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Jan 28

Jan 28

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

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Community Manager, Crystal Dynamics

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is often declared a passion project at Crystal Dynamics, and in my opinion it shows. Lara’s next-gen debut united three studios — leads from Crystal, longtime partner Nixxes, and Sleeping Dogs’ United Front Games — to usher Tomb Raider into a new generation of gaming.

Definitive Edition pairs the vision and artistry of the original release with technological improvements that allowed for a truly definitive experience, and one that only hints at what the future holds for Lara. We’re really eager to get Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition into your hands, or the hands of your friends if they’ve yet to venture to Yamatai. Below you’ll find a few words from the team thanking you for your support, and for spreading the word about Lara’s first journey on next-gen.

“Thanks in advance everyone! Enjoy the improved Lara!”
Mike Abahazy, Senior Technical Artist

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the TR fans out there — old and new! It was great fun working on the Definitive Edition. We worked our hearts out to deliver the best experience possible. We hope you like it!”
Kam Yu, Principal Artist

“We’re excited to have the game in everyone’s hands — whether it’s your first trip to Yamatai or a return visit, enjoy!”
Chris Johnston, Associate Brand Manager

“I’m especially proud of the cross collaboration between United Front Games, Nixxes and Crystal to bring you the best possible version of Tomb Raider game to Gen4 consoles. Enjoy!”
Brian Horton, Senior Art Director

“Hello, Tomb Raiders! This Definitive Edition is from all of us to all of you! We wouldn’t be here living the dream, and making great games without your faith, support, and passion for all things Lara.”
Scot Amos, Executive Producer

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nandosupes said:

January 28th, 1:58 pm

I love how some people defend the price, like Sony sends them a check every week for their unflinching idiotic loyalty.I love the heck out of my PS4 but 60.00 dollars is too much for a enhanced version of a game that’s been out a year already, just because you have the option of not to buy it, does not make the price it right.Last time I checked we the Playstation owners, are the ones that keep Sony profitable, not the other way around.

unbornsoldier said:

January 28th, 2:02 pm

I appreciate all the improvements made.but $60 price tag seems a lil high.I think it should have been $40 at least for the ones that bought it on ps3 before 0_o …..just a thought ; )

supvic said:

January 28th, 2:21 pm

No 3D = NO DEAL.

Seriously, the PC version has 3D but this doesn’t, yet it’s still called the “Definitive” edition when it’s missing a major feature.

The fact that it’s $60 with no upgrade deal for those who bought digitally is just insulting. Yes it was a great game on PS3 and it’s worth buying $60 if you didn’t buy it last year, but those who already bought it digitally deserve a digital upgrade price.


January 28th, 5:04 pm

@99 the only thing idiotic is you blaming sony for square enix making tomb raider de 60 bux get your facts straight before you start insulting people

RISE_UP44 said:

January 28th, 6:24 pm

And it is sooo sooo beautiful on PS4.. Def. worth re buying and re playing..


January 28th, 6:48 pm

That was directed at 101 … Did someone’s comment get deleted LoL

IcedDice777 said:

January 28th, 8:20 pm

If anyone who hasn’t played it is on the fence… Awesome reboot for the Tomb Raider franchise! Solid campaign. Worth the asking price, since you get the best version with all content.

If you bought the ps3 version like me and can’t see the need to spend another $60 again? Totally understandable.
My .02

Elvick_ said:

January 28th, 10:09 pm

Everyone asking for a $10 upgrade is being dumb. The game includes all the DLC, which I’m pretty sure in itself totals over well over $10 on PS3. That’s not even getting into the improvements they did to make the game look better and run better on PS4.

This isn’t a cross generation game. It’s an enhanced port to new consoles with more content.

Elvick_ said:

January 28th, 10:10 pm

@106: Someone’s comment was probably under moderation and then approved. My guess anyway.


January 29th, 3:34 am

@109 that makes sense :o)

Lugoves said:

January 29th, 4:47 am

This game is worth it for those who haven’t played it, but I personally have to wait a bit as I enjoyed it on PS3 already. Maybe when it’s a PS plus discount? Hint Hint?

Death8u4u said:

January 29th, 6:55 am

The people commenting saying the game is worth $60 to rebuy need to actually replay the game side by side with the PS3 version. And actually play it.

There’s nothing noticeably added to the game that justifies bringing the price back to what it was when the game was originally released. Most of the downloadable content is forgettable add-ons for multiplayer or costumes for single player which take away from the experience of the single player.

