

It’s good on PS4 but better on vita. The light bar on Dualshock 4 is cool but very distracting and there is no option to turn it off

TimMalouff said:

November 19th, 7:35 am

I am said I missed out on Sound Shapes Birthday earlier this year.
Where they gave away the Car DLC and had sales on everything else.

Been playing it on the PS Vita and love it.
My favorite campaign is Cities by Beck “move a little, turn a little, break a little, hurt a little, lose a little”

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:09 pm

    Awesome. That’s one of our favorites too!

BrianMcGuinness said:

November 19th, 7:49 am

Great game. Loved playing it. Will definitely play thru again on PS4.

@4 – How exactly is the light bar distracting? Are you holding the controller backwards while playing a game? Or did you just have to complain about something for no reason?

jonny2010 said:

November 19th, 8:03 am

Is there a fix for the trophy error coming?

GABEv01 said:

November 19th, 8:10 am

Played it on PSVita, PS3 and now PS4… Pffffft! Talk about re-playability!! This game is a MUST!!! Greatness! Sooooooo gooooooood!!!! ;)

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:10 pm

    Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it!

GGCAN said:

November 19th, 8:15 am

Thanks for making it cross platform.

Loving it on all 3 systems.

Yes, I agree as well, that the light on the controller is not bothersome, at least not for me.

TomHoang said:

November 19th, 8:18 am

I will keep supporting this game. Loaded up my save on PS4 and my THIRD platinum from this game popped up!

PainOfSarrow said:

November 19th, 8:20 am

if the new PlayStation is still in your future, no worries, everything is available for all three systems…. thanks i was going to ask that as i do not own a ps4 yet or will anytime soon. 5 new milkcrates is great. il def buy the new dlc as i already own the rest.

Stranger_Eddie said:

November 19th, 8:35 am

Sound Shapes one of the best games I´ve played…. I´ll download this new levels after my 64GB Memory Stick arrive! \o/

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:11 pm

    Thanks! No need to download the new Milkcrate levels. You can play them online as well.

KongWen said:

November 19th, 8:50 am

Love the beat school DLC, can’t wait to play this tonight.

TigerStealth said:

November 19th, 9:01 am

@6 I’m a big sound shapes fan so I’m not complaining for no reason. I just think there should be an option to turn off the flashing lights. It reflects off my tv and also if playing in the dark it is noticeable.

DonArmageddon said:

November 19th, 9:10 am

So pleased to see this getting continued support, hopefully it gets more exposure on PS4!

Dnut said:

November 19th, 9:23 am

All I can say is thanks for being my first PS4 platinum! Cloud sync like a boss!

Grexotic said:

November 19th, 9:34 am

i would love this in 3d!

Ecks said:

November 19th, 10:12 am

I ran into the problem of the wrong trophies unlocking on the PS4 version of Sound Shapes as well when I downloaded my Cloud Save. I received the Old School trophies in error instead of the Dubstep ones.

I’ll be getting the DLC and playing it, and I appreciate Sound Shapes being cross-buy. All games should be that way!

Rezolution77 said:

November 19th, 10:19 am

DLC should get back to standing for downloadable content, not download code.
Too many games are becoming less of a complete addition, and becoming pay as you go.
*I would rather just get back to old school arcades, than allow my gaming system to become an in home quarter eater.*Heck might as well just gamble, I might actually win back some, all, or more money.*

Come on Sony with this kind of junk.

Sure, it looks like a decent game, and probably a few people would love to pay for additional levels ( I like supporting good creativity too, and do not expect everything for free )

But why not give it for free? I know that it would make me reconsider buying a game I have not yet done so with.
Not only would you interest possible future buyers of the game, you would make past buyers more happy.

Instead of looking at a game with more purchasable content, and deciding……………… Nah.

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:16 pm

    The Milkcrate update features 30 levels and is FREE.

Rezolution77 said:

November 19th, 10:19 am

My apologies, I meant edition, not addition.

Rezolution77 said:

November 19th, 10:23 am

Also nice to see a 64gb memory card runs more than what an entire Nintendo used to cost.

It obviously does not cost much more to make, why is it double the cost?

TonyTough said:

November 19th, 10:25 am

Hey, for all you new Playstation users that crossed over and never had a chance to play this game, this is a great game and a must have. Some of the community levels for this game are as good if not better then many of the levels that come with the game. See the milk crates in the menu.

PSN : TonyTough

S.S levels : Red, Walk in the Park, Nightmare on Church Street, The Egg and the Beanstalk, The Ninja, ….

