Ready to Run Racing to PS4 This Year

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Ready to Run Racing to PS4 This Year
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Hi there! This is Alexey Menshikov, CEO of Ukraine-based Beatshapers. I’m excited finally back to PlayStation.Blog and announce our new project – Ready to Run.

In case you’re not familiar with Beatshapers, we’re a small developer and digital publisher from Kiev, Ukraine. To date, we’ve published 19 games on PlayStation Store. The most significant are BreakQuest series (minis), StarDrone Extreme (PS Vita), Jetpack Joyride (minis) and Furmins (PS Vita, made together with Housemarque).

Ready to Run is a furious RC car racing game in a unique retro-futuristic setting, and it’s actually planned as a franchise, with the first title coming exclusively to PS4.

Here are a few of Ready to Run’s features:

  • Highly responsive, arcade-style RC racing physics
  • 15+ futuristic radio-control cars with various designs
  • Single city environment featuring endless track configurations for different race modes
  • Real-time and asynchronous multiplayer modes
  • Various scoreboards with filters, with an emphasis on PSN friends

We’ve always been fans of RC racing games, and it seems now’s the time for a new title on PlayStation Store. We are planning to launch Ready to Run on PS4 in Q2 2014.

This is all for now, for more updates, please become a fan on our Facebook page and follow @beatshapers on Twitter.

We’ll have more exciting announcements coming this year for PS4 and PS Vita, so stay tuned!

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6 Author Replies

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82 video gameplay or pictures..smh i hope this isnt like was fun but never really got any dlc

    • Alexey Menshikov
      Alexey Menshikov

      We are finalizing PS4 rendering atm, so gameplay trailer to follow.

  • super_jaivaman


  • I’ve always wanted another Re-Volt game… I really hope this gets cme closer to that experience.

  • date is in the past

  • If you base even a fraction of your design off of San Francisco Rush 2049……it will be day one for me!…..just sayin.

  • I bought Stardrone Extreme but have never got the game to say it is anymore than a trial!?

    • Alexey Menshikov
      Alexey Menshikov

      Did you executed the game after? Live area need finished level to update.

  • I was a BIG fan of the original Breakquest, as well as the newest one on Vita!
    If this game is half as addicting as those games, then you can count me in!

  • Will be interested when I see news about a PS3 or Vita version.

  • Awe yeah this will be fun indeed, it’s like the RC racer on the PS Vita. And now this is the next gen version. This will be fantastic!!!!!

  • This sounds really good looking forward to more info

  • yowzagabowza

    No MP trophies please.

  • BulletTooth228

    Sony yes off topic but we still need ‘official’ Sony headset support like you promised for january, it’s not a luxury, headsets are a basic that should’ve been added before you even launched the ps4, promised by the end of the month and yet nothing.

  • i’m liking the retro-futuristic and arcade-style descriptions. i will take another look once some gameplay is released.

  • @Alexey– I have no clue what you just said.

  • Why not include the teaser trailer on this page?

    Then would would at least have a visual to look at and a bit of Dubstep to enjoy. :)

  • CommandingTiger

    Get Driveblub out ASAP.


    @commandingtiger WHY ARENT WE FUNDING THIS (in peter griffin voice)

  • I miss wipeuot

  • VinsanityV21

    I did not know you were from the Ukraine, BeatShapers. That’s pretty cool; glad to see more games coming from all over Europe. That territory just seems to care about games North America doesn’t like to make much… like how devs over there kept making point-n-click PC adventures when the genre was dead in the US. And now you’re working on a promising-sounding arcade racer, another genre I love that no one cares about much anymore. Please make this really good. I do want to see a trailer though. So I can’t wait until you guys finish up that PS4 rendering you mentioned in the first reply – I really hope it looks great!

    • Alexey Menshikov
      Alexey Menshikov

      We are from Kiev and indeed its not many devs care of consoles here nowadays. We have more PS4 games in various stages now – actually flocking from PS Vita to PS4, so stay tuned.

  • Love it !

  • Why would you not make the game 60fps?
    You people realize it’s a racing game right? One of the only genres where 60fps is a standard?

  • Bigdaddyduck


  • Bigdaddyduck


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