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Feb 04

Feb 04

Thief on PS4 and PS3: New Trailer Emerges, Out This Month

Stephane Roy's Avatar Posted by

Producer, Eidos Montréal

It’s a wrap! After liters of coffee and buckets of sweat, I’m really thrilled to be able to scream it from the rooftops: THIEF IS DONE! That’s right – Thief has gone gold and will be available on February 25th. To find out everything you need to know about the game we’ve created a new 101 trailer that we’re releasing today.

Thief really brings to life the fantasy of being the ultimate Master Thief: planning a heist and infiltrating your target, avoiding all the security measures in your way, grabbing the most precious loot and escaping without getting caught.

I’m particularly proud of all the efforts the team has made to honor the history of the franchise while remaining connected to the gamers of today. This is something that our studio Eidos-Montréal achieved first with our previous game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Fans of the original Thief will be relieved to find the ingredients that made it one of the most respected franchises in the industry. The game doesn’t take gamers for idiots, it’s far from easy, and you can complete it without killing a single enemy or even being seen. But it is not only designed with long-time fans of the series in mind.


A new generation of gamers will also have a chance to discover why Thief, one of the founding fathers of the stealth genre is so well-loved, to explore the rich lore of The City and to experiment with a different style of gameplay that emphasizes thoughtfulness and patience as well as skills and reflexes.

We respect players. I know it sounds like empty pandering, but we really do take it to heart. We’ve given you a huge amount of options to customize your experience to enable you to play exactly as you prefer. You want the most complete immersion possible? We let you remove any clutter from the screen: the interface, the reticle, any visual indicator that isn’t part of the game world.


You want the most extreme stealth challenge? No problem — try Iron Man mode, which results in Game Over if you die, whether it’s at the beginning of the game or during the very last mission. And the reverse is true for players who just want to enjoy the story, who can take advantage of different options to help them through the game.

The development team has given their best to ensure this Thief is worthy of its legendary predecessors. We’re huge fans of the original games in the series, and this new entry is a genuine reflection of the passion and talent of a truly dedicated team. We cannot wait to share it with you all on later this month.

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jhernandez360 said:

February 4th, 6:04 am

If I buy the PS4 digital version will i be able to play it on the PS5?

PiMDx said:

February 4th, 6:05 am

Can’t Wait!

mynameisdats said:

February 4th, 6:06 am

Awesome! Looking forward to this!

JimmyHACK said:

February 4th, 6:08 am

More interested in this as I see story pieces.

I’m glad PS4 is the best version for consoles @ 1080p 60 fps.

BrianMcGuinness said:

February 4th, 6:13 am

Game was already on my radar. Looks awesome from this video. Can’t wait.

OfficialMagicPg said:

February 4th, 6:17 am

I liked it better when it was called Dishonored…

CrimsonNemo said:

February 4th, 6:17 am

My PS4 is ready for this game.

liammill18 said:

February 4th, 6:22 am

This game was in development at the same time as Dishonoured.

JimmyHACK said:

February 4th, 6:32 am

@6 you do realize Thief was first and Dishonored was referred to as a game “like Thief”

AvoidTalkingMice said:

February 4th, 6:36 am

+ OfficialMagicPg Thief was a game series before Dishonored was ever a blink in Betheda’s eye.

Swotam said:

February 4th, 7:14 am

Looks good guys. Will there be a digital pre-order on PSN?

Lugoves said:

February 4th, 7:50 am

If so on Digital Pre-order what size is the game?

TheRealBushkill said:

February 4th, 8:00 am

Oh baby, sounds great! I loved thief on my old pc..
this article does [sort of] alleviate some fears i had for a new thief…
remember us older gamers, please..

and on a side note: pretty sad i am missing last chance for Shadow of the Colossus , seeing how i do not own PS3..

here’s to hoping Outlast is more entertaining than a “fleeing” hour…

hawjboi2009 said:

February 4th, 8:16 am

i doubt Thief : digital size is about 20 to 25gb .. can’t wait to play this

Kolukonu said:

February 4th, 8:27 am

This game looks awesome! Can’t wait to pick it up later this month :)

Mwindaji said:

February 4th, 8:43 am

Excellent trailer. I had very little excitment for this game. I may have to check it out to see if its worth a buy.

Scifer-0 said:

February 4th, 9:03 am

Looks good! Might get it!

FearMonkey said:

February 4th, 9:31 am

From trailer: “In the world of Thief, nothing is out of bounds and nothing is out of reach.”

Except you can only jump in contextually designated areas. i.e. there is no dedicated jump button for traversal. You can only jump where the game says you can jump and it will always be a successful jump. Because people will be sad if they jump and fail. Game is designed for casual babies.

DragonIrons said:

February 4th, 9:40 am

I’m definitely getting this…. just one request. Please dont’ make a trophy for playing Iron Man Mode. I like TRYING modes like that but being forced to get through one…….. no thanks.

tusunami said:

February 4th, 11:34 am

I’m still suprised as ambitious as this game is that it’s not getting pushed back. Like everything else that seems to be happening for next gen-games.

poeticsutra said:

February 4th, 12:33 pm

This looks amazing


February 4th, 7:24 pm

Reminds me a lot of Dishonored + Assassins Creed. Looks very cool.

Viewtiful_Gene said:

February 5th, 10:19 am

Reminds me a lot of Dishonored + Assassin’s Creed. Looks truly awful.
I can’t believe how much you destroyed this franchise…

Another franchise to the graveyard of the games that wanted the casual/cowadooty/a$$creed audience…

DavePro65 said:

February 5th, 1:04 pm

I disagree Viewtiful_Gene. I have played and beaten every installment of this series (from pc to xbox). I look forward to seeing this version. Give it a chance before you write it off.

Don’t be such a Taffer. ;)

pattyboy411 said:

February 5th, 9:59 pm

@FearMonkey “You can only jump when the game says you can jump and it will always be successful.

The jumping system is similar to the one in Mirrors Edge. You still have to time your jumps carefully and can die if you aren’t careful. Multiple journalists have confirmed this. Try researching a bit before you claim something is too casual because it’s different.

crazeeavery said:

February 6th, 5:54 am

Thief is a old IP out long before Dishonored, and this reboot of Thief was in development at the same time as Dishonored.

rlmiller007 said:

February 6th, 6:23 am

Already order and paid for 1 day shipping. Can’t wait!

AizawaYuuichi said:

February 6th, 8:18 am

@ DragonIrons: Even if there is a trophy for beating the game on Iron Man mode, everyone having access to cloud saves now makes it a non-issue. If you’re really worried about dying, just save your game and close it, then upload your save to the cloud before proceeding. If you die, go download your save and try again.

I’m looking forward to aiming for a non-lethal playthrough on my first run, like I did with Human Revolution. Have my PS4 copy pre-ordered and paid off. Just waiting for February 25th now.

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