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Feb 14

Feb 14

GTA Online: Valentine’s Day Massacre Special Update Out Now

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GTA Online: Valentine's Day DLC

It’s Valentine’s Day in Los Santos, and nothing says “I love you” like the warm wooden grip and cold steel barrel of a Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun. Dress to the nines in a new Double Breasted Suit, a 1920’s flapper dress, or bare it all in some sexy undergarments and paint the town red in a classically-inspired new ride, the Albany Roosevelt. All items are available for a limited time, but once acquired you will be able to keep them in your inventory for good.

To help celebrate, Rockstar is hosting a special Valentine’s Massacre Social Club Event Weekend that will include in-game RP bonuses, Crate Drops, and much more. For more details visit the Social Club Events page.

GTA Online: Valentine's Day DLC

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Gamerzlimited said:

February 14th, 3:16 pm

Haven’t play GTA V for quite a while. Need to get back on sometime.

gohan16ken said:

February 14th, 3:39 pm

This is my first GTA game and I love it. You guys are artist!

juggalorider said:

February 14th, 3:40 pm

i have the dress but i can’t find her head band

myhousee99 said:

February 14th, 4:07 pm


Charliesdad said:

February 14th, 4:39 pm

Weekend plans:confirmed

Gamerzlimited said:

February 14th, 5:27 pm

Also, I love how people rate this low even though it’s Grand Theft Auto, one of the best selling franchises ever. This isn’t Call of Duty or Battlefield, you miserable trolls!

Talesgirl016 said:

February 14th, 5:43 pm

is GTA 5 coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4?

Talesgirl016 said:

February 14th, 5:44 pm

Please make PS4 version of GTA 5 :)

Talesgirl016 said:

February 14th, 5:45 pm

I would buy GTA 5 again if it came over to PS4

Talesgirl016 said:

February 14th, 5:46 pm

Dear Rockstar, Please port GTA 5 over to PS4 and Xbox One c:

tusunami said:

February 14th, 6:11 pm

@Talesgirl016 beg & beg all you want it won’t help. It doesn’t work like that lol. But on a another note I may have fire this back up!!!!!!!

puto09 said:

February 14th, 6:40 pm

Is this just for online?

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

February 14th, 7:04 pm

Make GTA5 for PS4!!

i have yet to Buy GTA5 or Diablo3 I’m still waiting strong for Nex Gen Ports i know it will come!!!

if not ill wait for GTA6 =/

jawara said:

February 14th, 10:14 pm

Please bring a GTA game to ps vita rock star Please!

CanaryIsles said:

February 15th, 12:20 am

Yeah Rockstar happy valentines but you crushed our love and online is dying ever since you removed quick replay of missions but let people grind some dumb race for MONTHS without consequences, the fun thing in this game was to replay your favorite missions even if you had millions already , because that was the fun gameplay to try missions with a different twist without the annoying loading, matchmaking, waiting screens….

italodancemp3 said:

February 15th, 12:40 am


PLEASE MAKE GTA5 for PS VITA,we need it,Sony needs you,please support us

Biggz124 said:

February 15th, 8:14 am

+1 for the PS Vita and PS4 ports of GTA V

but I really would like Agent to come to fruition, R*Q.

sparepart said:

February 15th, 10:39 am

My limousine should come with a driver so I can sit in the back. Also can we get escorts when the casino opens. And is R* going to address the bank vault glitch before online Heists start up?
As far as GTA on my Vita, I am open to GTA V via remote play. But also I would be happy to add a new GTA San Andreas Stories. It would be a nice exclusive title for the Vita, to go along with the other 2 GTA Stories games.

d-block_wayne_7 said:

February 15th, 10:59 am

i do not have gta 5

vFlo_Sniper13 said:

February 15th, 1:09 pm


WolfyHopeless said:

February 15th, 5:13 pm

Yeah was all about the car til I saw it costs 750k in game. Give me a freakin’ break. You wanna put out DLC we have to buy? Do it. At least that way it’s straight forward and not a pathetic cash grab for your in game currency.

Junguler said:

February 16th, 10:08 am

hurry up for that story dlc. gta online is boring.

durcks said:

February 16th, 12:01 pm

Heck of love

bt1234567892010 said:

February 16th, 1:36 pm

@21 dude, stop whining, play GTA Online’s missions and you’ll earn the money, there’s a ton of stuff to do, and once heists are available, it’s even more, it’s not like you have to pay money for the in-game money.

@16, and anyone else asking about a PS4 version, there’s hints about it, but it’s not confirmed, have patience, it PROBABLY will hit PS4, XBO, and PC, eventually.

bt1234567892010 said:

February 16th, 1:37 pm

also to 21, I forgot, it is available in the singleplayer in your garages (the rockstar social club garage you get for synching your social club account to GTA V), and doesn’t cost a dime of money. it’s a good car, handles well, but for screwing around online, it’s not the best, you’d be better off with most other cars, since the Roosevelt’s top speed isn’t extremely high. .

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

February 16th, 4:09 pm

Wish I had never bought this game digital. Haven’t played it in months. Boring as hell! I get more enjoyment out of Payday 2 than GTA5. Waste of my money!

HiTmAN_90 said:

February 16th, 4:39 pm

the car is way overpriced but the clothes and gun is cool

WolfyHopeless said:

February 16th, 6:40 pm

@24 You know, I agree I got too pissed about it, and I know heists are coming, and I DO play missions and all that but 700+K is a bit too much for a novelty car. I did like the free truck we got, though it handles like butt.

It ISN’T like you have to pay for their shark cards, but that’s exactly what I’m complaining about. Don’t make some a blatantly obvious ploy for people to buy your shark cards. It’s insulting.

tarikshamar said:

February 17th, 10:33 am


Blackknight2034 said:

February 17th, 4:39 pm

i think its really cool the car and clothes and weapons they should and more

Blackknight2034 said:

February 17th, 4:39 pm

and bring GTA 5 to PS VITA plz

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