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Mar 06

Mar 06

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Coming to PS4

Greg Lesky's Avatar Posted by Lead Designer, DrinkBox Studios

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Hey everyone. Greg here from DrinkBox, where we’ve been locked away in our studio hiding from the harsh Canadian winter and dreaming of hot sun, sandy deserts, and bandanna-clad cacti. We’re excited to finally announce we’ve been working on a new version of Guacamelee for PS4 — the Super Turbo Championship Edition!

If you haven’t played Guacamelee before, we’re talking about a Metroidvania, brawling platformer where you play as a Luchador that harnesses the powers of a legendary mask, two meaty fists, and an arsenal of wrestling moves to battle an evil army of the undead. But did you also know you can turn into a chicken? And nothing hinders the forces of darkness more than being pecked in the knee by angry poultry.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionGuacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

If you have played before, you may be wondering “What makes this Edition so super? So turbo? Or so championship…py?” For starters, let’s chat about new powers.

First up — INTENSO! (When you say it, picture you’re a soccer announcer screaming “GOOOOOOAL” into a microphone. It works. Try it.) Pummel baddies into bone meal to fill your combo meter, then unleash INTENSO for a brief (but highly satisfying) boost to the damage and speed of your attacks, as well as your movement.

Save it for when you’re almost down for the count and explode groups of enemies into festive showers of boney fireworks, or trigger it as soon as it’s charged to blaze through areas demolishing solo bad guys.

Still hungry? Everything’s better fresh, so we’ve also polished up the combat and added some upgrades, expanded Juan’s story with two brand-new, huge levels, and added a three-headed, one-man Mariachi-band boss — plus a new class of Elite enemies.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition comes out for PS4 this year.

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RE_Player said:

March 6th, 7:05 am

Possible discount for people who bought the game on PS3/Vita? Even if you can’t I’ll pick this up again. Gotta support great games and Toronto developers.

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    March 6th, 7:24 am

    Hey everyone, this is Greg from DrinkBox. We’d really like to offer the game at a discount and we’re investigating the possibility.

Thermopyle2 said:

March 6th, 7:05 am

Is the new content coming to PS3/Vita as well?

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Graham Smith said:

    March 6th, 7:26 am

    Right now we don’t have any plans to bring it to PS3/Vita. We’re putting a lot of effort into getting the game on consoles we’ve never shipped on before.

DanteMerfi said:

March 6th, 7:07 am

I beat it already so I don’t feel any reason to go back to it. However, to those who have never played, it is a great game; funny story and really fun and challenging gameplay.

SlyCooperFan100 said:

March 6th, 7:08 am

Just like Awesomenauts Assemble!, I don’t see much reason to purchase this for my PS4 if I already have it on Steam. I suppose the price will have to speak to me to consider it, to be honest.

RaymondGilbert said:

March 6th, 7:09 am

Will it support cross save?

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 7:31 am

    The new version has a lot of content that wasn’t in the original so supporting cross-save isn’t possible.

justaccording said:

March 6th, 7:09 am

The trailer for this game is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time…made me want to play some Street Fighter on the Genesis. Any chance of using cross-save to import it from the PS3 version?

Dnut said:

March 6th, 7:12 am

Please Sony stop this! I can’t stand to see another PS3 port already. What happened to Transistor and all the other indies you promised at E3?? Did you forgot? Here let me help remind you..

langdon said:

March 6th, 7:13 am

So can we re-earn that platinum trophy or are the trophies going to be coupled to the ps3/psv trophies?

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 7:33 am

    You can re-earn it – there are a lot of new challenges to beat along the way.

LeeorV said:

March 6th, 7:13 am

I add my voice to #1’s, I platinum’ed the game, and would again, but would prefer to have some recognition to the fact that I’m re-buying a lot of content…

akisuo said:

March 6th, 7:17 am

This will be a definite rebuy for me. Played a good bit of it on my vita. Haven’t finished it yet, but I love it and I recommend it all the time.

