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Dec 03

Dec 03

PS4 Global Sales Update

Andrew House's Avatar Posted by President and Global CEO

In what is shaping up to be a historic year for gamers, I’m delighted to share an important new milestone with you. PS4’s North American debut on November 15th was PlayStation’s largest ever, with more than one million gamers picking up a PS4 in just 24 hours. Now, with PS4’s global launch expanding to a total of 32 countries worldwide, including Europe and Latin America, I’m proud to announce that more than 2.1 million PS4s have been sold.

It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence. The best part: the PS4 journey has just begun. In addition to an incredible lineup of PS4 games from the best developers in the world, we will continue to introduce valuable new features and services to PS4 in the months and years ahead.

While PS4’s capabilities will continue to evolve, our commitment to gamers and breakthrough entertainment remains steadfast. We believe that videogames represent the pinnacle of artistry and entertainment, and we will work tirelessly to make sure that PlayStation remains the best place to play.

Thank you for your passion and your support — we couldn’t have done this without you.

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jelanidozier said:

December 3rd, 12:07 am


aibaby said:

December 3rd, 12:09 am

YES! Love Live the King!

AVPVM said:

December 3rd, 12:09 am

No, thank YOU for making the best gaming system to date! Ps4 is just awesome.

SlyCooperFan100 said:

December 3rd, 12:10 am

Congratulations, Sony!!!!

XeahuleXolic said:

December 3rd, 12:11 am

I am glad to be apart of it on day 1, the PS4 is truly the best and it’s going to get even better from here on out.

ho0lee0h said:

December 3rd, 12:12 am

Congratulations!! Looking forward to a new generation of gaming.

Staple-Tape said:

December 3rd, 12:12 am

That is very impressive. Keep it up.

AguilarX said:

December 3rd, 12:12 am

Glad to hear!! Will be joining in January!


December 3rd, 12:14 am

Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

EvoAnubis said:

December 3rd, 12:14 am

PlayStation regains the Iron Throne!

Seriously, I think we’re going to see a renaissance of gaming that hasn’t been seen since the PS2 era. Sony’s push to get indy support and the PS4’s ease of development is going to mean a TON of wonderful and very creative titles, and they’re going to come fast after year one. Add that to the best first party developer teams in the entire industry and you’ve got a recipe for something truly fantastic.

Greatness no longer Awaits…it has ARRIVED. Hell of a job, Sony.

NYPUNK88 said:

December 3rd, 12:15 am

Congrats, Sony!

MarkakaJin said:

December 3rd, 12:18 am

Live in your world. Play in ours.

Shinigami_Death_ said:

December 3rd, 12:18 am

And thnk u Sony PlayStation for making an putting out a all together great console. i am 22 an have been a apart of this great family ever since i was 4 years old back in 1995. Keep up the terrific this you are all doing an proving yourselves. Once again Congrats… love u

kcharris said:

December 3rd, 12:18 am

Hey, since sony’s sales did so well, can sony reward its customers with a free game in commemoration?

Sharp2klol said:

December 3rd, 12:20 am

Hail to the king baby!

Hokage_45678 said:

December 3rd, 12:20 am

It was tough finding a PS4 in Canada and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find one. Luckily there was a stock of PS4’s in my nearest Bestbuy and I quickly grabbed it! I will thoroughly enjoy this console as I have played just a bit of it and its awesome!!!

jbrewer72019 said:

December 3rd, 12:20 am

I can’t get one because i couldn’t get playstation plus so right when i get it i couldn’t update it

jdtanate_28 said:

December 3rd, 12:20 am



December 3rd, 12:24 am

Nice!! I live in California and can’t find any PlayStation 4 console… Sony need to keep up with the demand!

kkelmers said:

December 3rd, 12:25 am


Enetico said:

December 3rd, 12:28 am

Congrats! Glad to be a part of it. Please keep up the great work and vision you guys are showing.

TimeSkipLuffyUS said:

December 3rd, 12:29 am

How about you fix redeem voucher functionality? I kinda want to redeem my PS+ codes…
Selling machines is one thing, providing reliable fast service another. It’s like you are only interested to sell your console as much and fast as possible but have no resources what lies beneath it…

    Andrew House's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    December 3rd, 12:34 am

    Have you tried today? We should be nearly back at full capacity for redemption. Give it a try (and sorry for the trouble)

DJ-FenFen said:

December 3rd, 12:29 am

Congratulations Sony! I’m proud to have been a part of this on Day 1! I hope to see some great games,regardless if they are exclusives or multiplats!

snakeman07 said:

December 3rd, 12:33 am

I love you Sony :D

@#22 As far as I’m concerned, the redeem voucher is fixed. If you have a PS3, just go to account management and redeem codes from there, it works just fine.

