Bound by Flame Coming to PS3, PS4 in 2014

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Bound by Flame Coming to PS3, PS4 in 2014
Bound by Flame Coming to PS3, PS4 in 2014

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! This is Walid, producer at Spiders Studio.

I’m very proud to tell you about Spiders’ latest game, and our first RPG for PS4: Bound by Flame. We’re planning to release our baby in Q2 2014 for PS3 and PS4. Today, we chose to unveil an overview trailer to show you some of the most important features of the game.

After watching this trailer, we can dig a little deeper into what this is all about!

Bound by Flame is an action-RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. In this world, evil wizards, the seven Icelords, have taken over, raising an army of undead and wiping out the living. Your character, who can be male or female, is named Vulcan. Vulcan is a mercenary and explosives expert — a very unlucky one, might I add — that gets himself possessed by a powerful fire demon. I won’t go into details on how that happens; you’ll have to play to find out yourself.

Working on Bound by Flame has been a blast. I mean, this is dark fantasy, right? Truckloads of big and ugly monsters, all sorts of magic, and some of the meanest, badass bosses you’ve ever seen.

In Bound by Flame, you better be prepared before you charge into a fight. Wait, no, scratch that. You’d better not charge into a fight at all. Sneak instead, booby trap the place, or fireball the hobblers to pieces. That’s what I’d recommend. Well, that’s how I would do it, anyway, but I guess that’s because I’m a chicken. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an infiltration game, it’s just that we’ve made the fights hard and demanding. It’s no walk in the park.

Bound by FlameBound by Flame

If you still insist on going hand-to-hand with your enemies, you might want to pick a massive weapon for an efficient skull bashing. I personally favor the hammer, because it’s heavy and it smashes shields like glass. Bound by Flame has this concept of breaking attacks; you can break an enemy’s attack if you have enough breaking power, or he can break yours. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that a hammer packs a lot of breaking power. You might also enjoy waving an axe around or just chopping slices out of your foes with a sword.

I said that I liked hammers, but I also like the other combat stances, and especially the two-daggers fighting style. It’s a high speed, high DPS fighting style perfectly suited for my advanced hit-and-run techniques (especially the running part).

Did I mention that you can dodge in this fighting style? If you get the timing right, you can turn your character into a blur that’s impossible to hit. The two daggers are a little less efficient against some heavier enemies though, but when I stumble on one of these guys, I just switch back to my hammer — simple and easy.

Anywho, no matter what my fighting style, I never forget to light my weapon on fire for a nice, undead BBQ.

We at Spiders put a lot of time and effort into giving you guys a challenging and fine-tuned gameplay experience. With variety in mind, we developed different fighting styles as well as an in-depth equipment upgrade and customization system; all of your equipment, from sword to boots, can be upgraded through crafting, as long as you gather enough ingredients. We really wanted you guys to feel like you could build the armor and the weapons you want to wear and use. Also, keep in mind that upgrading is not for looks only, and each of the customizations you’ll make will directly impact your characteristics and dramatically influence combat outcome.

Bound by Flame

You can expect resistance on the way — every enemy has its own specific attacks. Even the basic ones can be a hassle, some can resist physical damage while others resists magical damage, or are poisonous. Or just plain evil.

We like our monsters big and somewhat fluffy. Dark fantasy is so much fun to work with. The first thing we asked ourselves when the production began was “How can we make big monsters?” and then we went on and did some very big and very ugly ones.

We also threw some companions into the mix so you wouldn’t feel alone in the fight. Keep an eye on them so they don’t fall victim to enemy blades. You might even score some romances with some of them!

I really hope you’ll enjoy playing Bound by Flame as much as we enjoyed making it. Don’t hesitate to visit the official website or Spiders Devblog for more info, and the official Facebook page. I’ll stop by sometime to answer comments, so if you have any question, just ask!

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  • cool_trainer

    Those spiders look crazy.

  • Looks awesome! Where can I find the trailer?

    • Ryan Clements

      Hey! We’ll have the trailer uploaded as soon as possible, friends. Thanks for your patience!

  • “After watching this trailer…” What trailer?

    PS: I’ve always loved the logo for Spider Studio

  • BattleSkard

    Damn nature you scary

  • MushThePainter

    Where’s the trailer?

  • the witcher 3, bound by flame, dragon age inquisition, lords of the fallen!!! This gonna be a great generation for fantasy/epic rpg fans like me!!!