JimmyHACK said:

March 6th, 7:18 am

No problem paying again for PS4 version. If you release the new stuff as DLC for ps3/vita version I will buy that too! Also, then if you added the dlc to ps3/vita to match and cross save with all 3… OH MY!

KazeEternal said:

March 6th, 7:26 am

Question why is this not coming to PS3?

The Xbox 360 is getting it. I have no issue with getting this on my PS4 and would be likely to default on that case. However there are only 6 million PS4’s out there with over 80 million PS3’s, combine that with Xbox360 thats 160 million install base, combine that with your other platforms…. I think you can see where this is going. The original game was on PS3. This is confusing to the consumer base.

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 7:48 am

    We’re a small studio and it takes a lot of work to bring the game to a new platform. We chose to focus on bringing it to new consoles because, while there is a lot of new content in STCE, PS3 owners still have the original Guac.

Broman_YZ said:

March 6th, 7:26 am

Is it possible to use the Vita as a controller for this version, like the PS3 version?

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 7:38 am

    We’re looking into the technical bits around that – we’re not sure it’s done in the same way it was on PS3.

MJtheMC said:

March 6th, 7:27 am

I’ve been dying to play this game for some time so I will probably purchase if it is released sooner, rather than later.

Zarxce said:

March 6th, 7:28 am

Guacamelee was easily one of my most favorite games of last year and I’ll be picking this up (if I can find a PS4 in time…). My only question is, will Super Turbo Championship edition be available for purchase on Vita? You know…other than remote play? I played the original half on PS3 and half on Vita and found I enjoyed it more on the smaller OLED screen.

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 7:56 am

    Cool glad you liked it! As much as we’d like to bring it to Vita we’re a really small studio and are trying to get it out to other consoles at the moment.

David2Crazy said:

March 6th, 7:29 am

The most fun I had with a game in 2013. Will likely be dipping into this one again on PS4.

Sonicfan11589 said:

March 6th, 7:30 am

I like this game, the fact that it is a “Metroidvania” (and even makes references to Nintendo franchises) I’ve still yet to beat it, but knowing myself, i will buy this again for PS4. :)


March 6th, 7:40 am

if yall wanna bring ps3 an vita stuff to ps4 bring playstation all stars to the ps4.

honkayjeezus said:

March 6th, 7:43 am

More games for you to buy again that are the same? How next gen!

JiffSmooth said:

March 6th, 7:52 am

Just bought this game TWICE already (ps3 back to 2013 sale, and humble bundle). I will definitely pass on the super turbo championship edition. I give Capcom enough of my hard earned cash as is for minor tweaks to awesome games. But good naming convention.

Darth_NODlike said:

March 6th, 8:01 am

I really enjoy the game and have played it multiple times. I look forward to the new challenges on PS4, once I get one that is.

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 8:04 am

    Love your pic, I think it’s my favorite. We really need to get it on a t-shirt one day.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

March 6th, 8:10 am

When the PS3 launched in the U.S. in November of 2006, there were 14 games available. None of those were digital. Only 5 were exclusives, and only one (Resistance: Fall of Man) wasn’t completely awful.

Now, you could say that we haven’t progressed much from back then. (Many would disagree, but okay.) Or you could say that it’s not for you but it’s nice that others will be able to experience it, etc.

But I really don’t get what there is to dislike here. Yes, there’s a trend on display where slightly older games are being ported/remade into sparkly versions that run at 1080p/60fps. But this trend would die an immediate and horrible death if there weren’t so many willing re-buyers.

IMHO, the only legit reason to be even slightly upset would be if they wasted precious time and resources remaking games that were crap to begin with.[/2 cents]

Figboy said:

March 6th, 8:15 am

Absolutely loved playing this on the Vita, and will double dip for the PS4! Can’t wait!

