Skullgirls Encore Launching on February 11th

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Skullgirls Encore Launching on February 11th
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UPDATE: If you’re an owner of Skullgirls, your Skullgirls Encore upgrade voucher is expected to be sent to your PlayStation ID’s message box starting tonight around 10:00pm, Pacific Time.

We’ve got some big news: Skullgirls Encore is launching on February 11th!

…wait, what? Isn’t Skullgirls already out?

It was! But it’s currently not.

To release the new content funded by our successful Indiegogo campaign, Skullgirls had to undergo a painful publisher transition, one that required removing the game from the store entirely and resubmitting it. But don’t worry — everyone who previously purchased Skullgirls will receive Skullgirls Encore and the DLC Character Color Bundle free, which we’ll detail at the end of this post.

If you haven’t checked out Skullgirls since its original launch in April 2012, you’ll find a lot of new features in Skullgirls Encore:

  • Literally hundreds of gameplay and balance tweaks
  • Faster gameplay
  • The new “Drama” meter keeps combos from getting too long without compromising creativity
  • Hugely expanded training mode, and still some of the best tutorials in the fighting game genre
  • Improved online play
  • Gorgeous new stages, with new music from the amazing Michiru Yamane
  • Five free DLC characters coming in 2014

Skullgirls EncoreSkullgirls Encore

For an exhaustive list of all the changes since we released the Skullgirls “Slightly Different Edition” patch in November of 2012, go here.

These are but a few of the many reasons why fighting game destination voted the PC version of Skullgirls Encore the Best Fighting Game of 2013. So if you’ve never played the game before or haven’t checked it out in a while, next week is a great time to do both.

And, to celebrate the launch of Encore, we’re also giving away the Character Color Bundle free for a limited time.

Meet Squigly

The first DLC character funded by our Indiegogo campaign, Squigly, will also be released alongside Skullgirls Encore next Tuesday. Our console fans have been waiting very patiently for this, and I think they’ll find she’s worth the wait.

Squigly is an undead opera singer, and host to the powerful dragon-like parasite, Leviathan. Like many before her, she has a tragic past and a beef with the Medici Mafia, all of which are explored in her touching story.

Squigly is a highly technical character that’s difficult to master, but still has strong and accessible fundamentals everyone can enjoy. She also has some really unique special attacks, as well: Center Stage lets you forcibly move the camera to drag your opponent in, and when powered up it can even create temporary false corners to combo against. There’s a lot to learn, but — like all of our other characters — Squigly comes with complete tutorials to help you get the basics down.

All of her complexity has made her one of our biggest characters yet, with over 1,700 frames of the high-res, feature-quality animation Lab Zero Games is known for.

As promised, all of Skullgirls Encore’s DLC characters will be completely free for a limited time after release. So by downloading Skullgirls Encore next week, you’ll not only get Squigly free, you’ll also be able to get the other four new characters we’ll be releasing the next year free, as well!

Skullgirls EncoreSkullgirls Encore

Skullgirls Encore

So enjoy Squigly, and remember that you still have Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf, and Robo-Fortune to look forward to. We’re currently targeting a March release for Big Band, so you won’t have to wait long for the next free character, either.

Upgrading to Skullgirls Encore

As I mentioned before, if you owned the previous version of Skullgirls, you’re entitled to download Skullgirls Encore completely free.

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Check your PSN messages on your XMB
  2. You’ll receive an XMB message from “Skullgirls” with a link to a free voucher for Skullgirls Encore
  3. Click the link in the XMB message, which will redeem the voucher and take you to PlayStation Store to download Skullgirls Encore
  4. Be sure to also download the Squigly Character Unlock and Character Color Bundle DLC — both are free for a limited time!
  5. After the download is complete, please delete the current version of Skullgirls, as it will no longer be supported
  6. Enjoy!

Technically, as far as your PS3 is concerned, Skullgirls Encore is an entirely new game. So unfortunately your old save data won’t work, and you’ll have a second set of the original Trophies to collect.

In Conclusion…

From our Indiegogo success to our publisher difficulties, 2013 was a rollercoaster of a year for Skullgirls and Lab Zero Games. But with Skullgirls Encore finally coming back to console with frequent updates and free characters, we think the game will have great momentum in 2014.

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18 Author Replies


    I own the original Skullgirls and have not received a voucher yet to download the encore version. Have the vouchers been released yet, or will they be released later? I really want to play it.

    • Peter Bartholow
      Peter Bartholow

      Sony tells us that the XMB message will be broadcast tonight, sometime around 10 PM PST.

      Sorry for the additional delay.

  • SuperBlooper19

    Definitely looking forward to playing it later, but I haven’t gotten the voucher for it on the parent account for my PS3. I guess I’ll brush up on the Slightly Different Edition while I wait.

  • I haven’t gotten mine either. Hopefully they’re being sent out later today. I’m psyched that squigly is finally available, but we’ve had enough delays as it is. I just hope there’s no problem with the distribution (Fingers crossed)

  • I haven’t gotten my voucher for skullgirls encore. I hope they send them out later I really want to play this game. I’ve been waiting to play this and I simply can’t wait!!!!!

