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Mar 02

Mar 02

The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for March 4th, 2014

Ryan Clements's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist, SIEA Social Media

The Drop

The night is dark, and the howls of the undead fill the air like a despairing fog. As you survey abandoned streets, wrecked cars littering the sidewalks, you hear the ghouls approach. They nip at your heels and scratch as you pass. They swell around you, and you turn to face them with a pounding heart. Luckily, you’re armed. You empty clip after clip into the mass of rotting bodies. Congratulations! You just earned a high score.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition is coming to PS4, and it’s bringing back the cult-classic PS3 shooter with new features and upgraded visuals. Grab a friend and fight through the throngs of undead in adrenaline-pumping firefights for high scores and survival.

Not a zombie fan? The hotly-anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth is also headed to PlayStation this week. Experience a hilarious RPG written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and journey on an epic quest to become “cool.”

For a complete list of games and demos coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

Awesomenauts Assemble!
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition
Growlanser: Heritage of War
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f
Master Reboot
South Park: The Stick of Truth

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS4 — Digital
An accessible MOBA with 3-on-3 competition. Combines modern, team-based multiplayer with classic action. Play as one of 15 interstellar mercenaries, customize your skills, and blast away aliens in both online and offline modes.
PS4 — Digital
Rip through hordes of undead in this top-down shooter from the devs at Housemarque. Boasting new features and enhanced visuals, Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition challenges players to survive the end of the world and earn a high score in the process.
PS2 Classic — Digital
Join Haschen, a fledgling officer of the Peace Maintenance Brigade, in this storied strategy RPG. Forge relationships and fight for peace in a journey that spans generations.
PS Vita — Digital
Join the world’s most iconic digital singer in her hit rhythm game —- now on PS Vita. Features more than 30 of Miku’s songs, more than 90 costumes and 100 accessories, and four unique difficulty levels for each song. Create your own music video in edit mode, too!
PS3 — Digital
Piece your life, and death, back together. Welcome to the Soul Cloud, a server of lives and memories where souls are immortal. Explore this strange memoryscape and solve puzzles in a haunting first-person adventure.
PS3 — Digital
An authentic racer for NASCAR fans. Get behind the wheel with famous drivers and participate in race week challenges, including practice, qualifying, and race day events.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, enter the cold and familiar world of South Park and embark on an epic quest. Arm yourself with weapons and armor, and earn your place besides Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.

Demos and Betas

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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lisatsunami said:

March 3rd, 4:03 am

@primero, I didn’t think you were being sarcastic, just highly exaggerating but I have to admit there is an excessive amount of text in RPGs, a lot of pressing the same button to get past each sentence and the number you used, 5983, is probably a low- ball. I gave up on Virtue’s Last Reward because of the ridiculous amount of this, frequently having to press after single words. I’m playing Y’s: Memories of Celcetta right now and your description is spot on, lol. But I love RPGs and would rather press 10k times to read text than 10k times to bounce in a platformer. To each his/her own.

hypodermicboi said:

March 3rd, 4:08 am

I must say last one of us is the ultimate boom

Hanako106 said:

March 3rd, 4:26 am

I came when I see Hatsune Miku..

stu123 said:

March 3rd, 4:35 am

Is it really strict to 12.01am time when you’re able to download on day 1 digital or can you sometimes get it beforehand?

Mr2it388 said:

March 3rd, 5:18 am

Terrible list, Deadnation has been out for the PS3 forever. Where’s Mercenary Kings? Everyone saying March 4th are wrong obviously. Oh well, have to wait for another month. Coming from a X360 the PS4 game selection is not good.

Nin10gamer said:

March 3rd, 7:21 am

Ready for my second dip for Hatsune Miku on Vita!

xAuragonx said:

March 3rd, 7:35 am

Hey Ryan,

Are we going to have demos for every game on PSN eventually? I thought that was the plan.


pandoraboxley said:

March 3rd, 7:35 am

why the demo can release before the game T.T

pandoraboxley said:

March 3rd, 7:37 am

today im going wait make 12pm and buy the miku game ^.^/

S_L_I_C_K--T said:

March 3rd, 7:57 am

Also in the chase this year in nascar. In every 3 races before eliminations if your driver wins a race its a automatic seeding in the next segment meaning even if you wrecked and crashed in the other 2 races it won’t hurt your driver cause a win gets you into the next 3 race segment. The 4th driver that moves into the next 3 race elimination segment without a win will be the highest in points in that 3 race elimination segment. Each 3 race segment resets the points every time. It does this all the way to homestead the last race. The points are reset again for the drivers making it and at homestead its a winner takes all race. It all comes down to their finish compared to the other 3 guys. You don’t have to win the race to win the championship. The points are reset and the best finisher wins the championship. No bonus points from previous races just a all out battle between 4 guys at the last race and the one that finishes the best is your champion of the year. Getting to that last race is the battle through eliminations. Its not boring thank you very much.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

March 3rd, 8:20 am

Boring! Not everyone gives a crap about Nascar, or has to regardless of how many more paragraphs and/or posts you type about it.

