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Jan 08

Jan 08

PlayStation Mobile Update: Festive Giveaway Continues

Jamaal Moore's Avatar Posted by Brand Marketing Manager of Emerging Platforms, SCEA

Now that we are all returning to our daily routines post holiday break, we hope that you all enjoyed your time off, playing all of the awesome games that we gave away in late November and December. Today, we are resuming our Festive Giveaway promotion that began during Thanksgiving by giving away two more super cool games this week: Rock Boshers DX and Bike Rider DX.

Next week will be the last week of our Festive Giveaway, so check back with the PlayStation.Blog to see which titles we announce for the end of the promotion.

Rock Boshers DX by Tikipod Ltd.

rock1 (1) rock2

Tikipod’s second game on PlayStation Mobile, Rock Boshers DX, takes you on a trip to the 1880’s. The game is an insanely retro 2D pixel arcade shooter adventure, modelled around 8bit ZX Spectrum hardware limitations. Enjoy retro style art, sounds and gameplay as you adventure around the planet Mars as a Victorian explorer.

Bike Rider DX by Spicysoft Corporation


Enjoy a refreshing new kind of bike racing game, filled with amazing landscapes, tough courses and awesome jumps. Enjoy beating stages from all over the world in “WORLD TOUR” mode or see how far you can go in the endless “GRAND PRIX” mode. Use a variety of items that give you special abilities and boosts on your way to being the best biker in the world. There is a special stage for PlayStation Mobile users to unlock.

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia tablet Z, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store. Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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Basqui886 said:

January 8th, 7:06 am

Nice! Thanks for the free games!

Shimrra74 said:

January 8th, 7:50 am

thank you, can’t wait to get home to download these titles.

afigueroa said:

January 8th, 7:52 am

Thanks! Downloading now!

Sum-Mischief said:

January 8th, 8:02 am

Free games always welcome ….here!


January 8th, 8:17 am

Can you please reintroduce Passing Time and Rymdkapsel , I missed them the first week. The problem I can’t access my PS vita every day, that’s why we need a PS mobile section in SEN web store so we won’t misss free games or sales. Thanks.

jedi-kriss said:

January 8th, 8:33 am

and we continue waiting for bioshock xDDD

remanutd5 said:

January 8th, 8:51 am

Add trophy support and you will have a very good customer here.

rustbelt000 said:

January 8th, 8:51 am

Thank you for these games. One request though. Can you increase the 100 icon limit on PS Vita? Thank you.

Mando44646 said:

January 8th, 8:55 am

when you add trophy support, I’ll be interested :)

guitarded77 said:

January 8th, 9:10 am

Seriously, trophy support should be a no brainer here. You guys know it sells more games and adds value and replay-ability. Also, before we even get there, PS1 and PS2 games through PlayStation Now need trophy support too. Don’t screw that up. A lot of people want to platinum Final Fantasy VII (Steam has achievements for it, so bring it PlayStation).

dydazzy said:

January 8th, 9:41 am

Thank you for the games. I look forward to playing them!

DocEggman said:

January 8th, 10:45 am

Um, what does Rock Boshers DX have to do with the 1880’s? Pretty sure 8-bit games weren’t invented till a century later. And the artwork looks more futuristic rather than old timey.

tusunami said:

January 8th, 11:31 am

I’ll check these out as well, if it wasn’t for these free game I wouldn’t have checked out the ps mobile games.

Silverway said:

January 8th, 2:15 pm

I’m pretty sure 1880s is a typo, meant to say 1980s.

mudismyname1 said:

January 8th, 2:46 pm

Thanks! Can’t get enough of free games, it’s very much appreciated. I got to say Rymdkapsel was a big hit for my son and I. Thanks, Jamaal, and Sony!

FACEL3SS_Gaming said:

January 8th, 2:49 pm

Will be playing this on my XperiaZ1s in the coming weeks!!!

Gamerzlimited said:

January 8th, 3:25 pm

I always thought those two games are made by the same company because of the DX on their names. Anyway, can’t wait to download them on my Vita!

BoltWiz1973 said:

January 8th, 8:15 pm

Goodie, goodie! free is usually best.

gowofwarkratos1 said:

January 8th, 9:31 pm

I was just waiting the return of PlayStation Mobile gifts. Thanks!

Kchow23 said:

January 9th, 2:16 am

Man, trophy support must be a brain buster.

Shadow_Enz said:

January 9th, 2:04 pm

The day when you can have more than 100 app bubbles on your Vita cannot get here soon enough. The lack of trophies on PSM games can be troublesome, but being stuck at 100 apps is 100 times worse.

rotrap said:

January 14th, 10:34 pm

I went to get them, but clicked on the banner for the festive giveaway, but it shows a price for them. They are not free as they are supposed to be.,

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