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Mar 07

Mar 07

Destiny of Spirits Coming to PS Vita March 25th

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Producer, SCEA

We are happy to announce that Destiny of Spirits will be launching in North America exclusively on PS Vita on March 25th, 2014. Other regions will also be releasing the game around the same time, so you’ll be able to start playing and making friends around the world. We hope everyone has a chance to play Destiny of Spirits, as it is a fun, addictive RPG-ish strategy game that gives true meaning to having friends around the world. If you haven’t heard of Destiny of Spirits, check out the trailer below!

What’s New

Thanks to everyone’s contribution during the Closed Beta Test in October last year, we were able to collect valuable feedback and spend time to improve gameplay and game balance! Here are some new and improved features that came out of our beta feedback:

  • Reduced load time and increased gameplay speed
  • Increased spirit levels to allow for deeper spirit progression
  • Increased number of spirit slots to allow players to have a greater variety of spirits
  • Numerous Spirit Point requirement updates that allow your Spirit Points to go further

Destiny of Spirits on PS VitaDestiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Importance of friends in Destiny of Spirits

You will truly experience the benefits of having friends around the world in Destiny of Spirits. The more friends you have, the better off you will be in-game! Having friends in Destiny of Spirits has a number of advantages, so go play and make a lot of friends all over the world. Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits only available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you’ll want to get a hold of to use in battle!

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

We’re dedicated to improve the game even after launch, so we will continue to listen to your valuable feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts after playing the game too, we’re always listening.

Please stay tuned for more information about the game and future events for Destiny of Spirits!

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itstheo said:

March 31st, 10:59 am

This will be my second blog post ever.


1) Only use Destiny Orbs towards trying to summon Super rare spirits. Also only use them on days you have great blessings to up your odds.
2) Battle to purge as many areas as fast as possible. Once you beat a boss in an area you get one of the following; increase in how many spirits to can have, hold more friends, more cost points towards battles.
3) Make friends, you can rent their spirits for less if there friends, it ups your odds of doing trades, it can also help up your odds of daily benefits that change.
4) The regular summon is random and can also get you Rare spirits so do not worry.
5) For PSN Trade trophy you must offer up one of your spirits and have someone make an offer on it that you accept. You will not get it by just offering on someone else’s spirit and them accepting.

Good LUCK and have fun

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