The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014
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Don't Starve

Some days, you wake up in a warm bed — perhaps next to a loved one — and you start the day fresh, with the sweetness of a half-remembered dream lingering behind your eyes. Other times, you wake up on a twisted island of dark horrors with a fast-depleting hunger meter and a growing beard. On those days, you’re likely playing Don’t Starve, which launches on PS4 this week!

That’s right friends, the fan-favorite survival game finds a new home on PS4. Don’t Starve is an uncompromising, randomly-generated survival game where you must help the Gentleman Scientist Wilson endure the harsh (likely demonic) environment for as long as possible. Gather food, craft tools, construct shelter, and hunt unlikely foes with a brutal challenge at every footfall.

Don't StarveDon't Starve

If vigorous survival isn’t your cup of tea, there’s more coming to the world of PlayStation! But since we’re emerging from our light holiday lineup, we took a “Drop Lite” approach today. See below for a complete list of games hitting PlayStation this week, and enjoy!

We’ll see you next week for a regularly-formatted Drop. Hope your New Year is starting off great!

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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4 Author Replies

  • Actually it has an immense demand there, people buy it there because it’s ‘cheaper’ and carry it to Brazil to resell it for doubl of the original price. I have lots of friends from the place… you have lots of useless and mistaken arrogance behind your monitor.

  • Yeah…I’m sure your “contacts” know all about common sense too. Like how our country has the most fuel efficient vehicles in the world because we have high gas prices.

    I’m actually equally arrogant in person chief. I don’t tolerate stupidity no matter if it is in person or online.

  • definitely will get DmC . Great month

  • PrimeroIncognito

    As usual, boomstickbhg is making a total ass of himself. Add pablofsi08 to the list.

    @ pablofsi08

    Nice straw man arguments, pablo. Too bad they don’t work on anyone with an I.Q. over 50.

    Death8u48 is completely embarrassing you but you’re too dense to see it. He didn’t say anything about the network being upgraded, he only told boomstick to upgrade his crappy internet. Where you got all that server and p2p crap from, I’ll never know. Making up arguments your opponent never made and then discrediting them doesn’t win the debate, you goof.

    And your theoretical arguments regarding the balance between the cost of living and the cost of tangible products is even more ridiculous. Why you would try to build an argument on a foundation of vague generalizations is completely absurd. You really shouldn’t be debating anyone. You’re not too good at it.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Death8u4u

    I think the problem is that you’re speaking too intelligently for these morons to understand you. Other than the part where you said people have no reason to be on a forum if they’re not experiencing problems, you’ve been 100% correct so far.

    Although, I must say that I believe the reason that internet quality is so spotty in certain areas is mostly due to local infrastructure. Older cities with older housing, for example, will have overall crappier internet connection quality due to this reason. It’s entirely possible that boomstick lives in a crappy old town with an old decaying infrastructure leading to his internet’s instability, especially if people he knows are experiencing the same thing. (Of course, I’m assuming the people he knows live in the same town.) But still, he’d be wrong to blame it on Sony. Although telling him to upgrade isn’t the answer either if it’s simply not possible where he lives, without major renovations. He needs to move, heh… just as long as he doesn’t move anywhere near me…


    all i have to say DAMN my food got cold reading these comments lol and why are you guys even arguing with each other in the 1st place it was 3-4 in the morning and u guys going back and forth its amusing really and lastly i would like to add is it weird for me to be camping at home for dont starve for ps4 o.O js oh and FATALITY Death8u4u Wins lol now i got to go heat up my food -_-

  • @IMMORTAL_XVI couldn’t have said it better myself xD

    But throughout the time I’ve had Ps+, It’s amazing to see a whole bunch of games for just the subscription price! It’s a steal! Can’t wait for Don’t Starve and another nice year of Ps+ :D

  • AizawaYuuichi

    People need to stop bringing up the Brazilian cost of the PS4. That’s not Sony’s fault, it’s Brazil’s fault.

    Sony’s “price” on the PS4 in Brazil was only R$858 ($395 US). The rest of the cost was import taxes imposed by the Brazilian government and retailer/distrib markup. Sony even subsidized another R$258 ($118 US) in order to get the total price under R$4000. The only reason the XBO was cheaper is because Microsoft has a factory there so they can avoid the import taxes applied to the PS4 (R$2524 or $1155 US). Sony has already said months ago that they are going to start manufacturing PS4s at their factory in Brazil, which they opened to make PS3s, in order to reduce the cost of the PS4.

