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Feb 10

Feb 10

New PS Vita Model Confirmed for US, Included in Borderlands 2 Bundle

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Update: An earlier version of this post stated that Borderlands 2 on PS Vita is playable with up to three of your friends. We checked in with the SCEA Third Party Production team, who confirmed that while they strived to include four-player co-op in the game, they made a decision late in their development cycle to focus on providing the best two-player-only co-op experience possible. As a result, the maximum co-operative player count for Borderlands 2 on PS Vita is capped at two.

Hey Vita fans, we’ve got some great news to share with you today. Since its reveal at the Tokyo Game Show, many of you have asked when the new PlayStation Vita model will be coming to North America. Today, we’re excited to announce the new PS Vita Wi-Fi model (PCH-2000 series) will be available via the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle this Spring. The bundle will include the new slim PS Vita system in black, the first-person role-playing shooter hit Borderlands 2 with six DLC packs, and an 8GB PS Vita memory card – all for $199.99 (MSRP).


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The new PS Vita Wi-Fi model is approximately 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter than the original version, with rounded edges to fit comfortably in your hands. The new model comes with 1GB of internal memory built into the system, and its 5-inch front touchscreen has a new high-definition liquid crystal display (LCD), giving you a high quality image that provides the same deep, immersive gaming experience that’s at the core of the PS Vita system.

You won’t need to worry about purchasing an extra PS Vita memory card to play Borderlands 2 out of the box – the limited edition bundle comes with an 8GB memory card. Also, the battery life of the new PS Vita system has increased to 4-6 hours of game play, up from 3-5 hours in the current model, and about 7 hours of video play, up from 5 hours from the current model. Extra juice for those long game sessions!


Many of you have waited patiently for Borderlands 2 to come to the PS Vita system, and we’re pleased to bring it to you bundled with the new PS Vita model. The game utilizes the PS Vita system’s unique front touchscreen and rear touchpad feature so you can easily zoom and pan on maps, manage inventory, inspect items, and more. You can shoot and loot through Pandora with a PS Vita-toting friend via Infrastructure online play, and you can also cross save your progress with your PS3. As an added bonus, Borderlands 2 for PS Vita includes six downloadable content (DLC) packs: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, Psycho Character Class, Mechromancer Character Class, Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 and the Collector’s Edition Pack.

If you haven’t played Borderlands 2 yet, the storyline follows six vault hunters through the world of Pandora in an attempt to defeat the notorious Handsome Jack of Hyperion Corporation. The Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle is great for those who are new to the game, or if you’re already a fan, it’s a great way to experience Borderlands 2 again right in the palm of your hands.


As with all PlayStation hardware, the PS Vita system has evolved in so many ways in the last two years. At the launch of PS4, we introduced PS Vita system’s innovative Remote Play feature, making it the ultimate companion device for the PS4 system. We know how much all of you PS4 owners have enjoyed it – I know I have. Additionally, we recently demonstrated its compatibility with PlayStation Now, our new streaming game service that leverages cloud-based technology, allowing you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on the PS Vita system when the service launches later this year. And let’s not forget the great games launching on PS Vita this year – including Minecraft, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, God of War Collection and The Walking Dead Season 2. Our goal is to bring you more games to enjoy with our most powerful handheld console, and we look forward to announcing new titles for the PS Vita system this year.

So, are you ready to shoot-and-loot with the new PS Vita model? Let us know in the comments!

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shibbydibbybibby said:

February 10th, 5:23 pm

eliminate/extend the app/save limit now!

how dare sony/vita only allow 100 apps/saves.

this “new” vita was released oct. 10/12? with 6 multivaried color schemes, yet in the west we only get POS piano black.

soo more sales out of the us coffers since sony enjoys not sharing what it gives to japan/asia. and i bet sony has the nerve to say its not selling well. when youve force people to import the vita, you gotta wonder what kinda company does business soo shamefully.

sony: its not selling well in NA/EU. lets release 6 new vitas in japan/asia. dont forget to remind game /publishers developers to release games in japan/asia only as well.

consumers: looks like if anyone wants to see the 6 proper slim vitas/64gb card/vita tv its from importing and as a bi-product not supporting my own countrys’ economy. great job SONY! your xenophobia has come a long way.

tj8_84 said:

February 10th, 5:24 pm

hey when are you guys going to shipping out more ps4 camera they are impossible to find and when is the US getting the Sony dualshock 4 charging station

shibbydibbybibby said:

February 10th, 5:26 pm

as for borderlands.. digital and infrastructure only huh? soo co-op gameplay from account sharing has effectively been squashed unless we create an alternate account/buy another overpriced memory card/buy bl2 twice. WOW! just another way to fleece the vita crowd at all costs…

are all the people working in the us branch “yes men” or just inept to what the “their” company is up to on the other side of the world?

great job gearbox. youve effectively undermined the family accounts system by omitting adhoc support.