The graphics look incredibly dated, which you can tell within the first few seconds when the ship sinks and you enter the water.

Now…for anyone who hasn’t played the game the first time around, this would definitely be worth buying as they haven’t already purchased it. Anyone who already has this game on a different platform has no logical reason to buy it at the current price tag unless you’re as impatient as I am and have no financial concerns to speak of.

Sure it looks better than the PS3 version…but nowhere near what the PS4 version should have been. A $60 pricetag was a bit of a slap to the face for previous buyers.


January 29th, 8:17 am

That TressFX pricetag ! XDXD

swissmr said:

January 29th, 8:38 am

Hey Crystal Dynamics…..remaster the Gex the Gecko games from ps1 and you have a sale from me.

KILLED_by_ZACK said:

January 29th, 10:33 am

I have it and all I can say is it’s amazing. The graphics for this game are so far, out of COD, BF4, AC4, and Killzone (the other PS4 games I own) the best on the PS4, and the only that have made me say “Wow… I’m glad I have a PS4 because this new generation is worth it”. I hope TressFX is here to stay, because it does make a huge difference in immersion and realism for me. And just the sheer detail that was paid to make this an amazing experience has paid off for me.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:37 am

At $29.99 – $39.99 i would have considered picking this up for PS4 as i originally valued TR ps3 for around $29.99 (the price i would buy at) then being a europe Plus inclusion made me just wait altogether. $59.99 for a year old game with some costumes and rubbish multiplayer dlc (and mode) is just not something i can get behind. I am glad they put some polish on it when they farmed it out for other teams to port & polish, and i have looked at a bunch of comparison vids, it looks better but no way is it even close to what is happening with native ps4 games. Why would i buy this at that price with Lords of Shadow 2, coming out and more to the point INfamous 2nd Son. guys go look at the footage for second son and tell me how i should not save that $59.99 for that instead of tomb raider didn’t sell enough edition.

I’ll just wait it out, it’s not like it’s a new game. To all the people saying if you didn’t play last gen snap it up for $59.99… How about NO Scott. If you waited this long you can wait longer, they are gambling people will be itching to by a shiny “brand new”, “next gen game” of which this isn’t either.

enjoy it if you must, but don’t derride many of us for not seeing the value.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:47 am


better than killzone and ac4. whatever guy. keep telling yourself that, you might have a little room based on opinion on ac4, but killzone shadow fall, yeah sure drinking the TR koolaid. sounds like you didn’t look at her hair while she’s upside down, hmm seems to be immune to gravity, yet it’s soooo amazing and lifelike. not to mention she has an entirely new face.

the extend that people will go to make rationalizations and self serving commentary to support their purchases is astounding.

If people make points about how they do not see the value proposition for themselves and others want to pick at it we should be able to pick at your weak and often erroneous rationale in the other direction.

Death8u4u said:

January 29th, 1:29 pm

Skeetlejuice, I’m sorry but even despite the visual comparison between Killzone and Tomb Raider…Tomb Raider still wins that argument. Killzone was/is pretty dreadful at this point. I’d be a little bit more annoyed about getting Killzone if it wasn’t given to me for free through an Amazon promotion…but it is still not something I actually find appealing in my game collection at this point.

Zack definitely exaggerated the graphics all to hell…but they aren’t absolutely horrible by any means. Nothing impressive either…but not that bad. Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4, and Tomb Raider are currently in my top list for games on the PS4..every other game could be removed from the list without being missed substantially due to the only remaining games being sub-par at best.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 2:13 pm


There is no “despite the visual argument” that is the argument. The guy said that TR looks miles better graphically and it flat out doesn’t. Killzone SF, was built ground up for PS4 to be their showcase first party game. If you consider the singleplayer to be worse than TR that is your opinion. (which i agree with but TR is not a FPS now is it?) and as much as you and others discount KZ, what about TR’s horrible multiplayer, wheras KZ has a good to excellent multiplayer, which is continuing to be supported.

So no, your’e wrong. Graphically TR is a good game with some polish and effects but KZ is superior. PERIOD.

go look at the digital foundry stuff and you will see that the Definitive ed is worse in some regards to PC. I am not going to say anything other than if and when i play TR it will be on PS4 but i will never pay anywhere close to $60 for it.

look at Infamous SS, and tell me how good TR looks.

