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Feb 03

Feb 03

PS4 System Update 1.60: Official Headset Support; Gold Wireless Headset Out Soon

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hello PlayStation Nation! The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.60) will be available for download beginning late tonight, bringing support for the PULSE and PULSE – Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to PS4. We know you’ve been patiently waiting for this update, which means PS4 owners will now be able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with 7.1 virtual surround sound and crystal clear voice chat with our official PlayStation headsets. PlayStation headsets are created for PlayStation gamers, by gamers – and designed to truly provide the audio that game developers intended. It’s truly how games were meant to sound.

I’m also excited to introduce the newest member of our headset lineup – the Gold Wireless Headset, which launches early this month. This new headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games, a hidden noise cancelling microphone for voice chat while playing online, customizable faceplates, and other features –all for $99.99 (MSRP).

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

You can connect the Gold headset to your PS4, PS3 or computer using the wireless adaptor for eight hours of straight gameplay. The headset also is compatible with your PS Vita or other mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable. The portable, folding design and travel pouch make it perfect for playing games or listening to music at home or on the go.

The Gold Wireless Headset and the PULSE – Elite Edition are compatible with the free Headset Companion App, which hits PlayStation Store in February. The app allows you to download developer-created audio modes that are specifically tuned to enhance a game’s audio. Kicking off the custom sound modes will be Sucker Punch, who’s developing a mode for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son. In addition to these custom audio modes, the app also offers a variety of preset audio modes for games, music and movies, as well as a tool to create your own custom EQ mode.

For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60, including how to update your system, please click here when the update goes live. Hope you enjoy the new features and keep the feedback coming. Greatness Awaits!

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iNsaneShane-999 said:

February 4th, 3:34 am

it sounds great with pretty good features

bigorange1585 said:

February 4th, 3:34 am

Like many others, I’m not thrilled about the fact that third party headsets are still not bluetooth compatible on PS4. Turtle Beach and others have been supporting and sponsoring your systems, games, etc. forever. You expect us to auction these off to Xbox One users to make a little scratch and purchase PS brand headsets?! Is a patch or update not possible? Just give an answer so we know where we stand, I’m sure you know how many of us want this inquiry finalized.

kluna said:

February 4th, 3:34 am

Sony don t forget u are there where u are because of us, and because of ours money, so dont play greedy games like dont give us DLNA suport or mp3 media play, video play etc……, with this politic u gonna end like microsoft………….
Can u give some reasonable explation why the updates donnt give us what we want, its because of money and pay services, thats realy stupid, im going to sell my ps4 and buy a ps3.
My mobile device have more compatibilites then PS4 and u call it NEXT GEN, NEXT GEN FOR VHAT?

bigorange1585 said:

February 4th, 3:39 am

I rest my case… “There’s been a disappointing absence of wireless headset support on both of the newly released consoles. This PS4 firmware update is limited to just Sony peripherals, but it’s more support than we’ve seen since the console launched on November 15, 2013.”

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Gabriel041 said:

February 4th, 4:23 am

Is this going to be a worldwide launch? I live in Brazil and I’m probably going to buy one, day 1, hope you release it here too.

RavenSpawn said:

February 4th, 4:41 am

Awww ahhhhh PlayStation 3 wireless stereo headset will work on PS4 and work soooo perfect this morning…. Thx Sony

rafaelbrasil02 said:

February 4th, 4:45 am

My Pulse Elite isn’t working. Why? Anybody else?

phustriker said:

February 4th, 4:46 am

Is it jus me or same for everybody. My sony pulse elite headset has static noise and a lil bit of popping noise during game play.

pyrocloud7 said:

February 4th, 4:49 am

I’m grateful for the headset support, however there are two features that I feel are absolutely missing, the first being proper wireless support so I don’t get a message saying my wireless is disconnected constantly, even though I’m still connected, and the second being the ability to pause and resume downloads, I can barely watch Netflix when a DC universe update pops up, which is quite often :-(

Wollmonster47 said:

February 4th, 5:03 am

This update is a joke! I bet sony worked 1-2 days on implement headset support and over 1 month to get sure dat only sony headsets work with this update.

My logitech g35 7.1 headset is still not working and a friends expensive turtle beach too. I was so excited that extendet headset support come with this update, but now i’m really ….!

CrOn0s305 said:

February 4th, 5:28 am

that isnt fair. what about the Original Ps3 Headsets? and it had to be the pulse……

O-MADD-O said:

February 4th, 5:32 am

Very nice but what about normal bluetooth headsets not all of us have the luxury of being able to afford to pay for these headsets or even like myself dont like wearing them, and im fed up of untangling myself from the wired headset eveytime i need to go and do something else in the house its just not user friendly lol, can you atleast answer mine probably hundreds of of others question about support or future update for standard bluetooth headsets thanks

coxy234 said:

February 4th, 5:33 am

It’s good that Sony are updating the firmware, but this update is seriously lacking content.

