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Jan 06

Jan 06

PlayStation Plus: Don’t Starve & DmC Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

It’s officially 2014, and if you checked out our preview post and video last month you’ll know that means mega awesome titles are coming soon! Tomorrow our Plus members will be able to download both Don’t Starve on PlayStation 4 and DMC Devil May Cry on PlayStation 3. Don’t Starve is deceptively cute, so don’t be fooled, this is a hardcore survival simulator. You (as a Gentleman Scientist) will need to gather, hunt and build in order to stay alive in this mysterious land.

DmC Devil May Cry refreshes the story of Dante and gives him a bit of a makeover, but the combat is still as action-packed as you’d expect from a DMC title. Dante still packs his pistols Ebony & Ivory as well as his blade Rebellion, and you’ll have to switch back and forth from Angel and Demon mode in order to rack up your massive combos.

You can download Don’t Starve and DmC Devil May Cry as well as take advantage of all these PS Plus discounts after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 1/7.

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Don’t Starve (PS4)

Free for PS Plus members

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014
Don’t Starve: Console Edition is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.
DMC Devil May Cry (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

PlayStation Plus Update 1-6-2014
In a society corrupted by demons only The Order can see the world for what it really is. Join Dante in the ultimate experience of stylish action chain together combo after combo with panache and dispatch demonic spawn back to hell – reveal the truth behind the lies. Explore Dante’s dark past encountering some the most familiar faces in the DmC universe. Call upon unimaginable powers combined with Dante’s epic arsenal of weapons: sword, scyte, axe, pistols and more. Face your demons…

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Streetkix: Freestyle — PS Plus Price: $10.79, Regular Price: $11.99


PlayStation Home – Home Tycoon Gift for Plus members
Home Tycoon is PlayStation Home’s premier free-to-play 3D city-building game! As Mayor, you can create your ultimate dream city, fly helicopters through the skies, race with up to 16 friends online, enjoy interactive thrill rides, and unlock tons rewards in the Home Tycoon: New Heights expansion. PlayStation Plus members get 120 Gold Coins for free after completing the tutorial!

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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Krambjorn said:

January 6th, 4:48 pm

@klassymike , so in like 24 hours???? I don’t wanna wait for Don’t Starve any longer :( I wanna play it on my ps4!!!!!

slayeron117 said:

January 6th, 4:49 pm

Great update. Thanks Kristine and Morgan! Anyway since you guys are always looking for suggestions for ps plus titles here’s my list.

Max Payne 3
The Unfinished Swan
Crysis 3
Tomb Raider
GOW: Ascension
Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Beyond: Two Souls

Dragon’s Crown
Sound Shapes

Some more cool indie games!

Hany3142 said:

January 6th, 4:51 pm

Nice update (even-though that I own most of these games). Looking forward to finally playing DmC, thanks!

My wishlist for the upcoming instant game collection packages:

– Mafia II (is also one of the EU’s instant game collection)
– Max Payne 3
– Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (if you could, it would be nice!)

Thanks again!

kemuca said:

January 6th, 5:07 pm

already enjoying Uncharted 3 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss to the fullest! Totally stoked for DMC!

my wishlist/suggestion would be:

Max Payne 3
Tomb Raider
L.A. Noire
The Walking Dead S1

Krambjorn said:

January 6th, 5:36 pm

I want my Don’t Starve :(

mykamran77 said:

January 6th, 6:11 pm

So happy that I didn’t buy DMC last month…. am craving for some butt-kicking action game. Hope it delivers!

StinkySweet said:

January 6th, 6:22 pm

I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present then Don’t Starve! Can’t wait to downoad it tomorrow!!

DuskTaker7 said:

January 6th, 6:26 pm


Recently joined to PS+. DMC seems interesting, I’ll download it later.
Also, it would be great if you consider these games for IGC:

Metal gear solid HD collection
Resident evil 4 HD
Hatsune Miku Project Diva F (seems unprobable)
Resident evil Revelations

Thanks! ;)

Alec_Greymoon said:

January 6th, 6:26 pm

Please get us some good games for our IGC on PS4! I’m already missing my PS3 so bad, lol!

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 6th, 7:10 pm


Self-plagiarism? Really? Get a grip, clown.

And @ boomstickbhg… you did it again… making a huge ass out of yourself. You’re actually lying when you call Kristine a liar, did you know that?

The only thing Kristine could be guilty of is rushing through her work. Which both of you jackasses have done before, so get off your imaginary thrones.

There’s no evidence of lying, and no indications of plagiarism are apparent. What a couple of Grade-A jackasses you are.

I’ve got a word you can go look up in your dictionary – Libel.

rockphantomMG said:

January 6th, 7:15 pm

Will Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed be available for PS3 PS Plus Members this month?