    Zach Wood's Avatar

    Zach Wood said:

    November 19th, 5:22 pm

    Thanks Tony! One of your levels is in the Milkcrate today. Selected by SCE President Shuhei Yoshida!

NinjaMicWZ said:

November 19th, 10:55 am

Nice. I don’t have a PS4 yet (sadly) but I hopped into Sound Shapes the other night on my Vita, for the first time in over a year, to play the DLC, some of the beat school and milkcrate levels that I got a long time ago and never played… the game is still pure joy.

AizawaYuuichi said:

November 19th, 11:42 am

I also had the trophy sync issue, with the Old School trophies unlocking and not the Dubstep pack. All I did was go on to my Vita and re-up my Cloud Save, then redownload it on PS4 and the Dubstep trophies unlocked as well. So while I still have the Old School trophies unlocked, it’s only on PS4, not PS3 or Vita, and the Vocoder trophies are still earnable on all three systems, so I’ll definitely be picking up both packs. Want to keep that nice 100%, across all systems. Thanks for more DLC!

Dessron said:

November 19th, 12:59 pm

For those who have problems with trophies sync for Dubstep pack on PS4, just play through the 5 Dubstep beat school levels and the trophies will pop…

saab01 said:

November 19th, 1:05 pm

Thanks for the patch on PS4 it fixed the issue where you couldn’t get past the 2nd album.

GoldenShaka said:

November 19th, 1:21 pm

Thanks for the DLC guys, I’m downloading a big update/patch in this moment (279Mb). I guess it’s for fixing sync issues with ps4.
@22 Thanks Tony, I’ll check those levels.

Guimace said:

November 19th, 2:41 pm

Nice, I’m getting this!

Wozman23 said:

November 19th, 3:01 pm

Rule #1: Any time Sound Shapes DLC is released, I will buy it.
Rule #2: Any time future DLC is mentioned, I will mention Reznor.

gwarlito said:

November 19th, 3:07 pm

anyone else have this issue? I bought the game back in August 2012 when it was released, it shows up in my transaction list. I removed Sound Shapes from my Vita to make room for other games, now when I went into the store it says I haven’t purchased it and owe another $14.99? what gives?

of course I purchased the new DLC right before I noticed this too ;( guess I’ll be talking with Sony support staff regarding, just curious if I’m the only one who this happened to.

stationfan said:

November 19th, 6:49 pm

Hi Sound Shapes Aficionados, I know i’m late to the party but better late than never, Loving the game to the point that I even went for platinum. I spend a whole day Making a Level just Need some sort of feedback to let me know the community is still active. Look for my Level its Called Best Lasagna Recipe . Hope you guys like it

Its pretty Hard core platforming, and trust me it has nothing to do with Lasagna, picked up the title out of a internet news article. Right now since I am the only one that has played it I hold the fastest speed run hahaha,

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 19th, 7:11 pm

More Death Mode levels, please. :)

tusunami said:

November 19th, 7:22 pm

Ah yeah I’m loving the support this games keeps getting. One of my faves on my PS Vita!!!!!!!

StaticVariable said:

November 19th, 7:58 pm

I have Sound Shapes on all three systems and love it. Bought all DLC including the two new DLC packs and they show up fine on PS3 and Vita, but not on the PS4. Anyone know what happened here? When I look at the DLC in PS Store on my PS4 it says purchased and I don’t see any option to download. I’m at 100% on the PS3 and Vita versions but no way to get 100% on PS4 version because the new DLC beat school items don’t show up on the PS4 version. Help me understand what happened. Best regards.

Stranger_Eddie said:

November 19th, 8:57 pm

Zach Wood , i´m talk to you as a friend!

Sound Shapes IS one of the MOST creative games, I have played in DECADES.


DKTorres said:

November 19th, 11:17 pm

Could the 100 level download limit be removed ? Not everyone can have internet at all times and I would like to play these new milkcrate albums on the road

X_HUNTER_2011 said:

December 2nd, 6:48 pm

There seems to be a problem, when I first saw the two new DLC for Sound Shapes I went and bought it first on the vita and was able to download it perfectly fine on the PS3 but when I go and try to download it to my PS4 it says purchased and does not give me the option to download it. Please help, is this something that will be fixed?

LAA612 said:

December 15th, 4:55 am

Exactly the same problem as me, tried deleting game and save on PS4 then trying to redownload the dlc from the website, but no luck, it simply says “Cannot Download” if I try that way, and on the PS4 store, all I get is a “Purchased” message with no option to download it too.

Hope the Sound Shapes team/Sony team are both aware of this. There should also really be a download/purchase list on the PS4 PS Store too, but hopefully that should be a simple thing to add in no time.

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