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Dec 20

Dec 20

Vote: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

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PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2013

Update: The polls are now closed! Thanks for voting, and see you tomorrow for the winner’s list.

It’s time! Time to submit your vote in the annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards, a chance for PlayStation players to select the best of the best for 2013.

To vote, just click on your pick from each of the nominee lists below. Don’t see the game you want to vote for? No problem: write in your pick by clicking the appropriate selection on each poll. The polls will close at 6:00pm Pacific Time this Sunday, December 22nd. Then we’ll tally the votes and reveal your winners on Monday. We’ll also toss out some dedicated “Editors’ Choice” awards picked by the international Blog team because, well, we’re egotists.

It’s time to vote! See you Monday for the full list of winners.

PS4 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS3 Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail Blu-ray releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

PS Vita Game of the Year 2013

This category includes both retail releases and digital PlayStation Store releases. If you think we missed a game in our nominee list, vote for it using the write-in option!

Best Digital Release 2013

A new category that recognizes the best titles that premiered digitally via PlayStation Store or PS Mobile. It spans all PlayStation platforms (PS3, PS4, PS Vita, etc).

Most Anticipated 2014 Game

What upcoming 2014 game are you most eager to play? Vote from the list of nominees or write in your selection at the bottom of the poll.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

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BlackoutBasement said:

December 20th, 7:36 pm

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most anticipated game for me. I am itching the return to Thedas!! DA All day. :)

IcantPhukWitU said:

December 20th, 7:42 pm

The Last Of Us was the biggest surprise on PS3 for me, it was definitely the best title on PS3 for me in 2013
I picked Assassin’s Creed 4 for best PS4 game, as far as most anticipated it’s a dead toss between Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Watch Dogs for me – I can’t wait for those two… I am a little intrigued at The Order 1886, I wanna see more before I make a judgement

VincentX said:

December 20th, 7:51 pm

PS3 GOTY: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Vita GOTY: Muramasa Rebirth
PSP/Digital GOTY: Corpse Party Book of Shadows

My overall GOTY is easily Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory; no other game this year came close to providing me the absolute joy that this game did. From the wonderfully wacky characters such as the 4th Wall Breaking Neptune, the geeky but lovable Nepgear, the “bouncy” and hardcore gamer Vert, the serious yet lovable Blanc, the cute yet frightening Plutia/Sadie and the absolutely adorable and hilarious Peashy; to the great combat, the hysterical plot, the fantastic music and the perfect ending (get that True Ending!), this game was just amazing. It might not have had the biggest budget, but it had more heart and care put into it than any of the big budget “AAA” titles that I played this year. I could tell that everyone involved in the making of this game put so much love into it and it truly shows, from the gameplay to the performances of the voice actors.
Thank you Compile Heart, Idea Factory, NISA and everyone else who worked to create and bring this wonderful game out as it was without question the absolute best game I played in 2013.


December 20th, 8:17 pm

The only game I’m anticipating in the near future is H-Hour: World’s Elite since it’s being built as a successor to the classic Socom games. Sony completely destroyed Socom on the PS 3 so it’s refreshing to finally have a company making a game who cares about what Socom fans like for the first time in like a decade rather then wanting to overhaul that style of play for some broader audience that was never coming. Luckily H-Hour isn’t controlled by Sony and will have a PC version so I won’t have to buy a PS 4 and listen to their lies and false promises anymore only to get disasters like CON and Socom 4. When a bunch of Japanese suits think they know what’s best for a game about US Navy Seals and decide to take away creative control from the dev and force them to make changes the fans don’t want I guess disaster was inevitable.

Nickykinz said:

December 20th, 8:27 pm

Voted Battlefield 4 for PS4 GOTY because when you put the major game-breaking bugs aside, the MP in that game is truly something amazing (though the SP is honestly lacking anything making it worthwhile to play).

I liked Call of Duty: Ghosts more than I thought I would but truth be told, I had very low expectations for that game. Unfortunately, I just can’t stand the MP in that game as it just isn’t any fun for me at all.

As for PS3 GOTY I voted Tomb Raider. While I did enjoy The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite I feel that TLOU is simply over hyped and I don’t think any game can live up to the amount of hype that game has had.

BioShock Infinite was simply not the same as the original two BioShock entries.