February 10th, 5:27 pm

gerneric123 Killzone Mercenary isn’t a port. Anyways what’s wrong with ports? If they have cross save functionality it’s actually a great thing and it’s also great for people (probably a younger audience) who can only afford a handheld and not a console (Although the PS3 is going down in price now of course) but still some parents may prefer giving their child a handheld as opposed a console.

breydburdus said:

February 10th, 5:32 pm

Only one concern… These ports are great, but we want more exclusives of the Uncharted, Heavy Rain, GTA level.

Tearaway and Killzone were very close to that standard, yet there are not any huge franchises announced at this point which I’d like to buy day 1. A lot of HD remakes, ports and Japanese games, which is sad. Where are Vice City Stories kinds of blockbusters? GoW games? MGS? GT? PSP had all these titles.

Please, support our handheld with those games – my Exclusive pre-ordered first edition Vita+3G needs those titles. Thanks:)

Enigma777 said:

February 10th, 5:34 pm

I’m really bummed you’re not releasing the 64GB card statewide or the white Vita Slim. Guess I’ll just have to wait even more…

shibbydibbybibby said:

February 10th, 5:34 pm

i have to laugh at the people suggesting 128+gb cards when the 100 app/save limit has been stunting the vita since the 32gb cards. haha!

whats a 128gb non-existant card going to do when you can hit the app/save limit at around 32gb?

address the 100 app/save limit first. its an industry joke for a modern gaming device.

CommandingTiger said:

February 10th, 5:36 pm

@Elvick_ 88/89
I 100% agree you.
They should not replace the current OLED with the new one but rather have both options available for the moment.
The 2000 series should retail @ 170$ and the normal OLED Vita should retail 200$ (make 500k~1M more units of the OLED model for NA/EU until depletion).

They should consider a new Vita model. (Yes, already, we are dynamic people) with the OLED and 16Gb of internal memory. I also have a concept for that new Vtia Model (Looks nothing like the current Vita).

Jon-Hop said:

February 10th, 5:39 pm

Great news, just picked up the OLED model today and will look forward towards using the slimmer model down the line. Never played BL2, so this will be a nice treat for Vita owners. Thanks, now please provide a release date! ;)

UnrealSackboy said:

February 10th, 5:41 pm

Soooo only Black? :( Easy Pass no doubt about it. Come on sony, Why release the awesome colors that you have for Japan!? I really want the White and Lime Green. Also the Black and Hot Pink one as well!

Mot345 said:

February 10th, 5:42 pm

One more for COLOUR! I want a BLUE one :D

safety_your_dead said:

February 10th, 5:43 pm

If you buy the game only since you already own the Vita and you already have DLC for the PS3 will it carry over to the Vita, or will you have to buy it again? That’s my question. I’m not going to pay $200 for a game I want when I still have a system that works perfectly fine.

dodgedoors said:

February 10th, 5:44 pm

I will Stick with only my OLED until it dies or a better package comes around. Maybe even wait till Black Friday and see what the discount is. I might buy it earlier if a FFX-X2 package comes out or something similar.

Disacode said:

February 10th, 5:47 pm

Of course this happens after I just got a vita xD


February 10th, 5:48 pm

Too bad this isn’t like psp go with it’s 15gb internal and I’m going to need full customization to play vita borderlands 2,when will the 64gb card come here or should I just grab 1 from play asia.

DragonIrons said:

February 10th, 5:49 pm

:O SWEET….. I played the PS3 version of Borderlands 2 for a month when I was given a month of PS+ and it was free on there at the time (might still be). It’s a kick ass game, but I had enough games like that on my PS3…. lol

But having this game on my Vita? HELL YA! XD

genius527 said:

February 10th, 5:49 pm

“LIKE BOOM” keep on commetting just saying i’m a gamer too it’s just that i want u gamers to keep on and on and on commetting man!!! GO AHEAD”!!!

Hayterfan said:

February 10th, 6:07 pm

Looks like its coming out close to my brothers birthday, might get it for him, although I would like to know if we can transfer saves between the PS3, Vita and (wishful thinking) PS4 versions of Borderlands 2

bwhitlat said:

February 10th, 6:10 pm

Please remove the 100 app limit, I have 32 GB card and run into this error all the time with all the PS Mobile, PS Mini, PS One, and PSP old games I have transferred over from my PSP and have downloaded. None the less the vita games. I won’t buy a 64 GB card until this issue is fixed. Thanks.

StingrayX said:

February 10th, 6:12 pm

Ah Cooool!

TurismoM3 said:

February 10th, 6:19 pm

64gb memory cards, Japan gets them, why not North America???? Don’t drop the ball, I want to buy more Vita games but my 32gb is full. I can’t give you my money for games I want to purchase if I have zero room on my system. You like money right? Well?

mastorofpuppetz said:

February 10th, 6:20 pm

Sony does everything right with ps4 and everything wrong with vita. A 2 year old console port, Vita needs new exclusive Ip’s to market to the US. Memory cards are still an insult price wise. System is dying sue to sony mis-management.

purse317 said:

February 10th, 6:24 pm

How about a cheaper memory card or one that uses ya know the standard micro sd thing

jab__661 said:

February 10th, 6:25 pm

Why don’t we ever get all the awesome colors Japan gets?

