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Feb 03

Feb 03

PS4 System Update 1.60: Official Headset Support; Gold Wireless Headset Out Soon

John Koller's Avatar Posted by

Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hello PlayStation Nation! The next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.60) will be available for download beginning late tonight, bringing support for the PULSE and PULSE – Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to PS4. We know you’ve been patiently waiting for this update, which means PS4 owners will now be able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with 7.1 virtual surround sound and crystal clear voice chat with our official PlayStation headsets. PlayStation headsets are created for PlayStation gamers, by gamers – and designed to truly provide the audio that game developers intended. It’s truly how games were meant to sound.

I’m also excited to introduce the newest member of our headset lineup – the Gold Wireless Headset, which launches early this month. This new headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom audio modes created by developers specifically for PlayStation games, a hidden noise cancelling microphone for voice chat while playing online, customizable faceplates, and other features –all for $99.99 (MSRP).

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

You can connect the Gold headset to your PS4, PS3 or computer using the wireless adaptor for eight hours of straight gameplay. The headset also is compatible with your PS Vita or other mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable. The portable, folding design and travel pouch make it perfect for playing games or listening to music at home or on the go.

The Gold Wireless Headset and the PULSE – Elite Edition are compatible with the free Headset Companion App, which hits PlayStation Store in February. The app allows you to download developer-created audio modes that are specifically tuned to enhance a game’s audio. Kicking off the custom sound modes will be Sucker Punch, who’s developing a mode for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son. In addition to these custom audio modes, the app also offers a variety of preset audio modes for games, music and movies, as well as a tool to create your own custom EQ mode.

For additional information on PS4 system update v.1.60, including how to update your system, please click here when the update goes live. Hope you enjoy the new features and keep the feedback coming. Greatness Awaits!

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RemyMar10Xo said:

February 3rd, 2:30 pm

Can someone at Sony, please comment if this update includes bluetooth headset support.

Thank you,
Anxious PS4 and Turtle Beach PX5 Owner

Jagged78 said:

February 3rd, 2:30 pm

Where in the %#%$$ is DLNA support? Haven’t touched the console in 2 weeks due to this and lack of games.

jjscpm said:

February 3rd, 2:31 pm

i can not wait for the headset my turtle beaches died on me twice both in one week and they were the px4 too so since then i was waiting for sony to make theirs i was told it was ganna happen in summer i prayers got answered ealier.

onewiseguy said:

February 3rd, 2:33 pm

Great, now if only we would get support for the 3rd party headsets lol. I spent 300$ on the Turtle Beach headset i have and i’m not going to waste money on a new Sony one that i don’t want if the one i have is less than 2 years old. And hopefully we get the HDCP removed soon and/or gain the ability to upload straight to YouTube! But otherwise, great job on the system Sony! I’m Excited to see what you do next!

coldkilla_255 said:

February 3rd, 2:36 pm

Does the USB dongle still have a 3.5mm audio port? Cuz that was my fav feature of the elite editions

RunOnTheRoof72 said:

February 3rd, 2:40 pm

OK so with this update will my wireless stereo headset work with the PS4?

DragonIrons said:

February 3rd, 2:41 pm

@209…. They’re not upsetting me…. I dont’ give a rat’s arse about playing movies and music on my GAME CONSOLE. My laptop connects to my TV and that plays my digital movies…. and I plug my MP3 player with like 24 gigs of memory into my stereo receiver for music……

@219…. funny… my Pulse Elites don’t stutter on a damn thing in any of my like 70 games….. including all the ones you mentioned (cept bioshock dont’ have that). Maybe you damaged your dongle transmitter dropping it or something?

ALARM-cIock said:

February 3rd, 2:46 pm

YES. THANK YOU! I swear I was going to cry manly tears if I had to play Outlast without my Wireless Stereo Headset.

Graywolffe said:

February 3rd, 2:48 pm


LordRaoh said:

February 3rd, 2:49 pm

THe only thing I need is’

DLNA support.
Local music playback while in game.
SONY Bluetooth Headset support.
Sony Bluray Bluetooth Remote Support.
Youtube App

How does a sony console not release support for sony devices and accessories. The last thing I want to do is buy a third party remote with a usb dongle.

Unreferenced said:

February 3rd, 2:54 pm

Will this update in any way help us Tritton users with the difficulty of hearing friends while playing games and how loud people can hear us? Was hoping for a fix for most headsets ex. Astro’s and Tritton’s.

Thanks, Unreferenced

RoadWarrior2k11 said:

February 3rd, 2:55 pm

Will the Official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset work?

