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Feb 18

Feb 18

Futuridium EP Deluxe: A Psychedelic New PS Vita Shoot ’em Up

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Cofounder, MixedBag

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! I’m Mauro Fanelli, cofounder of the two person italian indie studio MixedBag, and I’m super excited to be here today to announce that our first game, Futuridium EP, is coming to PS Vita in an all new, enhanced, expanded, turbo charged edition titled Futuridium EP Deluxe.

We started working on Futuridium as a side project with the idea of paying an homage to the retro classic Uridium, a 2D top-down shoot’em up by Andrew Braybrook (and one of our favorite Commodore 64 game from the 80s), with a total reinvention aimed to mix its fast paced action and the unique feeling of flying back and forth on enormous space dreadnoughts with full 3D gameplay and a retro, flat shaded look with tons of glitchy graphic effects.

We put together a prototype of the game with the basic game mechanics in place and… it worked! That’s not always guaranteed in game development, so we continued to build on the formula, polish, play, rebalance, play a lot more, and, when we were presented with the opportunity to bring the game to PS Vita we were like… ok, it’s a perfect match, can we please start working on it NOW?

In Futuridium you are a lone starship pilot who gets lost in a dimensional loop just before a big space battle. With a limited and constantly depleting energy bar, your only hope is to fly as fast as possible over enormous space dreadnoughts and destroy power cubes to replenish your energy tank and reveal the dreadnought’s power core, which must be destroyed to move on to the next ship.

Futuridium EP Deluxe for PS Vita

Futuridium EP Deluxe for PS VitaFuturidium EP Deluxe for PS Vita

You have no power-ups and limited control over your speed, so you can only count on your reflexes, your dual lasers, the nimbleness of your starship, and the ability to turn 180° on the spot — an essential technique when navigating the dreadnoughts’ intricate passages.

Futuridium’s gameplay is heavily score based; you can gain big multipliers by destroying cubes and chaining cubes together. You can play it safe, but only taking big risks and learning the right path on the dreadnoughts will lead you to the top of the online leaderboards.

So what are we bringing to this new Deluxe version on PS Vita? Tons of new stuff:

  • New gameplay modes
  • New levels
  • New game mechanics
  • A graphical overhaul
  • More music
  • More speed
  • More enemies
  • Trophies!
  • New ways to crash and explode in a trillion colorful cubes… did we mention the game is super difficult?
  • Silky smooth 60 frames per second action

On the musical side, we’re adding new tracks to the 45 minute long original soundtrack, by the very talented musicians Qubit and le dégout. Here are two tracks for your listening pleasure:

Thanks for reading, we’ll share more information about Futuridium EP Deluxe in the coming weeks and we’ll be back soon with another game announcement. Until then, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

See you in the comments section — I’ll be glad to reply to all your questions!

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LBartley said:

February 18th, 5:04 am

Oh god. Yes. I snagged this on Desura I think it was. Ridiculously good game, and the soundtrack is amazing.

alarionultima said:

February 18th, 5:35 am

looks great!

chatoalbert said:

February 18th, 5:39 am

Looks awesome!

saab01 said:

February 18th, 5:52 am

Still thinking to pick up the Vita slim when it releases this spring. This game will be one to get if I do end up buying one. I just never owned a hand held gaming device before and would hate to drop $200 cash and not get my moneys worth back in gameplay.

AngryChad said:

February 18th, 5:58 am

This reminds me of Rez, in a very good way. This might just be a day-one purchase.

vongruetz said:

February 18th, 6:02 am

Yet another amazing looking game for the Vita. You guys are on a roll.

chavez1138 said:

February 18th, 6:04 am

@saab01 The Vita is my first handheld and I love it, right now I even have a backlog with great games and I just bought a 64 gb memory card, I think you won’t be disappointed.

JesteR1701one said:

February 18th, 6:08 am

You can play the game on PC already for free:

Gods_Weapon said:

February 18th, 6:12 am

This looks like a game I’d really like, but probably one that I’d be really bad at :’)

Seriously, it’s like Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star on LSD, good stuff.

