PlayStation Plus: February Preview

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PlayStation Plus: February Preview
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Typically when you think of February, your mind goes to chocolates, flowers, and other lovey-dovey things. So we thought we’d celebrate this sappy month by scaring the bejesus out of you with Outlast on PS4.

We also have some great single-player PS3 experiences, including Metro: Last Light, a first-person shooter with an interesting take on morality, and Remember Me, a third-person action adventure where you’ll take down an evil corporation by beating lots of people up with your own unique combos and messing with people’s memories. If you have a significant other, you might be able to rope him or her into some bank-robbing action with Payday 2 on PS3. After all, everyone likes stealing stuff. I mean, uh… nevermind.

Finally, two PS Vita titles are joining the Instant Game Collection: Street Fighter X Tekken and ModNation Racers: Road Trip. Both include functionality with their respective PS3 versions. Fight against your friends in Street Fighter X Tekken no matter what platform they have, or download your previously made PS3 creations and use them in ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

Plus - February 2014 IGC

February PlayStation Plus Preview

Outlast (PS4)

Plus - Outlast

Free for PS Plus members

“Outlast perfects this self-inflicted madness in every area of its design, and it’s absolutely petrifying.” –

Hell is an experiment you can’t survive in Outlast, a first-person survival horror game developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history. As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to survive long enough to discover its terrible secret… if you dare.

Metro: Last Light (PS3)

Plus - Metro Last Light

Free for PS Plus members

“Last Light is notably superior to its predecessor, merging storytelling, shooting, and sneaking into a remarkable and cohesive whole.” –

It is the year 2034. Beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro, the remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats from outside – and within. Mutants stalk the catacombs beneath the desolate surface, and hunt amidst the poisoned skies above. But rather than stand united, the station-cities of the Metro are locked in a struggle for the ultimate power, a doomsday device from the military vaults of D6. A civil war is stirring that could wipe humanity from the face of the earth forever. As Artyom, burdened by guilt but driven by hope, you hold the key to our survival – the last light in our darkest hour…

PayDay 2 (PS3)

Plus - Payday 2

Free for PS Plus members

“The adrenaline flows steadily as you inevitably repel the barrage of police waves while trying to make your getaway.” –
PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington D.C. for an epic crime spree.

Remember Me (PS3)

Plus - Remember Me

Free for PS Plus members

“Not only beautiful graphics and incredible sound, but also a new combat approach wrapped around a very engaging storyline.” –
Neo-Paris. 2084. Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. Remember Me is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories.

Street Fighter X Tekken (PS Vita)

Plus - Street Fighter X Tekken

Free for PS Plus members

A dream collaboration between the two biggest fighting game franchises is now a reality! A deluge of highly demanded characters join the fray in this tag team-based game! The second round of this war begins now!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip (PS Vita)

Plus - Modnation Racers

Free for PS Plus members

Welcome to the never-ending season of ModNation kart racing, where competitive racing and community creativity collide. Whether you race for the fastest time, customize your own karts or tracks, or you discover new courses online – ModNation Racers gives you everything you need for your next “Road Trip!” Use common gestures to create or edit your Mod, Kart, or Track. If that wasn’t enough, you will have full access to all creations made on the PS3. That’s right, download and play with your favorite PS3 creations and take it where ever you go.

If you’ve got feedback on PlayStation Plus make sure you take the poll above as well as leave a comment below. To chat about all things PlayStation, including this update, you can head over to the PlayStation Community Forums. You’ll also find other topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or you can start your own discussion.

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3 Author Replies

  • Stranger_Eddie

    The only thing to say is…


    • Paul Sullivan
      Paul Sullivan

      @3 One upped you on the “Amazing” bit! But you’re both right, this is a powerful punch for the smallest month! =D

  • UncannySilk


    holy shazbot PS+. I was gonna renew my sub anyway

  • Holy amazing! That’s a helluva lineup right there! Awesome!

  • Valde_zerocool

    You guys are ridiculous. Can’t wait for this month.

  • KiLLz4Twinkies

    Wow. Awesome lineup. Out of curiosity, moving forward are we going to continue to get only 1 game for PS4 or at some point will it move back to the usual 2 games per month once it has established a bigger library of games?


    OMFG !! I love you Sony. <3

  • and that is why I LOVE PS+ :D

  • WOW, great update for vita owner
    thank you sony :)

    • Paul Sullivan
      Paul Sullivan

      This is not a comment often made in these posts, so thank you. Genuinely.

  • Thanks PlayStation for another amazing month for Plus! Very excited for Outlast and Metro…now if only I can find some spare time.

