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Dec 17

Dec 17

The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Out Today on PS3

Laura Perusco's Avatar Posted by Senior Creative Communications Manager, Telltale Games

It’s been almost a year since the season finale of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series, and we know a lot of you have been wondering what the world has in store next for Clementine… today, we get to find out! The season premiere episode, All That Remains, is available to download today for PS3 on PlayStation Store for $4.99.

I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling the episode, but if you missed last week’s trailer and want a little sneak peek, check it out below.

We’re working with PlayStation to get the Season Pass option up as soon as possible — stay tuned for info on that.

If you’re looking to wait until the Season Pass option becomes available on PlayStation Store, remember to check out the Season One DLC Episode, 400 Days. Not only will choices from Season One carry into Season Two, but choices from 400 Days will affect your Season Two playthrough as well.

Haven’t played Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead? It’s not too late to get caught up for Season Two. The Walking Dead: Episode One — A New Day is free to download right now, so you can see where it all began.

As ever, thanks for reading, and be sure to let us know what you think of All That Remains in the comments… but please be mindful of spoilers for fellow readers who have not yet had time to play!

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Gazzy30 said:

December 18th, 9:37 am

Season 2 can’t find my save files from Season 1 and I’m not alone, are you Telltale guys aware of this issue?

SeedMoney said:

December 18th, 9:37 am

Hey so on the store website it says DEMO… there only a demo version available or is it the full game for the PS3?

Elitist03 said:

December 18th, 10:14 am

I cannot figure out how to get episode two started, i bought it, downloaded it and now its not showing up anyone, please help me?

Elitist03 said:

December 18th, 10:18 am

nvm i had to download the stupid demo first, which is going to make me wait for 3 hours, good thinking…

Erik_Digital said:

December 18th, 10:30 am

Any update on the season pass issue? I’m not making the same mistake I made with The Wolf Among Us and pay for the first episode only to find out the season pass came out after.

ikelove said:

December 18th, 11:05 am

Why does Xbox have a season pass, but not PS3?

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 11:10 am

Because Sony has messed up like they always do.

kmetek said:

December 18th, 11:16 am



ikelove said:

December 18th, 11:29 am

PSN is the same as it’s always been. Has to be a Telltale issue…

novplus said:

December 18th, 11:43 am

@156 timed exclusive?

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 12:25 pm

Where is the next update on this issue. We have not had an update since late last night.

ikelove said:

December 18th, 12:28 pm

Laura, where are you? We need an update! When should we expect the season pass? Why did Xbox get one and we didn’t?

LavenderMenace said:

December 18th, 12:39 pm

Telltale Games should have a “Games of 2014 Package” that includes Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead: Season 2, Tales from Borderlands, and Game of Thrones, for around $80. It could include extra content such as themes, avatars maybe a documentary or something. 2014 is definitely going to be a fantastic year for fans of Telltale and I know I’m for sure I am going to be buying the season pass for all four games. (However I will be buying the Walking Dead Season Pass as soon as it is available) I am beyond excited for Game of Thrones as well :)

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 12:48 pm

So i see Laura has replied to a few unrelated comments today but still no reply on why the US does not have the Season Pass.

dizeeStL said:

December 18th, 12:55 pm

Still no season pass and still no ETA on when it will be up.

I would not hold your breath guys, took them about a week to get The Wolf Among Us season pass up and with the holidays a week away now I bet we wont see it till 2014.

Sony and Telltale dropped the ball once again.

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 12:57 pm

Looks like i mite use my $20 bucks and just buy one of the games that are on sale or Minecraft this is bs

kmetek said:

December 18th, 12:59 pm

163: don’t forget SEASON 1 GOTY :)

Veridis_Quo said:

December 18th, 1:14 pm

Third time in a row without a season pass on release day. I know problems can arise with networking code, but now it just seems they’re doing this on purpose to squeeze a few extra bucks from impatient fans. If the past is anything to go by, we should expect the season pass by Friday at the least, or by next week at the most.

JCA_Muaythai said:

December 18th, 2:00 pm

Heyyy does anyone know when it will be released on psn in the UK?? ive been checking all day. Thanks !

