Bit.Trip’s Runner2 Coming to PS Vita December 17th

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Bit.Trip’s Runner2 Coming to PS Vita December 17th
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Greetings, current and future best friends. For those of you unfamiliar with our humble studio, we’re the folks behind the Bit.Trip series, as well as the recently released Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. We also invented the cheese-flavored cough drop, but due to a pending lawsuit, aren’t permitted to speak of that.

Since releasing Runner2 for console and PC, we’ve had countless people ask us about a potential Vita version. This was, as you can surely imagine, very flattering. We were stoked that people enjoyed the game as much as they did, and even more stoked that they wanted to see it on additional platforms (I promise not to use “stoked” again in this post). This inspired us to give it our all with the Vita version, and to make it just as good as its console counterparts. As it turns out, this wasn’t such a difficult task. As any Vita owner can confirm, it’s an incredibly powerful platform.

Whether this will be your first time playing the game or you’re a seasoned vet, rest assured that no expense was spared in achieving total parity between the Vita and console versions. You can expect the same amount of content, the same beautiful graphics, the same drunk pickle, and the same awesome platformer gameplay. Also, the same DLC. That’s right: The Good Friends Character Pack DLC will be available at launch.

Runner 2 on PS Vita

Runner 2 on PS VitaRunner 2 on PS Vita

All that said, we’re aware that some of you waited a lot longer than you wanted to for the game’s release. We can’t thank you enough for your patience, and if we could we’d hug each and every one of you. You know how sometimes a relative or friend will hug you just long enough to where it’s kind of awkward? That’s what we’d do. In lieu of hugging, however, we can offer up some tasty details about pricing! In the very next paragraph! Directly below this one!

Runner2 will retail for $9.99 on the Vita, and PS Plus users can expect a 20% discount at launch, bringing the price down to $7.99. Additionally, The Good Friends Character Pack will be 30% off for PS Plus users, bringing the $2.99 price tag down to $2.09. In other words, you’ll have a couple bucks left to spend on fun things like Lunchables and seasons of Fraggle Rock!

I’m going to shut up now, but feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments. Unless, of course, your question is about the aforementioned cough drops. Please don’t ask us about those.

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52 Author Replies

  • Awesome! Will there be a demo or trial?

    • Dant Rambo

      There’s a demo playable on Vita kiosks in Best Buy, but we don’t think we’ll be adding a demo to the PS Store!

  • CapJSheridan

    Thanks a lot, loved the first Bit.Trip Runner, will surely be getting this one on launch =)

  • Wasn’t this recently released on PS+ for PS3? Should be cross-buy I so. For titles that don’t have cross-buy they should offer discounts for the title on other gen kind of like Nintendo does with VC titles.

    • Dant Rambo

      No cross-buy, sadly. It would have been awesome, but unfortunately due to a few business-y things it wasn’t feasible. That said, the game will be discounted for PS Plus users at launch! Same story with the DLC!

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    I was already thinking of passing on this game but you got me with that price! Day 1 for me!

  • Is this going to be Cross Buy?

    • Dant Rambo

      It’s not, but not for lack of wanting. There were a couple things that prevented us from making it Cross-Buy! We hope you still love us.

  • Loved the game on PS3, looking forward to checking it out again.

    Will there be a separate trophy list for the Vita version, or is it shared with the PS3 version? I’ve loved replaying some of my favorite games on Vita and earning a new set of trophies while I’m at it.


  • Sony, please remove the 100 app limit from Vita. I have a 64GB card with 20GB free that I can’t use for games because I have 100 apps, 15 or so are system apps that can’t be removed.
    I have room for more apps, I shouldn’t have to delete more to install them. This is prohibiting me from buying more Vita games.

  • Perfect game for the Vita! I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on it!

  • With that said though…I need more room on my Vita. When if the 64 gig card coming out to North America?

