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Dec 20

Vote: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

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PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

Update: The polls are now closed! Thanks for voting, and see you tomorrow for the winner’s list.

It’s time! Time to submit your vote in the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards, a chance for PlayStation players to select the best of the best for 2013.

To vote, just click on your pick from each of the nominee lists below. Don’t see the game you want to vote for? No problem: write in your pick by clicking the appropriate selection on each poll. The polls will close at 6:00pm Pacific Time this Sunday, December 22nd. Then we’ll tally the votes and reveal your winners on Monday. We’ll also toss out some dedicated “Editors’ Choice” awards picked by the international Blog team because, well, we’re egotists.

It’s time to vote! See you Monday for the full list of winners.

PS4 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS3 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS Vita Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

Best Digital Release 2013

A new category that recognizes the best titles that premiered digitally via PlayStation Store or PS Mobile. It spans all PlayStation platforms (PS3, PS4, PS Vita, etc).

Most Anticipated 2014 Game

What upcoming 2014 game are you most eager to play? Vote from the list of nominees or write in your selection at the bottom of the poll.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

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chsnavi said:

December 20th, 11:04 am

The Division = my most anticipated.
That is all.

Jerel said:

December 20th, 11:05 am

PS4 GOTY: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
PS3 GOTY: (Write-in) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Digital GOTY: Resogun
Most Anticipated 2014: (Write-in) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

WickedGirl94 said:

December 20th, 11:07 am

The last of us is the best game i’ve ever played :) And I have played manyyyy games in my life.
Best game ever <3

GGCAN said:

December 20th, 11:08 am

Sooo many good games this year !

Newbold said:

December 20th, 11:08 am

Im excited for SOF studios “H-Hour” game! Should bring back that old school SOCOM online experience alot of us miss!

Frank45012 said:

December 20th, 11:09 am

I am looking forward to play the games: infamous, Destiny and Watchdogs. I think this games are going to be awesome to play on my PS4. I thought I heard Tom Raider is also going to be available on the Ps4.

Hector_El_Rey_91 said:

December 20th, 11:10 am

PS4 game of the year: Assassins’s Creed IV Black Flag. Really great story and characters. The music is great as well. There’s so much to do in this game that you will be on the game for a while and you can take your time with it because exploring the many islands and areas are beautiful. Finding all kinds of treasure. Finding maps to treasure to uncharted islands. Sailing across the seas with your crew singing a shanty.

PS3 game of the year: Ni No Kuni.
Probably the most underrated game of the year but should be in my opinion Game of the Year for it’s fantastic soundtrack and score, it’s fluid animation making it seem you are actually controlling a cartoon/anime. Very detailed art. Story is nice for any age group. If you’re familiar with Studio Ghibli films and enjoy them, you’ll probably enjoy this story as well. A game that should have more recognition for what it tries to accomplish which I think it succeeds at the end when you beat the game.

Most anticipated 2014 game I chose OTHER: Lightening Returns Final Fantasy XIII.
I’m also looking forward to Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix

Don’t have a Vita or played any new downloadable games so I didn’t vote for them.

FantastiQ said:

December 20th, 11:12 am

Most Anticipated Game = H-Hour Worlds Elite

AtFatesFingers said:

December 20th, 11:13 am

Knack (PS4); The Last of Us (PS3) & inFamous: Second Son (most anticipated game).

samthetiger4376 said:

December 20th, 11:13 am

Hard to just pick one game for most anticipated but it’s easily InFamous Second Son for me. Followed by Destiny, Minecraft PS4, and The Order 1886.

Jimmy_Da_Tulip said:

December 20th, 11:14 am

Most Anticipated game of 2014: H-Hour: Worlds Elite


dodgedoors said:

December 20th, 11:17 am

Really difficult to choose between Transistor and The Order for most anticipated.

shenmuenextgen said:

December 20th, 11:20 am

I have voted for Shenmue 3 (using the “Other: ” option) as my most anticipated game of 2014. Why? In a few words, because it’s the only game that would make me buy a console just to play it and, thus, the only game that would make me buy a PS4 (or whatever PS) console.

The benefit of pursuing Shenmue for PS4, will be greater for the tremendous long-term prestige of Sony PlayStation’s brand, proving that #GreatnessAwaits #4ThePlayers wasn’t just a motto of marketing techniques/tactics -taking exclusivity for such a mythical Shenmue 3 product which seems almost impossible- but a legendary reality.

Adam Boyes said that Shenmue is one of the top 3 requested games among 10,000 requests: Therefore you can clearly see the demand and the hungriness of fans about that game; instant console seller.

I am a man of few words. Invest on Yu Suzuki. A ready to die SEGA back then couldn’t handle the horse that is Yu Suzuki with his Shenmue, but a giant like Sony is could put Yu Suzuki on stage and do miracles with PS4’s aircraft jet, if #GreatnessAwaits #4ThePlayers.

PuNiShEr559 said:

December 20th, 11:20 am

No Offence, But dark souls 2 for the PS3 are you freaking kidding me! Dark souls prepare to die edition was Like the greatest game ever but, like im going to buy Dark souls 2 on the PS3 when i have the PS4. WHY why are u doing this to me god!