Death8u4u said:

January 29th, 2:44 pm

You actually liked Killzone’s multiplayer?…I’m not saying Tomb Raider’s multiplayer was anything to look at either, but touching either game’s multiplayer feels like a chore to be perfectly honest. “Support” or not doesn’t fix a dry multiplayer experience.

And you’re stuck up on this concept that I’m comparing Tomb Raider’s graphics to literally any other game…which I’m not. I even said it in my post, the graphics simply aren’t “horrible”.

Just a heads up…a game doesn’t have to be an identical genre to compare the story mode. The story for Killzone got tiresome before it even started it up. I’m honestly surprised they keep rehashing that game out every couple of years at this point. The game taken on an aesthetic grade alone makes it a fairly excellent game…but taking everything else into consideration pretty much flatlines the score. Hence the reason so few people actually touch it.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:25 pm


you pick at my comments based on another guy comparing the Visuals.Then you try and argue about how your not comparing the graphics of TR to any other game. You do not know how to write a rebuttal.

you think killzone sucks. that’s cool dude but your in the minority. I think it is a good game, but i am not a FPS fan, it is a tech showpiece i bought it (traded in old legacy games to be exact) for the same reason i bought resistance on PS3 when that launched. but that is besides the point.

SquareEnix barely turned a profit on Last gen + PC of TR thus the double dipping, which i take no issue with other than the price.

Meanwhile KZ has almost a 1 out of every 2 PS4 attach rate going with over 2 milliion sales and free maps and add on coop exapnsion coming.

just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean people aren’t enjoying it. Most critics that reviewed the game said the main game is decent and the multiplayer is very well crafted and fun with great depth.

“So few people touch it” says the guy playing broken BF4 about a game that has over 2 million sales.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:29 pm

buy TR, enjoy it. just don’t tell me what a great deal it is for $60 dollars or how it has the most AMAZING graphics on PS4 because that is about as true as saying it’s a new game and that it’s next gen. (it’s a deluxe port cash in of a good to great game.)

Sorry what main franchise hasn’t had endless sequels and retreads these days. Movies and Games are all about brand recognition to minimize the risk on investment. It’s not like TR is original.

As for your comment on story not being dependent on genre, that is a good one. FPS is not a genre where typically there is much return for the developer to focus on story, based on the genre. and yes there are exceptions, but in all seriousness how great is the story on mario games? that’s not what they are about so they are given a huge pass, but at the same time a third person action game with heavy story elements (a genre that i like) is given plenty of wiggle room when it comes to gameplay and level design when the story is strong. just look at read dead redemption, which had many areas that were very rough gameplay wise, all of which were universally overlooked or forgiven.

Death8u4u said:

January 29th, 10:50 pm

Where did I say that Killzone lacked originality exactly? I said it was a crap game if you look at anything other than the graphics. There’s a difference.

A crap story is a crap story chief. You can’t justify it simply based on the genre. If the story sucks, it sucks. If the multiplayer sucks, it sucks. If the concept behind the game is overdone, it is overdone.

The Killzone story died out quite some time ago to the point that nobody cares about it any longer. The multiplayer has nothing appealing in it and about a dozen screwups. The concept behind the game is just being regurgitated over and over again with no appealing attributes being added to it.

Yes, Tomb Raider has been remade over and over. Call of Duty has been made over and over. Hell even Battlefield has been made over and over again. These games have differences between each and their stories (barring Lara Croft being a returning figure) throughout the series. Killzone has been the same old crap since the first game with only minor differences, which is why the sales have dropped so drastically for it. I’m surprised Sony still supports it.

Death8u4u said:

January 29th, 10:52 pm

Games like Red Dead Redemption are forgiven their faults due to the game itself being solid overall. The story was not the only part of the game that redeemed it from its faults. You can look at depth, character design, activities, the sandbox style gameplay, etc. You can’t say that it is only possible to do that in third person shooters, as games like Far Cry are a perfect example.

You seem to be convinced that Killzone was a great launch title for some reason. The graphics were the single redeeming feature of the game and they really weren’t all that impressive considering what Guerrilla Games had to work with. There is a reason the community for it is pretty much dead already.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:53 pm


“You actually liked Killzone’s multiplayer?…I’m not saying Tomb Raider’s multiplayer was anything to look at either, but touching either game’s multiplayer feels like a chore to be perfectly honest. “Support” or not doesn’t fix a dry multiplayer experience.”

