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Dec 02

Dec 02

PS Plus: GRID 2 Free for PS Plus Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

Hop in to the driver’s seat with GRID 2 on PS3, coming to you free for PS Plus members to kick off the month of December. In addition to GRID 2, you’ll also note the start of the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale! The first week brings in some of this year’s best titles including Ni No Kuni, Remember Me, and Terraria; all at really really good prices.

You can take advantage of all these PS Plus benefits after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 12/3.

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2013
PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection


Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $35.99

PlayStation Plus - GRID 2
Be fast, be first and be famous as you join the elite in ‘World Series Racing’ where the greatest cars, drivers and events come together in the search for a new motorsport icon. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel™ Handling system which powers edge-of-control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. An extensive, separate online campaign powered by RaceNet sets new standards in the genre. Welcome back to racing.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Holiday Sale (Week1)

It’s week 1 of the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale! Check out these slammin’ sales on some of gaming’s best and check back over the next few weeks to see what else is on deck for a hefty PS Plus discount.

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Defiance $2.50 $4.99
Defiance Deluxe Edition $7.50 $14.99
Army Of Two The Devil’s Cartel $7.50 $14.99
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified $20.99 $29.99
Remember Me $19.19 $23.99
Terraria $3.75 $7.49
Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch $9.79 $13.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn $10.00 $19.99
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collectors Edition $15.00 $29.99
Rocksmith 2014 $29.39 $41.99

Other Discounts

In addition to the PlayStation Store Holiday Sale, have a look at these additional discounts including the wonderful Rainbow Moon on PS Vita.

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Tiny Brains $15.99 $19.99
Draw Slasher $2.99 $4.99
Rainbow Moon $11.99 $14.99
Rainbow Moon Cross-Save Bundle $17.99 $22.49
Rainbow Moon Ps3 Player Special Offer $5.99 $7.49

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

We’ll be back next week to add another title to the Instant Game Collection as well as more discounts, Holiday Sale Week 2 info, and more.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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ixRapture said:

December 2nd, 9:18 pm

I’m loving my PS4… But Ni No Kuni might make me pick up my PS3 for a while. Wanted to play that game on release but I didn’t find the cash… So convenient. :)

Skyyplum said:

December 2nd, 9:21 pm

Wow, look at the PS4 deals, oh wait….


December 2nd, 9:34 pm

what?? how come the PS4 doesn’t get anything??
no love for the Ps4 from playstation Plus???

frendrezz said:

December 2nd, 10:05 pm

I played the Grid 2 trial, Do I have to redownload the whole thing tomorrow morning?

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

December 2nd, 10:27 pm

Unless you still have it installed, yes. If you still have it installed there’s probably a small Full Game Unlock file.

Gamerzlimited said:

December 2nd, 11:04 pm

@Skyyplum Are you done trolling? The PS4 came out three weeks ago here and in Europe last Friday, now you expect sales for it? Your kind makes me sick for every post you type in this blog. I hope you rot in hell.

stallyon84 said:

December 2nd, 11:23 pm

excited to be a PS4 and PS+ member but would of thought there would of been more games, apps, and specials with the launch of the ps4. Kinda disappointed since contrast and resogun were available to download at launch. with this new amazing console im ready to say “HERE TAKE MY MONEY” but nothing to spend it on :(

FaLLeN_717 said:

December 2nd, 11:40 pm

Terraria will be cross-buy?

JellyJugs said:

December 2nd, 11:40 pm

Ni No Kuni price dropped faaast

Skyyplum said:

December 3rd, 2:11 am

@Gamerzlimited I’m not trolling, I’m stating the obvious. Yes, the PS4 is new and it doesn’t have a huge library but there are a handful of games that could have been discounted for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and weren’t. Games like Angry Birds Star Wars which is by far the most over priced game in gaming history could have been heavily discounted, or even a one day sale on Knack would have been nice. As for free games for plus members, I’m happy with Resogun but was looking forward to Drive Club (delayed) and Pinball Arcade (delayed) and still no word on release dates. These were two games I was really looking forward to playing on launch and I had to go with substitutes. Half the games I was looking forward to on launch day were delayed which is sad. Your a very angry individual and I’m sorry for you. May peace find you.

berlaitada said:

December 3rd, 2:28 am

*BANGS ON THE DOORS* Come on guys, it’s past midnight so it’s the Dec 3rd already, time to put up those deals so I can get NNK downloading and with some luck start playing after lunch.

xsagon said:

December 3rd, 3:01 am

still don’t see grid 2 on my psn. bought ps plus especially for this game

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

December 3rd, 3:14 am

Come on, guys. It’s just a bit too early. Barring the actual apocalypse and/or a weather event in which it rains cheeseburgers, the PS Store will update sometime today. Could be a few hours, could be much later. Also, keep in mind that the store update isn’t directly tied to the blog post about it. Could be the exact same time, could be…anyone notice a pattern here? Eh…way it is, folks.

