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Feb 20

Feb 20

Hands-on with Daylight on PS4: Broadcasting Your Horror

Ryan Clements's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist, SIEA Social Media


The meek shine of a cell phone light provides precious little comfort in the dark halls of an abandoned hospital. Its glow throws menacing shadows across every wall and beneath long-abandoned wheelchairs. Creaking steps and whispers flutter down the passage, and the promise of a scare is never far off. But Daylight, which launches on PS4 this April, offers a different take on the classic genre. And with the developers at Zombie Studios taking a keen interest in streaming tech, the horror of playing alone could actually be a shared experience.

Crafted by a small team at Zombie, Daylight follows the frightened footsteps of Sarah Gwynn as she works her way through a series of haunting environs. While many horror games rely on finely tuned scares specific to the moment, Daylight uses procedurally generated play to keep every moment fresh. Levels and scares change for each player, meaning that no two sessions will be identical. And no player will know exactly when that foreboding whisper will turn into a howling spectre hungry for Sarah’s life.


In Daylight, players have no weapons – only flares to fend off the supernatural powers at work in the hospital. Sarah’s only hope is escape. Not fighting for her life, but running for it. And Daylight involves a lot of breathless running, as players guide Sarah through the labyrinthine corridors and thick forests in hope of finding a way home. Collecting items (often in the form of creepy notes) will progress the story forward, and inch players one step closer to the end.

But the team at Zombie has other plans for Daylight. Streaming has been a huge boon to the PS4 community, and the devs want Daylight to have an involved relationship with livestreams. The hope is to allow viewers to control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience, providing a much more interactive dynamic between player and audience. This new form of communal play has been showered with attention recently thanks to the Twitch community streaming a classic RPG as a group.

With harrowing sound effects, random scares, and even 3D support (offering an incredible degree of depth), Daylight is already damn scary. And there’s nothing more horrifying than giving the internet the ability to frighten you, too.

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akisuo said:

February 20th, 6:13 am

Sounds like a good game to only play at night with all the lights off and wear my Sony Pulse headset. I look forward to this. =)

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    February 20th, 10:13 am

    Excellent. I like your plan.

barbob75 said:

February 20th, 6:13 am

I’m really looking foward to this game, looks scary.

Hestar69 said:

February 20th, 6:18 am

Can’t wait to play it! Anyword on the price?

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    John Hardin said:

    February 20th, 10:14 am

    Yep! I forgot to tell Clements (because Zombie/ATLUS decided to release the info v. late last night, plz send coffee), but it’s going to be $14.99/€14.99/£11.99!

Crazy-Maisy said:

February 20th, 6:20 am

I was really interested in this game watching E3 last year (on my computer) and I’m glad to see more about it now. Scaring me isn’t so easy, and it’ll be very interesting to see how this works out, streaming too, as well as 3D. Knock my socks off!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    February 20th, 10:13 am

    I hope it has sock-knocking capabilities for you!

DarkWicahpi said:

February 20th, 6:22 am

It makes me sad it’s not coming to ps3 but hey, I can’t expect games to keep tending to an old gen system can I? Lol looks like a perfect game to play in the middle of the night after the kids go to bed with the headphones up! Can’t wait to get a ps4.

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    Ryan Clements said:

    February 20th, 10:14 am

    I can’t wait for you to join the PS4 community!

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    John Hardin said:

    February 20th, 10:15 am

    It takes the raw horsepower of the PS4 for Daylight to milk every bit of graphical oomph from Unreal Engine 4.

Wolfisaurus said:

February 20th, 6:34 am

First of all, BEYOND!!! After playing Outlast, I have been even more excited for this game. The fact that it can play out differently every time you play is awesome. I doubt this will be Free with PS+ in April, but if it is my head might explode!!! This year just keep getting better for PS4! Thanks Ryan

Kezabien2 said:

February 20th, 6:37 am

Sounds to me as if this is going to be very similar to Outlast.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Loving that game at the moment, so will definitely buy this!

solidsteaktube said:

February 20th, 6:46 am

Thanks to zombie studios for offering 3D support. I understand demand might not be at a fever pitch for this format, but to those of us who invested in 3D tvs, its a real treat to play any game with it. I’ll be picking this one up for sure.

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    John Hardin said:

    February 20th, 10:30 am

    This happened at the hands-on event:

    “Why do the graphics on this game look so janky”
    *hands them a pair of 3D glasses*
    “Oh. OOOOOHHHHHH. OH HOLY @!*@# WHAT WAS THAT.” *throws glasses off and runs away*

dustman0607 said:

February 20th, 7:09 am


XFRod said:

February 20th, 7:30 am

#5 DarkWicahpi – It’s nice to see someone with your attitude. Personally, I look forward to the day when I can mothball the PS3 into retirement. “Stick of Truth” (along with a few others) kind of prevents that, for now.

I’m pretty sure kids cut into your PlayStation money but, hurry up and join us in PS4 land, asap. You Don’t want to miss out on “Second Son”. Besides, even with the titles getting released on both systems…. Nobody’s choosing the PS3 version of “Watch Dogs” unless they have no other choice.

iamStilbon said:

February 20th, 8:06 am

I read on another website that Daylight will be 14.99 in the PSN store is this right?