Deejmodin said:

February 18th, 6:19 am

Looks like crazy fun. Will buy on release!

Mjolnirs said:

February 18th, 6:25 am

This is nitpicking but I feel the way the camera moves and the whole action of turning the ship around look rough and out of place. With the ship pivoting left and right, the camera’s tilting could be a smoother. As for the ship turning around, it seems too abrupt. I think it’d look cool if the game briefly paused to allow the camera to gradually (but quickly) turn around so the player can at least get a moment to look at what they have to go through.

Z31K said:

February 18th, 6:28 am

<—- Happy Vita Owner!! Can't wait for the release!!

akisuo said:

February 18th, 6:55 am

I’m sold. The music reminds me of Tron: Legacy, which is completely awesome.

Stranger_Eddie said:

February 18th, 7:03 am

Free for PC… 2 bucks for IOs…

Now tell us the Vita version price!

    Mauro Fanelli's Avatar

    Mauro Fanelli said:

    February 18th, 8:58 am

    Hi! Can’t tell the PSVita version price right now but it’ll be -very- reasonably priced. :)

    Also, for this Deluxe version we are adding a TON of new stuff, it’ll have a ridiculous amount of new content over the current PC/Mac/iOS version. Consider the free PC version as a demo of what’s coming on Vita. ;)

MrBendel said:

February 18th, 7:11 am

This game was impossible on iOS – hopefully it will be more controllable with “controls” :D

    Mauro Fanelli's Avatar

    Mauro Fanelli said:

    February 18th, 9:00 am

    Hi MrBendel,

    You can bet! Adapting the controls for iOS was no easy, the game was born with a joypad in mind. And it controls like a charm on Vita.
    But yes, it’s still fiendishly difficult!

MarkNMo said:

February 18th, 7:24 am

This game looks amazing!!!

Gorvi said:

February 18th, 7:41 am

Damn that looks good, love the aesthetic. The music matches it perfectly. :)

saab01 said:

February 18th, 8:20 am

@ Chavez

Just to make sure for the plus games for the IGC if I click download on my ps3 than cancel it would save in my download list if I do pick up the vita? I am also concerned about the vita going from oled to LCD would be a huge difference in screen quality.

PanTheMan16 said:

February 18th, 8:29 am

Any chance this will come to PS4? It does look perfect for Vita and I’ll probably buy it, but this game is so beautiful, I would love to play it on a big HDTV. :D

    Mauro Fanelli's Avatar

    Mauro Fanelli said:

    February 18th, 9:02 am

    We love playing it on a big HDTV too… ;)
    Hope to bring it to PS4 too but can’t say anything for now!

WrekGar said:

February 18th, 10:04 am

I am definitely interested in this, never played URIDIUM. But the look of this is giving me flashbacks of playing Zaxxon for some reason. You have just been added to my gamedar (new word) LOL.

    Mauro Fanelli's Avatar

    Mauro Fanelli said:

    February 18th, 10:14 am

    Hi WrekGar,
    Actually Zaxxon is another one of our long time favourites, it was another main inspiration for the game and the visual style.

easterkeke said:

February 18th, 10:10 am

    Mauro Fanelli's Avatar

    Mauro Fanelli said:

    February 18th, 10:50 am

    This made my day! Awesome gif!

MakoSoul said:

February 18th, 11:49 am

This would be fun on PS4

tusunami said:

February 18th, 12:35 pm

i llike the direction of this with TXK and now this game. What better time to own a PS Vita, and they said where are the games at for the platform lol.

AgentX said:

February 18th, 5:23 pm

The game seems very promising. I loved Uridium on the Commodore 64, too. I can certainly see some of the inspiration from that game in Futuridium, but it looks like you’ve managed to make it into something distinctly different and appealing on its own.

I love the clean polygonal appearance of the graphics. The music seems intense and well suited to a game like this, reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s C64 and Amiga games–and I do mean that in a good way!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished game has to offer!

Rezolution77 said:

February 21st, 10:40 am

Definitely Interested.

Was wondering why games like Star Fox were not developed for the Vita yet.

Hopefully, this will lead to more like it.

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