Gamerzlimited said:

December 3rd, 4:29 am

@Skyyplum Wow, and I sincerely thought you were trying to piss off others due to the way you are saying it. I couldn’t tell because your kind are all the same. Well it doesn’t matter, my opinion will you doesn’t change unless you can prove yourself otherwise. If you’re really not trolling, then why don’t you explain this to me? Since the system is new and was recently released, you should know that Sony can’t do that and neither can Microsoft with the One. If they do sales, then both companies would start losing money due to people thinking pre-ordering the systems is a waste. It is also entirely up to the publishers of the games if they want to do sales for their next gen games. So don’t blame Sony or Microsoft that they can’t offer discounts because they have no control over that. At least those titles you listen didn’t get cancelled and Driveclub will still be free on PS+ when released. You’re a very sad individual and I’m sorry for you. Welcome to the real world.

speedycerv said:

December 3rd, 5:42 am

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch – such a good price! wish i didn’t buy this a few months ago, hah!

Lazard47 said:

December 3rd, 5:44 am

Grid 2 is still $59.99 in the store here on the east coast at 8:44am.

speedycerv said:

December 3rd, 5:44 am

and just for people posting about store updates not happening yet, it won’t happen until by the end of the tuesday for the week.

speedycerv said:

December 3rd, 5:45 am

So about 12 more hours or so.

kmetek said:

December 3rd, 6:14 am


passivefamiliar said:

December 3rd, 6:28 am

ps4 is far to new still. people should stop complaining about not having free games for it. or sales even really. maybe on dlc, but the pool of games is still small, compared to ps3/vita/classics. take what sony gives you and be happy, the ammount of people with such high expectations of what they ‘deserve’ is very troubling to me.

looking forward to grid 2. splitscreen games are far and few between anymore so im excited to have another to add to the mix. sales are good, but nothing much for me. maybe ni nu kuni. but im so busy anyway, we’ll see.

anxious to see what the holidays bring as far as ps4 bundles. but sadly doubt i’ll be getting one for another 6 months or better. thanks for still supporting the ps3, i’ll gladly keep buying games for it as long as you put them out.

my 1 negative. im still wishing for a music unlimited ‘fix’. the screensaver on the ps3 version is a bit flawed. the 5 minute timer is to long to be useful, and any action the ps3 performs interupts it. my plasma tv will thank you for a MUCH shorter timer. please?

toolen22 said:

December 3rd, 7:35 am

When are they going to release the exclusive DLC. Discounts are nice and all, but give us the good stuff already. I’m still waiting for that exclusive Assassin’s Creed DLC. And don’t screw us PlayStation 3 owners over. Release the Aveline figurehead for PlayStation 3 as well.

PANTHER1030 said:

December 3rd, 7:49 am

Nice discounts :) NI no Kuni for only 10 bucks !

VMAndrade23 said:

December 3rd, 8:09 am


The game is still NOT AVAILABLE to me! I’ve checked many times, I’m checking it right now, and still the game is not showing up as free for PSPlus user. Btw, the price still says $59,99. I downloaded and played the Free Trial Demo a couple of months(?) ago, maybe. Could that be the reason why I can’t download the game for free?

klassymike said:

December 3rd, 8:24 am

@223 VMAndrade23

Calm Down

The store usually updates every Tuesday between 3-5 p.m. (Eastern). There is no set time. Some times it’s a little earlier, sometimes it’s later. You have to keep checking to see if it’s available. You have to remember Sony is on the west coast, so there is a difference in the time. There’s a 3 hour difference between them and the east coast.

BrodiMAN said:

December 3rd, 9:39 am

Dangit Sony! Will you stop with all these free games and great deals!?!?!?

I’m still trying to finish up all the other games from previous months, and now you drop Grid 2 and Borderlands 2 on me!? Not to mention Ni No Kuni for 10 freakin’ dollars!?!?!?!

What, do you think I have copious amounts of free time these days??? It takes more than a few hours to beat Kingdoms of Amalur, Hitman, XCOM, Uncharted 3, and all the other free games you threw at me (literally, I’ve so many on my HDD I’ve forgotten that they were there…)

Screw you Sony! Screw you and your awesome service!!!!!

kmetek said:

December 3rd, 9:41 am

is it on?

Tauren187 said:

December 3rd, 9:55 am

What time maintaining PlayStore happen?

