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Feb 02

Feb 02

The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for February 4th, 2014

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The Drop

Word on the (dark, abandoned) street is that Outlast frightens people. Intensely. PlayStation gamers can experience that for themselves when the hit survival horror game comes to PS4 this week, bringing with it a torrent of nightmares and cold sweats.

Set in the abandoned Mount Massive Asylum, Outlast depicts the chilling and dangerous investigation of freelance journalist Miles Upshur. Miles enters Mount Massive following an anonymous tip, and soon finds himself engulfed in unimaginable horrors. This first-person survival game showcases immense scares and a focus on atmosphere. Night lights may be required.

For those gamers averse to horror games, the fast-paced platformer Dustforce also launches on PS3 and PS Vita this week. Traverse 2D environments and sweep up dust while racing the clock. Perfect every jump, nail every attack, and clear increasingly complex stages — all while freeing adorable animals from the clutches of dirt and grime. Really!

There’s lots more coming to the world of PlayStation, so read on for a complete list of new releases. And enjoy the Drop!


Adam's Venture Chronicles
Gex: Enter the Gecko
King Oddball
The LEGO Movie Videogame
Surge Deluxe
Truck Racer

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3 — Digital
Join Adam Venture and Evelyn on their quest to find ancient artifacts and thwart the Clairvoix Corporation. More than 10 hours of classic adventure play with 60+ puzzles throughout Europe and the Middle East.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Grab your broom. Leap into this 2D platformer that requires great skill and good timing to succeed. Select an acrobatic janitor and clean up the world by dashing off walls and ceilings in a race against the clock.
PSone Classic — Digital
The classic platformer returns, starring the titular green-skinned Gex. Following years of solitude, Gex is drawn back into the action when his nemesis, Rez, returns. Help Gex stop Rez from taking over the world.
PS Vita — Digital
Destroy the world with a trio of boulders. Throw them towards targets with the King’s outrageously long tongue. Packed with more than 120 levels and secrets.
The LEGO Movie Videogame
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail (Available Friday)
Join Emmet, a perfectly average person, on his extraordinary adventure. Please note: he’s totally unprepared for it. Guide Emmet to victory with an eclectic mix of more than 90 characters including Batman, Superman, and Gandalf.
PS4 — Digital
The walls of Mount Massive Asylum conceal a wealth of horrors. Freelance journalist Miles Upshur discovers this terror for himself following an anonymous tip that the asylum was secretly reopened. Keep Miles alive as he struggles against the monsters within Mount Massive.
PS Vita — Digital
A block matching game of electric proportions. A new energy source bestows humanity with tremendous electrical power, but the by-product builds up fast. Help clear it out, or the pressure levels will blow sky high.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Princess Allura must save her kingdom. How? By laying traps for her enemies and snaring them with perfect chains.
PS3 — Digital
Drive fully destructible trucks towards the finish line. Compete on 48 different tracks across four game modes. Race friends online or via split-screen multiplayer.

Demos and Betas

Ace Combat Infinity — PS3 Beta
Dustforce — PS3, PS Vita Demo
Ethan: Meteor Hunter — PS3 Demo
King Oddball — PS Vita Demo

The information above is subject to change without notice.

Add Your Own

BrianC6234 said:

February 2nd, 12:17 pm

I definitely want The Lego Movie Videogame. And Surge is a great game. Surge Deluxe looks good too.

yowzagabowza said:

February 2nd, 12:21 pm

@ 49 Well what is the point? To let us know a few of the items being uploaded to the store tuesday? I dont need a postthats only got a portion of the info available.

Lackshmana said:

February 2nd, 12:21 pm

Very happy to see Gex and Trapt added to the classics.

I really hope that backwards compatibility for PS1 and PS2 returns on the PS4 as Eurogamer is reporting it will. Everyone at Sony should recognize the importance of supporting those massive back catalogs.