  • purespirit5300

    so i haven’t received my message and i downloaded the original game. what cant i get my game?

  • accidentreport

    Hi Skullgirls gang,

    Absolutely love the game and have been eagerly awaiting Encore, but I haven’t received the PSN message with the new promo code yet! How do we get the free update if the message doesn’t go through?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dsoul_Thekiller

    I don’t think anybody has got it yet just wait a little while longer

  • I still don’t have my code or any message at all

  • Joe_The_human

    How long does it take for the Voucher message to be sent? I just can’t wait to play Skullgirls Encore!

  • Do vouchers just come up on the our email that our psn accounts are linked to?

  • I gotten my voucher.

  • ^have not

  • According to Twitter, we’ll all get our PSN codes via the XMB sometime between 9 and 10 PST (Midnight to 1 AM EST, or 11PM to Midnight CST)

  • @63 ah BALLZ!! are you kidding me!?! i’m so not waiting for this… i will re-buy it and give lab zero my money!! just not going dog gone wait.

  • Dsoul_Thekiller

    dang will thanks for the info dude I guess ima play the demo

  • Haha I would buy it again, too, only I’ll probably have the message by the time I get off work. That, and I REALLY want their Squigly shirt on the eightysixed website. Lol

  • RedZeroNOVA36

    haven’t recieve my voucher. The wait! It said we will get a voucher by our psn message box but never said when and what time zone.

  • Ricky_Rei_Vega

    So, what if you aren’t getting this message? I live in North America, so that’s not the problem… I have the original Skullgirls… I just want to play this really badly!

    • Peter Bartholow
      Peter Bartholow

      Sony tells us that the XMB message will be broadcast tonight, sometime around 10 PM PST.

      Sorry for the additional delay.

  • EvilhunterJ

    I bought the original skullgirls game and have yet to receive said voucher. When will I get it?

  • Is there a timetable for when the vouchers for Encore will be sent out to those that own the original?

    I have yet to receive mine…and I want to play this so badly :(

  • How long will it take to get the email for free Encore version? I’ve played the original game a lot of times and really excited to play the new version. Keep up the good work!!

  • RedZeroNOVA36

    thanks for the heads up Peter.

  • wow what the heck?!? you guys erase my message just biting the bullet for other people no wonder you don’t think right sony… oh BTW expect a call or a web chat on the 13th if my game ban is not lifted around 10am EST. also you should have vouchers out when the game comes out!! now to plan B…

  • oh BTW this is a water down version of the PC version of the game. No Lobbies and No Art Gallery. i’ll give it a week for the update. if not expect a call

  • Uh, I just checked my PS3 tonight because of the Voucher of SK:EC. Problem is, I don’t see it in my messages. Have the Vouchers been sent out yet?

  • naruto-toshiro

    I haven’t received my voucher yet. Does it take awhile?

  • denondeejay

    I am new to scull girls and I barely naught the game. So I don’t understand how to update or get the free DLC’s. I need a little help.

  • denondeejay

    Bought is what I meant.

  • Thanks for the free character, update and color pack, guys you awesome C:
    But i have a question you will add new trophies? or maybe new trophies for any new character, please :D

  • wait i already got the game thats mean i have to buy it again because i didn’t get the message on my psn account? im sad now i want to cry :'( </3

  • denondeejay

    It’s going to be12:00 AM when the message comes -_-

  • Trilljacker654

    It s 10;30 where I am at and don’t see nothing

  • QuietStorm1981

    Hello I haven’t received a voucher for skullgirls encore. What steps do I have to take to receive one

  • Hello, I owned the original skullgirls since January last year and I never received a voucher code for the encore version. Is there anything you can do Peter Bartholow? I have proof of purchase you can check my downloadables.

  • Nevermind, I just read your message above, I should be getting it pretty soon.

  • -waiting intensifies-

  • OneMoreVillain

    Code received, currently downloading the game right now. Looking forward to the additions and changes.

  • Just got it…thank you.

  • Silentgeargrand

    It’s past 1 A.M. where I’m at and still no code. I bought the game on sale, does that have anything to do with it? You guys are talking about the message box in the “friends” section, right? Going to bed now. Hopefully it will be there when I get up.

  • its 1:22 where iam at and i aint get squat

  • Silentgeargrand

    Wait… why does it say 10 in the time of post section?

  • RedNinjaFist

    Still haven’t gotten mine yet either, DD:. i was hoping to play with a friend today on day 1.

  • It’s nearly 1:30 AM where I am now. Were the codes all supposed to go out at once or are they rolling out gradually?

  • thats the western time

  • Trilljacker654

    Still got no code is it because I had got it when it was on sale or what

  • nexusknight2

    I can’t wait, I’m hyped for skullgirls encore! X3

  • Ok it is now 1:26 AM in the east coast. I don’t mean to sound impatient but I’m pretty sure everyone her on this side of the country have been waiting patiently. we all still have the original waiting in our game folders wondering whats going to happen to them……..will all of us on the east have to wait till the morning?

  • should i delete the orignal skullgirls or wait until i get the voucher

  • nexusknight2

    I’m hoping to get the voucher.

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