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Jan 12

Jan 12

The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 14th, 2014

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The Drop

As Templar forces move to control the slave trade in 1760’s New Orleans, a courageous woman of French and African descent fights for freedom with a cunning set of skills. Aveline de Grandpre returns to the stage of history once again in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, launching for PS3 this week.

Originally launched on PS Vita, Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD presents Aveline’s tale in a whole new light. It includes massive visual upgrades and a seemingly endless list of tweaks and optimizations. This chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series features the same rich blend of stealth elements and combat. By donning different disguises, Aveline can traverse the environment and use the reactions of other characters to her advantage, be it the gown of a noble lady or the iconic garb of the Assassin.

But Aveline isn’t the only familiar face leaping onto a new PlayStation platform this week; Barry Steakfries lands on PS Vita in the fan-favorite Age of Zombies. Stride through time and fight hordes of undead in this charming and addictive adventure. May or may not include a zombie t-rex.

For this week’s full list of new games, head below. And enjoy the Drop!

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD

Age of Zombies
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
Doodle Devil
Double Dragon
The Raven -- Legacy of a Master Thief

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS Vita — Digital
Travel through time as Barry Steakfries, and punish legions of zombies with a variety of weapons and explosives. Because if there’s one thing more fun than killing zombies, it’s killing zombies with explosives.
PS3 — Digital
The PS Vita chapter of Assassin’s Creed gets a huge HD upgrade with tons of optimizations. Join Aveline de Grandpre in her fight for freedom against the oppressive Templar order.
PS Vita — Digital
An addictive puzzle game with an evil twist. Discover the seven deadly sins and watch the world crumble from all the cruel creations you unleash upon the universe.
PSone Import — Digital
Based on the 90’s film, this Japanese import features a roster of 12 fighters including Abobo, Marian, and Billy. Expect charge moves and transformations galore.
PS3 — Digital
A thrilling crime adventure brimming with twists. In 1960’s Paris, investigator Nicolas Legrand faces a master thief known as The Raven and fatally wounds him. But years later, an incident in London gives rise to the question: has The Raven returned?

Demos and Betas

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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Ryan Clements's Avatar

Ryan Clements said:

January 12th, 10:54 am

Droppin’ in on enemies like Aveline.

Cinderkin said:

January 12th, 10:59 am

Maybe She’s Born With It…. Maybe It’s Aveline!

Stryker-7- said:

January 12th, 11:02 am

Thanks for the info Ryan! My PlayStation Plus Library has grown over the years. Keep up the good articles.

surza7 said:

January 12th, 11:02 am

drop drop!!!….good drop by the looks of it!

SirRamonTercero said:

January 12th, 11:04 am

I was hoping for dustforce this week, kinda expected since there hasn’t been any confirmation, but does anyone know anything about the release details?

jhand187 said:

January 12th, 11:05 am

How’s The Raven?

Stryker-7- said:

January 12th, 11:07 am

+ SirRamonTercero Later this month i believe.

dodgedoors said:

January 12th, 11:08 am

The Raven looks very interesting, it will be hard not to purchase it. I must stay strong though and not purchase anything not on supersale.

DesertAss2in said:

January 12th, 11:08 am

Liberation on Vita is pretty good. You guys should at least check out the demo!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    January 12th, 11:09 am

    Nice, thanks for the note!

Shahad1717 said:

January 12th, 11:11 am

Old is gold all the way with double dragon

Doc_Tury said:

January 12th, 11:11 am

Ready for more AC action! One of my birthday gifts it’s waiting in line! And the Raven looks interesting!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    January 12th, 11:21 am

    Enjoy! Happy Birthday!

RoyalXIII said:

January 12th, 11:14 am

I’m guessing no cross-buy? Even so, can’t wait. :D

ratchetdude231 said:

January 12th, 11:17 am

still no new’s on the last of us DLC we haven’t gotten any new’s for almost 2 month know

boomstickbhg said:

January 12th, 11:31 am

Thank you for finally doing a real The Drop again, the last few weeks of blog communication to fans have come across as very lazy.

dave05driver said:

January 12th, 11:32 am

No demo of Toukiden the age of demons this week : (

DecadanceFantasy said:

January 12th, 11:34 am

#2 that was a fun

Ok, I will happily try the demo for AC Liberation HD. I have the original Vita crystal white bundle, so I’ll stick to that until a good sale comes along. Though depending on the tweaks and updates I might try it later. I like AC IV’s battle system (just got it half off from a deal of the day last week) and it’s really fun so far. Except for some optional stealth sequences so far, though I’m only on sequence 3 I think. Had work so I didn’t get to play too much this weekend.

dakiddjayspade said:

January 12th, 11:34 am

Age of Zombies is it going to have trophy support? Or is it just an import from the psp?

PainOfSarrow said:

January 12th, 11:35 am

nothing for me but atleast its a REAL drop compared to the last few horrible weeks.

