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Jan 20

Jan 20

MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 2: Lucifer Ring

Ryan Olsen's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, MoneyPaw Games

MonkeyPaw Games is back for the second game in the Retro Rush lineup! What’s the Retro Rush? Each week, for six weeks, we’ll be releasing a new import PSone Classic on the PSN for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. The first week was Double Dragon, and now Lucifer Ring is the next stop for Week 2.

Retro Rush Week 2: Lucifer Ring

Lucifer Ring is another title that hasn’t seen a release outside of Japan and we are the first to bring it over the ocean and on to the PlayStation Network. It’s a 3D beat-’em-up that’s heavy on action.

You play as a young hero named Nash who is tasked with stopping a dark wizard from using the Lucifer Rings that will open the gates of Hell. Naturally, Nash will have to hack and slash his way through Centaurs, Goblins, Dragons and creatures named Bob to put a stop to the evil forces. There will be mini-bosses and multi-state level bosses to round out this adventure to put our hero to the test.

Dark wizards never let heroes get any rest, do they?

Lucifer Ring originally released in 1998 on the original PlayStation, which means this classic gem will see it’s first North American release 16 years after the original release in Japan. You’ll be able to play Lucifer Ring on your PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita or PSP starting January 21.

The Retro Rush will continue next week with an extremely quirky game that involves an unlikely combination of the RPG genre and firefighting in The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny. Want to give us a shout in the meantime? Find MonkeyPaw Games on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames.

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LordEleos said:

January 20th, 9:27 am

Cool Any info on the price?

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 9:38 am

    Like most other Retro Rush titles, it’ll be $5.99.

RyuZX said:

January 20th, 9:29 am

I’m going to have to look this up on Youtube to see what exactly it is like. I like classic beat-em-ups.

I really hope you guys would consider getting the rights to release the Intelligent Qube games over here, as well as both PS One Lunar games.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 9:39 am

    You can find some YouTube clips out there and on the MonkeyPaw YouTube account. There aren’t that many out there since the game is on the rarer side to find.

    Thanks for the suggestions! We love taking a look at the titles retro game fans request to see if we can track them down.

minameissteve said:

January 20th, 9:53 am

May I make a recommendation for you guys at MonkeyPaw? There’s this old PS1 game called “Tail of the Sun” that’s kind of gained a little attention over the past few years. It reminds me a little of Tomba, being about a caveman. Its really quirky and cool, and you guys should look into maybe releasing in on PSN. :)

jeffsmither said:

January 20th, 10:25 am

Do you think we can get some import ps2 and other systems import games?

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 11:28 am

    We always take a look at suggestions! What did you have in mind for PS2 and others?

LokeSTL said:

January 20th, 10:37 am

Ready to try it on PS Now via PS4 as soon as I get a beta invite……

samv33 said:

January 20th, 10:43 am

I think it’s great you guys do this. Thanks.

JohnnyCal25 said:

January 20th, 10:48 am

Very cool seeing rare PS1 imports on PSN!!!

Hopefully you guys start to bring more memorable titles to those who only own a PS Vita.
I’ll be great to see Metal Gear Solid or the Spyro games onto the Vita!!!

Thanks for giving us Gamers the much needed intel with these posts!!! Must appreciated!!!

Parexus said:

January 20th, 11:38 am

Very nice! Anyway you could try getting Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete or Lunar 2: Eternal Blue? They were amazing PSone classics and I would love to play them again on my Vita.

devilforce12 said:

January 20th, 11:51 am

I need Duke Nukem Time To Kill please! :D

Psychosious said:

January 20th, 11:58 am

Could we maybe look into getting the Nightmare creature titles in the PSN classics selection?

kdnpdbyninjas said:

January 20th, 12:10 pm

I’ve always wanted to play Umihara Kawase Shun. It was always too expensive for me to import so i totally missed out on it.