EternityInGaming said:

December 3rd, 12:34 am

Got mine on launch day. Remote Play and Stand-by mode are amazing. As well as the controller. I didn’t mind DS3 but DS4 sure let me know there is always room for improvement. And Improve you guys did!

Roivas2K7 said:

December 3rd, 12:34 am

Wow!!! Very impressive!!!

Gorakka said:

December 3rd, 12:34 am

I love being part of the Sony PS4 family, because I get to chant the following:

“We’re number 1! We’re number 1! “

DaNTi3L said:

December 3rd, 12:36 am

Awesome keep the momentum going and congratulations

carlosoporto said:

December 3rd, 12:38 am

Awesome! Next gen is coming full speed, hopefully I will get a PSVita & PS4 combo next year. Till then I will win the games on my pending PS3 list and get some trophies. Once again thank you Sony for all this years of great gaming and awesome exclusive, please keep more exclusive coming to the PS4 and also for Vita, the Vita need that kind of games to get more attention. A happy member of

Kchow23 said:

December 3rd, 12:40 am

Wow! Congratulations, really enjoying my PS4 so far.. DAT DS4 :)

Kchow23 said:

December 3rd, 12:41 am

On the other hand, please get on fixing the sub account issue… the only dark spot in my PS4 experience. I would love to be able to upgrade to a master account to use the Share functionality or at least give the master account the option to block or enable the Share features!

TomHoang said:

December 3rd, 12:41 am

PlayStation Nation! Proud to be one of the 2.1 million, now just make more machines for people to buy :)

JBrodin said:

December 3rd, 12:43 am

Congratulations Sony, I’ve been there with you from the start and I’m sure as hell not going anywhere.
You are doing a wonderful job visualizing the future of gaming for us, the gamers.

Thank you.

xTheDeadlyBeaver said:

December 3rd, 12:44 am

Great job Sony. I’ve been part of the Playstation Nation since 1997. Its so nice to see Sony back on top!!

sillynanny13 said:

December 3rd, 12:45 am

Let me know when Gen 2 is coming out – i’ll be first in line. Too many glitches with gen 1 PS consoles.

amigo_guapito said:

December 3rd, 12:46 am

Congrats Sony..Now give us Driveclub Plus as a reward to us..

yazter said:

December 3rd, 12:47 am

any giveaways or rewards to celebrate? XD

Virtual-Assassin said:

December 3rd, 12:49 am

Thank you for making such a great console!

TomHoang said:

December 3rd, 12:51 am

Now I want to know how many Plus subscribers there are, especially after the PS4 launch and Black Friday sale. I’m even more proud to be an early adopter of the service :)

JumpMan33 said:

December 3rd, 12:55 am

Loving my PS4

Keep up the good work and keep putting out great games :)

NYY4lyfe224 said:

December 3rd, 12:59 am

Amazing console deserves amazing praise!!! Way to go Sony!!! People are loving it and so am I!!

EL-3CIO said:

December 3rd, 1:09 am

i being waiting to buy my ps4. i didn’t preoder it ,.. when are u bringing more ps4 to retails stores…

diogojsv_26 said:

December 3rd, 1:09 am

I believe in Sony. I believe the PS Vita. I believe the PS4.

dreddBGR said:

December 3rd, 1:12 am

When the problem is solved with a deficit playstation 4 in Russia? Its not possible to buy at the store. They are not commercially available.

Fantast1cus said:

December 3rd, 1:17 am

now that’s fantast1c! SONY is #1!

Thiagots85 said:

December 3rd, 1:17 am

Loved my Ps1, great games…. epic franchises were born in that system

Loved my ps2, great games…. epic franchises were born in that system

Love my ps3, great games…. epic franchises are still being shown in this awesome system

Love my vita…. it’s getting more strength and love everyday


Wish I could have a PS4 now to say I love… but, I’m a friend of yours from Brazil, so….

Anyway…. Congrats, Sony…. I know you have put any wrong steps with the ps3 aside, and now though on the consumer with your system… well, at least a majority of them…

keep the good games coming…. and please… please… please


a remaster of the first ones would be perfect *.*


December 3rd, 1:22 am

Gratz and keep the machines coming … People need moar and moar consoles, so everyone can enjoy the greatness.

Elvick_ said:

December 3rd, 1:27 am

Keep up the momentum, Sony! :D

You deserve to win again.

HollowStrike said:

December 3rd, 1:33 am

Thank you Sony!

PiggehSnout said:

December 3rd, 1:41 am

Congrats to the best gaming console of this decade, Sony! :D

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