    Ryan Clements's Avatar

    John Hardin said:

    February 20th, 10:16 am

    That is correct.

anti-altair16 said:

February 20th, 8:07 am

I’ve been looking forward to this since I saw it last E3. I can’t wait to get it when it comes out. I hope it comes free for PS+ members, that would be fantastic. If not, I’ll still buy it. This game coupled with my new PS Gold headset set with the ‘Horror’ custom mode from the Headset Companion App should have me weeping like a newborn. I love horror games! It’s awesome to know that they’ll be putting the ‘Interact’ button to use. Only Tomb Raider uses it but it does nothing from what I’ve seen.

CodeSe7en said:

February 20th, 8:19 am

Wow, can’t wait for this! 3D even?! Sold!

nygiantsfan1675 said:

February 20th, 9:28 am

Definately looking forward to playing this game and will be a definate game for me to buy on release day

GodofDeathOnline said:

February 20th, 9:34 am

i wonder how much the game will cost anything over 40 will be to much the games graphics dont look that great and it looks like a rip off of outlast

GodofDeathOnline said:

February 20th, 10:21 am

i see the price is 14.99 not bad

Ryan Clements's Avatar

John Hardin said:

February 20th, 10:28 am

It’s $14.99. The graphics are pretty amazing once you get into it. The role of the graphics in Daylight is to get you sucked in to the environment, and it’s hard to convey that in a screenshot, unfortunately.

Mecha-Samurai said:

February 20th, 10:28 am

What is the release date on this again?

the_FREELANCER said:

February 20th, 10:46 am

Absolute perfect type of game for 3D, can’t wait!

honkayjeezus said:

February 20th, 11:33 am

Lost all interest when I learned Jessica Chobot was writing it. Funny how another IGN’er gives the game more PR, Ryan?

Asumos666 said:

February 20th, 11:44 am

wow, reminds me of a horror survival ps1 classic called D. miss that game, and this one just might blow that classic out of the water. looks and sounds amazing can’t wait

yowzagabowza said:

February 20th, 12:13 pm

This actually looks like its worth the $15, unlike a lot of other psn games lately. And though i usually cant play first person games, outlast showed me that as long as im just running around and stuff, its not so disorienting. So day one for me. Oh, and give it a platinum.

tusunami said:

February 20th, 12:16 pm

The horror games are ramping up alot from developers this year aye.

SDkngsht said:

February 20th, 12:43 pm

this game looks promising. Outlast was short but the first truly creepy survival game in a while. being helpless is frustrating at first but it actually adds to the fear because you can’t do anything but run. whereas if you have a million weapons it just turns into another shooter in zombie mode haha.

WoundedUnderwear said:

February 20th, 2:20 pm

This game is look like Outlast, which I am really enjoy playing right now, thanks to PS PLUS. Can’t wait to give Daylight a spin. Looking good. Keep up the awesome work!

Bigrichie7 said:

February 20th, 2:50 pm

Looks like a good time. looks like it will be worth a buy for 14.99. And with the patch for the Pulse Elites its going to be awesome!
P.S. Good to have you back on Podcast Beyond Ryan! even if its just for one :(

poopchala14 said:

February 20th, 2:54 pm

Can’t wait! Just got the PS4 yesterday..

Tomoprime said:

February 20th, 3:51 pm

Wow OUTLAST 2 already?

snakeeyes211 said:

February 20th, 4:33 pm

Will the game carry a platinum trophy?

maxcoronel2014 said:

February 20th, 4:41 pm

In a previous post about this game it was said that this title could get a “Discount Price” for Plus members. Any news about it?

MadSystem_ said:

February 20th, 5:10 pm

This will be a day one purchase for me. Can’t wait!

unbornsoldier said:

February 20th, 8:49 pm

Looking forward to this 0.0

Great price tag too $14.99

How many hours is the campaign roughly?

How does the streaming scares work??

ima_hustla_19 said:

February 20th, 9:19 pm

cant wait to play this on my 120 inch 3D projector with the pulse headset.

AizawaYuuichi said:

February 21st, 2:17 am

As I mentioned on the last post, still haven’t tried Outlast. But this game…

This, I will buy, and I will play it. The 3D sells it for me. 3D, on my Bravia LED, with my Pulse Elite headset… and procedurally generated, so you can never anticipate the scares between playthroughs. I will cry like a little girl. But I will play it.

jimmy_falcone said:

February 21st, 7:10 am

Looking forward to slaying some more zombies. But unfortunately it’s a other system buy… Playstations sold out every week and being sold double the price online.

jimmy_falcone said:

February 21st, 7:16 am

Never mind skimmed the article. Thought was Dying Light

Ja-Milz said:

February 21st, 8:57 am

If Outlast was awesome without weapons I know this will be badass because you use flares and lights and you get to explore more environments. Hope they make this a Playstation Plus Game also if not hopefully it’s worth the $60 bucks price tag with good replay elements

Maluraq said:

February 22nd, 5:54 am

Reminds me in premise of Amnesia: Dark Descent which I really wish would be made as a console game as well. Very cool idea.

tfwo420 said:

February 22nd, 9:50 am

This would be so wicked if you could use the vita to motion control the cell phone.

l337_Atreyu said:

March 3rd, 1:29 pm

Looking forawrd to this. I am looking forward to seeing what Anthony has been up to at Zombie.

soricblackshadow said:

March 13th, 4:55 pm

So i was told by someone that this game is connected to the storyline of Outlast. is that true?

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