  • minus Remember Me and Modnation the rest of the games are great, and yet another fighter for my Vita :D atleast I didn’t buy this one first before it came to the IGC,

  • CallsignHelo

    This might be the best month you’ve had since I joined a few years ago. REALLY excited.


    GREAT LINEUP! I don’t own any of these!

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    WOW! I definitely did not expect that. This is probably going to be my favorite month of PS Plus so far. Just wow!

  • Happy to be a PS+ member, i love PlayStation.

  • What a poor games on Vita, please stop giving racing games…. so dissapointed

  • OK, It’s good enough!! keep giving good games like this and I’ll subscribe forever.

  • CapJSheridan

    the only bad thing iswhen you’re an avid buyer and always have the games on PS Plus, makes it look like you’re getting less from the service

    I mean, just give us a $5 voucher if we already have the game

  • Mega-Sackman

    This is insane… 2014 is insane.

  • Electromagnus

    This is an amazing update :)

    I have already Platted Remember me and Metro last light, but I am really looking forward to Payday 2, I loved the first.

    I’m not really a racing or fighting game fan, but I will most likely give the vita games a shot :)

    Finally, I can’t wait to be scared out of my socks with Outlast :)

  • Last Light! This game has been on my list for ages and I kept forgetting about it. Can’t wait!

  • You guys are making it way too hard to not buy a vita. Why do I have to be a broke student!

  • amazing month for the IGC..


    wish list:
    MGS HD Collection (PSV)
    puppeteer (PS3)

  • EvyatarAtarEvyat

    Great stuff as usual (including the video)!

  • snakeeyes211

    All that I can say it’s incredible lineup of games.February is a fantastic month to be a plus member thank you ps. It’s also the month of my birthday

  • mantisazure

    Ugh, why couldn’t Street Fighter X Tekken be PS3? Otherwise, cool set of games.

  • Pegleg_Smitty

    Damn, you guys really know how to spoil us.

  • Remember Me, Yes!! By the way, Kristine, you’re voice is so soothing.

  • Huge Applause!

  • Remember Me!! Yes!! Looking forward to this month!

  • Wow, just wow. Remember Me is the highlight for me this month, but all around great stuff.



  • Seriously, guys. The PS+ games are too good. Scale it back a bit.

  • Can’t wait for Modnation Racers,Payday 2 and of course Outlast! Amazing month :)

  • Proud as always to be a PLUS member. Kudos to the team (and my wallet) for the great month!

  • HomicidalKaos

    Great time to be a Plus member. I’ve been wanting to play all of these games, except maybe Mod Nation. Outlast looks freakin’ amazing. I was pretty addicted to Don’t Starve. Tekken is one of my favorites of all time. Metro and Remember Me came out of left field, but a welcome surprise. Thanks Playstation.

  • TimeSkipLuffyUS

    Finally Sony is getting some decent games for PS+ US! Always keep pushing harder to get the best deals for your loyal PS+ fan base and don’t make me regret my investment cause I have subscribed till 2019! XD

  • @5, We were never promised 2 PS4 games per month. The deal was always one per month. We only get two in November as a promo for the PS4 Launch

  • Oh EM GEE.

    Nicely done!

  • This is unbelievable. Best month yet!

  • I don’t have any of these, and I want all of them. Very exciting month. Thank you!

  • thecontroller92

    Kristine, you got the month title wrong for the youtube video. Shouldn’t it be January instead of February?

    • Kristine Steimer
      Kristine Steimer

      I alerted that team, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • Another exciting lineup! Thanks Sony!

  • I love you. 2014 is looking to be a great year for plus members. ;)

    Outlast is looking really cool cant wait to fire that up on tuesday.

  • american_psykco

    I take it Street Fighter X Tekken isn’t a crossbuy for the PS3. I’d love to play it but don’t have a Vita.

  • But I’m not done with DMC yet! All of these games are too much.

  • Very Excited for Remember me its looking like a great game.

  • No reason you should be so great to Playstation users and offer this kindness. your appreciation and love for your fans really shows. I have so much respect, appreciation and love for you also!!!!!!!!!

  • xScorpion77x

    AMAZING LINEUP. PS+ is such a godly service.

  • For EU suscribers the Seasson Pass of Metro: Last Ligth it’s at €3.75. It will be at same price for us?

  • @17
    I understand what you mean, but I have to say… if they would do that I would probably get more then the 50 bucks I spend on PS+ returned. It’d make a bit more sense if they did it only if you bought that game within the past X time. Like 2 or 3 months orso, because I have seen a tendency of games becoming free not long after a sale.

    Nevertheless I still think it’s an awesome deal especially if you own more then 1 console, even if you own 75% of the offers you’d still come out on top year-wise.

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