    In other news, gaming is a luxury hobby. Yeah it sucks that it costs literally an arm and a leg in some countries, but guess what? It’s a hobby. If you can’t afford it, I feel bad for you. It’s an awesome hobby. But you’ll just have to make due with a hobby you can afford. Or do the implausible and move to a country that doesn’t charge outrageously corrupt import taxes to pad their own coffers.

  • Lestatdelioncort

    Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2 as psn classics pretty please : )

  • I don’t understand why people come here to fight over all this crap. Sony isn’t going to pay you for defending them. They will not give you more “free” games if you complain. As a whole: They need to fix soooo many things. I don’t ever bother to say something nice or bad about these guys. They only want our money. Like every single company out there. They aren’t the good/bad guys. Don’t like Plus? Just cancel or wait until your membership expires. You can’t stand those who complain? Don’t bother! They aren’t attacking you. Except for a super jerk, everybody else replays without calling people “idiots” or “morons.”

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    @carlpain: Good post.

    I suppose we could all try harder to avoid calling each other names, and we could all stand to be on here a bit less.

    I have never believed that Sony would give more if it was requested here, or that I would be compensated for favorable comments.

    For most who come here often, I guess it’s just a hobby. Much like gaming: We do it because we can.

    Meanwhile, there were 3 official replies in this thread. All of them within 30 minutes. There won’t be a 4th. I think this blog could do with a lot more visibility from its spokespeople. Even hiring a single person who’s job it was to go around answering questions and offering assistance would be a good start.

  • Hi guys I normally don’t post much on forums but I think this discussion about ps+ merits a few comments.
    Firstly I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone will agree with your opinions.

    So here is my opinion about how ps+ is now charging us for multiplayer.
    I feel that it is completely unfair to people who have bought a ps4 to have to pay for a ps+ subscription just so they can get to play multiplayer with their friends. The reason i say its unfair is because
    1. Ps3 owners can still play their titles on multiplayer without the need for the subscription.
    2. Ps4 games already cost substancially more than ps3 games to warrant the subscription
    3. Orginally sony advertised that with the realease of new ps4 they would be giving us bigger servers etc etc.

    The fact that i am now having to pay a subscription for something they advertised to be better than before only to find that it is not any better is really pissing me off. I make good money in my current job however the fact i have to pay for something which in fact turns out to be nothing is actually quite annoying.

  • punkmusic2009

    wally the answer to your question there is no diffents except on the pc version its based on your pc reslation in witch you can change in your setting where the ps4 version is the same as the ps3 version in witch this case meaning the diffents between ps3 and ps4 is ps3 is sd where ps4 is hd otherwise there is no diffents

  • wally_mammoth

    @punkmusic2009: Thank you! I just looked back at the forum to see if anyone had responded yet. Unfortunately I had to sift through two pages of pointless arguing to get to your answer, but I do appreciate the info!

  • AlawaYuuchi: It’s not just a few guys, it’s millions and millions of peopl trying to accede to the aparatus at said price. The two millios sold so far in your country could be easily dupli or triplicated if thes people had access to the same price you have EVENthough it actually costs them a bigger cchunk of their salary.

    It is an example of a reality in a sum of countries that together have more population than the US has, so they are a demographic (Brazil alone is, 200m people) for Sony. Paying a mandatory $50 for multiplayer in these countries where you are actually paying x2, x5 or x7 isn’t satisfying, it’s draconian for your wallet (not mine though… I can pay easily). Would you stand for it if itwas your case? NO, you would all be screaming and crying and moaning for lower prices or so does Sony opens a fabric until your lungs are perforated and you dry all tears up.

    Sometimes when I see people complaining and bargaining because X game is $10 higher than it apparently should: how can they complain about 10 miserable bucks? when that’s actually 70 bucks for these guys.

  • joeruff-2009

    Does anyone know if Don’t Starve will be releasing at 12 Midnight of the 7th or later on in that day?

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @50, clueless, indie games do not impede AAA games from being made, they are coming. Did yuo see what the competition gives you?? LMAO it’s a joke please.

    Sony needs to add DLNA, MP3 and you tune pronto.

  • K1LLST33L, what are you talking about?…PS3 games cost $60 upon release (not including taxes), that is the same exact cost of PS4 games. There has been no increase in game costs.

