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Jan 06

Jan 06

Watch Live: Kaz Hirai’s CES 2014 Keynote

Mike Fasulo's Avatar Posted by

President, Sony Electronics US

Update: Stream’s over, thanks for watching! Learn more about PlayStation Now here.

I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Mike Fasulo and I am the new President at Sony Electronics US. The Sony team is kicking off the new year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), when the technology world takes over Sin City to showcase 2014’s greatest tech.

Sony CES Build 2

I invite you to join me and Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai at 5:00pm Pacific Time tonight for the Sony Press Conference, right here on PlayStation.Blog, where we’ll be talking about what’s to come in the new year. And check back tomorrow, January 7th at 9:00am PST, when Kazuo Hirai gives the CES keynote speech. I’ll be tweeting live from the keynote from @SonyElectronics and taking your questions, so join the conversation at #SonyCES!

Sony CES Build 3Sony CES 2014

You can also watch the Sony Press Conference and CES Keynote from your PS3 using the Live Events Viewer (US users only).

I’m looking forward to a great 2014. See you from Vegas!

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siriusbee said:

January 6th, 5:33 pm

Can you please, please do something about the speeds of your live event streaming. This is just terrible, stuttering every other second.

Lara-Croft said:

January 6th, 5:35 pm

Those 4K TV’s are over $2000..sheesh

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 5:37 pm

All this talk about 4K, and yet PS4 doesn’t support 4K gaming. Doh!

ThePyroGunner said:

January 6th, 5:37 pm

I honestly don’t want to know too much more about Second Son other than karma, because I want it to be a surprise.

MMandevil said:

January 6th, 5:38 pm

@Lara-Croft What did you expect It’s the new thing just like how expensive HD was when it first released.


January 6th, 5:39 pm

this is the consumer ELECTRONICS expo you won’t get any game news

dustygen said:

January 6th, 5:39 pm

Dying of boredom right now

ThePyroGunner said:

January 6th, 5:39 pm

lol I thought he meant games by play there

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 5:40 pm

OMG guys, they just announced The Last of Us for Vita, and The Last Guardian for PS4!

Just kidding. They’re talking about amplifiers and a new Walkman now. :)

ThePyroGunner said:

January 6th, 5:40 pm

why would they put this on the PLAYSTATION blog and not give game news

DrFrankn_MrStein said:

January 6th, 5:40 pm

I feel like my grampa is giving this presentation.

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 5:43 pm

Definitely want one of those dog harness things with the GoPro-like camera.

muzzar69 said:

January 6th, 5:43 pm

Whats going on with the video?! 1 second of watching 1 minute of loading. And now its worse, been sitting buffering for the last 25 minutes! Oh well I’m done, hopefully there will be a replay option or someones recorded and put it up on youtube. I don’t have all day to watch a sexy blue circle rotating.

Yup, this is one of the many reasons I’m still not buying into 4K yet. We can’t stream, a what, 720P video? How the blazes are we going to manage 4K?! I seriously cannot understand why it’s so hard to get a stream working for these events, i mean this happens every single time! E3, TGS, Gamescom, CES, every single time any company does a stream of their conference, it turns into a slide show. We can send people to space, we can create flexible bendable displays, we can create a mobile phones which supposedly has the processing power of a ps4, we can create head mounted displays, we can create VR or AR devices, we can create cars which drive themselves, but we cannot create a stream that just WORKS! Go figure. Sony, PLEASE, come E3 time, can we please have a replay option? That way people don’t have to put up with this extreme frustration!


January 6th, 5:43 pm

sony haven’t said any games news at any ces

Corbie said:

January 6th, 5:45 pm

@110, you do realize this is Ustream and not sony streaming the video, right?

Other than that, I will agree that with the way internet speeds are in the U.S. we’ll never be streaming 4k anytime soon.

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 5:47 pm

If you’re having trouble with the stream, do a Google search for ‘Sony CES 2013 stream’ and find a different website to watch it on. I’m watching via the uk PLAY magazine website, and the stream is silky smooth.


January 6th, 5:49 pm

This mobile guy makes me wanna say Brack Friday Bunduru, Im not sure why.

heleius1 said:

January 6th, 5:51 pm

Ah, Lifelog, making the NSA’s job of syping on you easier! Thanks Sony! :)

siriusbee said:

January 6th, 5:54 pm

The feed on livestream seems way more stable. Just click ‘watch live events’ and then choose the cnet stream.

punkmusic2009 said:

January 6th, 5:56 pm

so was this streaming in 1k because its buffering alot

Elder-Mike said:

January 6th, 6:00 pm

I love Sony but they can’t sort their live streaming out geez.

peephole303 said:

January 6th, 6:01 pm

So we have something that has nothing to do with Playstation or Gaikai on the blog? why?

heleius1 said:

January 6th, 6:02 pm

What? No Playstation anything???