PuNiShEr559 said:

December 20th, 11:22 am

Dam it i voted wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Most anticipated game for PS4 “KH4”
SO Pumped!

captain_foxwolf said:

December 20th, 11:34 am

best digital would be Dino crisis. though still waiting on 3

Void_Incarnate said:

December 20th, 11:34 am

No high profile PSVita titles for 2014?

Voted for TLOU (PS3), Dragon’s Crown(Vita) and Spelunky(digital). Loved Hotline Miami but dual analog controls had me running back to PC, where I finished the game in 3 hrs (compared to 8+ hrs of swearing at the Vita and getting nowhere).

As for upcoming games, it’s weird that I mostly game on my Vita now but the games I’m looking forward to are all on PC (some are multiplatform). The Witness, Transistor, Below, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Project Zomboid and DayZ. Wow, they’re all indies, too. Didn’t realize that till I wrote them down.

Does The Last Guardian count as an anticipated PS4 game? I’d buy a PS4 just to play that, but I doubt it’ll make 2014.

viceforce said:

December 20th, 11:36 am

I think it’s too early to put PS4 Game of Year since it’s only been a month since that systems release. Also the some of the choices for it are some of the games that are on the PS3 you really just can’t pass them up as Game of Year Contenders. Give the PS4 a year (hance Y they call it Game of the Year duh!!) and there will be an more awesome selection to choose from.

Invicta2 said:

December 20th, 11:36 am

Only have one PS4 game (AC4), and I’m enjoying it a lot so I didn’t have much choice but to vote for it.

Infamous Second Son is my most anticipated PS4 exclusive for 2014, but the new Metal Gear Solid is my most anticipated game overall that’s been announced, so I voted for it.

I didn’t really bother to vote for the PS3 section, as I only bought 1 PS3 game this year, God of War Ascension, but I felt it wasn’t as up to par with the other GOW’s in my opinion though. Have a lot of PS3 games on my backlog to get in the near future– Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, GTA5, Last of Us, and a few more. After the PS4 was announced my excitement for buying PS3 software anywhere near the full price kinda diminished, which is why I passed on a lot of PS3 games this year– the God of War fan in me just couldn’t pass by GOW Ascension though.

Dr3amercast said:

December 20th, 11:39 am

I voted Shenmue 3 for Most Anticipated 2014 Game!!
For many years I have been waiting for this masterpiece. Shenmue 3 would be a super sales.

magoo_1080p said:

December 20th, 11:39 am

PS4 – AC 4: Black Flag. Cuz wreaking havoc as a “Next Gen” pirate is awesome! The disc hasn’t left my PS4 since the day I got it.

PS3 – GTA V. This one surpassed my expectations in every way. The ability to switch between the 3 characters was extremely innovative and fun (wtf happened to the iFruit app for Vita though?).

PS Vita – MLB 13: The Show. I know I’m in the minority but I’m a baseball fanatic & The Show is simply the best there is. The ability to play my PS3 franchise on my Vita via cross-saves was a wish come true.

Digital – FC3: Blood Dragon. I’m not too familiar with many of the titles listed but I did enjoy the ’80’s vibe of this DLC. It gave me a reason to keep playing FC3 but with a slightly different take on things.

Most Anticipated – MLB 14: The Show (PS4/Vita). Again I realize that to many gamers baseball is the most boring thing on earth, but not me (never understood the whole boring rap, nor do I care to). 6 yrs ago I got a PS3 just to play The Show. Also got a PSP and then PS Vita for the same reason. Last month when my wife asked why we need a PS4 when we already have so many games, my answer was simply that I NEEDED it to be ready for spring training.

Tarqosis said:

December 20th, 11:41 am

WarFrame is my favorite PS4 game so far by a wide margin. It has shelved games I paid for, and consumed triple digits with no signs of losing momentum. Kudos to DE for releasing it on the PS4!

Void_Incarnate said:

December 20th, 11:42 am

PS No PSMobile list?

My vote’s for rymdkapsel, although I bought Cytus Lambda last night and had a blast with it, too. You have to like jpop/eurobeat, though, which I fortunately do.

Feidz said:

December 20th, 11:49 am

definitely looking forward to the order next year

whiteboyo said:

December 20th, 11:51 am

I voted MGS, TLOU, and Hotline Miami.I voted Hotline Miami for digital release and the vita even though I don’t own one. That game is just so badass.

Ryusennin said:

December 20th, 11:54 am

I’ll wait 2015 for the really good games to start coming out on PS4.

Until then, it’s Dark Souls 2 FTW.

PiMDx said:

December 20th, 11:55 am

Warframe write in for PS4, only game I can’t stop playing…

JonathanNeasham said:

December 20th, 11:56 am

Please for the love of God, if anyone has a smidge of appreciation for great, story driven games and pleasing all kinds of gamers from all walks of life (“For the Players” seems to come to mind here) could we please have a Shenmue 3 PS4 exclusive!

