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Feb 18

Feb 18

Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us Now Available on Amazon Instant Video

Eric Monacelli's Avatar Posted by Community Strategist, Naughty Dog

By now you’ve played The Last of Us and likely have learned more about Ellie’s backstory in The Last of Us: Left Behind. Maybe you’re been wondering how we got Joel’s beard to look so good or why Ellie acts like she does. We’re pleased to say that Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us can provide you with some answers and that it’s now available to watch for free.

Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us

If you live in North America, head over to Amazon Instant Video now and be the first, outside of our season pass holders, to watch the full, ninety minute, in-depth look at the making of The Last of Us throughout its development. We partnered with Area 5 to produce the video and it’s a thoughtful afterword to the game itself.

For those of you outside the US, Grounded will be coming to the PlayStation YouTube channel very soon. We’re working on additional ways for you to view Grounded in its entirety, so be on the lookout for those announcements.

In the next few days, we’ll also be providing a glimpse into the making of the Left Behind and some thoughts from the development team about what it was like to make our first-ever single-player downloadable chapter.

If you haven’t purchased The Last of Us, The Last of Us: Left Behind or our Season Pass yet, it’s best to do so before you dive into watching Grounded. As for our season pass holders, we’ll be adding even more value to your season pass in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check out Grounded and see how the game that’s won over 230 Game of Year awards, The Last of Us, was made.

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HitmanRebornEX said:

February 18th, 11:06 am


Gorvi said:

February 18th, 11:10 am

I’ll be watching this tonight before going back and hopefully finishing Left Behind. I almost forgot how amazing TLoU is, but yeah, it really is that great.

Just a thought, I’d totally buy and play all over again a PS4 version.


February 18th, 11:12 am

Thank you Naughty Dog for crafting the greatest piece of entertainment I’ve ever had the unquantifiable pleasure of experiencing.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:07 pm

    Wow. Thank you for the greatest comment ever. :)

Mando44646 said:

February 18th, 11:14 am

not on Netflix or Hulu? I dont use Amazon Instant

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:07 pm

    We’re working on it! It’s Free on Amazon tho! Go go go!

Xoombie503 said:

February 18th, 11:15 am


phinnv8 said:

February 18th, 11:27 am

Neat, but when can we hear on a PS4 project from Naughty Dog? Hopefully by E3.

russdyer77 said:

February 18th, 11:53 am

ND is the best!

tusunami said:

February 18th, 12:01 pm

This should also make its way to crackle as well since its free. The more availabity the better.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:07 pm

    Yup, we’re going to try!

soundandvision77 said:

February 18th, 12:12 pm

Thanks for this. Left Behind was awesome by the way. Appreciate the great single-player added content.

Shadow_Enz said:

February 18th, 12:31 pm

This is wonderful! Now let’s all convince Amazon to create a PS Vita app for Instant Video!

Figboy said:

February 18th, 12:35 pm

Awesome! I already have the Season Pass, but I grabbed this anyway! Left Behind was fantastic, by the way! I’d love to see more single player DLC set in The Last of Us universe. Perhaps Ishmael’s story, or maybe something completely unrelated to the events surround Joel and Ellie’s adventures. Basically, I just want more of The Last of Us universe, and I’ll gladly buy all the DLC. It’s a franchise with excellent story potential beyond our two original protagonists.

Permafry_42 said:

February 18th, 12:38 pm

Not letting me watch the movie despite residing in Canada =C

cleversignin said:

February 18th, 12:38 pm

watched it this morning, really interesting.

in B4 Canadians whinging that it is US only.

cleversignin said:

February 18th, 12:40 pm

@12 you ruined my post, buddy!

GABEv01 said:

February 18th, 1:05 pm

This video, Grounded, was just another reason for me to Pre-Order The Last of Us Season Pass. It’s a must see to the entire PlayStation Nation! Plus, owning the Season Pass is great! By far, hands down, the best bang for your buck when it comes to great content in what is known as the Best PS3 game. Thank you so much SCEA and Naughty Dog!

reson8er said:

February 18th, 1:20 pm

Downloading now to my iPad Air, thank you SO much for making this available. I really wanted to watch this, but am not a big multiplayer guy, so buying the season pass seemed wasteful. I will happily get Left Behind now and watch this in the subway on the way how. Thanks again!