Symbiotx said:

March 6th, 8:20 am

I am loving this game on Vita, thanks for bringing it to PS4, can’t wait!

tdh004 said:

March 6th, 8:25 am


I literally pestered every friend of mine with a Vita to buy this game. Even though I Platinumed the game long ago, I keep it on my Vita to for the various combat stages. Love the combo system, and the tributes to gaming’s pasts. Will buy this and Platinum again!

CatatonicAlex said:

March 6th, 8:36 am

” Graham Smith on March 6th, 2014 at 7:26 am said:
Right now we don’t have any plans to bring it to PS3/Vita. We’re putting a lot of effort into getting the game on consoles we’ve never shipped on before.”



March 6th, 8:38 am

Even though I got the platinum on the original version i can’t wait to play this again. I think you guys designed one of the tightest 2d fighting systems ( non fighter ) ever. I can’t say how much i loved the first game. Keep up the amazing work.

Sevyne said:

March 6th, 8:40 am

So nice of you to screw your original supporters (PS3/Vita owners) out of the additional content. What a great way of saying “thank you”.

ManchildofPV said:

March 6th, 8:46 am

Is there a chance we may see a sequel anytime soon? Maybe have the cast take on other forms of combat from other cultures? Like greco roman worlds or maybe sumo enemies

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 9:47 am

    I think everyone here would be into making a sequel, there are so many ways we could go. I’m digging your Sumo idea….Hundred Hand Slap FTW!

Welmosca said:

March 6th, 8:56 am

Oh man this is some bullsh**….damn the PS4 gen will be even worst than the PS3 gen in this aspect.A lot of milked games are coming…A LOT,every single day we got a new “something edition” coming to PS4.Look I got Guacamelee on PS3 and Vita and I was glad to support you guys but….oh wow man.


March 6th, 9:27 am

I would gladly take it on PS4 if it is going to be a good discount for those who bought it on PS3. I enjoyed it day1 back in april last year. I know you bundled everything in 1 pack for PS3 but not going to buy it again at big price on PS4. It is really a disappointment than you guys are screwing your customers. I hope that you are going to discount the price for DLC on PS3 to FREE in waiting of PS4 Edition.

carmelobr said:

March 6th, 9:31 am

Great game and great news. Can’t wait to play it again.

Any chance that we can see another Blob game in the future? Both versions (Vita and PS3) are amazing.

Darth_NODlike said:

March 6th, 9:38 am

If you put it on a shirt, I will buy it. I don’t think I will be the only one either!

ChavitaMJP18 said:

March 6th, 10:24 am

Street Fighter IV much? I haven´t played the game yet, I guess I’ll wait for the Deluxe Super Ultra Mega Insane Championship Edition…….

YorlecmNwahs said:

March 6th, 10:25 am

Want ModNation Racers 2?

Go to Google

Search “ModNation Racers 2 for PS4 petition”

Click on the second result.

Sign the petition please.

Thank you

SarshelYam said:

March 6th, 10:37 am

What I wouldn’t give for a Drinkbox Collection released physically. Everything the team does is gold…G-O-L-D!

Rezolution77 said:

March 6th, 10:47 am

Guacamelee was decent at best.
The fact it was Cross Play,Cross Buy is was what made it worthwhile.

Any plans bringing the original to PS4?
No? Then Not Interested.

With the way things have been looking, PS3 and PSV will be the last consoles I buy.
Back to computers.

j-professional said:

March 6th, 10:54 am

I will buy this if the price is discounted- considering I already own the game- PLUS DLC. Is there a way to have the DLCs we’ve already purchased?

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 6th, 11:18 am

    STCE includes all the previous DLC content as well (El Infierno and Costumes). It’s the last edition we’re doing so everything is in there and more – including two brand new levels, a new boss, new moves and a new class of enemies.

