Tearaway Soundtrack Available Today

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Tearaway Soundtrack Available Today
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The Music of Tearaway

Get your ears ready, because the Tearaway original soundtrack is available on PlayStation Store today for $7.99!

Composed and performed by our very own Kenneth Young and our good pal Brian D’Oliveira, the critically- acclaimed Tearaway soundtrack will take you on a folk-infused journey ranging from traditional tunes to dubstep — and beyond. With a play time of about 1 hour and 15 minutes, there are 44 tracks included on the soundtrack; all your favorite tunes from the game mastered into an awesome, standalone, musical experience.

To tease your ear canals, check out this trailer and feast your ears upon seas shanties and folk-dubstep, too.

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5 Author Replies

  • such happy
    much joy
    very listen

  • I’ll buy anything Tearaway to support the brand. Such a beautifully well put together game!

  • out today? I got it day one with my digital copy of the game.

  • TheExiled12894

    Oh cool, I’ll support this. Any chance of some future DLC for the game? :V

  • Dat gif doe.

  • Awesome! Any chance it will be available on iTunes?

    • James Spafford
      James Spafford

      We’re investigating that, maybe at some point, but for now it’s just on the PS Store.

  • This is nice and all but how about we get new AAA killzone,tearawy quality titles on the vita?

  • Gif is bonkers! Tearaway is so much fun! Hehe!

  • Too pricey for me. I’ve never purchased a gaming soundtrack but I really liked the Tearaway music. Perhaps for like $2.99 I’d buy it. Considering the crazy sales starting today $8 just feels too much imo.

  • Awesome! I was so hoping for this. Thanks!

  • After seeing the recent price drops on the game, it’s sorta nice to have gotten this with the pre-order.

    Spectacular soundtrack BTW. Everyone usually has a favorite.

  • will this soundtrack be 320kbps AAC? some of the more recent soundtracks have been 256kbps MP3, which is a noticeable quality drop from soundtracks released a few years ago :/ getting charged the same price for worse quality isn’t great fan service IMO.

    if it’s 320kbps, I’ll buy it immediately.

  • Still waiting on the Killzone Shadow Fall Soundtrack on PS4

  • Only 8 dollars for such an amazing soundtrack?
    You had me sold at “Tearaway Soundtrack Available Today”

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    Wow, I just listened to a few tracks and who knew folk music and dubstep would go together so well? Anyone ever listen to A Tribe Called Red? It’s like traditional native american music mixed with dubstep, pretty rad.

  • lisatsunami

    Delightful game but sometimes you have to be a finger contortionist to use the back screen and move Atoi simultaneously, lol.

    Can’t wait for future Media Molecule games!!!

  • Does it come on a CD?

  • ThatCoolGuy2012

    Is it gonna be on music unlimited?

  • Ha very nice….Kenneth Young is the man…always loved his songs since LBP 1.

  • At the risk of sounding clueless, I just purchased this from the PSN web store and how the heck do I download it to my PC? If it’s only playable on PS3/Vita that’s going to be a huge bummer and waste of my $8 that I just spent since it’s not like I carry around my Vita to listen to music.

  • Tearaway is a great game!!!
    Soundtrack is awesome.

  • My 7yo son is asking for a tear away themed birthday party.. We’ve made some of the paper craft but that’s it so far… Any help with ideas? Thank you for an amazing game!

  • I know the game is superb from all of the reviews I have read. Now at some point I have to get this!!!!!!!

  • In response to myself, it was a pain but after installing this on Vita it will then copy the songs to your music folder and then you can copy them to your PC via USB or Wi-fi. But hey, now I’m listening to the soundtrack so that’s a win!

    Get some plain drink cups and print off some art to wrap around them? You might have to just do a lot more papercrafting :) Maybe get the soundtrack to have as your background music? Or find a party company locally that will do screening of art onto plates/balloons/decorations?

  • Masterpiece game. Best Vita game for me (dethroned Gravity Rush).

  • With full time work, and other personal health matters, I finally found the time to finish this game 10 minutes ago. Not gonna lie, I was crying when…


    The game ended and the Iota’s story was being told.

    :::END SPOILERS:::

    Yeah, it had me in tears. Now I’m on my way to download the soundtrack.

    With much love, thanks, Media Molecule.

    – ixnine

    P.S. Maybe it’s just really dusty in here or someone is cutting onions.

  • #Spyro #Crash #Vita

  • What format and bitrate is this release, and is there any DRM?

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