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Jan 07

Jan 07

PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service Coming this Summer

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

PS Now

Today, at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we announced that PlayStation Now (PS Now), our new streaming game service, will be available in the US this summer. With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the PS3 library, first on PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by PS Vita.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 US models of Sony’s BRAVIA TV lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing you to stream PlayStation games across a broad range of Internet-connected devices.

Leveraging Gaikai’s advanced cloud-based technology, PlayStation Now will allow you to:

  • Play video games instantly across multiple devices, similar to the way you might stream TV, movies, and music.
  • Stream full games to all of your compatible PlayStation devices including PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita as well as non-PlayStation devices, beginning with 2014 BRAVIA TV models and expanding to numerous other Internet-connected devices.
  • Always play the most updated version of your game. With games hosted in the cloud, you can take your game with you – just log in with your Sony Entertainment Network account on a compatible device and your games and saved progress will be easily available.

We want to offer you choice when it comes to how you want to access content on PS Now, so you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in. We’ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.

PS Now will begin a Beta program in the US at the end of January with an expected full roll-out in the US this summer. Be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog regularly for more updates on the PS Now service.

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xeno3d said:

January 7th, 12:49 pm

This is awesome! Hopefully I can sign up for the beta!

EcLiB said:

January 7th, 12:50 pm


SpooNManX said:

January 7th, 12:51 pm

I’ve tried Gaikai quite a bit over the last year and can honestly say it’s not suitable for twitch gaming.
Even at it’s best there is noticeable lag as well as visible artifacting and its enough to ruin many gaming experiences.

PS1 & PS2 games should be emulated and offered on the PSN Store as they have been on the PS3.

I believe they may not be releasing the same PS1 & PS2 Classics on the PS4 PSN Store because are afraid people would expect to have them carry over if they bought them on the PSX or Vita, and rightly so.

Between this, the lack of DNLA, no mp3 playback, Sony is making the PS4 a highly restricted machine. It feels like own NOTHING. We are merely renting from Sony.

r3dantz950 said:

January 7th, 12:52 pm

This is going to be crazy I just told my friend yesterday at work PS should start streaming games and you guys read that I would pay for that kind of service….Why I run with Sony all day everyday…I just hope playstation all stars comes to PS Now and I hope people will be able to play online against people who own these games as well….Playstation is out doing themselves this year best line up of games coming, improved multiplayer, Game Streaming services, I keep telling people the PS4 is going to blow up give it time….Sony is at its best im glad its coming together more as a company there bigger than what people may know im glad they have there hand in a lot and today they showing the world they are multimedia games music and movies cameras Tvs phones tablets mp3 players…..Thank You Sony for being so Awesome

Toddy2Hotty said:

January 7th, 12:53 pm

My question is, if I already have paid for the disc-based version of a PS3 game, will I have to pay yet again if I want to be able to play/stream this on my PS4… and if so, how much?


January 7th, 12:53 pm


fidocat said:

January 7th, 12:55 pm

I have noticed that the question about games we have already bought digitally has just been ignored. It may not be done through Playstation Now, but are there any plans to allow us to play the games we already bought across the systems. I would really enjoy playing some of my PS3 games on the Vita as well as my PS4.

MaverickSEY said:

January 7th, 12:55 pm

Will the service just offer first party Sony games or will third party games like Grand Theft Auto V for example come to the service?

djsaiyan said:

January 7th, 12:56 pm

I’m really looking forward to this. But guys, it’s pretty imperative that games we already own digitally be unlocked on the service for full play automatically. Please don’t make people pay twice for games they already own.

It doesn’t strike me as a particularly difficult thing to implement either. Our PSN accounts have a full record of every digital game we own.

Come on, be bros, make it happen!

jose213jose said:

January 7th, 12:57 pm

Maybe some of theses question were answer or not but can you answer them to the best of your ability’s for me. Would Love fair answer to this question’s from 1-3.

1. Game’s we PSN users bought digitally on are PSN Account’s will their be on the PS Now from our download list? Or you making us pay for the games we ready own again?

2. Will PS Now be able to play our psychical disc games from our console we own? Like I put PS1, PS2, or PS3 game into the PS4 and PS Now will scan the disc then allow us to play that game on PS4 console without any problems at all. Or you offering PS1, PS2, and PS3 emulator on PS4 then from PS Now to handle playing them to our PS4 Console in some way?

3. Will the PS Now be part of the PSplus or be offer as standalone service we have to paid for like one time fee for life or monthly fee like PSplus is?

