Watch Live: Kaz Hirai’s CES 2014 Keynote

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Watch Live: Kaz Hirai’s CES 2014 Keynote

Update: Stream’s over, thanks for watching! Learn more about PlayStation Now here.

I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Mike Fasulo and I am the new President at Sony Electronics US. The Sony team is kicking off the new year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), when the technology world takes over Sin City to showcase 2014’s greatest tech.

Sony CES Build 2

I invite you to join me and Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai at 5:00pm Pacific Time tonight for the Sony Press Conference, right here on PlayStation.Blog, where we’ll be talking about what’s to come in the new year. And check back tomorrow, January 7th at 9:00am PST, when Kazuo Hirai gives the CES keynote speech. I’ll be tweeting live from the keynote from @SonyElectronics and taking your questions, so join the conversation at #SonyCES!

Sony CES Build 3Sony CES 2014

You can also watch the Sony Press Conference and CES Keynote from your PS3 using the Live Events Viewer (US users only).

I’m looking forward to a great 2014. See you from Vegas!

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  • C’mon go PS4 VR headset! :) This will be epic with Outlast.

  • steadydecline

    hopes there playstation news!

  • No chance of a PS4 Live Events Viewer at the midnight hour I suppose? :(

  • Playstation Vita Slim would be nice :)

  • Will we have videogames news? Yes? XD

  • MachineGamesTX

    More PS4 titles please!

  • KidCommando

    video guy counting…thats why I’m here!

  • ANTHONY!!!!! FROM REV 3?!

  • Count to over 9000!!!!!

  • playstation give away just a little tiny bit more free games that are actually good games and that will smash xbox small camp fire hahahaha. #PS4 LIFE

  • I don’t like people with glasses or nerds but oh well.

  • Does recognition on the Playstation Blog mean there is Playstation news incoming? I was going to watch it anyway, but now I’m even more excited. My dream come true would be an Xperia Play successor. (Hey, I can dream…)

  • andrew_pohuliai

    PLZ, say hi to Ukraine!!)

  • I’m waiting to see the testing of the stage cameras while they try to get the camera placement right.

  • Josh_The_Medi


  • KidCommando


    If you are here right now, guess what….. you are a nerd.

  • Josh_The_Medi

    ummm why isnt the stream working for me :,(

  • TheGameIsLost

    Hopefully they bring some exciting news.

  • Josh_The_Medi

    @kidcommando haha so true

  • Josh_The_Medi

    im really just here for ps4 gaming news

  • KidCommando


    Don’t get your hopes up. this is an electronics show so there might not be any PS4 gaming news. Hopefully that is not the case, but in previous years there have not been many gaming announcements.

  • Josh_The_Medi

    oh :(((

  • Tell this guy more than a million epople from around the globe are watching him counting. That’ll scare him.

  • TheGameIsLost

    @Josh_The_Medi PS4 gaming news isn’t until E3 most likely.

  • Josh_The_Medi

    well then um add me on ps4 i only have two friends LOL

  • Hi Mike, Will there be a replay?

  • I would just love to be able to find a PS4 to buy. There are XB1 everywhere and they sold 3 million, no shortage.

  • DaddyPampers

    I hope they announce some new IPs

  • Josh_The_Medi

    @tefrin yes the same thing with my friend he couldnt find an ps4 so he bought a xboxone why idk but he will hopefully get a ps4 soon enough

  • KidCommando


    Keep your expectations low about announcing new IPs. This is generally not the show for that. This is more about hardware, not software.

  • punkmusic2009

    just to let you guys know sony is going to be doing a network update tommorew so some service might be down sony will be fixing twitch tv ustreaming errors and vedio store watching errors it sould be back up buy tommorew night when the store updates

  • punkmusic2009

    why it says offline

  • vita tv in the uk would be nice and Blu-ray 3d for ps4

  • Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

  • QwertyPwner

    GO PS4!

  • UC4!!! prolly nohing :(

  • cant wait for this

  • punkmusic2009

    it says live but all I here is a inoying sound

  • Mr_PaNtsONh3aD

    why on earth no webstream for the keynote tomorrow?

  • I doubt 3D will get much support, It’s not really that big. It’s also offline until 5PM PST which is 6PM mountain 7PM central and 8PM eastern.

  • Anyone know where I’ll get a response about video quality issues on the PlayStation Video Store. Fairy Tail episodes 49-60 have horrible sound quality for some reason and it’s very noticable and annoying when you watch a earlier episode then the sound quality drops and the volume is about 50% the other videos quality (Thisis all based off HD episodes, only SD I can confirm has this issue is 53, II could barely hear it on the Vita cause the quality)

  • This is where Sony introduces the RemotePlay standard for third party devices. Sony will show off an Xperia tablet with controls on the side and show a few partner tablets such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab to be certified.

  • luisfelipelfc

    annoying sound! :/

  • ReMoIeSaViE

    psvita news pls

  • @ Josh_The_Medi I have a pile of gift cards just waiting to be spent. Im worried if I do not get it by the Japanese launch I will be screwed till spring.

  • punkmusic2009

    why cant I wacth my movie Friday on my ps4 I bought it on ps3 when I hit wacth it says it unavable at the moment

  • vita tv price please =)

  • @46 Your lucky you get that far, On mine I don’t even see some of my stuff, I can’t watch my Charlie brown special, new eps of Fairy Tail 73-84, quite a few of the other things on my list. I can’t even watch the Tester… Smh, they really are not watching the video store properly. They also need to add bundle buys for shows honestly

  • please put bioshock infinite, dmc and brothers on ps plus today.

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