  • Wow, it’s about time. This was supposed to be out a month or so after the PS3 version, wasn’t it? I mean, I’m glad it’s coming all the same, I’d much rather play it on the Vita, but what’s with the huge delay?

    Well, that’s one game crossed off my MIA Vita versions list, now where’s that Cloudberry Kingdom dev?

    • Dant Rambo

      Sorry for the delay! No specific reason, per se – we were just tied up with a number of different projects! That said, we promise it’s worth the wait!

  • Crossbuy please.

  • su43berkut17

    I don’t mean to be a whiner but I’m tired to see ports on the vita, where is the AAA games we were promised? What’s to look forward for 2014? If i wanted to play this kind of games I’d stick with my tablet/phone, I bought the vita because it was supposed to have big games and not an indie game machine…

  • Got this for free on PS+, but held off playing too much, because the Vita version is the one I really want! And who could say no to that price?

  • TheSporkWithin

    Finally! I’ve been waiting on this version since the game’s original launch! I’ll be grabbing it day 1, and I really appreciate the PS+ discounts!

  • I’m interested in knowing if the Vita version has a separate trophy list and also if the leaderboards are separate too.

    • Dant Rambo

      Both trophies and leaderboards are separate from the PS3 version!

  • death2cupbots

    I am personally loving the amount of indies coming to Sony. Runner 2 seems like the sort of game that would work really well on the Vita too.

  • Forgot to say Runner 2 is my Indie GOTY and I will buy the Vita version Day One.

  • Does this have cross-save with the ps3 version?

    Either way, excited to play it on my vita :)

    • Dant Rambo

      It doesn’t! We wanted that, but it didn’t work out due to a few factors!

  • jasondorsey2001

    Will there be a chance for Bit.Trip Runner 2 to be updated to where it be available for PS4, and hopefully with a cross buy option too?

  • alarionultima

    The long wait finally ended. I have this game on steam and ps3, but i avoid playing it on those plataforms because i want to enjoy it on my vita >_< Also the price is great :D

  • Despair-Amit

    Perfect game for the handheld.

  • This is such a Vita game. I’ll be there day one, as well! :D

  • OMG YES. I loved the game on PS3 and will definitely be getting the Vita version.

  • Awesome!! I 100%’ed the PS3 version not long ago. Fantastic game. I actually had some dreams about the game because I was playing it so much…

  • TigerStealth

    I’ve never played a Runner game but I’m buying this day 1! Looks awesome and I like challenging platformers.

    So glad to see Indie Devs continue to bring games to Vita. I’m concerned Vita’s user base is too small so indie Devs may not be able to justify a vita version because of low profits. I hope this gets tons of downloads!

  • Thanks for the lower price guys, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that one of my favorite games is finally about here.

  • As I don’t own a PS3, I couldn’t take advantage of that version being IGC. Thanks for bringing this to Vita and offering a discount!

  • Thanks, but can I still get a hug with my purchase?

  • Wow. I wasn’t expecting this so soon. I just recently learned that you were doing the Vita version.

    To be honest, I probably would never have bought Runner 2, but I tried it when it came to the IGC, and man, now it is one of my favorite games of the generation. Pure music and gameplay awesomeness. A dream come true for me. I got triple perfect + on every level and can’t wait to do it again on Vita.

    You made my day, sir. =)

    Cross-buy would have been great, but I don’t mind paying $8 for a game I already know I love. Thanks and please make Runner 3 for PS4!

    • Dant Rambo

      Maybe we should print out this comment, frame it, and place it on our wall…

  • jacky-junior

    Played the Vita version at a BestBuy kiosk. It was my first time playing the game despite owning a PS3 and previously owning a Wii. I will be getting this day one along with the DLC. Thanks for the discounts!

  • Well okay, I gueeeesssss I can buy a third copy.

  • Cheese-flavored cough drop? Is that a thing now? Sound nasty!

  • Styx_the_Monk

    Is there any chance we will get Bit.Trip Saga for Vita?

  • Thank you…I have been wondering For forever when this was going to release…best Christmas Present I bought for myself ever.