@pandoraboxley: They often release a demo before the actual game so people will know by launch whether or not they will buy it. Makes for more day one purchases if the game (and, more importantly, the demo) is any good.

And that’s not how it works. That game is digital only, and the store updates every Tuesday. Usually by 2pm PST.

rightontargt4 said:

March 3rd, 9:27 am

Somewhere, deep within the barrage of PSBlog complaints about “so few PS2 classics” on the PSN Store, Growlanser: Heritage of War shows its face and suddenly silences the desperate cries with a single blow. Good choice, SCEA/SCEE.

Quickie_Lindsay said:

March 3rd, 11:01 am

I preodered South Park Stick of Truth. Is this a game I can download at 12:01 am (and is it eastern or Pacific?) or do I have to wait until the store updates tomorrow evening? I’ve never preordered a game from PSN before, so I’m not sure how it works.

Methos1975 said:

March 3rd, 11:13 am

Depends on rather Sony actually acts as if it cares about us fans this time, or if this is just another big middle finger to us. But its 50/50, sometimes Sony seems to understand that people preordering games off of PSN might *gulp* actually want to play them as soon as their day of release hits, other times they think we want to pay them for the *bonus* of waiting forever till someone pulls their head out of their butt and actually updates PSN. You would think that by now they would of heard of this new fancy thing called pre-loads that even Sony Europe has some how mastered, but not Sony America.

Quickie_Lindsay said:

March 3rd, 11:47 am

Thank you Methos1975. :)

Methos1975 said:

March 3rd, 11:50 am

Sorry about the theatrics, but as a purely digital only gamer now Sony’s treatment of us is deplorable at best. Its is almost useless to even pre-order games off of PSN because they rarely ever get the games actually up on PSN at 1201 as promised and offer no pre-loads and that means your stuck on Grace Chen time which well, makes no sense to anyone.

Alastair83 said:

March 3rd, 12:00 pm

Growlanser?! Oh this shall be a good week just cause of that I’ve been missing playing that just my ps2 isn’t quite working well. Heritage was what introduced me to the series I bought the collection on the ps2 afterwards thats how good it was and I bought the psp one as soon as it released. I am very happy with this drop =D

Suby_Greg said:

March 3rd, 12:28 pm

When can we download South Park? at midnight or got to wait until afternoon?

DJPlace said:

March 3rd, 12:51 pm

@63 same here i was expecting April… going pick up miku first then south park once i have the money but miku is a first however.

l337_Atreyu said:

March 3rd, 1:26 pm

Looking forward to Stick of Truth tomorrow. Looks to be pretty fantastic and based on preview events, it will hold up to the hype. Dead Nation is going to be sick on PS4 too. I love that all of these little games that I loved on PS3 are making their way to the new hardware. Thanks Sony, keep it up!

Daverost said:

March 3rd, 3:40 pm

Wow, Growlanser V. Awesome. Just needed to comment on what a great pick that is.

AsahiSeth said:

March 3rd, 3:56 pm

This game being released is NOT Growlanser V, it is a spin off title. By most accounts it’s a mediocre game, probably worth waiting to get it during a sale. Still glad to see it though.

Xanzar said:

March 3rd, 5:41 pm

oh pjd:f is only 2.6gb , so even the smallest memory card can hold it, sadly the smallest psp mem card (like 55mb) couldn’t hold any of the older games .

Xanzar said:

March 3rd, 6:08 pm
its only 2.6gb large, or atleast it fills around 65% of the 4gb mem stick

SDkngsht said:

March 3rd, 6:47 pm

man what do we need to do to get South Park on PS4? That game looks epic. need to get my hands on that. how can we make that happen? lol

k_loud513 said:

March 3rd, 8:14 pm

So loving the ps4 good drop glad to see south park finally coming but where is mercenary kings the trailer on store says feb n still nothing about it ryan could you be of any assistance and find anything about it please thank you ?/?

pandoraboxley said:

March 3rd, 8:29 pm

@ThumbsOfSteel74 thx i m now waiting 2pm for have so funn ^-^/

tusunami said:

March 3rd, 9:20 pm

Well these sales are fantastic as always, way to much complaining. I will try out the dancing game for the PS Vita demo. I am intrigued by this title!!!!!!!!!!

MANiK said:

March 4th, 12:23 am

Any word on when The PlayStation 4 cameras are gonna drop again??? No place in Colorado has them, Gamestop said they took them out their system because they were so back ordered….They said the only time they revived any were release say of the ps4… I really want one but the only place i can find some are on amazon and they are going upwards of $300.00….

ita_er said:

March 4th, 3:50 am

I know this day releases Project diva F but why not share

O07dave007 said:

March 4th, 6:24 am

Wow this is a very strong week! I don’t know what to play first Stick of Truth or Dead Nation?

alphagoku1 said:

March 4th, 6:34 am

@k loud513
i thought i was the only one concerned along with raz, they dont seem like they intend on answering those kinds of questions.hate to break it to you, but ive been asking for months

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