Hard to choose my most anticipated game though. It felt like a pretty even tie between four major titles – Watch Dogs, Destiny, The Order: 1886, and InFamous: Second Son. In the end though, I suppose I have to say InFamous: Second Son is my most anticipated game due to the fact that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of the original games as well as Festival of Blood.

ghostaljjic said:

December 20th, 8:33 pm

Most Anticipated 2014 Game: The Order: 1886
Wish we could see some more of this game!

iHammer40000 said:

December 20th, 9:08 pm

Why are there no Vita games under Most Anticipated for 2014? Why is Dragon’s Crown missing from PS3? That’s one of the best multiplayer games for the system right now.

MikeBahm said:

December 20th, 9:14 pm


I3elial said:

December 20th, 9:20 pm

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. The end of a series – as you will never play anything else after you play this. I actually purchased my PS4 yesterday (at a steep price) just so I can play this game on it, instead of my PS3.

Hail Square Enix, and Playstation,
Let us praise de-ca-pi-tation!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Why this need of education;
Teach instead assassination!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

Aurum Vale is big on killing;
What a treat when ADDs are spilling!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

When their scaly limbs you sever;
Joy and Gladness reign for-ever!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

When dark warlords you are blasting,
Peace, on Earth, is ever-lasting!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!

******* Have a Merry X-mas, and a Happy New year! **************

Aadrianseth said:

December 20th, 9:21 pm

I play so much Terraria, Spelunky, and Dark Souls, that my answer was clear. Love all 3 games, and cannot wait for Dark Souls 2 next year!

spacemonkeyham said:

December 20th, 9:25 pm

Many thanks for putting Tearaway and Guacamelee on the list of nominees!

MrSignal said:

December 20th, 9:55 pm

So I skipped the best PS4 game till I get one myself.

Best PS3 game I loved Was Ni No Kuni, brilliant JRPG love.
Even if the AI ate paste some battles.

Best Vita Hands down was Tearaway for myself. A nice little piece of platformer joy.
The game to play and eventually guilt trip others to play on the Vita(especially if they didn’t complete the game…).
It uses everything on the system beautifully and tells a loving story fully of broken fourth walls.
Some notes: Didn’t get to give much love to Killzone, but lots of good things are to be said about it. Rayman Legends for the Vita is the only version(aside from the Wii U version) that you need to play. Couldn’t get into the Soul Sacrifice game play at all.

As for Guacamelee, it was my favorite digital game. Spelunky was good, but this one sucked me in with the smooth combat. Gonna have to boot it up and try to beat Jaguar Javier some time soon.

I am looking forward to playing Transistor some time next year, if only for its game play and the use of the DualShock 4’s special features.

Doctor-Sniper115 said:

December 20th, 10:40 pm

Damn the best PS3 GAME OF THE YEAR was definetly BEYOND TWO SOULS this game was crazy, they should make a ps4 version it be great with some dlc.

Murky_Inferno said:

December 20th, 11:12 pm

PS4: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, PS3: God Of War: Ascension, PS Vita: Do not own one YET, 2014:???? Why was “Thief” not on that list????

cheeckoo42 said:

December 20th, 11:25 pm

How is Puppeteer not choice for PS3 ?!! O o

good thing there is a write in option

add me to the Transistor for 2014 band wagon

JROD0823 said:

December 20th, 11:40 pm

I had such a difficult time choosing my most anticipated game of 2014, but I chose Destiny.

I really wanted to vote all of these games:

-The Order: 1886
-inFamous: Second Son
-Dragon Age: Inquisition
-The Witcher 3
-Kingdom Come: Deliverance (seriously, look this game up)
-Dying Light
-Mad Max
-The Evil Within

MightyZek0000 said:

December 20th, 11:42 pm

i voted for the last of us game of the year cause its well deserved and its an awesome game!, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for ps4 game of the year cause its a excellent game! ,tearaway for PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 cause its an awesome game! ,brothers: a tales of two sons for Best Digital Release 2013 cause its a great digital game ,and i voted for destiny for Most Anticipated 2014 Game because its gonna be a great shooting game!

K-EXPERT said:

December 20th, 11:51 pm

Best PS4 game of the year 2013- Assassins Cree 4: Black Flag
Best PS3 game of the year 2013- GTA V
Best PSVITA game of the year 2013- Killzone Mercenary(of course)
Best Digital Release of 2013- Resogun(PS4)
Most Anticipaed 2014- inFAMOUS Second Son

hussaintin said:

December 21st, 12:16 am

I am really pumped for the order 1886, The Last of us for 2013 GOTY. I gotta say I loved resogun so maybe best digital download.