Dnut said:

March 6th, 11:22 am

apparently comments are removed now if you link a PS blog link within the PS blog. Not very cool. Like everything else, money talks so I guess the only way to stop these old ports coming to PS4 is for ppl to not dbl dip and buy them. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot if we do, and we’ll slow down the devs from bringing new and exciting games to PS4.

tusunami said:

March 6th, 11:33 am

Now i would buy this again because of the new new content with this game and because its super fun. This and the PixelJunk shooter game i would buy again. The discount for those that have this on PS3 and PS Vita would be a nice gesture.

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

March 6th, 11:54 am

Hey Greg
First of all I have enjoyed a lot the games this studio has brought to us on vita and ps3.

Second I dont care for discount or whatever, guacamele on ps3 /vita was amazing and if you guys believe the ps4 version is worthy of new game price then bring it. U guys have the benefit of a proven record and I will pick this game asap as it expands on whzat is already a fantastic game

Thank u guys, looking forward to your games

zerolee708 said:

March 6th, 1:23 pm

I just recently got the game. It’s actually pretty short, but time consuming which I like. You made a game that makes gamers actually stop and think. I like how you can relate to the modern day person. Keep doing what you’re doing and you won’t be a small studio for long. I’m getting the PS4 version and hopefully I’ll keep struggling to figure out your puzzles for the treasure chests

AizawaYuuichi said:

March 6th, 1:46 pm

+ Dnut: “Like everything else, money talks so I guess the only way to stop these old ports coming to PS4 is for ppl to not dbl dip and buy them. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot if we do, and we’ll slow down the devs from bringing new and exciting games to PS4.”

You ever consider that these upgraded re-releases aren’t meant for PS3/Vita owners, but for new PS4 owners who switched from another console last gen? People who had no opportunity to play these games before?

I’ll definitely pick this up. Loved the original version and looking forward to the new story content. And I know that by supporting the effort DrinkBox puts into this version, it will help them go on to make their next game, whether it be Guacamelee! 2, Tales from Space 3 or an entirely new IP.

My only question is, will we be able to play as Juanita at launch this time? Will it still require beating the prologue then doing a “costume swap” to a reskinned version of Juan? That was my only complaint on the original game, was having to mess around with multiple controllers to be able to play with Juanita until that DLC was released, and then it still treating me as if I was using Juan. But that was a really small issue in an otherwise great game!

easterkeke said:

March 6th, 2:04 pm

So pretty.

D-Squad3 said:

March 6th, 3:08 pm

Already bought the original on the PS3, no cross buy? LAME

CatatonicAlex said:

March 6th, 3:39 pm

#45 New machine. New costumes. New levels. New art. New- well- programming.
Vita and PS3 users are getting screwed and aren’t getting the new content.
it’s not like other devs are offering cross-buy for their games.
Last time I checked if you wanted it play a game on a different console you had to buy the game for that specific console.

ArmageddyB said:

March 6th, 4:30 pm

PSN Blog is so awesome. How cool is it that gamers and developers can interact and have a conversation here!!!

    Greg Lesky's Avatar

    Greg Lesky said:

    March 7th, 6:15 am

    We’re also on Twitter and are answer pretty much any question the fans ask us if you want to check us out.

JediOniram said:

March 6th, 5:07 pm

For those who haven’t played the game before, this is fantastic, and well worth it of a double-dip. I just wish this version was crossplay with the Vita too, because I loved the original a lot more on that than on the PS3! Here’s to hoping it’s a feature to come!

ECisMe said:

March 6th, 7:25 pm

Bought it on recent discount for PS3. This game is fantastico.

djsaiyan said:

March 7th, 1:41 am

I loved Guacamelee on my Vita.

I loved Guacamelee on my PS3.

I loved Guacamelee on my PC.

I will love Guacamelee on my PS4 too.

It’s such a great game. Really fun gameplay, awesome music, fantastic art style. Even my girlfriend, who isn’t normally into this kind of game, totally digs it.

I’m definitely in for a triple dip. That you guys are local is just an added bonus.

Be tee dubs, have you guys been to Fat Bastard Burritos on The Queensway? Madre de Dios, best burritos in the city.

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