  • $7.99?!? Day friggin’ one, sirs. Day. Friggin’. One.

    • Dant Rambo


      We’re honestly so stoked that people are happy with the price point.

  • Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play this game yet should DEFINITELY pick it up at this price, because it is one of the best of the year.

  • YES! Got it for free on PS Plus, but would MUCH rather have it on my Vita. Day 1!

  • Can’t wait! Finally a release date for the vita version.

    • Dant Rambo

      It’s been a long time comin’. Thanks for sticking with us!

  • I always hug my wife until she feels awkward.
    But also will it have any touch controls or extra content, costumes?

    • Dant Rambo

      Awkward hugs are the best hugs.

      No touch controls, and no extra content beyond what was in the console version. With that said, the console version had A LOT of unlockable costumes.

      Not to mention the Good Friends Character Pack DLC!!

  • JetSetFuture

    Buying this to show support for the name Rambo.

  • islankleinknecht

    Finally! Awesome!

    I loved Bit.Trip Complete on the Wii, it was my favoritist Wii game ever!

  • plaztiksyke

    is the game running at the Vita’s native resolution (544p)? I only ask because Flower obviously isn’t 540p and it actually makes the game irritating to play versus the PS3/4 versions, and Flower is a first-party title more or less.

    are the sound assets higher quality than PS3 version thanks to the extra main RAM on the Vita? Loved the music, would be great to hear it in lossless FLAC or 320kbps Ogg.

    Would love to see the original Bit.Trip games that were on Wii comes to PS3/4/Vita. Any chance of that ever happening, or are there more “business” issues?

    Really disappointed with no cross-buy, a recurring theme with indie developers lately :( Even the DLC isn’t cross-buy, and the leaderboards are separate, which is plain weird to me. I’ve love to know details so I can avoid similar troubles when I publish my games.

    Still buying on a day one thanks to the Plus discounts, though :)

    • Dant Rambo


      – It is indeed running at native resolution, and it looks great.

      – I don’t know the specifics on the sound assets, but I can confirm that the game sounds SUPER GOOD on the Vita (I played through it multiple times for testing purposes, so I have license to say this)

      – This is most definitely a possibility!

      – Sorry you’re disappointed with the cross-buy/DLC/leaderboards!

      – Very glad you’re buying it! Thanks!

  • rabidninjamonky

    Wow, I’ve been pestering the Playstation Blog team for months asking about this game and never got an answer. I really thought it was cancelled. So excited that it is coming out so soon and with a great discount too! I will buy it as soon as it is released. This game is going to be a blast to play on my vita. I can’t wait!

    • Dant Rambo

      Thanks so much!

      In the future, if you ever have any questions about our projects, feel free to reach out to! We’re very good about responding!

  • guitarded77

    This game gives me PTSD.

  • rabidninjamonky

    I was wondering if this has cross-save and if it has a shared trophy list with the PS3 version? Either way I will be buying the game and dlc on day 1. This game is going to look and sound amazing on vita! I need this game now!

    • Dant Rambo

      Hey there!

      No cross-save or shared trophies! Hope you don’t mind!

  • dkarlowicz10

    Wow. I was not expecting this until next year. This is awesome early Xmas news. I will be purchasing a copy.

  • It’s good to see more PS Vita games coming out!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you very much for finally dropping this one on us. I even have the PS3 version but I seem to play my games more when they are on the PSVita!
    So you know I will be picking this baby up as well.
    I know the cross-buy was not possible but no biggie, I still like to support my studios since I know there are things that may hold them back from bringing the games that they want. So for the games that they can I reward them with cash, yay! (I like to be treated the same)

  • redemptivefrog

    I am excite, very excite. I hope the initial Plus discount sticks around for a little while like it did with the PS3 DLC :) I don’t know if my poor, battered wallet can handle it so soon!

    Also, please — bring —— the old games to the Vita! That would make me excite, very excite

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