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Jan 07

Jan 07

PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service Coming this Summer

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PS Now

Today, at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we announced that PlayStation Now (PS Now), our new streaming game service, will be available in the US this summer. With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the PS3 library, first on PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by PS Vita.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 US models of Sony’s BRAVIA TV lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing you to stream PlayStation games across a broad range of Internet-connected devices.

Leveraging Gaikai’s advanced cloud-based technology, PlayStation Now will allow you to:

  • Play video games instantly across multiple devices, similar to the way you might stream TV, movies, and music.
  • Stream full games to all of your compatible PlayStation devices including PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita as well as non-PlayStation devices, beginning with 2014 BRAVIA TV models and expanding to numerous other Internet-connected devices.
  • Always play the most updated version of your game. With games hosted in the cloud, you can take your game with you – just log in with your Sony Entertainment Network account on a compatible device and your games and saved progress will be easily available.

We want to offer you choice when it comes to how you want to access content on PS Now, so you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in. We’ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.

PS Now will begin a Beta program in the US at the end of January with an expected full roll-out in the US this summer. Be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog regularly for more updates on the PS Now service.

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OldMovieCowboy said:

January 22nd, 11:16 pm

“Hey boomstickbhg – With PS Now, you can rent by title for specific games, or you can choose a subscription that delivers additional value with a wide variety of genres. For example, you can try out a game by rental first, before deciding to actually purchase the full game and download it to your console. We believe this streaming game service will add tons of value to dedicated game consoles in addition to packaged and downloaded games, and in doing so, we will open up a new world of possibilities across PlayStation platforms.
Of course, one of the big reasons we are offering a closed beta is to get feedback on all aspects of the service, including of course the experience with rentals and subscriptions, so we look forward to hearing more feedback from our community as we move through the beta.” – Matthew Harper

Ok the only game I really want is The Last of Us I don’t have a PS3 but do have a PS4. With Playstation Now I can directly buy TLOU w/out having to stream it if I buy it?

Jawnation said:

January 23rd, 7:28 am

This is Leading up to PlayStation 5 being Digital Only, if this service is successful it should lead to PS5 having no physical Media Drive.

I’m all for this service if i can Pay a Yearly Fee and play any game ever made, but this isn’t going to be true not all PS titles are gonna be on PSN i have bought games from PSN none of my favorites are for purchase.

(for example) No PS1 or PS2 Mortal Kombat Games are on PSN what makes us think it will be on PSN ?

see how PSN is confusing with PlayStation Network & PlayStation Now.

go for it Sony.

Zoolyzaaa said:

January 23rd, 9:50 am

Sooooo 2 questions:

1. In an earlier reply you said recommended internet speed was 5MBPS+ I was wondering if you meant MB or Mb, because 5MB is basically unobtainable in the UK, that’s 40Mb+. This would render the service useless to basically everybody that doesn’t live in BT tower.

2. Will it just be streaming or will we be able to download digital copies of PS3 (and maybe 1+2) games to our PS4s?

Thanks in advance.

werewolf1- said:

January 23rd, 4:50 pm

Will I be able to play games such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Solider, or will PlayStation Now only feature PlayStation exclusives? Other than a few questions I am very excited for PlayStation Now, congrats Sony.

Ty1000ty said:

January 23rd, 6:26 pm

Does anybody know if I’ll be able to download the games to my PSVita so that I don’t have to be connected to the internet to play them?

BEANO-NP said:

January 23rd, 10:37 pm


Olli207 said:

January 25th, 6:36 am

Will the mass effect series be added ?

rag0z3r said:

January 26th, 12:21 pm

How to sign up for Beta?

rag0z3r said:

January 26th, 12:22 pm

If I get signed up for the beta I will cry of happiness please sign me up! <3

Pwn_is_Legit said:

January 27th, 2:52 am

Just wondering, so I can play crash bandicoot again! or do i have to go buy a ps1 from some random old school gaming store.

teddginn said:

January 27th, 2:08 pm

will i be able to play GTAV on my PS4?

MattWiggles said:

January 27th, 4:39 pm

Hello, I was wondering about the Beta section. Do you have an idea as to what kind of games we might be able to test (RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.). Also, when they’re ready, were would you go to sign up for them?

ReaverofSouls77 said:

January 28th, 11:13 am

This is great and all but in no way can Sony not make it where a PS3 and a PS4 can play in the same lobbies…we have the tech so why not get it done, software is just what it says it is software in which you program it to do what you want it to do. The time is now get it done. proved it with backwards comp. Not everyone can afford 1 or 2 gen consoles and must wait til 3 or 4 years down the road. Now the groups whom because of PS3 have made it possible to become great friends and in some cases Brothers and Sisters have been torn apart becuase they say it can not be done….I smell _________!!

DCG702 said:

January 28th, 4:10 pm

So will this basically be like netflix (streaming) and gamefly (games) together? Btw I signed up for the beta. Hope I get picked :D

xI_GO_HARD_69x said:

January 28th, 10:55 pm

why should we have to pay for this since we are paying for PS+????

METALGEAR330i said:

January 29th, 9:54 am

Are there plans to support the 2013 KDL-55W900A!?!?!? It’s got exactly the same components as the W600A!!! Make it work please!

GOD-O-WAR82 said:

January 29th, 5:59 pm

i want to play ps3 games on my ps4 let me in on the beta i have ps4 and 20-45 mps online if that helps lol :)

dark1725 said:

January 31st, 7:30 am

im so sad right now . ive spent thousands of dollars on sony , was a fan , now a developer for sony and i still didnt get a invite . no words can describe this deep sad feeling

headache8181 said:

January 31st, 1:32 pm

If Microsoft will do something like this, they would be declared as copycats even by their own fans,
Let’s face it, Sony is doing a good job this year!

heroicchampmikek said:

January 31st, 11:24 pm

i’d like to toss my hat into the circle for beta testing it too

Arkadeus_V3 said:

February 3rd, 11:29 am

So I can play MGS4 on the PS4?

Nerdstomperx said:

February 4th, 11:57 am

Is there any list of the games ?

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