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Jan 28

Jan 28

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4: Your Questions Answered

Matt Firor's Avatar Posted by Game Director, ZeniMax Online Studios

Note: Details around The Elder Scrolls Online online access have changed since this article was published.

We’ve gotten a ton of great questions from the PlayStation community, who are eager to learn more about the PS4 release of The Elder Scrolls Online. While we’re still several months from the game’s June release, we want to make sure we’re keeping you up-to-date as things progress in development.

One question we’ve been frequently hearing is whether or not a PlayStation Plus membership will be required to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4. We kick off with the answer to that, followed by answers to several other questions you’ve submitted via Twitter. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, and thanks for all your support. We love to hear from the community — keep the questions coming.

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4

Will playing online with The Elder Scrolls Online have a separate subscription compared to PlayStation Plus? — @NathanaelMoner
A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to play The Elder Scrolls Online. PS4 players will only be required to pay the same monthly subscription associated with The Elder Scrolls Online that PC and Mac users will pay—nothing more.
Will PS4 servers be split between EU and NA, or will we be on one megaserver? — @TsoriGaming
They will be split. PS4 users will play The Elder Scrolls Online on either the European PS4 megaserver or the North American PS4 megaserver. We’ll share more details about how this will work closer to launch.
Will PS4 users be on the same severs as PC users? — @Adzaofoz
PS4 users will have their own dedicated ESO megaservers (European and North American). PC and Mac users will not be on the PS4 megaservers. This is good news for PS4 players as they won’t have to worry about contending with higher-level PC players when ESO launches on PS4.

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4

How are you guys going to incorporate an action bar on console? Or what will the substitution be?? — @AdamJ_Floyd
We’re still testing and tweaking different DualShock 4 button mapping configurations, but we’re very happy with the gameplay experience on PS4. Abilities are conveniently accessible for fun “on the couch” gameplay, and the team is really happy with how it’s coming along. We’ll have more specifics to share about this topic later this year.
How will you be utilizing and using the touchpad on the PS4 controller in-game? — @SamiRocklynn
We love the additional functionality of the DualShock 4 touchpad. We’re playing with a couple of different button configurations to find the best and most intuitive use for the touchpad.
How much space will it take up on the PS4 HDD? — @DexMProductions
While details aren’t yet finalized, PS4 offers an HDD with a tremendous amount of memory. There is plenty of HDD memory available for the game and for years of continuous post-launch content that will be released for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4

How will the controls be mapped on PS4? Will it be similar to Skyrim on a controller? — @Brandon_Roark_
Throughout ESO’s development, our goal has been to create an MMO that is fun to play and is familiar to Skyrim fans. Gameplay in ESO isn’t identical to Skyrim, so naturally we’ve made some button configuration changes to reflect the differences, such as the use of abilities. At the same time, there are a lot of controller configuration similarities between Skyrim and ESO.
Will PvE instances, like dungeons, offer a single player mode? — @maheirem
The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO that was designed to give the gamer freedom to play with others, or alone. That said, there are instances and areas that are specifically designed and tuned to be taken on with friends.
When does the PlayStation beta start? And when should we expect beta invites? — @Wretched86
We do not yet have a date or timeframe to share, but we can assure you that there will be an ESO beta exclusively for PlayStation 4 fans later this year. Keep an eye on elderscrollsonline.com, as well as here on PlayStation.Blog, for further details!

From all of us here on The Elder Scrolls Online team — a big thanks to the PlayStation community for being so supportive. If you haven’t signed up for the PS4 ESO beta yet, you can do so here.

We’ll see you in Tamriel on PS4 later this year!

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HeSkates said:

February 24th, 9:32 pm

Ok First of all the fee isnt that bad but what i dont understand is way sony or ps+ isnt paying the fee for us to play online on ps4 because we do pay for ps+ to give us online sooooo they should use some of the billions and billions of dollars they have from the sub of ps+ and pay that **** for us on the other hand i will pay the 15$ because the game does look amazing and about the alliances its part of the game THEY made not you so why do you get to change that and suck it up be who you have to dont like it dont buy it annnnnnnnnd the imperial thing ITS A PRE ODER GIFT so maybe you should PRE ODER IT and the cross platform thing i dont want to play with pc people because i want to play PS4 if i wanted to play with pc people id get pc BUT I DONT WANT TO and just because your friend cant get a ps4 to play with you thats there money issue AND THIS ISNT FFIV ITS ELDER SCROLLS ok dont like it dont buy it…….thank you


HeSkates said:

February 24th, 9:47 pm

ooooh and the free to play **** hate it because other players can zoom right past you with just the money they spend so why not open all the dlc to every one for a sub fee so it can be equal game play but that brings the fee up again should psn pay for us if we have + like every other game?

Truthfully i believe The Elder Scrolls Is going to be a beautiful game and with lots of game play and again for the people that want cross platform this gives you a chance to find new friends SHOCKER right.

In the end it all comes down to $$$ everything soon leads to it so oh well thats our society its stupid but true

Annnnnnd Now Done.

TayDibiase said:

February 26th, 11:10 am

Personally after 2 and a half years of f2p dcuo i am impatiently waiting to play a subscription based mmo. especially one with the lore and possibilities of the Elder scrolls series. All you people complaining about having to pay a monthly fee let me tell you about my time on dcuo. Its free 2 play but you cap at lvl 30 and run out of stuff to do. So i bought 2 dlcs thinking it would help me become stronger, i was wrong i bought the wrong dlcs. So i went legendary yay. That let me run all the games content and had me stoked until i found myself running thru 20$ psn cards a couple times a month on top of my $15 legendary fee so that i could replay content chasing the carrot to become and stay elite. It was like that with all the dlcs after battle for earth. My wife and i have already purchased 2 imperial editions. Just keep the content coming and never go f2p bethesda. Youll be getting 2 memberships from me money i easily spend at the bar and wake up with a headache from. I think your a better value for my dollar and so does the 75% of my dcuo league mates that have pre ordered teso as well.

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