    All we need now is that yosp announces demon’s souls 2!!! can’t wait

  • fromage2323

    looks like video is on european blog but not here. also your website still says Q1

  • I’ve had my eye on Bound by Flames for a while now. Can’t wait to see how it’s turned out. Any chance for a demo?

  • seeing gameplay is what matters, I could care less about pics and CG trailers. The game does sound interesting though and I love RPGs

    Any Idea when some actual gameplay will be shown?

  • GotDanny1989

    Thought this game looked pretty lame when I first saw gameplay

    This trailer actually changed my mind

  • Vengeance1138

    Game looks awesome, will definitely check it out! Though I found the VO guy in the trailer to be a tad on the cheesy side…

  • GaMeCuBeFLOP

    Is this a disc based release ?

  • Interesting…..
    retail or digital only release?

  • Vengeance1138


    Definitely a retail release… perhaps digital too. Just checked the games official site and the boxes are on the right side

  • Ok am sold on this game i like the settings and the world can’t wait to play it on PS4, thanks Spider Studio for making this game

  • Provoked_Door

    The game looks amazing, Might have to add it to my list of must haves. ;)

  • this looks awesome! My PS4 doesnt get used because there are no RPGs to play and this is right up my ally. Looking forward to it :)

  • This sounds like this could be awesome, once a trailer is up & running . I’ll check into this more.

  • MushThePainter

    Just watched the trailer on another site and I have to say, this looks awesome! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Aww Ryan Clements said I was his friend :)

  • Okay, just watched the trailer on YouTube. I’m in; this is EXACTLY the kind of game I wanted to be playing, but really didn’t think that we’d see anything like it for the first year. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  • Looking forward to playing it; I love dark fantasy! Will the game be available at retail, or will it be a digital only release like Mars: War Logs?

  • It looks quite interesting, the last image reminds me of Kingdoms of Amalur, which was a game that I loved.

  • Phillyblunz

    So is this splitscreen?

    Online coop?


    Move support?

    Always wanted a good 3D action RPG with move support when in first person view, or even a close TPV.

    4 player coop online?


  • CommandingTiger

    That’s all great.
    But Sony, you really need to fix the analog on the DS4, they’re too fragile.

  • Ok the trailer sold me, glad to see more games coming for the PS4!

    So June by the latest correct?

  • plaztiksyke

    are there any same-sex relationship choices you can make like in Dragon Age and other RPGs? any GLBT characters in the story?

    local co-op? what differences are there between the PS3 and PS4 versions? does the PS4 version feature 24-bit/ lossless audio assets?

    PS: another vote for 3D and Move support on PS4.

  • BlaqMagiq24

    Looks amazing! Definitely on my radar.

  • I’ll keep my eye out for sure.

  • I really loved what I saw. And because I really really liked it know this devs! I don’t care for the graphics but just deliver me gameplay, good scenario and length! Just another RPG to my basket. God, I love 2014 already.

  • PainOfSarrow

    Wow, this looks realy good. i cant normaly stand RPG games. this one looks great though, luv the dark theme.

  • game looks good but i need to see more gameplay about it.its nice that the devs are bringing to both ps4/ps3.

  • Definitely looking forward to this. The trailer just solidified my anticipation for the game. RPGs are my favorite genre, so the more the better I say.

  • Ooooh, this looks pretty cool. Between this, Lords of the Fallen and the next Dragon Age, I’m gonna get my medieval swords and sorcery fill in 2014. Cant wait!

  • I’m going to buy this so hard, thank you, ill pay the full 59.99 too

  • JeRzYzFyNeSt

    Wow i can’t wait I’m excited hope it releases Soonnn!!!!

    i hope there is amazing Loot and legendaries to fine ;)

    and Coop =))))))

  • JeRzYzFyNeSt


  • tokyopunchout

    Game looks great! I hope that voice actor from the trailer isn’t in the game though. Been too spoiled by great voice acting in games recently…

  • I’ve loved your previous RPGs & plan on picking up a PS4 to play this on. I know you’re busy, but will you ever get back to finishing the Faery story?

    Thanks for reading! :)

  • Character models are less than impressive and look like they need higher quality textures. The faces are abysmal and look extremely outdated. The enemies are the only thing that looked detailed and the effects look like middle-gen PS3.

    I really hope you do a major overhaul or the PS4 version is vastly superior. If that was the PS4 trailer I would be extremely disappointed. The game looks like it could be something great but as of now I’m not seeing anything next-gen about it.

  • Viewtiful_Gene

    Looks shallow, uninspired and boring as hell.

    “Yeah let’s just make another lazy copy of those games… you know, like that crap called Dragon Age or I dunno… KOAR or something”

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