Amir_G_M_US said:

December 21st, 2:55 am

The Last OF Us takes the crown
Naughty Dog nailed it

otaku223 said:

December 21st, 3:32 am

I am looking forward to Elder scrolls online because the Elder scroll series has been excellent so far that’s all I can say for now.

Desguito said:

December 21st, 4:04 am

BF4, TLofUs, Soul Sacriface, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Shenmue 3! Why not?

Gamer_USA- said:

December 21st, 5:11 am

The last of us…easiest vote ever.

salmanp3 said:

December 21st, 5:23 am

for PS4 = knack (good game for all ages)
for PS3 = the last of us = (best third person with real time graphics and story line)
for PS vita = kill zone mercenary (Best storyline and Multi player experience)
for best digital = hotline Miami (best cross platform game play)
For anticipated = witcher 3 (best open world game expected)


December 21st, 6:04 am

Really hard picking a game of the year, at the end all games had something in them that made me like them a lot, but if it comes down to the best experience i had then The last of us, hands down.

As for most anticipated i’m really looking forward to destiny but i’m a huge infamous fan so that’s where my pick goes.

spectyre said:

December 21st, 6:08 am

Pretty easy votes except for “Most Anticipated”. Tough call between Second Son and The Order.

Now why in the hell is Housmarque still a 3rd party dev?

NomadFH said:

December 21st, 7:30 am

I love love love tearaway. I’d like iota to join PS all stars.


December 21st, 7:37 am

I can’t wait till Driveclub is released,for shooter’s I voted for Killzone/Battlefield 4

RK128 said:

December 21st, 7:49 am

For Vita, I picked Tearaway as that game is, well, the only Vita game that can only be done on Vita. The Eric Carl-like story and visuals, the inventive uses for the Vita’s many inputs, and the amount of creativity you have with the game world all make it a game every Vita owner must own.

For Digital Game of the year, I picked Guacamelee, as it is they best indie game on Vita and PS3. Its amazing how the games initial simple combat could expand so much after learning the different grabs and special attacks and its platforming is quite challenging to boot. The game is also quite funny and has many references to classic Nintendo games and other internet memes. It is an amazing game that really should win digial game of the year.

For PS3, I picked Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, as I didn’t play Last of Us yet and all the other PS3 games I got this year outside of Ratchet Nexus came out in prior years. The game took what made Sly 1 and 2 so great, and made it more polished, content packed, and in general, higher quality. It also helps that the game has really great Cross-Buy and Cross-Play support too, so you could pick up your progress where ever you are :).

Balamoosh said:

December 21st, 9:21 am

Shenmue most anticipated. Make it happen!!

godshand3547 said:

December 21st, 10:24 am

PS3: The Last of Us (even though im a god of war fan, i will not deny the beauty of such an amazing game. Naughty Dog, you’ve done it again)
Anticipated game: MGS V Ground Zeroes (its the one im looking forward)
Digital: Resogun (…uhhhhh… soooo… shiiiiiny.)
PS4: i say AC IV (i dont have a PS4 and i only played Resogun on a friend’s console, so i based this vote on gameplay videos)

I look forward to watch another great year for gaming in 2014. Thanks for everything Sony

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 21st, 11:44 am

Suprisingly, I don’t own any of the games on the best PS3 category. I’m sure they’re all good, but I won’t vote in that category (same with PS4 as I don’t own one yet).

Best PS Vita game: Soul Sacrifice. This category was incredibly difficult as Killzone and Dragon’s Crown were also very good contenders.

Best Digital Release: Hotline Miami. I still need to finish it, but I’m very impressed from what I played so far.

Most Anticipated Game of 2014: Monster Hunter for PS Vita? Well, out of the choices listed, I’m really interested in Infamous, Drive Club, Watchdogs, and Dark Souls II, so I had to settle for Dark Souls II.

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 21st, 11:48 am

Oh and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F for PS Vita needs to be a contender for most anticipated game 2014!

Rukahz said:

December 21st, 12:45 pm

I voted AC: black flag(ps4) as PS4 goty 2014 cause love everything bout it and the change bein an prirate :) , watch dogs as Most Anticipated 2014 cause after seein gameplay and trailer on E3 event it showed u can control city,camera or anything best hand down on that game & can’t wait for it come out for ps4 which be looong wait, Killzone merc for PS Vita Game of the Year 2013 cause graphic and gameplay pretty close to console frame, what I love most bout it is the poker card collect was more fun than I thought it be :), Minecraft for Best Digital Release 2013 cause far best umm I say fun and enjoyable :), the last of us as PS3 Game of the Year 2013 REASON WHY story is unbelieveable amazing, Mp more of challage, another thing I love bout the story is infected (the streamer one) most scarest thing I ever seen so best hand down on that one :D

mo-Money said:

December 21st, 12:45 pm


Rukahz said:

December 21st, 12:47 pm

I mean the screamer not streamer typo lol

Gmafz7 said:

December 21st, 12:50 pm

PS4 -> Killzone, best multiplayer, played it with a friend’s PS4!

