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Nov 27

Nov 27

The Flying Dutchman: Assassin’s Creed IV’s Second Multiplayer Event

Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar Posted by

Community Developer, Ubisoft Annecy

Since our first Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag multiplayer event, Under Control, we’ve seen the AC4 community continue to grow. So we’ve got a new one: The Flying Dutchman!

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on PS4 and PS3
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag on PS4 and PS3

Starting this Friday, 11/29 and going through Sunday, 12/1, assassins across the community will compete to capture Artifacts and bring them back to their base in a special Artifact Assault mode (we’ve got the breakdown on the specific rules below). During the duration of the event, you’ll be provided with objectives to complete, and each of these objectives will unlock exclusive content.

In this event, Artifact Assault mode will deactivate melee kills, so your only way to kill will be to take aim with the deadly pistol. Team play is mandatory to deliver the artifact to your base, so strategize to support your carrier using Sabotage, and prevent your enemies from using their ranged Pistol attacks!

In addition to the new mode, you’ll have specific objectives with their own rewards to challenge yourself with. Some are individual goals, and others are a wider community goal; check out the breakdown below:

Individual Goal

Capture an Artifact while using the Glimmer ability (6 times)

Individual Reward

1 Patron Picture for each playable character

Participation Goal

Complete a session in the event playlist

Participation Reward

Achieve the title “The Flying Dutchman”

Community Reward

Unlock these exclusive Assassin costumes by reaching the community objective. Find out what the community objectives are by logging in to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag.

Helpful tip! Remember that abilities’ cooldown will be very short and chase breakers will be deactivated, so carrying an Artifact will be much harder. As a carrier, you won’t be able to escape the whole opponent team so anticipate your path and rely on your teammates to protect you.

Gather your team and be ready on November 29th to dive into the second Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag multiplayer event!

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LordEleos said:

November 27th, 9:36 am

Wish i had this game ):

ReddAxel said:

November 27th, 9:44 am

Two questions

1. Will the PS4 players be getting this event this time?

2. What time does this event start and end exactly. I’m going on a trip with my family this weekend, were leaving Friday morning and returning Sunday night. I wanna know if I’ll have a chance at these costumes or not, hard to pass up this time :/

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    November 27th, 10:19 am

    1. The PS4 players will get the event.

    2. It depends on where you live, but the event will be available for a part of friday and until the beginning of monday. You should be able to catch it ^^

cugo682115 said:

November 27th, 10:09 am

beat assassin’s creed IV, fun addition to the series but havent tried mp yet

Trinity_Blood_XV said:

November 27th, 10:16 am

Help, my PS3 sounds like twin turbo jet engines. I have the 500GB super slim model.

Trinity_Blood_XV said:

November 27th, 10:23 am

I can’t afford a new one and the sound is so loud my dog is looking at my PS3 with its head turned.

ReddAxel said:

November 27th, 10:27 am

Thanks for the replies :) My timezone is PST. Any chance it will go live early Friday, midnight or 1, 2 AM perhaps? I’m a bit of a night owl, if I can get some games in I’ll sacrifice the sleep.

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    November 28th, 12:23 am

    I’m afraid this is going to be too early. The event will launch later in the morning. Try late Sunday!

avluis said:

November 27th, 10:36 am

Faythi said:

November 27th, 12:13 pm

When’s a patch coming for Wolfpack to fix the extra objectives? They still don’t activate correctly.

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    November 28th, 12:25 am

    The issue has been fixed on PS3 and PS4 with the last patch. Did you get the latest updates?

Spider-Jew said:

November 27th, 1:10 pm

Sounds like fun! We will be sure to promote this on our show today :)

itsFireInside said:

November 27th, 1:56 pm

I wish I had the game. AC3 is great for multiplayer, however there are no events or special inductions held for it.

SolomanStarks said:

November 27th, 7:15 pm

What ever happen to the game modes from Revelation!? It had 6 free for all modes (Corruption & Steal the Artifact should REALLY BE BROUGHT BACK ) and 4 Team! Whats up!!!!?

yazter said:

November 28th, 5:15 am

Was the issue with accessing the Ubisoft servers for the fleet fixed for the PS4?

I can’t access the fleet. Like. At all. Apparently the current fix is to lower friends to less than 100. I don’t want to delete 16 people just to make money in-game.

Will this be fixed?

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    November 29th, 1:00 am

    Unfortunately this is a single player matter so I’m not aware of all the details, but I know that the SP team is working on solving this issue.

KeefRiffards said:

November 28th, 9:59 am

Valentin, I am having the same issue as Yazter, and many others. I upgraded from the PS3 version, and on the first day I was able to log into the Ubisoft servers. Ever since then, it won’t let me, and as such I cannot play the fleet mini-game. Being a Platinum hunter and 100 percent completionist, this is incredibly aggravating. What’s worse, is that Ubisoft’s help center keeps telling everyone to check their internet connections and NAT Type. Mine is green, NAT type 1 and open, so it isn’t the problem. Could you at least tell us if you are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it? Other than that, incredible game! Best in the series, as far as I am concerned. I loved the fleet mini-game when I played the PS3 version, so now I want to access it on my PS4! Thanks for listening, and for an excellent game!

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    November 29th, 1:02 am

    Hi! Here’s my answer to Yatzer: Unfortunately this is a single player matter so I’m not aware of all the details, but I know that the SP team is working on solving this issue.

Sinistar83 said:

November 28th, 5:16 pm

Is AC IV going to get ship battle multiplayer at some point?

DGK_1997 said:

November 29th, 11:00 am

Can someone please help me with how to get that community challenge done to get the outfits for the Flying Dutchman event?

KeefRiffards said:

November 29th, 2:35 pm

Thank you for responding Valentin, completely legitimate response, and I am very relieved to hear it’s a known issue that is being worked on. You are a scholar and gentleman, more amongst this blog could take a tip from you. Again, congrats on an amazing game! I am loving the multiplayer, cannot wait to play some more tonight.

subsamuel01 said:

November 29th, 3:47 pm

Hey, does anyone know when more PS4 will be available. I thought they would stock up online for black Friday but I couldn’t find any. I live in Canada, Amazon has pre-orders up for the New Years Edition of PS4s, but they come out after January 15th. I was wondering if anyone knows if they will restock any earlier.

xLostPunkFoundx said:

November 29th, 6:09 pm

Was considering buying AC:IV (PS4) last night. I have never played any of the AC series, but who doesn’t love pirates? This convinced me… On my way to PSN Store right now. :-)

RedSpade83 said:

December 1st, 2:20 am

1: Downloaded the latest update, still have problems with the Wolfpack bonuses.

2: Is this considered a community challenge were I’m able to gain certain Single Player items that can only be earned through community challenges?

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes's Avatar

    Valentin Pasquier-Desvignes said:

    December 5th, 7:59 am

    About the community challenge question: There are two sorts of those.
    – The Single player Com. Challenges unlock single player content.
    – The Multiplayer Com. Challenges happen during Multiplayer events and unlock Multiplayer content.

Hrafn81 said:

December 1st, 3:55 am

Wolfpack for PS4 is still bugged, atleast in Europe. Got my PS4 friday and I used PSN to download the game (ps3 upgrade). Never noticed this on PS3.

There is 1 thing missing from the “prices” from this event I think. Not sure what activates it, but all the 6 “Assassin” costumes comes free if you do some or all of the challenges. If just the community does the challenge, you’ll have to buy them I think? (Seems that way to me)

jetsean1 said:

December 1st, 2:08 pm

i have ps4 i lost my account what must i do cause this is my new one

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