Ricky__Galindo said:

February 3rd, 3:01 pm

what about bluetooth? i want my turtle beach headset to work without the aux cable

Link01 said:

February 3rd, 3:06 pm

So what about supporting regular bluetooth ear pieces for chat?

C_A_G_E said:

February 3rd, 3:12 pm

Thank you for this update… For the people who have the Sony Branded Pulse headsets this patch update is huge. In order for the headset to work do i need the companion application? Will that be available tomorrow?

purse317 said:

February 3rd, 3:13 pm

My bluetooth is lightweight and doesn’t cost $99 I wish it worked on my ps4

SwitchBlaze70 said:

February 3rd, 3:18 pm

This is great news for those that own Sony headsets but what about those of us that spent good hard earned money on other brand headsets? I used to be able to steam music from my phone on my headsets for PS3 but when the PS4 came out those headsets would not connect at all. So I but the PS4 compatible equivalent but I’m still unable to stream music from my phone while gaming? Specifically Turtle Beach Bravo to PX4 headsets.

TheKingJoker22 said:

February 3rd, 3:21 pm

Glad to finally see this update. Keep the updates coming.

seamonkey420 said:

February 3rd, 3:23 pm

sure wish Sony would give us back a DLNA video player on the PS4. Sure sucks that lately the hardware makers are shunning us who have spent thousands on our own digital media clouds at home that we cannot use.

Seriously, DO IT and can we kill the Cinavia protection schemes too? Some of us like to rip our store bought Blurays to digital as we see fit.

seamonkey420 said:

February 3rd, 3:24 pm

also.. can you update the PS4 so that the PS3 bluetooth remote w/the IR controls works w/the PS4? i can pair it but that is all. /needy sounding rant.. hehe

BobybobjimX9 said:

February 3rd, 3:32 pm

Can we able to connect the turtle beach PX4 by bluetooth for the chat vocal with this patch?

BulletPack said:

February 3rd, 3:44 pm

Dear playstion,
So will the new headset include bass impact? If not then what are the main benifits over buying the gold over the pulse elite?

visualize said:

February 3rd, 3:48 pm

Will the PS4 ever support Bluetooth headsets (from Sony or a third-party) like the PS3?

iamyashsoni said:

February 3rd, 3:49 pm


I was wandering if this update includes Fifa 14(Ps4) lag fix or not?

After playing 4-5 matches in the online seasons mode, it starts lag too much, specifically when its raining during the match!

So plz do something about it if you haven’t included so!

Transient said:

February 3rd, 3:55 pm

Could we get an update soon on when we can expect DLNA support? The last word from Sony was “we’re looking into it” which could mean anything really. I remember you were looking into cross-game chat for PS3 for years…

DarkOne_PR said:

February 3rd, 4:15 pm

DLNA and MP3 support? PS1 and PS2 disk emulation? Suspend and resume? Share Controller? >>>> Headset compatibility

DarkOne_PR said:

February 3rd, 4:17 pm

also i already bought the TB ear force px4. its wireless but i still need to connect it to the controller to chat!!! WTF? native blutooth connection to the ps4 to chat pls?

GABEv01 said:

February 3rd, 4:21 pm

So… This ones are the “Gold” but… Where are the “Platinums”? Those are the ones I’m eager to find out more about. I know, I know… You guys want to hold out on us… I can only wonder!

CEMELC said:

February 3rd, 4:26 pm

Will this update bring fixes to issues like the ps4 ejecting discs?

xOcelot- said:

February 3rd, 4:29 pm

But nothing for the Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset that I got with The Last Of Us? I only took that offer because I planned on getting a PS4…


PKanawati said:

February 3rd, 4:29 pm

I have a question regarding the heaphones. I used to have the very first Wireless Headset 7.1 from SONY. Than I changed to The Pulse Edition and by reading this article I got confused:

“(..)bringing support for the PULSE and PULSE – Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets to PS4.”

What is the Pulse – Elite Edition? When it was released?

What’s the difference between the first wireless stereo headset, the second one (PULSE) and this Pulse – Elite Edition?

Is this Gold Wireless headset the fourth model released by sony?

HiroboFreak said:

February 3rd, 4:30 pm

I have only just recently (2 weeks ago) bought the Pulse Elite’s. :/

Would there be any reason for me to buy these new ones?
I realise the “Gold” don’t have Bass Impact, but is the sound quality better than the Elite’s?


PKanawati said:

February 3rd, 4:36 pm

It’s weird. On this page http://us.playstation.com/ps3/accessories/ we can see all the Wireless Headsets available. I found out that the Pulse edition IS the Elite one. So, how come they state on this article that there is a Pulse AND a Pulse Elite Edition??

