New PS Vita Model Confirmed for US, Included in Borderlands 2 Bundle

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New PS Vita Model Confirmed for US, Included in Borderlands 2 Bundle
Update: An earlier version of this post stated that Borderlands 2 on PS Vita is playable with up to three of your friends. We checked in with the SCEA Third Party Production team, who confirmed that while they strived to include four-player co-op in the game, they made a decision late in their development cycle to focus on providing the best two-player-only co-op experience possible. As a result, the maximum co-operative player count for Borderlands 2 on PS Vita is capped at two.
New PS Vita Model Confirmed for US, Included in Borderlands 2 Bundle

Hey Vita fans, we’ve got some great news to share with you today. Since its reveal at the Tokyo Game Show, many of you have asked when the new PlayStation Vita model will be coming to North America. Today, we’re excited to announce the new PS Vita Wi-Fi model (PCH-2000 series) will be available via the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle this Spring. The bundle will include the new slim PS Vita system in black, the first-person role-playing shooter hit Borderlands 2 with six DLC packs, and an 8GB PS Vita memory card – all for $199.99 (MSRP).


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The new PS Vita Wi-Fi model is approximately 20-percent slimmer and 15-percent lighter than the original version, with rounded edges to fit comfortably in your hands. The new model comes with 1GB of internal memory built into the system, and its 5-inch front touchscreen has a new high-definition liquid crystal display (LCD), giving you a high quality image that provides the same deep, immersive gaming experience that’s at the core of the PS Vita system.

You won’t need to worry about purchasing an extra PS Vita memory card to play Borderlands 2 out of the box – the limited edition bundle comes with an 8GB memory card. Also, the battery life of the new PS Vita system has increased to 4-6 hours of game play, up from 3-5 hours in the current model, and about 7 hours of video play, up from 5 hours from the current model. Extra juice for those long game sessions!


Many of you have waited patiently for Borderlands 2 to come to the PS Vita system, and we’re pleased to bring it to you bundled with the new PS Vita model. The game utilizes the PS Vita system’s unique front touchscreen and rear touchpad feature so you can easily zoom and pan on maps, manage inventory, inspect items, and more. You can shoot and loot through Pandora with a PS Vita-toting friend via Infrastructure online play, and you can also cross save your progress with your PS3. As an added bonus, Borderlands 2 for PS Vita includes six downloadable content (DLC) packs: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, Psycho Character Class, Mechromancer Character Class, Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 and the Collector’s Edition Pack.

If you haven’t played Borderlands 2 yet, the storyline follows six vault hunters through the world of Pandora in an attempt to defeat the notorious Handsome Jack of Hyperion Corporation. The Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle is great for those who are new to the game, or if you’re already a fan, it’s a great way to experience Borderlands 2 again right in the palm of your hands.


As with all PlayStation hardware, the PS Vita system has evolved in so many ways in the last two years. At the launch of PS4, we introduced PS Vita system’s innovative Remote Play feature, making it the ultimate companion device for the PS4 system. We know how much all of you PS4 owners have enjoyed it – I know I have. Additionally, we recently demonstrated its compatibility with PlayStation Now, our new streaming game service that leverages cloud-based technology, allowing you to play a variety of PlayStation 3 games on the PS Vita system when the service launches later this year. And let’s not forget the great games launching on PS Vita this year – including Minecraft, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, God of War Collection and The Walking Dead Season 2. Our goal is to bring you more games to enjoy with our most powerful handheld console, and we look forward to announcing new titles for the PS Vita system this year.

So, are you ready to shoot-and-loot with the new PS Vita model? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I really do want to get a PS Vita, but those memory cards are a killer. With so many great offers on PS+ and being able to download older games 8gb is honestly nothing. Remove the free game and make it a 32gb (which is $79.99 MSRP right now) and I’d be all over this.

    I love ya Sony, my PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 are testaments to that. Vita is a great system, but prohibitive memory cards make it really hard to justify the purchase right now.

  • S_L_I_C_K--T

    This is awesome and I thank you at Sony for bringing such a great bundle out for us here in America. I already have the white original vita bundle of assassins creed but I personally don’t like the OLED screen cause of the horrifying blotching spots I always see clear as day when I play in a dark room at night. Its annoying seeing them all over the screen during loading screens in all games or games that play in dark areas.

    I love vita otherwise and with this lcd screen it will be the end of that annoying blotching under loading screens and dark areas in games. I prefer lcd tech myself. It last longer than oled. So people whining over lcd confuses me. You get a screen that has a longer life span than oled. No more annoying blotching to have to deal with at night. It annoys me bad.

    So I welcome this new screen and better battery life and internal memory as well as a memory card at 8 gigs and a awesome game so Im buying one day one.

