Surge Deluxe Electrifies PS Vita on February 4th

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Surge Deluxe Electrifies PS Vita on February 4th

Hello all! Dave from FuturLab here. I’m excited to announce that Surge Deluxe will be released on February 4th, 2014, exclusively for PS Vita! Check out the electrically charged game play trailer here:

Surge Deluxe features lightning-fast match-three gameplay, and rewards those who can think strategically under pressure!

Since Surge was originally released on PS Mobile we’ve had a ton of feedback, and Surge Deluxe on PS Vita is our response to that feedback. We’ve added unique shapes for each color block, so colorblind people can compete on an even playing field, and we’ve added depth to the scoring system with new special block types that reward quick thinking and understanding of the game mechanics.

Surge Deluxe on PS VitaSurge Deluxe on PS Vita

If you’d like to know more, please check out Surge Deluxe’s official web page, and follow @FuturLab on Twitter.

That’s all for now. The leaderboards await — see you there on launch day!

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  • Heey, @TweeEeest here! Can’t wait for next week then!

  • Random question, I know, but will this include a Platinum Trophy?

  • KazeEternal

    Nice. I’ll have to pick this up while I impatiently wait for Velocity 2x :-D yes impatiently…. lots of sound track and drooling over screen shots while demanding a release date ;-)

    I wonder how long it’ll take for knock off studios to try and steal your puzzle game -.-

    • James Marsden
      James Marsden

      We’re flat out on V2X. Every day it gets a little bit better. It’ll be worth the wait =)

  • Sum-Mischief

    Nice , I love these types of games.

  • When are we getting the preview for February? I want to know if outlast will be February 5, like in Europe. I’m in canada. I know the last Thursday of month u usually give preview right? So any idea?

  • I want see the Frebuary preview of the PS Plus!!! Is today?

  • Joao_Vicente

    Another flash game to my oled screem Yeahhhh

  • You know it’s games like this that I don’t think much of initially, but can find myself coming back to again and again. Interested in checking this one out.

    • James Marsden
      James Marsden

      It’s a great puzzle game, one that we’re very proud to have in our portfolio =)

  • Price?

  • I want to see the ps+ preview

  • Stranger_Eddie

    I want Velocity Ultra OST!

  • Xdark_dragonX

    looks awesome! will this have customizable controls for ppl that only want to use buttons instead of touch screen? please add that option via a patch soon if it’s not already in the game.

    • James Marsden
      James Marsden

      Hi there,

      The game is designed to use touch screen. It would not work with physical controls.

      The same way that Velocity would not work with touch only controls. We design our games with the controls at the very center of our focus, so it’s not something we can patch in I’m afraid.

      James @FuturLab

  • Yes! The original game was awesome. It’s feeling of give it one more try and how much fun I had playing caught off guard. A bit Tetris-ish that way.

  • Thanks for the updates I enjoyed the mini.

  • Looking forward to this one.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    FuturLab, you guys really do make awesome games. And by awesome I mean unique, clever, balanced, challenging, addicting, highly-polished games. You guys should be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

    Looking forward to Surge Deluxe!

  • I think I will have to check this out, this might be right up my alley. Seems like a unique puzzle game.

  • I enjoy getting platinums and the problem with most puzzle games is that there always seems to be at least one that only 5% of the population is able to get. Please don’t fall into that trap. Difficult but not impossible.

    Looks great otherwise and for 4.99, I agree, It’s likely a steal and a day one purchase for me!

  • Looks like a highly addicting game!

    Will there be a demo?

  • CommandingTiger

    This game is great.
    You must buy it!

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