  • cost to the consumer might not have gone up but production costs probably have gone up

  • The cost of PS4 games in countries outside the US has gone up due to being the PS4 and due to the holidays ($90-100) (+180 countries) because you know, there are import duties and taxes. The price of new PS3 games isn’t that high ($70-$75 at most).

  • “cost to the consumer might not have gone up but production costs probably have gone up”

    The individual I was responding to was stating that the costs have gone up substantially for PS4 games compared to PS3 games, which means (in his opinion) that the PSN+ requirement is entirely unjustified. Sony’s main markets for profit have not seen a single increase in costs for PS4 games versus a PS3 game.

  • I look forward to check this out. I’m glad that I bought 2 extra yrs. of PS Plus when it was a sale on black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to Don’t Starve and DMC, which I somehow missed even though I love Ninja Theory’s two previous games.
    Any news on when Broken Sword 5 Part 1 is going to make it to Vita here in the US? I’ve been waiting patiently since it arrived on the EU store, a week before the holidays. :)

  • Waikato_Pete

    Does anyone on here no roughly what time (and time zone!) the instant game collection updates and we will actually get Don’t Starve for PS4?
    It’s already quite a few hours into the 7th in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Waikato, the store usually updates within the next 2-3 hours. That’s the US store though, I don’t know if you use it or not but we will have access to it at that point.

  • Pro hint: today it’s Monday.

  • Ha, wow…nice catch. I’d blame the flu, but I have to admit my sense of time was entirely off. Pablo is right Waikato, so add another 24 hours to my 2-3 hour comment.

  • Waikato_Pete

    Haha ok no worries.
    I think the Southern Hemisphere is under the Europe PS Store anyway.
    It is 10 o’clock on Tuesday morning here already! Haha

  • Hey Powerhouse,

    Any news on when “The Wolf Among Us” or “The Walking Dead – Season 2” are coming to Vita?

  • I think this whole differentiating between “real” games and “indie” games thing needs to stop.

    They are the exact same thing.

    Games are games.

    There is no difference. Knock it off.


  • “I think this whole differentiating between “real” games and “indie” games thing needs to stop.”

    Why? Indie games are given their names due to being independent of a large backing that a AAA game is afforded. The vast majority of them are lacking as a result. They should never be grouped in with “real” games as they’d never gain anyone’s interest if they were compared to AAA games.

  • Why?

    Because people use indie games as a derogatory term. Like they’re somehow less of a game for being made by an independent developer. Games are games. It doesn’t matter if they were made by a huge development studio owned by a major publisher, or three guys in a basement. Games. Are. Games.

    One game, two games
    Big games, small games
    Red games, blue games
    Old games, new games


    And the vast majority are not “lacking” as a result. That kind of attitude is complete BS. So ONLY a huge developer with millions of dollars in funding can make good games? What a crock.

  • If you want to dumb down the English language like that you might as well propose that we remove the difference between types of vehicles. Why should people recognize a truck as a truck instead of a car? Its the same thing when you ignore all of the differences.

    I never said that only huge developers make good games you ignorant twat…I said those games are lacking due to the simple fact they ARE lacking. The incredibly small development teams result in lower quality graphics, story, longevity, the list goes on. Indie games are sold cheap because nobody would pay full price for a game everyone knows simply doesn’t measure up to a full scale AAA game.

    You need to get over your obsession with indie games and recognize facts as facts. Nobody said they’re terrible games. They are and will continue to be labeled as Indie games due to how they are developed, get over it.

  • I was wondering if anybody knew the approximate time the games will be released at?

  • Throne369 , if you use the US store they’re usually released by 4PM Central time. Give or take an hour or two. Sometimes it happens much earlier than that, but only on rare occasions.

  • Why don’t they come out early wow I was kind of anticipating on playing them when I woke up but thanks death8u4u

  • You figure it is between the middle and end of the day for their office hours, so kind of a good time for them to launch a store update in case anything goes wrong. Then most of their staff is still around to fix it and what not.

    But yeah, does definitely kind of suck for us consumers. =P

  • I also have another question I can’t go to don’t starve on playstation 4 for reason do you know anything about it?

  • I’m sure the developers haven’t posted anything to put up on the store yet is all. I noticed that the other day too.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ carlpeon

    But it’s OK to refer to someone as “super jerk”… of course! Just don’t say idiot or moron!