  • S_L_I_C_K--T

    On a side note… Who ever is at the blog team blocking me from commenting on these blog post needs to stop. I’m about to call into the corporate office and put in a complaint on your blog team. It gets old having to make bogus new psn accounts just to log into here and comment on something. If you can’t take a little constructive criticism from time to time maybe Morgan Haro needs go find a new profession then. His constant blocking me from voicing my criticism at times which I have a right to is getting very old now. Knock it off. The money I spend on sony products off my main plus account is well over 3 grand now since 2007 and then you treat me like this by blocking me from commenting. Knock it off MORGAN HARO!

  • smellybumbumface

    Hey guys. i have borderlands 2 on my xbox 360. my badass rating is over 100 thousand. i would love to get this for my vita but theres no way id play it unless i can continue my badass rating. any chance that will ever happen? because i reckon theres alot more people out there who would agree with me

  • I agree with the recommendation to get rid of the proprietary memory cards or at least offer them at prices competitive to microsd. Or maybe open up the standard so that you’re not the only ones making them.

    Another thing is I didn’t see any mention of an hdmi out port on the new psvita pch-2000 so I guess I can assume it’s not there. Correct me if I’m wrong. :) (sorry if this has been discussed already. too lazy to read through all 200+ comments, and no clear way to search through them )

    As it is, I’ll be holding on to my current PSVita. Glad you’re evolving it though. Also chomping at the bit for PS Now since my ps3 just died.

  • S_L_I_C_K--T

    Lucos9… That is what happens when you go disc only on ps3 only as I suspect you did. They die faster. I’m digital only and still have my original day one 2006 60 gig backwards compatible ps3 and it looks and runs like it did on day one. I go digital only and the only upgrade I did to it was install a 500 gig harddrive in it. I also bought more ps3’s over the years to to make sure I always have backups incase one breaks down. Its dumb to just have one ps3 when you can find decent ones that work for under 100 bucks at most pawn shops now. I bought 3 ps3’s all for 150 bucks together a month ago at my local pawn shop and they all are 320 gig ps3 slims and one is a super slim and they all work like new. My kids have one, my wife has one and I have 2 in the living room now right with my new 360 joining them. I have a white vita to. Anyways, you gotta have more than one ps3’s these days dude. They aren’t that expensive even new anymore.

  • I love the series and have been patiently waiting for any info on this bundle. Quite a few missed opportunities here though. First, no color included on the vita? Yellow would have been perfect. Second, not even an emblem… Third, no Tiny Tinas DLC, which was the highest rated of the four… I would say best, but I had been holding out on the season pass for this bundle, so I have no experience with it as of yet.
    All in all, the inclusion of the card is awesome, but having a digital voucher is pretty lame. I guess that would be “fourth” in the list above. I’m going to have to see what other bundles are announced now. Sorry guys. More than likely, I will still pick up the game once I get my vita, just because BL2 is so damned awesome.

  • asianboyy97

    Ok, is the game only available for the psvita slim bundle??? I want to buy buy the game separate from the bundle.

  • biggiejerseys

    Will the game be releasing separately besides this bundle with the DLCs? I already have a Vita, but I really want this game, lol. And any idea on when the bigger memory cards will be coming to N. America?

  • ARtsIndustries

    I already have a Vita but this just made me buy ANOTHER VITA!
    Not joking, I just ordered it on Amazon.
    Yeah, one with an OLED. That way if mine ever breakes I won’t have to settle with that LCD thingy.

    I can’t say I’m happy with the redesign but still sincerely hope that it helps sell more Vitas. More people should be part of its magnificence.

  • Beatmania2dxs

    There isn’t that huge of a difference between OLED and LCD, just look at side by side comparison photos on google. Yes, the OLED has some more vibrant colors, but it’s not an overwhelming difference. I feel like the thinner design and additional battery life more than make up for some shades of colors that you aren’t even going to notice are missing once you pick up the device and play. Reserve judgement until you’ve actually played around with the new Vita model. After owning one myself, it remains unsurprising to me that many gaming websites praise the redesign.

    And obviously the game will be available outside of the bundle. Likely retail, but most certainly on PSN.

  • Thank you for answering my prayers! I will totally get a yellow one now! Since I’m new, what games should I try?

  • I will really miss OLED screens, I have “old” vita, and its amazing when you see that contrast when it goes from black screen to something very bright, its like I am playing on my plasma TV, I love it, just thing to have slim 2 with oled again :)

  • My previous Vita got stolen by some thugette and will be looking forward to the slim. I really want it in Red though so I am contemplating should I get the black on black PSV BL2 Bundle or wait?

  • How many bundles will be released?