Lastly this is what’s known as a false equivalency argument, and it is just erroneous to compare a very well though out and planned out iterative FPS multiplayer like Killzone SF, to TR’s tacked on universally panned and dismissed multiplayer which has such little value that they are throwing all the old dlc in and are not supporting it further. The goal of TR multiplayer was to keep people from immediately trading it in. Whereas you should know since you are a BF4 player the MP in a main FPS is generally considered the real game. KZ has the decency to throw in a decent SP which is more than anyone would say for BF4. Although you might just think BF4’s sp is the cat’s pajammas when you get booted out of their buggy and unfinished main game (the multiplayer)

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 10:56 pm

with 2 million + sales rest assured you can get a game of KZ MP anytime you like, wheras you would be hard pressed to ever really play the “real TR multiplayer” outside of the first 2 weeks, so your dismissal of KZ MP is again moot.

I also bought KZ mercenary for $9, i’m not the only one too, shocking! your personal preferences do not make things so. Your opinion and purchases are your tools to voice your choices and your concerns. I could care less for BF4 and EA’s buggy garbage. FIFA is an insult to the sport, people love it though.

I agree on AC4 which straddled the line, its a surprisingly good game. But that was delayed by the console launch not by failed sales results.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 11:06 pm


hah. sure sony is really upset with a 1 in 2 attach rate. on a game that is a 73 on metacritic with a 72 user rating. It’s a launch game guy. It’s a good game that is what a game in the 70s is, not a great game, not a instant classic. I never said it’s my favourite game, but i’ll tell you what i’d rather own that then BF4, because it’s playable and i’m not being coerced into buying a rip off map pack season pass to play with a bunch of immature bigoted cry babies. Go ahead find anyone that thinks the BF4 or COD campaigns are better than KZ i defy you. Could and should it have been better, sure, but it’s still a good start.

My original point was about the false comparison of the graphics on TR not about KZ being a better game critically or a more desirable game. That is subjective, and you know what i will mail you my copy of KZ the day TR DE sells more copies, it’s just not gonna happen. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

KZ is a good launch title, and a stellar one sales wise which is what sony needs out of the gate.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 11:13 pm

You don’t seem to understand how to debate. I really like Read dead, it’s a great game, however my point still stands and you have not proved otherwise. Crap story is a crap story chief. is not a very convincing reconcilliation of games with not much story but a great gameplay like the standout mario games etc. It’s funny since to these companies all they really care about is sales, they know they need to hit their target demo and reach the largest audience possible and so do things to cater to that on the budgets they have and the platforms the games are on. Story is only one vehicle to entice a purchase, and frankly for FPS the most poplular genre in the west, it is not the number one driving force of it being successful.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 11:14 pm

Besides if you don’t like something and your logic is I don’t like this so it’s rubbish, that is not effective. I think KZ is a ok to good game personally, but my personal opinion outside of the graphics was not what i was championing. it’s a shame too, since TR looks good for a port, i will likely enjoy it when i get to it (at a reduced price) when i have time.

go and enjoy all the games you want but my points are about the false graphics comparison athe value for money, which neither you have effectively addressed.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 11:26 pm

“Killzone was/is pretty dreadful at this point. I’d be a little bit more annoyed about getting Killzone if it wasn’t given to me for free through an Amazon promotion…but it is still not something I actually find appealing in my game collection at this point.”

there you go the most damning evidence of all.

you obviously bought BF4 and AC4, and then getting the next best game in your eyes at the time basted on your tastes you picked KZ.

you never saw the value to buy it outright, how am I supposed to take your arguments about it seriously, it’s like your dissapointed in yourself for not getting something else… anything else. You picked it ahead of a good handful of other games. Interesting. Follow that up with another savvy and sage purchase choice, like hmmm TR:DE at launch full pop. I wish i was offered that amazon deal here in canada I would have at least been happy with my selections.

Skeetlejuice said:

January 29th, 11:28 pm

Sorry for the number of posts and or appearance of trolling. Please keep in mind I am not anti TR DE, i am just in disagreement with the launch price which will naturally come down as it always does. it’s not like this is a nintendo first party game.

EpilepticButcher said:

January 30th, 1:01 pm

How come it’s still not on the psn store in Aus? Thought that would’ve been one of the advantages of going digital, starting to download the game at 12am on the day it releases. It’s been on store shelves for quite a few days now and still not available for download… Really?

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