I wonder if it’s possible for Monkey Paw to release Suikoden II. Even though the script was good, I wonder if they can get Victor Ireland of Gaijinworks to produce a new one. There’s some legal reason why it never got released on PSN in the US and I have a feeling it’s due to drawing up contracts with the localization team.

jeffsmither said:

January 20th, 12:13 pm

Aqua Kids
Namco x capcom

I will look for more later

StalkerD said:

January 20th, 12:17 pm

How about bringing Einhander to the US PSN, as part of this PSX Classic imports releases? it is criminal that this game is available only on the Japanese PSN.

jebslim said:

January 20th, 12:54 pm

Ikusa Gami/Demon Chaos would be an awesome PS2 import. And some more fighters would be nice, like Hokuto No Ken, Fate Unlimited Codes, and Sengoku Basara X on PS2, and, Tobal 2 on PS1. And of course Rival Schools and Soul Blade just because!

TubaDude49 said:

January 20th, 1:05 pm

Is there any chance that the team could localize Ape Escape: Million Monkeys for PS2? It’s one of the few games in the series that never made it stateside, and I’d love to play it.

belmont_gr said:

January 20th, 1:09 pm

Any chance of a European release?

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 3:59 pm

    We are just doing US store at this time.

Djryuzaki said:

January 20th, 1:23 pm

If we’re suggesting PS2 games to import, I’ll throw in my suggestion: Ka 2 Let’s Go Hawaii, the sequel to Mister Mosquito. I was always super bummed that the sequel didn’t get localized, I love the original.

rabidninjamonky said:

January 20th, 1:24 pm

I want Legend of Legaia, Dragon Quest 7 and Suikoden 2 for Ps1 classics and Wild Arms 3 and THE best rpg ever Dragon Quest 8 for PS2 ckassics.

Maitre said:

January 20th, 1:29 pm

Well i’m looking at my Ps1 game collection and there are still some games that are not yet on the store that i would buy in a hearthbeat :

OgreBattle :March of the black queen
Brigandine: legend of Forsene
Azure dreams
Digimon world

Spitfire_Zero_ said:

January 20th, 1:33 pm

@13 OMG, Einhander, that brings back memories. It’s one of those games that dated well. Not a lot of games cloned it’s mechanics so I’m still itching to play it again. *sob* I could never finish it. I kept playing it well into the ps2 era. I would love to give it a try on my Vita (US account).

hypersk_us said:

January 20th, 2:09 pm

Silhouette Mirage for the original PlayStation, it’s already on the JP PSN, but I’d love to play the english version on PS Vita with my US account…

Thanks for your consideration.

tusunami said:

January 20th, 2:52 pm

I am glad to see the PS1 imports are back, it’s been too long.

Ryan Olsen's Avatar

Ryan Olsen said:

January 20th, 3:59 pm

Awesome suggestion everyone! Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm for the Retro Rush titles :)

Splodem said:

January 20th, 4:13 pm

Not sure if any of these are a possibility, but I always see fans clamoring for most of these, some for YEARS now:

Megaman Legends 1 and 2
Jade Cocoon
Suikoden 2
Vandal Hearts

Splodem said:

January 20th, 4:15 pm

Also, are these games being translated into English? I’m REALLY interested in a lot of these games, but I hope I’d actually be able to play them and understand them. Thanks.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 4:58 pm

    All the Retro Rush titles are the Japanese imports since 5 out of 6 of them have never been released outside of the country. The good news is we select games where there is usually a lot of English so you can navigate and enjoy the game without knowing Japanese. We also host some helpful guides on our website to navigate menus and get control instructions.

Splodem said:

January 20th, 4:17 pm

And how could I forget Tecmo’s Deception? With a new Deception game on the way, I’d love to be able to play the old classics.

disfinfal said:

January 20th, 4:50 pm

Any chance something like this may happen with ps2 rpgs. Specifically I’d like to see Dragon Quest 8, and I’ve seen it asked for elsewhere as well. I’ve been tempted to go out and try to find a ps2 just for that game, and I’d much rather get a digital copy.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 20th, 5:30 pm

    We always say nothing is impossible with enough support. If you want to see some games, just let us know and we’ll take a look.