Zoey1983 said:

December 18th, 2:06 pm

Aight guys, now im quite pissed.

Several EU Stores got the TWD S2 Season Pass, along with the Episode 1 Download right away, it’s in the Swiss-Store for 26.35 for example!

As a local Swiss fella myself i could buy it there right now, but since i like any Games that contain Blood and Gore uncut and at full glance, i have always been sticking to US-Store purchases regarding such content, but this is the first time EVER i regret doing so.

What’s with the US-Version of the Season Pass ??? – Seriously, is this some kind of tactic or what to squeeze out max-money out of day one buyers or what ???

Matrix_Lion said:

December 18th, 2:10 pm

I still need to get season 1.

Theius said:

December 18th, 3:01 pm

It’s kind of sad that even iOS is treated better than Vita… Still, more iOS devices owners = more money. No one to be blamed. Ms. Laura, will the second episode also be delayed on Vita, the same as the first one? If it is, I’ll have to stick to PC version (got Season 1 on both of them – PC and Vita ).

Makaro1 said:

December 18th, 3:40 pm

Can someone please help me to understand why New Zealand does snot have this? On the PS Store Update page it says that it is not available in New Zealand or Russia. We have the first season… why not this one?

Crono_Breaker said:

December 18th, 4:10 pm

I am very upset about not playing, I want the season pass but it seems that nobody cares, sorry Sony, I’ll buy on Steam.

EweOfEh said:

December 18th, 4:50 pm

Can you hurry up with the goddamn season pass?

Cire1987 said:

December 18th, 4:53 pm

How about an update on the season pass this is ridiculous.

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 5:24 pm

WOW still no news on Season Pass WOW

Cavazos28 said:

December 18th, 5:41 pm

Will there be a cross-buy option this time?

Cavazos28 said:

December 18th, 6:01 pm


Deadeye100488 said:

December 18th, 6:08 pm

Look I Know Everyone Is Upset About The Season Pass Not Being On There But Like I Said TWAU They Did The Same Thing So Look For It To Be Friday Or Possibly Saturday For The SP It Would Be Cool If It Was Sooner But I Mean You Waited This Long Right?

hutchbryan said:

December 18th, 6:57 pm

Really disappointed that there isn’t a vita or ps4 version

BIGC3151825 said:

December 18th, 8:30 pm

I am waiting for the vita version my ps3 was gone when they finally let this game out on it and all I had was a vita so I got the game and beat it several times and now I wish I had just got another ps3 when I bought this vita because who knows when season 2 will be on vita

IshbarQ said:

December 18th, 8:32 pm

I don’t get it. Why would the pass not be available yet? I couldn’t fathom anything that could be holding it up, given that the Euro store has it, and XBOX community too. I feel that somehow this is a money grab, like “let’s see how many people buy the first episode, and then the pass on top of it!”

Absolutely silly. TTG HQ is probably on top of an abandoned mountain in the middle of Transylvania, where lightning strikes the same place twice, and the an evil villain becomes richer $5 at a time.

BIGC3151825 said:

December 18th, 8:32 pm

Hurry up with the vita version forget the season pass I want to play on my vita NOW

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 8:40 pm

Well the Xbox season pass i hear is only 14.99 and is for episodes 2-5 so people that bought episode 1 can get the pass and not miss out on the $5 savings

broda812 said:

December 18th, 8:54 pm

Seems a mite sketchy for it to be taking so long…

Cross-buy this go-around?

Daredevilnofear said:

December 18th, 9:19 pm

Where is our Season Pass??? The X-Box 360 users got theirs, EU Got theirs.. What about us in the U.S.??? Seriously what is going on, Been patient and waiting. Please do not try to scam us PS3 Users. COME ON TALE TELL!!!! PLEASE!!! : )

I-Fling-Poo-At-U said:

December 18th, 9:33 pm

The xbox season pass is only for episodes 2-5 and is 14.99 they have to buy episode 1 first.