Heck, don’t even box it, shove it on PSN along with a tonne of additional fees and I would still buy it. PlayStation, new titles nobody asked for arising year after year is great n all, but everybody, their dog and their mother have been screaming for Shenmue 3 since God split time into day and night at the dawn of the Earth’s creation. No excuses, deliver what you advertise (“For the Players”) fund the game as an exclusive and put it out there!

Strangeheaven said:

December 20th, 11:58 am

Most Anticipated PS4 game for 2014 for me is The Division.

Strangeheaven said:

December 20th, 12:02 pm

The Division because it’s true next gen game,and looks far superior then any other game ive seen.
It actually looks better then any pc game ive seen. If that is ps4 footage then im impressed.

FilooGaroo said:

December 20th, 12:03 pm


gentojan said:

December 20th, 12:07 pm


MantaGTJ001 said:

December 20th, 12:08 pm

The DIVISION is my most ANTICIPATED of 2014 <3

Strangeheaven said:

December 20th, 12:08 pm

I would put GTA V as game of the year. The Last Of Us could of been there, but sadly the story and characters lacked for me.

Elranzer said:

December 20th, 12:08 pm

Most Anticipated 2014 category is missing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and possibly (I hope) Final Fantasy XV.

AizawaYuuichi said:

December 20th, 12:16 pm

PS4 > Resogun > Because, Dem Voxels. This game is addictively fun, challenging to master, and just plain fun.
PS3 > The Last of Us > I haven’t actually played it yet, but my experiences with the other games leads me to believe it probably is the best of the year.
Vita > Guacamelee! > Even though it was cross-platform, I went with Guacamelee! here, as I played it on the Vita and loved it. Played through it twice at launch, and then another playthrough once the DLC started coming out. Amazing game.
Digital > Spelunky > I just picked this up on sale, and I love it. I find myself dropping 2-3 hours on this game every time I sit down with it, as it is crazy addictive, and I just lose track of time. I’m surprised how much fun it is to die over and over.
Most Anticipated > Destiny > Hands down. While there are a ton of amazing games that should be coming out next year (pending any further delays), when I stop and think about it, every time I read news about or see footage of Destiny, I get this urge to jump into it and play for days without stopping. It looks massive and fun and epic. Many of the others are just barely behind it, but Destiny is definitely my most anticipated. Hunters represent!

RoII_chan said:

December 20th, 12:19 pm

So hard to choose the best Ps vita game, there are too many good options!

Strangeheaven said:

December 20th, 12:21 pm

Actually my most Anticipated PS4 game is,

1. The Last Guardian

2. The Division ( The best looking game to date by far )

3. The Order 1886

4. Shadow Of The Beast

5. The Evil Within

6. Metal Gear Solid V

RacingChamp30 said:

December 20th, 12:22 pm

I voted for GTA 5 because of how good it released and how much more content has been released.

Zoey1983 said:

December 20th, 12:22 pm

Seriously, no “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” listed in the “Most Anticipated 2014 Game” category, you got to be kidding me !!!

And why is that seriously overhyped GTA V up for voting AGAIN?, i deffo smell another Fanboy-stinker contest here!

Squiggle55 said:

December 20th, 12:26 pm

The correct answer, of course, is Ni No Kuni.

Kchow23 said:

December 20th, 12:35 pm

I would’ve certainly put in Beyond: Two Souls over Batman Arkham Origins and Watch Dogs over Drive Club, but a pretty good list overall. Hopefully there is a GOTY sale on PSN :)

vongruetz said:

December 20th, 12:35 pm

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time takes home everything in my opinion. Blood Dragon is the best digital release, and Dragon’s Crown is up there.

The problem is that there were so many great games in 2013. God of War, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, the list goes on and on. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings… hopefully The Order 1886. That game looks amazing.

Shadowskypez said:

December 20th, 12:41 pm

Most anticapated is Wolfenstein The New Order, For PS4 KSH, PS3 TLOU, PS VITA Terraway, and favourite digital is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon :) :)!

Skater_Ricky said:

December 20th, 12:44 pm

My most anticipated game of the year of 2014 is The Division on PS4. That game is going to blow allot of minds while playing it. Hope it comes out in 2014. If not early 2015.

hiannis said:

December 20th, 12:45 pm



clos99 said:

December 20th, 12:47 pm

If the last of us doesn’t get GOTY or at least runner up I will punch my pillow really hard, that game deserves it, hands down one of the most intense and compelling stories ive seen since……………

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

December 20th, 12:48 pm

PS3 GOTY- The Last OF Us

Most anticipated –

The Division (voted)
The Witcher 3
The Crew
Shadow of the Beast
Diablo 3 (been holding off for the PS4 version) ;)

Give Us some release dates!!!!

Doc_Tury said:

December 20th, 12:57 pm

It was between Ni no Kuni and The Last of Us, finally I dicided for The Last of Us, I think it was the most complete interactive experience of this generation.

n4c0tic5 said:

December 20th, 1:03 pm

Transistor. reason enough to buy a PS4. Good thing there’s more than that.

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