January 20th, 5:13 pm

What a way to start the new year. Is 2014 and you guys still Saleing us old games like this lol is this a joke


January 20th, 5:17 pm

I ask for a old game like fallout3 and we get MonkeyPaw lol

ClawOfTheFallen said:

January 20th, 6:13 pm

I’d love to see Deception 1, 2 and 3 (maybe Trapt) on PSN, as ps3/psp/psvita compatible classics, to compliment the future PS3/PSVita Deception 4! =D
This is a very unique game series.

Soul137 said:

January 20th, 6:33 pm

One game I can think of right now that I would like to see localized is the ps2 classic Siren 2. Since we have Siren 1 and Blood Curse why not complete the series.

CJ-Kenji said:

January 20th, 7:10 pm

For PS1 I would love to see Medievil 2,Crash Bash,Rival Schools or Project Justice,Saga Frontier and alot of Mega Man Titles.

For PS2 I love to see Dragon Quest 8,Mega Man X8 and Radiata Stories

Speady123 said:

January 20th, 7:47 pm

Awesome, can’t wait to try it!

Is there any chance that we can see LSD: Dream Emulator imported to the North American PSOne Classics library? Everyone is demanding it.

redknight4 said:

January 20th, 8:37 pm

well with lunar silver star story(2 discs) and lunar 2 eternal blue(3 discs) the us company that held the license was working designs.

IceColdKilla44 said:

January 21st, 7:54 am

Thanks for all these classics Monkeypaw (if you guys can get Tomba 1 on PSN, anything’s possible)!

I personally would love to see Tomba 2!, Einhander, and Crash Bash make it onto the North American store!

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 22nd, 9:03 am

    The Japanese import version of Tomba! 2 is coming to the store on Feb 18!

Welmosca said:

January 21st, 10:26 am

Nice…people been saying that this game is like Golden Axe…I’m on board.

ubern00b666 said:

January 21st, 10:58 am

I put my vote in for intelligent qube as a retro rehash!

senor_flojo said:

January 21st, 11:57 am

Yes, bring us Intelligent Qube! So glad to see other people asking for it.

Specifically, can you bring I.Q. Final over? I created a Japanese PSN account to download the game, but I would really love to play it on the go with my Vita without the hassle of switching back and forth accounts.

PSN_Tokeio said:

January 21st, 12:41 pm

Moar shumps please :)


boomstickbhg said:

January 21st, 2:50 pm

Since you’re releasing untranslated Ps1 games, will you be doing ps2 and/or ps3 as well?

There are a ton of games on both systems that never see the light of day over here, but even without localization they’d get a ton of sales (a lot of people import games from Asia after all)

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    January 22nd, 9:04 am

    What games did you have in mind? We love taking a look at games our fans love to see if we could bring them over.

foodXD said:

January 21st, 6:52 pm

Dual heart to be released on PSN please!!!

tacotaskforce said:

January 21st, 7:14 pm

Man, I’m going to be honest here. Not two weeks ago I was badmouthing Monkeypaw to a friend because you haven’t been doing anything for ages aside from vireland’s vanity project, and posting pictures of cats on your twitter account. But with this I take it all back. I love crazy dumb things, and there’s nothing crazy dumber than japanese PS1 games.

Hey, see if you can coerce SEGA into release the Phantasy Star Collection on US PSN. It’s in English!

smileyuiop said:

January 22nd, 9:33 am

Gonna second Bushido Blade here. With Towerfall and Sportsfriends on the horizon, my hilarious couch fightgame antic nerve tingling. Bushido Blade (or even Bushido Blade 2) would mesh so well with that vibe!

SuperSap08 said:

January 22nd, 9:54 am

When will we get Legend of Legaia?? Duke Nukem Time to Kill ?? Vigilante 8??, so many games i would pay to play again.
As for the PS2 games, is it even possible that we will someday get any Onimusha game?

PrinceofXIII said:

January 23rd, 11:32 am

great stuff!!

so Tomba 2 is still not english? :\

escritor2013 said:

January 25th, 2:50 am

I need Valkyrie Profile,Bust a Groove 2,Diablo,Galerians , Galerians 2 ; Ash ,Koudelka, lunar….

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