Slackr said:

February 2nd, 12:23 pm

*cough* War Thunder *cough*

LazyTalandeR said:

February 2nd, 12:26 pm

Still no Digimon World 3 :(

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

February 2nd, 12:30 pm

Yes, but then one could well argue the Sunday sale papers ought to be released Saturday since by then the info is known by the publisher. The Friday TV listings ought to be out on Wednesday, etc. It never ends. The store updates on Tuesday, after which they post to tell us what’s new and the prices for each item. Just the way it’s done is all.

HuNTeR0609t said:

February 2nd, 12:40 pm

Will Gex be available on the PS4?

kudubik said:

February 2nd, 12:43 pm

keep the dream alive, bring Suikoden 2 to PSN.

StalkerD said:

February 2nd, 1:03 pm

You know what I really wanted to see on The Drop? An announcement that Crash and Metal Gear Portable Ops are playable on the Vita, release of the PSP Games Crisis Core: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Final Fantasy I, II and Megaman Powered Up, release of the PSX classic Einhander and Strider II on the US. That would make my day. And most of these are easy. Crash and Metal Gear are already playable on the EU Vita (almost getting one BTW), Einhander is on the japanese PSN and Strider II will be given away with Strider Remake for PS3 in Japan. Soooo what do we need to do to see these easy games also on the US PSN, when they are available in other regions?

sweenster98 said:

February 2nd, 1:08 pm

What about The Wolf Amoung us? doesn’t than come out Wendseday (2/5) for PS3?

sajoey said:

February 2nd, 1:10 pm

I gotta get my washing machine ready for the onslaught it’s going to face in pants after I get Outlast. I’m so pumped.

pPpPancakes said:

February 2nd, 1:11 pm

Good drop :o

xClayMeow said:

February 2nd, 1:30 pm

Damn, was hoping there’d be a demo for Surge Deluxe.

Also, is The LEGO Movie Videogame on Vita a direct port or a lame watered down version like all the other LEGO games?

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

February 2nd, 1:32 pm

Anyway yes, nice drop. At least some new stuff to look at. Demos for some of it and more classics, too.

Probably sucks to be a PS4 owner right now (especially if you’re not a horror fan) but the next few months should wash that bad taste away.

Ry-Dog said:

February 2nd, 1:43 pm

Gex: Enter the Gecko, YES the Gex trilogy on PSN is finally complete.


DelicaGunz said:

February 2nd, 1:57 pm

Fear Effect would be great!!!

XXHEROXX-007 said:

February 2nd, 2:01 pm

Gex <3

jeffsmither said:

February 2nd, 2:01 pm

I thought whe a few more weeks of ps1 imports?

KangarooSam said:

February 2nd, 2:10 pm

So, a little off topic and I don’t really post here, but since every PS4 game is supposed to be available to download, will most AAA games have pre orders? Does anyone have any news on Thief since it’s coming out this month..? Digital pre order bonuses? Etc.

CrispyCanuk said:

February 2nd, 2:13 pm

Really, Adam and Eve(vlyn)…can’t come up with anything ORIGINAL?

zombie9 said:

February 2nd, 2:54 pm

PS4? not for sale here but still not buying a vita… where’s the games???

IIL0YDII said:

February 2nd, 2:54 pm

You want to give us Crash Bandicoot or Spyro on Vita?

yowzagabowza said:

February 2nd, 3:10 pm

@ thumbsofsteel All those things DO happen! I can see whats on for the whole week, i get a sale paper on friday for sundays sales, and it all makes sense! Its so frustrating the way the info trickles out from sony.

Animefreakers said:

February 2nd, 3:11 pm


now all i need is metal gear acid 2 on the store and my collection is complete

Gamerzlimited said:

February 2nd, 3:17 pm

I think we’re suppose to get Hyper Crazy Climber as well. Don’t know why it isn’t on this week’s drop.

@LazyTalandeR Digimon World 3 sucks. Don’t even post that garbage on PSN, Sony.