Daverost said:

February 10th, 6:38 pm

I’ll stick with my OLED Vita. Call me when Vita TV is announced. I need one of those as a PS4 streaming box on another floor of my house.

viceforce said:

February 10th, 6:42 pm

That is a sweet box art.

lisatsunami said:

February 10th, 6:42 pm

I already have 2 OLED Vitas but I’ll buy the slim if you make it purple like the Hannah Montana PSP. I’ll settle for pink. But never giving up my OLEDs.

Rata_Morena said:

February 10th, 6:47 pm

Dont screw this up with the touch screen and back touch pad controls.please

techy87 said:

February 10th, 6:50 pm

When & where can I pre-order this sweet bundle? I already have the ps3 version and loving it and can’t wait to take my game with me. This would be my first PSP vita.

Cat_Corye said:

February 10th, 6:58 pm

Won’t be getting until it comes out in other colors, plus if the Pink on comes to NA. I’ll know what I’ll be getting my gf, she will hate me because there is a games that she will stay up all night playing.

tusunami said:

February 10th, 7:11 pm

@DuoMaxwell 1st up a 32GB memory stick is more than enough for games for your PS Vita. but since you want more room understandable there is a 64GB which I ordered from Japan.As long as you have money to pay for it, & there reason why those memory sticks are only from Sony is well you can thank the people that hack the Sony handhelds for that. that’s why you can’t use just any memory stick. And last but not least you can’t keep up with every game that comes out for the PS Vita. But what you can do is download the games your really going to play & beat them 1st then rinse & repeat.

Sammyv17 said:

February 10th, 7:16 pm

Will Borderlands 2 have ad hoc co-op support? You have no idea how much fun DBZ is in ad hoc mode. No lag at all. My brothers have vitas and i would like to play multiplayer with them in the same room without having to go online. Please tell me it does or add it before release.

ClixWizard said:

February 10th, 7:20 pm

Great news, now can we please get more color options and exclusive editions of the Vita?

Mommathor said:

February 10th, 7:20 pm

Will Vita players and PS3 players be able to play Borderlands 2 together?

BlindMango said:

February 10th, 7:25 pm

Hahaha, a 500GB Vita Memory Card?? C’mon guys, at least be freakin’ realistic here!!

chopork87 said:

February 10th, 7:34 pm

I would love to get one! But, I need someone to convince my wife that its a good investment. I try to tell her she could have the tv to herself while I play PS4, but that argument only gets me so far.

PAFenix said:

February 10th, 7:36 pm

How about some news on the Vita TV?

deep_cover187 said:

February 10th, 7:57 pm

Hey everyone so I’m confused, does the DLC included just mean when you buy the bundled version of Borderlands 2? As in will I be able to download Tiny Tina’s Dlc and UVHM2

Vcheese said:

February 10th, 8:05 pm

I love the new model, if only it had an OLED screen, i would seriously think of replacing my fat one. :(

Tinye310 said:

February 10th, 8:05 pm

This is really great news. I hope this brings a lot of new buyers to the system! I love my Vita and I love my OLED screen so I’ll be keeping that until it breaks. :) But maybe I’ll buy another one specifically to make it JP region locked.

Keep it up Sony!

Jerel said:

February 10th, 8:06 pm

I want the pink one! Hopefully you guys release them in the other colors too because I don’t want one in a boring standard color. :(

Also, will the Vita TV be coming to the US too?

Earthiness said:

February 10th, 8:11 pm

2 Real problems here on the Borderlands 2 on vita

1, Cross save PLEASE PLEASE remove this i don’t want to play with max savecheat toons on day 1

2. This games needs Dragon keep DLC its the best one better than the main story it self IMO def needs to be in there or no buy for sure the game has been out forever no reason not to have every dlc

atm its looking like a 9$ game less vs steam and free on ps3 so so


February 10th, 8:13 pm

Desperately need a Vita update that allows more than 100 bubbles/icons on a memory card. Bought the 64gb card still have about 10gigs left on it but reached the max icons allowed. Please Sony, firmware update to change that…

LawfulZain1 said:

February 10th, 8:14 pm

When can us Canadians expect a launch???? We love Playstation too!!

sockerps said:

February 10th, 8:14 pm

How about the Vita TV? Or TV out for the Vita models?

EmperorKorea said:

February 10th, 8:21 pm

why no OLED? LCD is so last decade.

italodancemp3 said:

February 10th, 8:26 pm

WOW what a surprise :) how much will be borderlands 2 itself? beside when is the official release date?

Macello said:

February 10th, 8:30 pm

The Vita does not have a high definition screen. Please correct that,

italodancemp3 said:

February 10th, 8:33 pm

i just read the last note:

“Our goal is to bring you more games to enjoy with our most powerful handheld console, and we look forward to announcing new titles for the PS Vita system this year.”

Fantastic yeah :D we have the most powerful handheld console WE KNOW thank you SONY :D

Quillsy said:

February 10th, 8:37 pm

I’m waiting till they bring colors over here to get a 2000. I’m sick to DEATH of all black handhelds. Freaking fingerprint magnets.

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