Welmosca said:

December 3rd, 10:41 am

Yay Grid 2….this game is great…finally took the time to play the demo and damn this game is fun….full game must be awesome.Nothing special on the discounts.Won’t be getting anything.

rjejr said:

December 3rd, 11:04 am


Sony updates it’s store on Tuesdays. Unlike all its competitors it has NEVER had a set time, just Tuesday. It never updates before noon eastern time. Sometimes by 5PM estern time but also as late as midnight (usually on the days there is something good – the more they have the later it is). Most developers will use headlines such as “IN THE STORE NOW” but they are usually mistaken.

If you really want something try searchign for it begining about 2PM, usually stuff is available in search that can’t otherwise be found in the store. PS+ discounts tend not to work this way, for those you have to wait the latest.

Also, some PS+ games stick around a long time, some only a month If you think you ever want to play a game DL it ASAP. As an example Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning was a bg title only avaible for a month. Some of the smaller games may repeat themselves if you miss them. The oringal Sega Sonic and Spyro games were made available 2 or 3 or 4 times.

Welcome to the family – it’s fun, but you have to pay attnetion and have patience.

I don’t work for Sony. Or anybody.


December 3rd, 12:26 pm

hey i notice that the download size is missing now on website. but showing up on the store

Bguyle said:

December 3rd, 12:49 pm

Is Terraria even still being worked on for PS Vita? I have been holding out for that one but am losing interest with lack of updates and the fact that the ios version came out like 6 months ago (while us with real buttons are stuck in the dark).

youngblood1919 said:

December 3rd, 2:35 pm

why is there no instant game collection game for ps4

stinkyfishhead said:

December 3rd, 3:05 pm

Defiance for $2.50 is a no brainer if you like MMO’s.

stinkyfishhead said:

December 3rd, 3:07 pm

To the people complaining about PS4 free stuff or discounts…..There is nothing new to play and the system is 3 weeks old. Have some patience you cheapskates.

poolshark94 said:

December 3rd, 3:17 pm

ni no kuni for $10 is a sick deal! i’ll be getting that for sure.

steadydecline said:

December 3rd, 5:18 pm

2.50 for defiance is a amazing deal.

ioticus said:

December 4th, 12:12 am

Is Grid 2 really that good? The reviews on Amazon are pretty bad.

Iolair74 said:

December 4th, 11:01 am

Color me confused (and please let me know if there is a better forum to ask this). I’m trying to purchase Ni No Kuni, but the price is showing as $19.99 as of 1pm Central. I tried last night thinking perhaps the update to the store might be complete, and while the price was as advertised the store was apparently unavailable.

This is all via the web and not from my console, are discounts like the one’s advertised only available via the console interface?

janezdad said:

December 4th, 2:19 pm

Grid 2? Awesome. Binary Domain is a great game too. Loving the PS Plus games. Borderlands 2 will be a nice present as well. Would love to see some love for my Playstation 4 at some point. In the meantime – thank you.

FenixLegend said:

December 5th, 6:14 am

Weird thing… on the store says Grid 2 is free for PS+ members but after i donwloaded it (From the right place btw) is just a trial for me and the game expired

theangrystickman said:

December 5th, 8:52 am

i broke down and renewed my ps + i have wanted to try grid 2

Starmark said:

December 5th, 7:35 pm

Thank you very much for giving us some RPG games. I own most of them already, but it’s great to see good games for free or with discounted prices. Dragon’s Dogma is a new one for me, and it looks great. I know I’m a bit behind in thanking you guys, but I really appreciate the service. I look forward to the great games I’ll soon see on my PS4! Keep up the good work. :)

Jorge_R87 said:

December 6th, 8:12 am

I bought FF xiv CE with this holiday sale but after I purchased it, the game disappeared, I can’t download it, it’s not in the downloaded games section of the ps store and they took my $15. Don’t know what to do. Be careful if you’re buying this sale.

Mr_TuxedoPants said:

December 7th, 8:29 am

i recently bought Ni No Kuni and army of two devils cartel. :D i cant wait for bl2 to drop! :) can we post on here or only comment? im new on here. :)

bbbrian2013 said:

December 7th, 11:29 am

Can’t wait for BL2 :)

iLuv7of9 said:

December 10th, 8:45 pm

Ive downladed Grid 2 twice now with my ps+ membership, but i keep getting the trial version for some reason! Any suggestions?!?

TribesBR said:

December 27th, 4:47 pm

Where’s the Ni NO Kuni discount? I’m not seeing the game as $9.39 nor the regular price of $13.99, instead it’s $19.99 in here.

I really want this game, and once I knew the discount, I logged to buy it, but it’s not showing the discount anymore…

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