FuntimeBen said:

February 18th, 3:29 pm

A million props to Area 5! They are hands down the best video production on the west coast! They singlehandedly got me back into games with their CO-OP show and is why I bought a PS3. Use them for EVERYTHING! They make video magic!

oo7PorscheMGS said:

February 18th, 3:37 pm

Best PS3 game I’ve played and one of my top 5 games of all time…. excited that season pass ppl will be getting even more “in the coming weeks” …is the next online DLC coming or is it some other update / patch?? I really want (NEED!) more maps for online! 4vs4 with 2 SMART teams is awesome tactical fun.

p_morin said:

February 18th, 3:53 pm

What about Canadian customers? Where can I get the documentary? I won’t buy the Season Pass because I already bought Left Behind and I’m not into the multiplayer mode. Thanks! :)

p_morin said:

February 18th, 3:57 pm

Oops! Sorry, I didn’t read down to the end… ;)

piawna said:

February 18th, 4:21 pm

Does the movie have spoilers for the game? I’m in the middle of the game.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:08 pm

    Yes major spoilers. Please play the game first!

meltedwolf said:

February 18th, 4:43 pm

Also on amazon, PS4 TOMB RAIDER 39.99 today only

Mot345 said:

February 18th, 6:53 pm

It said available in North America, then it changes to US only. Canada is in North America!

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:09 pm

    Sorry that was a misunderstanding with Amazon. Just NA for now. We’ll have it available for others in all regions on other channels shortly.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:09 pm

    Arrrgh. Just USA for now. Sorry.

c06454 said:

February 18th, 7:01 pm

Canadian customers screwed again!
It’s sad that companies even consider things like where you live when they try to sell things on the internet. Last time I checked, the goal of a business was to make money, so refusing to sell a product because someone lives in a country other than the good old USA, is just stupid and very bad business. I sometimes wonder if Americans even realize the rest of the world even exists…Like daniel3ub said, NO WONDER PEOPLE PIRATE STUFF, COMPANIES WON’T LET THEM LEGITIMATELY BUY IT!!

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:10 pm

    We’ll have it for you soon! Please be patient. Check in next week.

genius527 said:

February 18th, 7:06 pm

Why they putt’n this game on amazon they should be putt’n this on p.s. store. Ok but sounds kinda werid to me.

    Eric Monacelli's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    February 18th, 7:10 pm

    It’s available on the PS Store via the Season Pass.


February 18th, 7:21 pm

the last of us was amazing left behind as well left me wanting more naughty dog makes amazing
games can’t wait to hear more of the nex uncharted and there new project

Dangisuckatgamin said:

February 18th, 9:14 pm

That was a couple and utter pointless ending to your comment. Just saying.

Dangisuckatgamin said:

February 18th, 9:16 pm

Opps got stuck in my thinking, that’s why I don’t type at night usually lol.
But what I meant to say was “That was a pointless ending to what you had to say”.. it wasn’t very smart to put on a open-blog. Basically. lol

Wind0625 said:

February 19th, 12:53 am

Stuck on the regional restriction, sigh. Players outside US also like this game…hope there will be restriction-free version of this clip.

Kchow23 said:

February 19th, 3:11 am

Please keep making these behind the scenes videos, I missed it greatly in Uncharted 3. I love to see how the soup is made at ND! :)

Also, Left Behind was amazing! best “expansion” I’ve purchased ever.

kmetek said:

February 19th, 6:58 am

is this gonna be available also for UK SEASON pass buyers?

dleet1985 said:

February 19th, 4:42 pm

Please bring it to the UK Amazon/Lovefilm!

xiiego said:

February 19th, 8:11 pm

I do have the Season Pass, is it under Extras in the Main Menu?

Timbosh2890 said:

February 19th, 8:58 pm

I have played my fare share of games and TLoU is my favorite (which in my opinion should have won the VGA game of the year) nothing doesn’t even come close not even Game of the year GTA 5 which is a very good game. If ND does make a second one don’t rush it make as good as the first one.

p_morin said:

February 24th, 10:26 am

Thank you Sony! The documentary is now on Youtube :

Ryusennin said:

February 25th, 1:16 pm

Worst season pass ever. Thank you ND — NOT.

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