Husteen said:

January 6th, 7:19 pm

hmm, i can’t decide whether to get a PS+ subscription and pick up DMC now, or wait for an inevitable sale on the ultimate edition. i was really interested in all those weapons and playing as Vergil in the DLC. decisions, decisions…

JRPG-Gamer4ever said:

January 6th, 7:52 pm

Epic month! Looking forward to playing Bioshock: Infinite at the end of the month as well!

JustaCreation said:

January 6th, 8:27 pm

When will the Binding of Isaac come to the PlayStation 4?

Gamerzlimited said:

January 6th, 8:29 pm

boomstickbhg is nothing but a greedy customer trying to get free money by writing these false claims. He’s the liar here and deserves to get his account along with his PS+ subscription suspended. Nobody should listen to this fool. Everything that Primero says about him is true.

@Husteen If you plan to own it, then wait for that ultimate edition sale. If not, then get the PS+ subscription.

purse317 said:

January 6th, 8:58 pm

107 summed it up best I quote

“So great games for the month. First real week into January and I’m just trying to look through all these discounts you put out…Start of 2014 and we have a ton of discounts to kick off the new year…OH wait I was on the EU page, well I’m sure we still got a bunch of…one? ONE!?! But I’m sure it for a great game…nope. Well I’m sure it for a huge discount… $1.25. I get bigger discounts from coupons in my Sunday paper.”

One game for sale for plus members an at a time when we click over to the EU store and see nearly 100 games on sale games we actually want literally listed in some posts as IGC hopefuls.

djsaiyan said:

January 6th, 9:00 pm


Get the PS+ subscription and buy the DLC. Once you’ve got PS+ you’re not going to want to cancel, and you’ll get more bang for buck out of it than just buying a single game.

Krambjorn said:

January 6th, 9:14 pm

I can’t believe how some people can consider not having PS+, it literally costs less than a game (in Australia a year subscription is $69.95 and a game can be $109.95), and you get more than one free game per year, and then discounts, themes etc etc etc. And if you are one of the fortunate people that own a Vita, a PS3 and a PS4, then if you don’t have PS+ you are, simply put, a moron. hahaha

Krambjorn said:

January 6th, 9:15 pm

I can’t believe how some people can consider not having PS+, it literally costs less than a game (in Australia a year subscription is $69.95 and a game can be $109.95), and you get more than one free game per year, and then discounts, themes etc etc etc. And if you are one of the fortunate people that own a Vita, a PS3 and a PS4, then if you don’t have PS+ you are, simply put, a moron. hahaha

jenpachi17 said:

January 6th, 9:27 pm

i heard bio shock infinite was coming to psn plus for free? any update?

carter12008 said:

January 6th, 9:52 pm

I see they mentioned that Galaga Legions (PS3) is leaving the IGC on the 14th. Surprised they didn’t mention that Grid 2 was leaving the IGC.


January 6th, 11:09 pm

WHEN IS THE UPDATE COMING OUT I WANT TO PLAY DONT STARVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! HERE TAKE MY MONEY SONY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

AddicTedTouCh said:

January 6th, 11:21 pm

Yay!!! Don’t Starve. So happy right now !!!! Thx guys

JoshLunsford said:

January 6th, 11:26 pm

What time is this comming out? i see it but unable to download it.

JoshLunsford said:

January 6th, 11:28 pm


ItsCiga said:

January 6th, 11:52 pm

Yey! DMC! my first time to post in here, PLUS member since September 2013. I hope you release Versus games for VITA like MVC 3 or SFxT instead of PSP games.


January 6th, 11:53 pm

@ JoshLunsford idk when it come out but it need to hurry up ive been checking after every hr I CANT GOTO SLEEP MAN!!!!

djsaiyan said:

January 7th, 12:01 am


Bioshock Infinite is definitely coming to Plus this month. It’ll be in a later update.

To those asking, the store generally updates in the afternoons on Tuesday. The story ALWAYS updates on Tuesdays. The posts we get on Mondays are a heads up to let us know what’s coming up.

thatpurpskurp25 said:

January 7th, 12:07 am

when does the store update on the 7th?

AizawaYuuichi said:

January 7th, 12:16 am

1) Several months ago on the Blogcast, they had an interview with the guy in charge of the actual store updates. During the interview, they set a goal of updating by 2pm PST every week. If you actually check the store, it is almost always finished around that time. There are sometimes delays in the blog post going up, but the content is usually available before the post is.