I would also like to use my Turtle Beach PX5s. I will not purchase the Sony headset out of principle. There is only reason why other headsets are not supported and that’s profit.

IcedDice777 said:

February 4th, 5:42 am

But what i Would like know is… Is the Gold trophy included?
Ok, never mind. I’ll grab my coat and hat and i’ll walk my self out the door.

Already got the two previous models, thanx for the update But i’ll pass on this new headset. I got a feeling that a platinum version will enter the planning stages soon.

My .02

LoveDiedIn1969 said:

February 4th, 5:56 am

I’m eager to see:
mp3 enabled
when I hold down the PS button during a movie I’d like to be able to see the time displayed.
logging my controller into my account every time I turn the controller off is kinda obnoxious

I like to think Sony will read this and maybe take some things into consideration.
I felt like my friends list was more easily accessible on ps3 and it was nice to be able to turn off the controller without having to surf through a couple menus. And viewing the time during a movie has always been important to me. Otherwise I’m super pumped for this update!!! Just wondering though; I thought that Turtle Beach was making the official headset for PS4. I just am not sure if I should wait for the supposed summer release of the Turtle Beach Official PS4 Headset.

vice350z said:

February 4th, 5:57 am

cot dammit…DLNA support already!! I so miss streaming my music while playing like i did on my 360. How do they just think no one uses it and gets rid of it?? Also, what happened to supporting true wireless headphone use with any headphone? THought that was in the “next update” a couple updates ago.

Dodd23 said:

February 4th, 6:02 am

this is awesome news. I can pull my pulse headset out of retirement. I just checked the update page on the playstation website and it is only showing update 1.52. I read last night it said “late tonight” does that mean when I get home from work, its gunna be ready to go? if it auto updates.

rdawg82 said:

February 4th, 6:04 am

After the latest update my turtle beach px4 headset for both chat and audio no longer works. Anyone else having this issue?

gowofwarkratos1 said:

February 4th, 6:04 am

I have the first 7.1 wireless headset. Would be great if it was also compatible.

twotrax4me said:

February 4th, 6:20 am

So is the cable to the controller still required? If not how is it wireless if it still uses a wire?

LIL_B_IN_KC said:

February 4th, 6:20 am

Will this fix any issues with other headsets like my turtlebeach earforce shadow. Problem is if i hook them up with the amplifier attatched the sound cuts in and out but if i bypass the amp and hook it up to the controller it works well but i have no controll over sounds like bass trebel chat only overall vol. Needs to be looked at sony i spent too much money for my stuu to work halfway. PS works great on ps3 so take that feature and bring it to Ps4 .

Akaruiwrx said:

February 4th, 6:22 am

Oh lovely an update to support headsets… how about you remove the HDCP like you promised so I can record gameplay, That’d be swell… I mean obviously it can be done because there is ton’s of info on hdcp being a select-able option on dev boxes meaning you already have the know how. What’s the hold up?!

Bambi-01us said:

February 4th, 6:22 am

Golly I seen 1.60 and figure more would be added except for one single focus.

GGCAN said:

February 4th, 6:27 am

Thank you Sony.

My Sony wireless headset now works perfectly and sounds amazing !

Keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll be soon seeing many more updates for our PS4s.

Kruegmeister said:

February 4th, 6:29 am

How about the PS3 BluRay Remote?
REALLY Want this!!!
Tired of bumping the Trigger and Having my Movie Start Over… sooooo annoying!!

RiDiCuLouS--_ said:

February 4th, 6:29 am

Yea, my original pulses won’t work keeps saying error ce-32988-0…

RiDiCuLouS--_ said:

February 4th, 6:35 am

Scratch that, restarted and now they are connected.. have to post back later on quality, its been so long since I used them the battery is dead… at least we’re on the right track.. kudos to Sony for coming through.. now maybe you can tell me why the other account on my ps4 is always online? Even after restarting my wife always appears online in my friends list why?