Love to know more about and get better understanding how you plan to do it and if you need Beta Tester for the PS Now on PS3 or PS Vita I’m up for it just send me message by email or way to join then.

frayar_22 said:

January 7th, 12:58 pm

Im interested in the beta, when it will be available to the game, send me an email when the beta is working, thanks :D

MarkakaJin said:

January 7th, 1:01 pm

This is awesome. I like it, I really do. But data cap limit on our internet service providers, makes this feature a huge disadvantage.

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 7th, 1:02 pm

Once again Sony ignores canada……getting tiresome. Wouldn’t allowing this on other devices cannibalize Playstation hardware and sony hardware sales?

mastorofpuppetz said:

January 7th, 1:04 pm

Skeptical on Sony’s ability to have the network to pull this off, PSN still seems to have a way to go.

Suicideking78 said:

January 7th, 1:04 pm

I’ve kept a bunch of my PS3 games on disc for re-play value. This is the main reason i had no intention of getting rid of my PS3 console. In order for me to play these on my PS4 would i need to buy them digitally? That doesn’t seem right.

GregoryRashax said:

January 7th, 1:06 pm

@Matthew Harper
If we already own a game, say a PS3 or PS2 game on disc, would we have to rebuy said game, in order to use it on our PS4/PS Vita via Play Now ?

Or do we have to buy that game all over again ?

TomatoDragon said:

January 7th, 1:09 pm

This has potential to be incredible… especially if you own a Vita…which I do. :)

Morehouse1982 said:

January 7th, 1:10 pm

Please keep me abreast of how and when to sign up for the Beta. Thank you in advance.

cowmamba said:

January 7th, 1:10 pm


This was announced way before the steam box was. So I don’t see how this is Sony trying to compete or copy Valve.

StLCards1985 said:

January 7th, 1:11 pm

Sounds like a great addition to the PS family, and will really get to use my new 50Mb Comcast pipe.

GrannyCracka said:

January 7th, 1:14 pm

Well played Sony! I’m definitely excited to hear more details and to see how/if PSplus works with it. Great presentation also, glad no one Michael Bay’d it :D Fingers crossed for Beta~!!

honkayjeezus said:

January 7th, 1:14 pm

I think this was pretty much announced a month or so ago at some event, or maybe it was just a Kaz Hirai interview.

I’d rather hear info about pricing and such, and if there are going to be different versions of PS Plus coming out soon? I will pay twice the amount to have “free” Playstation legacy games playable on PS4.

Also… Sony give us the ability to change our PSN ID’s… please take our money!!

JJonez18 said:

January 7th, 1:14 pm

How would one be able to participate in the ps now beta? Own a ps4/ps3/vita and be in the US? This service sounds very interesting and I would hate to miss out on helping to test it :).

Yeahhimphat said:

January 7th, 1:15 pm

What about our physical game discs we have? Do we have to buy the digital ones to stream?

Tinye310 said:

January 7th, 1:16 pm

This is the announcement I’ve been waiting for you and I couldn’t be happier. Sounds like it’s exactly how I imagined. I’ll most likely getting my ps4 purchase when this thing goes live! Can’t wait :) Congrats and keep up the good work!

Otaku_Power said:

January 7th, 1:16 pm

That’s amazing! I love you Sony :D!

SinnerKai said:

January 7th, 1:19 pm

Sounds great, can’t wait for the beta.

misterzadir said:

January 7th, 1:21 pm

I would love to be part of the beta!

NoHeLyy said:

January 7th, 1:23 pm

**The beta that’s expected to be released by the end of January is a closed-beta — it would only be available to a select group of people/members.

chrismo2000 said:

January 7th, 1:24 pm

Such Sony Much Gaming. How do I become a Beta tester?!

Funtimefitzy said:

January 7th, 1:26 pm

I read a comment a few months ago saying it won’t be coming to the uk for a while use to slower broadband speeds. If this only needs a 5mbps+ connection then an awful lot of people in the uk would be able to use it without a problem……..so when is it coming to the uk?!?!?!?!

morhinapg said:

January 7th, 1:26 pm

Suggesttion: if the user owns the game digitally or inserts the ps4 disc, they instantly have access to that game on PS Now (I that game is hosted)

Including this will guarantee a lot of people will use the service, which will lead to subscriptions.

Teflon02 said:

January 7th, 1:29 pm

Soo, basically no love for canada, cool. I knew it smh, you guys talk bout NA all the time when speaking about Gaikai and now that you guys are doing something you screw me, cool seems to always happen these days…

morhinapg said:

January 7th, 1:30 pm

Correction to my comment :

Suggestion: if the user owns the game digitally or inserts the ps3 disc, they instantly have access to that game on PS Now (If that game is hosted)

Including this will guarantee a lot of people will use the service, which will lead to subscriptions.

bcasalin said:

January 7th, 1:31 pm

Will I be able to save games I already have in the cloud and play it on a different device, or do I have to repurchase it in PlayStation Now?

jcl945 said:

January 7th, 1:31 pm

If executed well, this really could be a game changer. I’m very interested to see how this works!