2) Saying “all these discounts will be available tomorrow” is not false advertisement or a lie. That statement followed by no discounts whatsoever means that you can expect all of those “no discounts” to be available the next day. And guess what? They always are! The only thing wrong with the sentence is the general reading comprehension level of people here on the Blog. The ones who didn’t know if there were going to be sales, WHEN THERE WERE NONE LISTED, need to go back to school. It was perfectly clear to me and many others who didn’t complain, that there would be no PS+ sales. Every week, the listed discounts are absolutely going live the next day. Whether there are any listed for that week or not is another matter. But there is nothing wrong with that statement.

pinappl518 said:

January 7th, 12:19 am

You fricken playstation idiots!!! It is now 2:15 in Minnesota and I am in the playstation store, looking for don’t starve! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED AT 2:00!!! YET I DONT HAVE IT!!!! ACTIVISION CANT FIX THEIR SEVERS AND NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS!!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE OF A COMPANY!!! I AM GOING TO FIND EVERYONE OF YOUR STAFF AND KILL THEM IN THEIR SLEEP!

carlpain said:

January 7th, 12:29 am

@179: hahaha. Pretty sure they will get ride of your comment in a couple of hours. I’ll be “179” after that.

klassymike said:

January 7th, 12:33 am


That’s a great way of getting your account suspended! The store updates around 3-5 pm on Tuesdays. GO TO BED!!

pinappl518 said:

January 7th, 12:33 am

Yolo am I right?

avluis said:

January 7th, 12:35 am

Hey PS+ team, I just want to add something, hopefully something for you guys to think about later on.

The community appreciates that there is a lot of transparency when it comes to what you guys bring to us.
That is including details about any upcoming sales and/or incoming and outgoing games for the IGC.

Honestly we complain a lot, and I mean it. Quite a lot. And you know who you are when I say this.
But because you guys listen to all our input and take it all into consideration, we come back and complain some more.
Some even appreciate all that you do. I’m one of those that will complain about something the instant it does not look right.
And today I congratulate you on making the PS+ service what it is.
You can only improve it from here. Keep it up.

The PlayStation Community appreciates it.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

January 7th, 12:37 am

@carter12008: They did that last week.


“Last Chance (Leaving on 1/7)

Instant Game Collection
Contrast (PS4)
GRID 2 (PS3)”

Every week’s Monday Plus post has a section like this, giving us an 8-day heads up about which games will be leaving the IGC or losing their Plus discounts.

@pinappl518: If not trolling/joking, you’ll be amazed to learn that Minnesota isn’t in the Pacific time zone! Also, everywhere the “2” has been posted it’s been followed by “pm.” Meaning afternoon.


Krambjorn said:

January 7th, 12:47 am

@180, so what you’re saying is that the store will update in about 13 hours?

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

January 7th, 12:50 am



January 7th, 12:51 am

3-5pm :( all my dreams just been crush with that post well then night everyone


January 7th, 12:52 am

imma sleep for 12hrs its 3:52 here even tho it say on here


January 7th, 12:59 am

wait what is there time zone anyway becuz i have to wait till like 5 until i get the update im EST

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

January 7th, 1:45 am

+ AizawaYuuichi on January 7th, 2014 at 12:16 am said:

1) Several months ago on the Blogcast, they had an interview with the guy in charge of the actual store updates. During the interview, they set a goal of updating by 2pm PST every week. If you actually check the store, it is almost always finished around that time. There are sometimes delays in the blog post going up, but the content is usually available before the post is.

bejib said:

January 7th, 1:52 am

Sony, will the PS4 titles continue to be indie games for a while, or will we be getting some commercial releases too? For example Drive Club was promised from Day 1 ?

Just wondering

Gamerzlimited said:

January 7th, 2:07 am

@pinappl518 Not if I find you first. Now go to bed before I call the cops and put you behind bars.

ThATrueSocom said:

January 7th, 2:21 am

So when is Bioshock comming???????

Xxligit_killasxX said:

January 7th, 2:50 am

What time will the store update?

Guy_McDude said:

January 7th, 4:42 am

I’m sure to try out DmC. Probably nothing else though.

Ulorla said:

January 7th, 4:58 am

So do games swap out at night or something been kinda waiting for something new to come in. I have a grand total of maybe 6 games to play. ( more than that but about 6 i like.) new to PlayStation 3 and plus, haven’t had either a full month yet. Find the system crashes like crazy for any game. 5 times more than my Xbox did. But my subscription already paid for its self when i got borderlands 2 :).

long story short when do games tend to rotate out, from what i gathered Tuesdays, but checked store today no changes yet :) ( i check like every morn waiting for Bioshock to play again haha)

ulloamen1 said:

January 7th, 5:14 am

I love ps4

blackangel231 said:

January 7th, 5:45 am

why cant I get don’t starve for the ps4 I live in Ireland but for some reason when I go on the shop to get don’t starve its not there, the only thing that is there is resogun?

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