DigitalCooper said:

February 4th, 6:37 am

Please, fix the save file error instead of this :(

mattstheone said:

February 4th, 6:40 am

so does this mean my Turtle Beach PX4 will work now with out having to have a wire into the controller

please let me know

MilitisSanctus said:

February 4th, 6:51 am

When is the HDCP fix coming? Is that still planned? I’m buying multiplatform games (like Thief) on Xbox One so I can capture footage. It’s literally costing Sony my business – and I’d rather have them on PS4!!

saab01 said:

February 4th, 6:51 am

What about system features like

Alphabetical Trophy’s by name instead of by last game played

kotsiosfire6 said:

February 4th, 6:58 am

I’m so psyched for this headset. One question sony I’m from Cyprus and I’m going to order this from amazon from America. Is the headset region locked.I mean will it matter if I connect to my ps3 that is from Cyprus.Will it work.

das7771 said:

February 4th, 7:02 am

I am thinking about selling my ps4 and going back with a ps3. I am okay with the fact that there are little to no games for the ps4 right now, but I used my ps3 as my main blu ray/blu ray 3d player. I did not realize the ps4 does not support Blu Ray Play back…WTF…I moved to a more expensive console with very little features….LOL…I will probably take back the ps4, cuz I do not see sony updating this feature any time soon as they have not even metioned anyting about it. This update is a bit of a joke, people still having issues and not really an update at all in my book.

MrBunnyisDEAD said:

February 4th, 7:05 am

Will there be a hard case for these headphones made by Sony thats sold separately, if not is there one that you would recommend for these headphones?

XArm-StrongX said:

February 4th, 7:05 am

sweeet……need a release date soon…needing to replace my a40s

childofibiza said:

February 4th, 7:37 am

Cant seem to find a pre-order page on Amazon for these.. Guessing my old PS3 bluetooth wireless ear piece won’t work on my PS4? :(

Forgedglory said:

February 4th, 7:37 am

Hey Everyone

I just have a little problem with the update. i know its new and you’re working out the bugs and stuff but here is my problem

My Pulse Headset will not go surround sound on my PS4. now I’ve tried on PS3 works fine but when i hook it up to my PS4 i only have mic audio.

now i’m not sure if this has been answered or not but how do i fix it? Tried just about everything i can think of!

dsm_dolouz said:

February 4th, 7:38 am

Is this a full on Bluetooth supported patch, or just a patch for the Sony headsets to work?

Mastyr-Phrenzy said:

February 4th, 7:39 am

I was an hour away from selling my entire system, cause of the headset issue and then the updaate comes out., i cancelled the sale and am so happy. cant wait to get home on some tomb raider via 7.1. TY Sony.

RaiderBoyFLM said:

February 4th, 7:45 am

I have PS3 EX-02s that I recetly purchased. Will these not be supported it?

Mastyr-Phrenzy said:

February 4th, 7:57 am

Forgedglory I have the same headset as you. make sure in settings you have all audio going to headset, also on headset make sure you press the button on the top left hand side of headset for surround sound. hold it for about a half a second and on the screen your will see the headset surround symbol.

Lilxion said:

February 4th, 8:04 am

Is a platinum edition on the way that will replace the pulse elite? I have the original pulse but I need something on the go the elite or gold? Powerhouse, the gold doesn’t have bassimpact?

HonorableFiend said:

February 4th, 8:07 am

Will this add support to other headsets too, like the skullcandy plyr1?

D3V1LZ_Prophecy said:

February 4th, 8:09 am

Is there any more news on the update for the HDCP removal? Im really loving the PS4 and i think its amazing however the lack to use my HD PVR2 is annoying as my share function never seems to upload the gameplay i choose it to! or am i just stupid and dont know how to use it? any ways any news on the HDCP patch will be great thanks

Hundredhandslap said:

February 4th, 8:15 am

I’ve installed the new 1.60 update in hopes of getting my Wireless Stereo Headset (CECHYA-0080) to finally work with my PS4 but I have one problem, I’m not hearing anything through the headset! What am I doing wrong? I’ve wired them to the console and I have the dongle inserted in the USB port. Messages are popping up in the right corner seeming like it’s connected. Please help!

donefire said:

February 4th, 8:15 am

does this mean you still cant use bluetooth headsets?

Wolverinemarky said:

February 4th, 8:21 am

my Pulse headset cuts in and out and almost like goes dead im assuming i need to charge it so going to try that but when it did work sounded very clear and loving the wireless part. hopefully the sound going in and out like that isnt a bug

Hundredhandslap said:

February 4th, 8:22 am

Okay, I figured it out. Go to “Sound and Screen” in the Settings menu, then select “Audio Output Settings”. Change “Output to Headphones” from “Chat Audio” to “All Audio”. Hope this helps.

Kolukonu said:

February 4th, 8:28 am

Ohhhhh…. I might actually buy this headset!

djd326 said:

February 4th, 8:30 am

Sony, you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

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