Buy The Walking Dead: Season 2 SEASON PASS for the best value on remaining episodes (Episodes 2-5 to be released periodically) in the 5-part series once available to download. All Season Pass content will be available by Fall 2014. If you purchase this Season Pass, all future Season Pass content will be accessible in-game once available. Do not download from the Xbox Games Store, or you will be charged twice. The Walking Dead: Season 2, Ep. 1 – All That Remains game required; sold separately.

kmetek said:

December 18th, 9:59 pm


MaverickX12 said:

December 19th, 2:11 am

I’m really, really annoyed by this season pass crap. I want to play the game so bad…if it isn’t up by the weekend I’m gonna just give in and spend the extra 5 bucks. Maybe then I’ll complain and ask for a reimbursement…lol. But seriously, this is ridiculous. It’s like they don’t want to make money.

Zoey1983 said:

December 19th, 2:47 am

Well guys, it looks like we can bury our hopes for the TWD2 Season Pass coming up this year.

Given the fact that the EU-Blog said that yesterday’s Update was the final one of 2013, so it’s higly likely that the US-PSN will follow in those footsteps or in other words, we won’t see sh**t before next year.

I feel very sorry for every US-Customer being set up by this and as a european customer that prefers rated M-content from the US, i feel very cheated myself.

Btw. besides those 5$ it looks like you ain’t saving jack, since the EU-Season Pass does not contain a Premium theme or any other extras like the first one did and i highly doubt that the US one will be any different.

So this is definitely the last time ever that i fall for such Season Pass crap, as grumpy 5$ are seriously not worth a 2 Weeks up to a 1 month long wait, which is likely going to happen with X-Mas just around the corner.

dxmkrew said:

December 19th, 5:43 am

I’m a tad bit annoyed with TTG/Sony over the season pass not being available day 1. I’ve avoided all announcement trailers (save the very first one) and all forums directly related to TWD season 2, only to have the first episode of the game spoiled by someone in an unrelated thread. My Xmas spending was outrageous this year, so I was hoping to save the $5 with the season pass. Yeah, it isn’t a lot, but it is something.

It is really important to get the season passes out day 1, in the future. Your fans are really dedicated, and your games rely entirely on story, which is easily ruined.

So yeah, I’m still waiting on that season pass, and I’m still excited to see what the rest of the season brings. But I’m not happy that I’ve been spoiled.

DarthBane24 said:

December 19th, 7:54 am

I’m waiting for the Season Pass. I have plenty of other games to play while I wait especially with Christmas 6 days away, so then I’m not going to be impatient and spend more money than I have to. I have waited this long for Season 2 and I can wait a little longer.

Veridis_Quo said:

December 19th, 8:25 am

The wait for the season pass is brutal… especially with no ETA. I would spend the extra $5, but those $5 can get you a lot, especially if you’re a PS+ member. Hell, I can get Guacamelee for under $5 right now!

RagingMexicano87 said:

December 19th, 8:27 am

@Laura Perusco Yessss yes indeed it’s an awesome hat! :)
Looks great on you by the way! :3

firefly_526 said:

December 19th, 3:30 pm

Can we get a new ETA for the season pass? Will it be available on friday like the wolf among us season pass was or during the next playstation network update?

broda812 said:

December 19th, 4:50 pm

You’re killing me here, Laura.

icykiller said:

December 19th, 6:53 pm

I’m patiently waiting for the Season pass….this sucks….

Deadeye100488 said:

December 19th, 7:53 pm

Like I Have Said Before They Will Either Have It Out On Friday Or Saturday Because They Did The Same Thing With TWAU Season Pass If I’m Wrong My Bad But It’s Just My Guess It Would Of Been Nice To Get It Yesterday But I Think I Can Wait Because It Will Make It That Much Sweeter Knowing I Will Have Em All Instead Of Waiting To Pay For Each One (No Offense To Those Who Allready Bought Episode 1) It’s Just Me And It Would Be Nice If For Those Who Bought The First Episode Got $5 Off Like Xbox But Same Thing They Didn’t Do It With TWAU So

broda812 said:

December 19th, 9:51 pm

Why would you capitalise every letter like that? I have to read it all staggered.

“Like. I. Have. Said. Before. They…”

However, you are probably right about the weekend bit.

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