PS3 -> Tough decision I loved both TLoU and Beyond: Two Souls.

PS Vita -> Tearaway, an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Digital -> Resogun! So much fun! It’s not the same type of gameplay, but it kinds of reminds me of Einhander from PS1, now I want Einhander 2!!1 Make it happen Sony and Square-Enix!

Anticipated: Dark Souls II, enough said…

TehFineztJokerX said:

December 21st, 1:03 pm

PS4 GOTY – Resogun
PS3 GOTY – The Last of Us
PS Vita GOTY – Tearaway
Digital GOTY – Guacamelee
Most Anticipated Game – The Order 1886

It has been a great year and I cant wait to see what many game developers have in store for us gamers in the future.

pec1468 said:

December 21st, 1:08 pm

I have to say my Most Anticipated Game is H-Hour Worlds Elite.

KALEL114 said:

December 21st, 1:13 pm

Uncharted PS4 as most anticipated 2014 release. Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xX_Ezz_KiLLz_Xx said:

December 21st, 1:22 pm

If only PS4 can get Minecraft and GTA 5 within this year, sony is the best no doubts! And if there are a lot of PS4 consoles arriving to stores this christmas, microsoft will have no chance with sony!

califoreigner said:

December 21st, 2:06 pm

I’ve got to agree with #6, the vita desicion was a difficult one. I ended up going dragons crown just based off of the time I’ve invested and enjoyment its given me.

also, can’t believe people are voting bf4 on ps4. that game shipped broken as hell.

ShardYu said:

December 21st, 3:09 pm

Hope to see Monster Hunter on Playstation Vita or PS4 this coming year. :) Vita need games like God of War, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto and such. Games that made the PSP superior over the DS.

piripiriense7 said:

December 21st, 3:27 pm

Sou fã da série Assassin’s Creed e considero o Black Flag um jogo super fodástico!!!!!!!

piripiriense7 said:

December 21st, 3:38 pm

Assassin’s Creed é fodástico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

jjscpm said:

December 21st, 4:07 pm

i voted for call of duty ghost on the ps4 because i cant get off of it, and i love minecraft on the ps3 minecraft is just so awesome, Killzone on the psvota even thought i dont have it, but if i were to play i would deff get that game for it first, and once again i love minecraft haha.

GioRage said:

December 21st, 4:13 pm

PS4 – Killzone Shadowfall
PS3 – The Last Of Us
Vita – Killzone Mercenaries
PSN – Far Cry Blood Dragon
Most Anticipated – Everything!

2014 and beyond is going to be awesome times for gaming. I have no regrets on anything I bought this year except for one particular TV show “cash-in” title I purchased. It featured zombies, hint hint. If there was one thing I would have wished for it would have been to see Extermination (early PS2 title) make it’s way onto the PSN. All in all I had a great year.


Happy Holidays to everyone at Sony and to fellow gamers everywhere.

Lord_Orpheo said:

December 21st, 5:17 pm

I voted but it’s hard to just pick one. If I could choose top 3 in order from top fave to 3rd, my list would look like:

1) Killzone: Shadow Fall
2) Flower
3) Knack

1) The Last of Us
2) Beyond: Two Souls
3) Gran Turismo 6

PS Vita:
1) Tearaway
2) Killzone Mercenary
3) Doki-Doki Universe

1) Rain
2) Brothers
3) Contrast

1) The Witness
2) Driveclub
3) Watch Dogs

Gerardo042196 said:

December 21st, 5:39 pm

PS4 – Resogun
PS3 – The Last Of Us (I would have voted for Bioschock Infinite but is not a PS3 exclusive)
PSVITA – Tearaway
Most Anticipated – Watchdogs (but as a PlayStation exclusive it would be The Order: 1886)

bgardner said:

December 21st, 5:52 pm

watchdogs and infamous(on my ps4) im both getting the special editions of them other then that the witcher 3 look really good. some other games coming in 2014 might get more stoked. we need some good rts games on the ps4 and fast and rpgs too. there to many fps’s on the ps4. also nhl 15 would blow minds on the ps4

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