January 6th, 6:02 pm

WAste of my life

SADISTIK909 said:

January 6th, 6:02 pm

I’m streaming from my PS4 in Chino Hills, Ca and it is streaming just fine!!! I was hoping a Windows Phone from Sony, or at least a Playstation App for Windows Phone. Damn, they didn’t even announce any PS4 news. What a waste of time!!!

drd7of14 said:

January 6th, 6:03 pm

Well, that was boring. Don’t understand why it was on the playstation blog.

ReMoIeSaViE said:

January 6th, 6:03 pm

wait thats it? uhg waste of time…

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 6:04 pm

Press Conference starts: “This year, Sony is all about play!”
62 minutes later, after no mention of Playstation brand, “Thank you, good night!”


SADISTIK909 said:

January 6th, 6:05 pm

Lol, they showed a pic of the PS4 but didn’t even release any upcoming info for PS4 except the smart watch crap!


January 6th, 6:05 pm

No PS4 news at all?

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 6th, 6:05 pm

Why is sony not announcing sales numbers for ps4 like Ms has? No communication about when new needed features are coming to ps4 it’s now january, not impressed with sony right now.

materclobber said:

January 6th, 6:07 pm

maybe sony will file bankruptcy. They are ignoring their biggest and most popular division… PlayStation

TypeRTam said:

January 6th, 6:08 pm

So there was a link on the playstation blog to a sony event that had absolutely no playstation news….can I at least get some psn bucks to help me forget that i lost an hour that i will never get back

michaelochs said:

January 6th, 6:08 pm

Anybody know the name of the dubstep song at the end. It was the first one played at the end.

SADISTIK909 said:

January 6th, 6:09 pm

#SonyCES why waste our time and no info on PS4!?

Budapesti said:

January 6th, 6:10 pm

To be fair, this isn’t E3. Sony have a whole press conference every June dedicated to games, and they have to cram everything else into the CES show, but I’m surprised that they didn’t talk a bit about PS4, especially given that this is an audience that might not be as familiar with the new console as we (meaning those who come to this blog) are.
I expected a mention of sales number, at the very least, especially given that Microsoft announced theirs today (and they don’t even have a big presence at CES). Perhaps Kaz will say a few words tomorrow, given that he rose through the ranks via Playstation, and it’s clearly dear to his heart.
Still, I do like the look of that 4K Handycam…

BalmungTaichou said:

January 6th, 6:14 pm

I sometimes wonder who runs Sony, Sony of Nippon or sony US. Talking about a Display output that will not be standard hardware for 8-10+ years. 4K tsk PS4 cannot even playback 4K video right now if I recall correctly. Why was this on PS Blog PS mentioned once as a reference.

Anaris82 said:

January 6th, 6:14 pm

Right.. that was a waste of time. I thought that by pimping it on the PS Blog they’d at least have December’s sales number for the PS4 or news on new system updates or something.

The_Codefinder said:

January 6th, 6:21 pm

Wow, congrats to Sony and PlayStation for trolling us Blog Gamers, expecting some sort of PlayStation news by posting this here. I’m glad I didn’t watch and just wait for a recap, but I feel bad for those who did watch expecting some PS4/3/Vita news.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 6th, 6:24 pm

Sony wasting time, resources, money on niche, expensive products…..I wonder why they are bleeding money lol.

TrueRadiantFree said:

January 6th, 6:25 pm


Carried Away- Passion Pit.

Not sure if that’s what you’re talking about.

punkmusic2009 said:

January 6th, 6:26 pm

can 4k work on my 6mb per sec aol high speed internet

The_Codefinder said:

January 6th, 6:27 pm

omg they just mentioned DLNA! I wonder if that will ever be added to the PlayStation 4.

icurafuse said:

January 6th, 6:30 pm


Agreed, Wasted my time watching this.

sepp_123 said:

January 6th, 6:35 pm

soooooo no ps4 news???

sepp_123 said:

January 6th, 6:36 pm

I do gotta say tho even tho launch games were lacking, ps4 still is out selling xbone easily!!!!!!!!

The_Codefinder said:

January 6th, 6:37 pm

Ah, so Kaz is going to speak tomorrow. Maybe they’ll be some PlayStation news then folks. Don’t initiate full pancake mode yet.

dodgedoors said:

January 6th, 7:39 pm

@144 The_Codefinder

WHY? full pancake mode sounds delicious. Can we make it full waffle mode though? I love waffles more.

gowofwarkratos1 said:

January 6th, 8:08 pm

4K is still a distant future for many of us. I am happy with 1080 display, plus PS4 doesn’t support 4K and even if could support, the price of a 4K display plus memory for the files are factors which push us away from 4K. How about a bigger playstation 3d tv display with affordable price like the 24 inches playstation TV was?

Wagner027 said:

January 7th, 12:05 am

well i guess i will have to wait till june for E3 Press Conference for the new vita tv or ps vita slim or Gaikai

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