LighT_BulBer said:

January 7th, 1:31 pm

Will the come to EU after NA

ACYFan said:

January 7th, 1:33 pm

I have a Bravia Internet enabled TV I purchased last year (2013). It is always “updating it’s firmware” via my wireless network. Will PSNow capability be available for my TV via a firmware upgrade or does the 2014 Bravia line have PS Now hardware in it?

Teflon02 said:

January 7th, 1:33 pm

Canadians, if you don’t have unlimited internet, switch to bell. They have unlimited, and they have speeds up to 175mbps down and up with fiber I believe it was

bbkkristian said:

January 7th, 1:33 pm

Will this be replacing downloads for retro (PS1, PS2, etc) games?

I would hope not, American internet providers are still plagued with slow internet speeds and data caps. My internet speed is 1.5mbps, and I’m going to miss out on the games this service provides, and I can’t download them as an alternative.

ChrisGrant289 said:

January 7th, 1:36 pm

Ok. I’m a little confused on the tv deal. Money is not a problem for me, and I would most definitely get the service being the ultimate gamer that I am. But are you saying that you will need a sony bravia tv as the choice of tv device in order to purchase or have access to this service? Please reply and explain. Very much appreciated.

NoHeLyy said:

January 7th, 1:36 pm

Wouldn’t PS Now require a large amount of space on the console considering the fact that it allows users to download full games? The average amount of memory available on a PS4 console is minuscule due to the large amount of space PS4 needed. Many users can’t afford a larger hard drive or are wary about switching the hard drive.

NoHeLyy said:

January 7th, 1:38 pm

Wouldn’t PS Now require a large amount of space on the console considering the fact that it allows users to download full games? The average amount of memory available on a PS4 console is minuscule due to the large amount of space needed to install a PS4 game. Many users can’t afford a larger hard drive or are wary about switching the hard drive.

Miggwilson said:

January 7th, 1:38 pm

Here are my concerns regarding the new service:

1. I already have 20 PS2 games…mostly 1980’s greatest arcade hits collections. I already have 20 PS3 games in a variety of genre’s. It sounds like I would have to subscribe to a service to utilize games I already own just for the ‘streaming’ value. That seems owning my copies does me no good and in essence I’d be renting or buying a subscription for titles I already own.

2. What Sony should do is allow me to mail in all my hard copy physical discs and get a free digital license to play them through your new service. Subscription not required for titles you already own. That would drive people to digital libraries and enhance your service.

3. While this is not related to your service…with today’s technology wizards there is NO reason why the PS4 could not have played all PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles. I am now cluttering up my desk with a PS2 and PS3 and a PS4. I really only want and need one machine that plays them all. This is frustrating to say the least. Seems a bit greedy on Sony’s part…maybe trying to get you to repurchase games you already own. Either way…my rant ends.

Stallone1993 said:

January 7th, 1:40 pm

Couple of things that are a must for me (otherwise I probably won’t use the service):

1) IF I use a PS3 or PS4 and insert a PS4 or PS3 game (respectively) which is available on PS Now, the service should detect this and the game should be able to be streamed through the service (since PS3 can’t play PS4 games and vice versa) for FREE

2) IF you have purchased (or currently have access to via PS Plus) a digital PSN game on PS3 or PS4 and that game is available on PS Now, you should be able to stream that game ANYWHERE through PS Now for FREE

3) All friends (chat, messaging) features, saved data and trophy information that is tied to your PSN account should work through PS Now. This means saved data on your PS device can be uploaded to PS Now servers and you can continue games on your iPad, for instance

4) I should be able to use DS3s and DS4s on any device that supports PS Now (DS4s are required for streaming PS4 games is acceptable)

5) I should be able to launch the service on my PC!!! Why isn’t that in the image? :(

lxMrH3lLxl said:

January 7th, 1:44 pm


N7Mamba said:

January 7th, 1:44 pm

I have question:
Lets say that I purchase Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 on Playstation Now(If they are on their of course).
Since Dragon Age Inquisition supports import saves, could I import the data on DA1 and 2 over to DA3 with Playstation Now?

Tranik said:

January 7th, 1:44 pm

1.When does this service come to Canada?
2.How do I sign up for beta?
3.Will Champions of Norrath be available on PS Now?
4. How much for a subscription?

shadysaiyanz said:

January 7th, 1:44 pm

I hope i can get in!!!

Victoryismine52 said:

January 7th, 1:45 pm

This is awesome I can’t wait for this hopefully I can get in on the Beta so I’ll be eagerly awaiting more news later this month.

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