    Yeah, great sense of morality you’ve got there. I love how you think everyone should play by your own silly little rules. Has anyone ever told you what hypocrite you are?

    Try again once you’ve learned a thing or two about life.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Death8u4u on January 6th, 2014 at 3:05 pm said: “Indie games are given their names due to being independent of a large backing that a AAA game is afforded. The vast majority of them are lacking as a result.”

    Lacking what? It surely isn’t heart, I can tell you that.

  • “Lacking what? It surely isn’t heart, I can tell you that.”

    Granted. In that regard you might have to switch it to they’re lacking hearts. :P Trust me, I like Indie games due to some of the effort and heart put into them, but there is also a huge difference between Indie games and other games, hence the reason the title should remain.

    The guy just has some ridiculous assumption that people use “Indie” as a derogatory remark, instead of their post simply being disapproval in general. People were complaining about nothing but Indie games coming out for the PS4, which I completely does suck that no big titles have hit the PS4 yet, just isn’t out of the ordinary is all.

  • Pretty disappointed there are no new Vita games :(

  • You call it a ridiculous assumption, I call it a valid observation. To-may-to. To-mah-to.

    And really? Name-calling? Your mother must be very proud of your ability to call people names on the Internet. Very classy.

    Grow up, kid.

  • cyberxion_101

    Dumb down the English language, eh Death8u4u?

    Were you not the one who said ” Indie games are given their names due to being independent of a large backing that a AAA game is afforded. The vast majority of them are lacking as a result.”, and then followed it up by stupidly opining that indie games should not be grouped with “real” games? You claim that you didn’t mean it the way that djsaiyan interpreted it, but can you really blame him?

    Seriously, man, you need to check the undeserved arrogance at the door. If he misunderstood you, which he didn’t, then you only have yourself to blame. That garbled bit of word salad didn’t do you any favors, but it also makes it abundantly clear that you’re not nearly as intelligent as you so desperately want folks to believe that you are. So hey, with the matter of your feigned intelligence now common knowledge, you can now devote the effort that you put into coming off like a pompous jerk into making sure that you’ve managed to articulate yourself clearly in the first place from here on out! Sound good to you, chief?

  • I hope that some old Tales series would come up on the PS store..

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Death8u4u

    Yes, I agree that people aren’t being critical of indie games just by saying “indie”, unless, they add something afterwards, like, “crap”, of course. :)

    But it seems that some folks frown on indies just because they’re not as pretty (in most cases) as big budget titles, but that’s kinda silly considering that graphics have never “made” a game. Most indie games I’ve played have actually been more enjoyable than their AAA counterparts, due to the obvious passion that went into creating them. This can actually lead to a more engrossing experience, and therefore, more satisfaction. And isn’t that what’s most important? This is entertainment, after all. The emotional impact the product delivers is much more important, overall, than the impertinent aspects of it’s presentation.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    But what I really don’t understand is those who bash indies just because they’re indies, and therefore, supposedly, “crap”, but they’ll turn around and complain about big greedy corporations ripping them off at the same time. I’d think that someone who’s anti-corporate would be pushing for more indies, or, someone who hates indies would be more supportive of big business, but I guess some people are so miserable that they can’t find anything to make them happy. :|

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Death8u4u

    One more thing…

    I agree with most of what you’re saying, but I gotta disagree with your statement that indie games are being sold cheaper because no one will pay full price for them. The pricing of a game always comes down to analyzing how much was invested into its production, and the projections that estimate how much and how long it will take to recover those costs and eventually profit, while giving consumers the best possible deal. And believe it or not, most companies actually don’t want to make TOO MUCH PROFIT and put themselves in a higher tax bracket when their future returns aren’t guaranteed.

    Obviously, less money invested = lower asking price required.

    There have been numerous “AAA” games that debuted with MSRPs lower than the usual $59.99. (Mostly $39.99, but some even lower!)

    Just think about this… I don’t know how long you’ve been gaming or how old you are, but many of these cheap $10 indie games today would have EASILY sold for $50 – $60 had they been released on a cartridge based system back in the earlier days of gaming, such as the NES’s or SNES’s heyday. When you look at it that way, indie games are quite a bargain.

  • None of these are of any interest to me. We’ll be getting DmC sometime this month and Biosock Infinite for those who don’t already have it but these few indie games are worth nothing to me.

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