Feralbat said:

January 12th, 11:36 am

I have a question. When is the PSN going to release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows???

NerdyJustin said:

January 12th, 11:37 am

seriously? Double Dragon? thought we just had Christmas! I’m stoked.

poodude said:

January 12th, 11:56 am

Age of Zombies and Double Dragon. Nice.

SweetReLeaf said:

January 12th, 11:57 am

I pre ordered AC:L & was told to return to the store at 12:01, January 14. See I’m confused because normally you have to wait for said items until the store update but this is a late night update or I misread?

Doc_Tury said:

January 12th, 12:08 pm

Every game that you pre order in the PSN store it’s available at midnight pacific time! ENJOY!


January 12th, 12:10 pm

damn, keep hoping the next drop will be the day minecraft hits ps4, here’s for hoping for next week

chubigans said:

January 12th, 12:21 pm

Where’s mah War Thunder??? :(


January 12th, 12:26 pm

@25 its on your free uk account you can make like everyone else has been doing lol

hawjboi2009 said:

January 12th, 12:28 pm

man wtf .. no new games for ps4 this week tuesday in psn store.. that damn disappointing.. ps4 alway too slow to release new games

IzoGray said:

January 12th, 12:35 pm

I recommend AC Liberation to anyone who likes boring stories, awful dialogue, boring costume system and in general- the worst Assassin’s Creed game to ever be released (excluding the PSP one)

So yeah..wholeheartedly recommend it if you like bad games.

ZeroSection said:

January 12th, 12:36 pm

Any price on Assassins Creed 3: Liberation HD? I’m hoping like sub 30-40 bucks.


January 12th, 12:42 pm

Nothing really impressive about the Drop. Anyway still games are coming, but not for current-gen =\.

ThiagoArroadie said:

January 12th, 12:49 pm

No love for the PS4?

Death8u4u said:

January 12th, 12:54 pm

TWODEEEE , Minecraft isn’t hitting the PS4 until March.

ZeroSection, the price is $20 for Liberation on PS3.


January 12th, 1:04 pm

To Bad no DBZ for preorder on psn ?/

ZeroSection said:

January 12th, 1:09 pm

Well its good to know its cheap. Kinda sucks its not on PS4, but I can deal with it.


January 12th, 1:10 pm

Assassins girl is not for m3 lol fallout3 will work try m3

Mando44646 said:

January 12th, 1:18 pm

Meh nothing for Vita or PS4 still. I’ll probably pick up Liberation for only $20. I enjoyed it on Vita a while ago

Statik19 said:

January 12th, 1:26 pm

The Vita version of Age Of Zombies looks like fun.

dkarlowicz10 said:

January 12th, 2:00 pm

Age of Zombies looks fun. You guys should have gameplay videos. I had to go to youtube to look it up. Also, I go on the blog every day, and this is the first I had heard of Age of Zombies. You guys need to advertise the PS Vita games better.

Stranger_Eddie said:

January 12th, 2:04 pm

Age of Zombies & Doodle Devil for Vita…

2 Android games with price like US$1,00…

Let PS Vita owners begins to complain AGAIN for the third “new year consecutive” about real Vita games only apperaring after MONTHS!

oooo my god!

siriusbee said:

January 12th, 2:22 pm

C’mon. Where’s War Thunder already? Sheesh.

narutofanO6 said:

January 12th, 2:22 pm

not much this week but have to say i’m enjoying don’t Starve fun game

purse317 said:

January 12th, 2:23 pm

Let’s hope see some nice sales tomorrow for plus members so sad EU got those great deals for the entire freaking month we need no WE WANT SOMETHING BIG ALSO

supvic said:

January 12th, 2:28 pm

Is that Bill Murray in that last pic?

BIGWORLD41 said:

January 12th, 2:38 pm

Is that the Neo Geo Double Dragon fighting game I see? Oh arcades, I miss you!

dontekareema said:

January 12th, 3:02 pm

meanwhile, im still playing Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed on my Vita like mad.

oh, and 2 weeks until Battle Of Z!!

carry on.

Demonhunter84 said:

January 12th, 3:17 pm

Excited for Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on Tuesday, never played it on Vita as I hoped for an HD release and we finally got one.

fifthcore said:

January 12th, 3:19 pm

Any chance of Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on PS4 in the future? Maybe via Playstation Now?

duke301 said:

January 12th, 3:35 pm

I’m all over AC: Liberation, I pre-ordered at $15. Now I’m actually sorry I payed for it on Vita. I also will check out Double Dragon. I have never seen the movie (I never even knew there was a movie), but it is one of my favorite games from back in the day. Please bring more PS1 and PS2 Classics!

Rezznak said:

January 12th, 3:44 pm

Ugh! come on now, where is MERCENARY KINGS, Outlast, Hohokum, Secret Ponchos, N++, Samurai gunn?!

Edd-Doloroso said:

January 12th, 3:50 pm

No prices? :@ cmon

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