AsahiSeth said:

February 2nd, 3:25 pm

@52 I think odds are good this will happen. I have to believe that Sony must have given publishers assurance that their classic titles will soon be playable on PS4 for them to start investing in releasing classic titles again like Gex 2 and others. I doubt they’d waste their time if not.

Personally I hope it happens soon as it’s part of what’s keeping me from getting a PS4. It may sound like a minor thing to some, but I own around 60 PSOne classics and about a dozen PS2 Classics, and I plan to buy Trapt, Gex 2 this week, and (based on some claims and the ESRB) Pac Man World and Gradius V when they hit soon, I love the classic format they’ve used, especiallt with PS2 titles as the emulation is perfect or better than perfect in some cases, like Odin Sphere where the emulation actually IMPROBES gameplay performance over the disc based PS2 version (lag is all but gone). Sony have done an excellent job and I’m happy to invest in these games and will continue to do so if I’m assured I’ll be able to paly them on newer systems.

Knightedrik said:

February 2nd, 3:36 pm

Just want to go on record and say that we have lost more than we have gained on PS4. You have taken away so much, I almost regret my purchase.

ArchAngelMai said:

February 2nd, 3:40 pm

@16: I’m glad your opinion doesn’t matter. All the indies on PS4 are games from Steam and ones that are popular and sold well. Outlast is an amazing game, and one the scariest I ever played. Be glad the PS4 has free games at all at launch, your *****ing is the problem, not their choices in free games.

Sad Outlast only has 8 trophies, but looking forward to beating it again and grabbing them.

ArchAngelMai said:

February 2nd, 3:42 pm

@16: I’m glad your opinion doesn’t matter. All the indies on PS4 are games from Steam and ones that are popular and sold well. Outlast is an amazing game, and one the scariest I ever played. Be glad the PS4 has free games at all at launch, your complaining is the problem, not their choices in free games.

Sad Outlast only has 8 trophies, but looking forward to beating it again and grabbing them.

ArchAngelMai said:

February 2nd, 3:43 pm

Happy to see Trapt in honor of Deception IV next month, way to go a great classic! Happy to see a new PS1 classic too even if its not 1 I liked.

Vengeance1138 said:

February 2nd, 3:44 pm

What an awesome Drop! Gonna download Outlast, Trapt and the Ace Combat beta!

Any pricing available for Trapt? Will it be the usual $9.99?

Gamerzlimited said:

February 2nd, 3:47 pm

@IIL0YDII I love how you still keep saying that like a little brat. Who’s the “us” you’re referring to? If you’re counting me as well, I’m not part of your “Demand Sony for Crash and Spyro” group and never will. Neither should anyone else and stop treating PSN users as your pawns.

Carl-G said:

February 2nd, 3:51 pm

Nice to see a few PS1 & PS2 games still coming to PSN for the PS3(it’s been painfully slow tho) :-/ but is there anyway SONY could make them work on the PS4 soon to? ? ? Then all old PSN PS1 & 2 games & future PSN PS1 & 2 games can be on the PS4 to, how COOL would that be :P

IIL0YDII said:

February 2nd, 4:33 pm

@ Gamerzlimited cool story bro

Gamerzlimited said:

February 2nd, 4:56 pm

@IIL0YDII Whatever. You may be a brat, but you’re at least not as annoying as a certain Sarrow. I just want to know who’s the “us” in that sentence of yours because it’s definitely not me or the people here. Must be your friends or something.

Can you just play Crash Tag Team Racing on your Vita and be done with it? I know it’s not the same game, but it’s still Crash after all and is transferable through PS3. Spyro is understandable though because there isn’t one on PSP.

SureBigBuster said:

February 2nd, 5:04 pm

Can’t wait to get my hands on Outlast. Drop it like it’s hot!!!

EJStrat said:

February 2nd, 5:09 pm

I am extremely excited to play Outlast. Haven’t had a good horror experience in quite some time. I’m also looking forward to trying out Dustforce! Thank you, guys!

PrimeroIncognito said:

February 2nd, 5:23 pm

Surge Deluxe for me.