PooPface560 said:

February 3rd, 4:41 pm

Thank you very much for the update, especially before Outlast because that game will be perfect with my OG pulse headset.


DevilChild63 said:

February 3rd, 4:49 pm

What about the PlayStation Bluetooth microphones? When will they work?

SpiritNo7 said:

February 3rd, 4:52 pm

Will the new Gold headsets have the 3.5mm audio jack on the new smaller dongle? The Pulse Elite’s dongle has it, so I can plug the audio cable into my dongle then plug both the cable and dongle both into my TV, so I can use it for watching TV?

angelspawn77 said:

February 3rd, 4:55 pm

Great news, I like the new headset, although I already have the Pulse Elite headset, so wont be buying this one. It’s unfortunate that this one doesn’t have the Bass impact which is amazing when playing games, watching movies or listening to music.

Also there was always a work around for the Sony headsets, so I dunno why people were complaining to begin with about not supporting these headsets. You could have always since day 1 just connected your Pulse headset to the controller with the 3.5mm jack and set the audio to be fed to the headset instead of the TV, I’m not sure if the mic worked this way, but I think it should have. This is better of course due to the completely wireless experience and the incoming companion app for specific game modes.

PooPface560 said:

February 3rd, 5:08 pm

Let me get some of your guy’s facts straight.. The first wireless headset featuring 7.1 Virtual surround sound eventually became the Pulse headset, then the Pulse Elites were released and now the Gold headsets. So the first wireless headset is known as the Pulse headset.

So yeah, all of these headset will work after update tonight.

MaXiMuMRiDe44 said:

February 3rd, 5:11 pm

A necessity for me is the pulsing in my elite headset, it’s what sets it apart from other headsets. Do these have the same pulsing? It looks like a great headset. If not, will there be a new wireless pulse headset any time in the future? The elite headset had a few hardware design flaws that I would really like to see fixed in a new version. I really love the bass impact in the elites!


February 3rd, 5:12 pm

The original headset is not called the pulse I cant find anywhere calling it the “pulse” its called the” PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset.” and yes it will also be working with the PS4 after the 1.6 update.

jedi_webslinger said:

February 3rd, 5:24 pm

Does this update add an option to choose which device we want to speak with? Unless if i havent found it.. i need to unplug my camera to speak with the headset

DaJamaican said:

February 3rd, 5:30 pm

Still waiting for DLNA, External USB support, MP3 Playback, and local video playback all of which made the ps3 my central media device. I don’t see why I cant dump all my music and movies on this amazing machine. I know you can make it happen Sony.

vorpal_platypus said:

February 3rd, 5:32 pm

And where is DLNA??? When will the PS4 be a real PS3+ in all respects… If you want this generation to replace the last generation you need to do everything the last one did and THEN add to it… If you can’t deliver at least what we had how can you expect to really replace the last generation?

CommanderBlarb said:

February 3rd, 5:33 pm

soooo…. when is the HDCP removal patch coming?

NorwoodNinja said:

February 3rd, 5:41 pm

will the ps4 support the original playstation wireless headset that I paid 100 bucks for and works absolutely fine??

mattmedlam said:

February 3rd, 5:42 pm

It may have been answered already but will the PlayStation wireless stereo headset work also?

AirMaxPenny said:

February 3rd, 5:44 pm

First, this is great news. Thank you for getting this patch out the door. I can not wait to use my Pulse Elites in their purest form.

Second … Can Sony please just acknowledge the Disc Eject issue that hundreds of thousands of PS4 users are having? Even if you do not know the best way to fix it it yet, we would just like to know your thinking about it.

DragonIrons said:

February 3rd, 5:44 pm

stupid question, but why didn’t you call it the Blue Wireless Headset? There’s no gold on it lol

NishadJoshi said:

February 3rd, 5:45 pm

FINALLY. Gerrrrrd, I was so close to exploding…

Little disappointed that I bought that Pulse Elite’s though… the battery on that thing is terrible, caused by the Bass Impact I suspect. It’s one of the best headsets I’ve ever owned but the battery? It’s ridiculous.

Hopefully it lasts me another year… think I’ll enjoy it until it breaks (seems inevitable), then maybe buy one of these- which is probably when you’ll release the Sony Platinum Wireless Headset and I’ll be stuck out of my return window, AGAIN. GERD. Thanks, finally.

PooPface560 said:

February 3rd, 5:46 pm


lol. Dude , yeah it’s true they’re all wireless stereo headsets..Yet, the original was renamed and reboxed as a PULSE headset..

Proof is in the pudding..Sorry but please get facts straight.


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