IGN for PlayStation App Out Today on PS4

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IGN for PlayStation App Out Today on PS4
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IGN App for PS4

Greetings once again, PlayStation.Blog! My name’s Colin, IGN’s Senior Editor. You may have seen me skulking around IGN PlayStation and making terrible predictions on Podcast Beyond, but today, I’m not here to make any pizza bets with you. No, I’m here to tell you about something exciting we’ve cooked up for PS4 owners.

IGN for PlayStation, our new app for PS4, is available today, and I’m pleased to tell you that you can download it for yourself — free of charge — when PlayStation Store updates. The app is currently exclusive to PS4, and will come to PS3 and PS Vita next year.

How does this benefit you, exactly? IGN’s PS4 app will make you more popular with your friends, give you more energy, and even make the food you eat taste better (that’s not true). But more importantly, our PS4 app will give you direct access to all of IGN’s video content, letting you create custom playlists, while finding and consuming the exact content you’re seeking.

IGN App for PS4IGN App for PS4

IGN App for PS4

What’s truly cool about the app, however, is how granular you can get with it. You can rapidly come in and out of full-screen view, minimize a video and let it run in the corner while you keep on browsing, and skip unwanted content with a press of R1. Whether you’re looking for a preview, a review, some help with a game, or just a totally inane conversation about nothing at all, IGN’s PS4 app is here to make your gaming life better.

So head over to PlayStation Store to download the app, and let me know what you think.

‘Til next time, my friends. Beyond!

The IGN App for PS4 can be found in the TV & Video section of PS4’s home screen, or in the App section of PlayStation Store.

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36 Author Replies

  • Awesome, looking forward to checking it out! BEYOND!

  • prosperoust


  • Beyond!!

    Awesome to hear that the IGN app is also coming to the vita! Hell yeah!!

  • Naomi Kyle FTW! Canadians gotta represent!

  • Nintendo451

    This is really cool! Can’t wait to try it out. Will it have voice control with the PlayStation Camera?

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      I don’t believe it supports PlayStation Camera, but perhaps our engineers will include that in a future update.

  • Awesome! And BEYOND!!!

  • Captain_CHEETO

    Pride of Long Island! BEYOND

  • Glad to see it. Though I dont know why my 360 got it so long ago and my PS3 didnt :/

  • DragonIrons

    IGN? Really? I’ve yet to see one review from them that was any good, hell some looked like the reviewer didn’t even play the game……. Too bad X-Play got cancelled…..

  • thebledkid22

    BEYOND! IGN is by far the best gaming site on the internet and I always look forward to Greg and Colins reviews, news, and previews. Thanks for all that you do Colin, now I got to go listen to the latest BEYOND! Podcast.


  • The One App We need to rule them All is HBO GO!!!!! Do whatever it takes to get that app!

  • Knightedrik

    This is great, because we really need a bunch of paid off biased game reviews… Yeah, this is waaaaaaaaay better than HBO GO!

    How about releasing some GAMES for this $450 bucket I have sitting in my living room.

  • Prime access eliminate ads?

  • How about a youtube app?!

  • gor1llap1mp

    Wow, Mr. Moriarty on the Blog, BEYOND! All we need now is Greg Miller and the holy trinity will be complete!

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      We’ve both been here before… but thanks for welcoming us back!

  • I’m still waiting for that YouTube app, sad that Vita could play all YouTube videos from it’s browser but ps4 only plays afew. But good stuff on the IGN app, hopefully you can check out written stories too

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      The app only supports video right now; I’m not sure what the plan is for accessing written content.

  • Firstly BEYOND!

    Secondly, to the people complaining about applications need for X and Y. Go complain to them. IGN built this app, its not sony’s problem.

  • AtFatesFingers

    youtube app, please

  • @Teflon02 go to from ps4 browser, looks and works just like PS3. I use it everyday.

  • sweet news, does this include the wiki section of ign were the walkthroughs are?

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      I suspect wiki-centric game help videos will be accessible, yes. Written content will have to be used on a browser.

  • @Jayrabbit that’s what the browser is for. Best HTML5 browser on a console.

  • Jisatsu_Kiddo

    Knightedrik if you spent 450 on a bucket that’s your fault.

  • king_sora55

    Will this ever be coming to the PS3????

  • FreshRevenge

    Not to hate on IGN but their reviews kind of stink half the time! But still this looks interesting none the less!

  • Obligatory BEYOND!.

  • snakeeyes211

    BEYOND! bro

  • sweet

  • Hey Colin, true story:

    I also submitted an app for PS4, but Sony turned me down because it ran natively at 720p. They kindly suggested I submit my app for the Xbox One instead.

  • UnrealKiller2

    Yesssss. Now UPDATE Playstation store hurry.

  • WorkingTavo

    Das Colin! Beyond!
    Will download today for sure!

  • Dionysus-Jones


    I can’t wait to hear my buddy’s song for Ryan’s Wrap Up this week :-)



  • TeamGreen615

    Colin where is IGN’s review for Ys Memories of Celceta? The game has been out now for two weeks and it’s great. Help get the word out.

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      It’s coming this week. Kinda got my hands full with a lot of stuff, unfortunately.

  • BEYOND!!

  • You can’t spell IGNorant without IGN.

  • Portillo’s app or GTFO.

  • ProxyArcane

    So, I can watch miss Kyle on my 40″ TV?! SLICK!

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82

    Alot of people wonder why the ps3 is behind in apps and other updates that the xbox has its because its a JAPANESE COMPANY – The USA if going to support its system better from gaming to everything else like oil and weapons of mass but yeah in order to get the approval of the app company and be able to update it..will always take longer than its homeland step brother..sad but true.

  • Beyond!! Awesome, it was actually one of the first apps I looked up for download, uninformed me hadn’t check out it hadn’t come out yet. Will look it up as soon as I get home :)

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward to this

  • thewindowsguy

    This is awesome. I’ve been waiting ever since IGN had announced they were creating an app. I will definately install this when I’m at home.

  • Sweet. Another reason to stay on my PS4 longer. Looking forward to checking it out!

  • Hey, Colin! Beyond!

    If it’s free I’ll check it out. Thanks. :p

  • Stranger_Eddie

    This app decrees the end of games reviews for PS4 with score below 7.0!


  • mastorofpuppetz

    Where is you tube, DLNA and Mp3 sony?? Still cannot believe sony launched PS4 without these 3 things. Major ball dropping.

  • MelodyofMarshall

    Seriously?! This is BEYOND awesome! I was afraid the app wasn’t coming until next year. Thank you PSN and IGN for making this happen ??:-D

  • AmethystVenom


  • I will check it out Beyond !!

  • Can’t wait to for PS3 and Vita versions of the Beyond. And I hope they are coming by the end of january, better in first two weeks of the month.

    • Colin Moriarty
      Colin Moriarty

      I’m not sure about the timing of the app for PS3 and Vita. Beyond!

  • Was just wondering about this last night, glad it’s finally here. Will download it first thing when I get off work.


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