D-Squad3 said:

February 2nd, 5:26 pm


XeahuleXolic said:

February 2nd, 5:32 pm

when will there be trophys update to older games like PS1 and PS2 :)

IIL0YDII said:

February 2nd, 5:43 pm

Maybe I am who knows.
“us” is people that own a Vita and want to play Crash Bandicoot and Spyro titles,believe it or not, there are people here on the blog who want to, if you read Neogaf you’ll see alot of people that would like to play these games, and yes my friends would like to play them too.
I am not breaking any rules, and not posting just to piss you off.

By the way Crash Tag Team Racing is not transferable through PS3, but thanks for recommendation.

anth_969 said:

February 2nd, 6:07 pm

@knightederek. Is Outlast really that scary? So hyped to play it. Can’t effin wait.

Gamerzlimited said:

February 2nd, 6:40 pm

@IIL0YDII Ok, good enough answer. Now we finally come to the point that we understand each other. Don’t know why I kept thinking you we’re a troll back then. Now I no longer consider you one. If only we spoke in a well mannered conversation like this, I would left you continue posting that and I won’t stop you.

Really? I think you meant Crash Team Racing. I know that’s one’s not downloadable on Vita or transferable though PS3, but I know you can put the PSP Tag Team Racing on the Vita using the PS3. I bought it solely for that purpose. I wish there was a Spyro for the PSP so it can be a substitute, but there was never one made.

IcedDice777 said:

February 2nd, 6:45 pm

Looking forward to Outlast and maybe Adam’s venture chronicles, Trapt. Loved the Tecmo’s Deception series on the PS1. Will buy the upcoming PS3 version too.

Anyone knows what happened to that Move supported Horror game based on a bunch of teens on a cabin? Sony’s been quiet about. It was announced a good while ago and now it’s not even on the radar.

VinsanityV21 said:

February 2nd, 6:45 pm

ALRIGHT! TRAPT! Man, what IS it with that franchise? Game Informer did a Super Replay of this game, exposed the series to tons of people, and then a new Deception gets announced and now TRAPT heads to PS2 Classics? This is beyond serendipitous (S.A.T. word!). And Gex 2 is a pleasant surprise this week too. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for 3D platformers (obscure & well known) to hit the PS2 Classics section though. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Kya: Dark Lineage, at least one PS2 Crash and one PS2 Spyro are pretty great, I-Ninja, Vexx, Malice, Haven… let’s get some PS2 platformers on the service, guys!

VinsanityV21 said:

February 2nd, 6:48 pm

@IcedDice: Oh man; I totally forgot about that until you just mentioned it. But Googling up the thing reminds me that it’s called, “Until Dawn”. When a game goes quiet during a console transition like this, usually it means it’s been delayed for the new system, or at least to be made a “cross gen” game. I’d guess it was perhaps re-jiggered to be made playable with standard controls, and then will be released on the PS4 now too, but who knows? That’s a good question. The PS Move doesn’t seem to be a big focus for Sony going forward, and with PS Now coming up, even more reason to avoid gimmicky controllers, since you won’t be able to re-release games that require specialized hardware.

VinsanityV21 said:

February 2nd, 6:50 pm

@IcedDice: It’s still coming though. It’s still on SuperMassive’s site and the official word is that it’s been delayed to this year, 2014. I’d expect to hear more of it later on at a GDC or E3 or something. Guess you’ll just have to be patient.

PainOfSarrow said:

February 2nd, 6:52 pm

haha this clown cant stop looking for my attention. wish he was my neighbor so i can beat his ass on his own property. to bad.

jordonferguson said:

February 2nd, 6:56 pm

Would love a Resident Evil Sale :) Think about it Playstation!

GummyCore said:

February 2nd, 7:00 pm

Will there be any cross-buy for the Lego Movie game? I know the Vita version is usually a very different game but at least there should be PS3 and PS4 cross-buy, or a $10 upgrade.

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