  • alechammond13

    So i saw that the new PS Vita has a micro USB charging port, and haven’t changed the memory stick type. If their reasoning behind the custom made memory sticks is piracy couldn’t you just plug your PS Vita into your computer instead of transferring via Memory Stick? I think if they have already changed the charger port to something more accessible then why not a memory stick to something more accessible?

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    This is great, now all that is needed is to get rid of that 100 bubble limit on the system and release the 64 GB card and the Vita will be truly excellent.

    I’m serious though, you guys really need to get rid of that 100 app limit on the system since it’s pretty much hindering things for those of us who have bought a lot of games for the system over the past two years.

  • DarkenedMatter

    This has nothing to do with the vita but would anyone be interested in seeing a Vexx HD remake? Or to see a new game in the series? I don’t know what happened to the people who made the first one but i really enjoyed that game and had bought it on my PS2 when it first came out and would love to see it on PS4 and Vita maybe?

  • The bundle looks very good value, however, the fact of the proprietary memory cards still keeps me from buying a vita. I believe that using a more standard SD or MicroSD card will make the vita more attractive to users.

    Vita looks cool but I’ll still wait until:
    – The proprietary cards get a significant price drop.
    – A card adapter of microSD card to vita memory card.
    – A next revision of the Vita that gets support for more standard SD or MicroSD cards.

    Just a little advise Sony, hope you hear it because I am looking forward to own a Vita :D

  • DarkAssasin-12

    I really cant wait for Borderlands 2 to release! I have been waiting for it since its announcement. I just wonder if its going to be as good as the console version because obviously, its a gigantic game with big maps and a never ending supply of weapons. It even has frame rate issues on ps3 and xbox 360, so having to port that to a handheld system with less power then the consoles and having it run smoothely and let players have a great expirience on the go is going to be a difficult challenge. Also, the Vita has 4 less buttons then the ps3, so i wonder how thats gonna work out with the touch screen and back touchpad. Well either way, i will still be getting this game no matter what, i cant wait!

  • joshuafamily99

    can somebody please tell me when the other colors of the ps vita 2000 will be coming to the usa?
    if you know please message me it so i can Know cause i am buying every color of the vita 2000 i am a collector thankyou

  • OMG!! borderlands 2.. i really need this in my ps vita.. a open world gameplay in vita..

  • lets hope the developers don’t over spec there game like insomniac did full frontal assault. i will straight return the bundle.

  • I can’t wait until I can get my hands on this brand new PlayStation vita slim version but not only that this beautiful bundle with Borderlands 2 and the rest of this stuff here. I’ve always wanted to buy this new piece of hardware and now I’m going to get it this Spring 2014.

  • ManBearPigCheif6

    2 things, I am getting the new ps vita bundle but I don’t have a ps4 or ps3, is ps plus worth it? Second any idea when the bundle is coming out?

  • the white one will come to united states?

  • I have held off on the Vita, until now, I am interested in the new slimmer model and streaming with the PS3, and the new God Of War.

  • bl2 is nice wonder how bad the graphics will be.. to bad i’ve played through it 10 times :<

  • confussion24

    Can’t wait to get this

  • I really want this new Vita. However seeing as I already have one I might just wait. Now if they had some new colors or a memory card bigger than 32 gb (much bigger and not that crazy high price) I’d definitely buy a second Vita.

  • Mintblend_44321

    Awesome game for an awesome handheld!! Hope to see Demons Souls and Bioshock one day as well

  • Wow Sony this is awesome. Might need to get another Vita after this! The only thing bumming me out about my Vita was the small battery life and the pricey memory cards. Can’t say anything about the screen changes, need to get my hands on it to see if the trade off is worth it but the bundle seems sweet! (Also PS1 Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3 and Spyro 1,2,3 for Vita! [Sorry I’m a believer in this pipe dream XP])

  • Just to be clear;
    I already have a vita, (the PCH-1101) Will I be able to purchase a standalone game and the dlc and play it on my version of the vita?

  • Mintblend_44321

    I really hope Borderlands 2 is a good port. This game could be incredible on the go!!!

  • nidgetorg_be

    > “So, are you ready to shoot-and-loot with the new PS Vita model? Let us know in the comments!”

    I’m very close. The PS4/Vita and Playstation Now combination would be a deal breaker for me in order to invest my money in these systems. The only condition would be to be able to play the PS3 titles that I already own for free on the PS Vita. I won’t buy if I have to pay again for what I already own.

  • I know this is an older thread, but I really want to know when there will be an official announcement regarding a release date. My birthday is coming up and I was hoping to snag this.

  • EumarZephyr

    I love this game on ps3, I have only two questions. Will the dlc carry over from ps3/vita and will there be any type of cross play between the vita and the ps3.

  • Decoolestmom1

    Will we be able to cross-play with PS3 users?

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