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Mar 09

Mar 09

This Week in PlayStation: To the Blogmobile!

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Social Media Manager, SIEA

It’s not every week we see a new Batman game announced, but here we are. On PS4, no less! Based on what little we know about Arkham Knight, I think we can already safely get hyped up for it. Batmobile!

We’ve got yet another bunch of discounts on deck (extra dollars saved if you’re a PS Plus member). Watch_Dogs got an official release date — May 27th. Fez is out later this month, and it looks like the PS4 version is the best iteration of the indie legend yet. We got an unsettling new trailer for SOMA, the upcoming PS4 horror title from the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Bandai Namco dropped off a few hot tips for Dark Souls II (out Tuesday). Hatsune Miku made her portable debut in North America on Tuesday with the release of Project Diva f on PS Vita. Two PS3 favorites are making the jump to PS4 with new upgrades in tow: PixelJunk Shooter and Guacamelee! I wiped both those games clean on their original release, and I’ll be happy to do it again with a DualShock 4.

Oh, and one last thing: we’ve now sold more than six million PS4s, and we can’t thank you all enough for the support. Game on, friends.

  • I’m playing: South Park: The Stick of Truth, Resogun, TowerFall Ascension
  • I’m watching: Frozen (just as good the second time!)
  • I’m listening to: Tycho, other Ghostly artists

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Butters360 said:

March 9th, 9:07 am

It’s been quite a legen-wait-for-it-dary week for PlayStation. 6 million in sales was shocking but Batman: Arkham Knight was the cherry on top!

I’m Playing: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

I’m Watching: How I Met Your Mother.

I’m Listening to: Within Temptation “Hydra.”

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:43 am

    Yes! I can’t wait to see Batman on PS4.

megalodonshark said:

March 9th, 9:07 am

1st maybe? anyway i just this week got my hands on a ps4… yay my kids love it to death and i like and enjoy it as much as i do my ps3, but i was wondering when diablo 3 was going to make it onto the ps4, i am really looking forward to the impending expansion. as for batman i am already so there, as i have already played, several times i might add, the 1st 3.
i’m playing thief
i’m watching arrow
i’m listening to my entire duran duran collection

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:44 am

    Ah, just missed the first comment. ;)

    No news on Diablo, but we’ll let you guys know as soon as we hear.

egaqu said:

March 9th, 9:19 am

Fantastic week for PlayStation? I hope Batman ends up as promising as the trailer depicts it. There is no ceiling for PS4.

I’m playing: Tomb Raider, FIFA 14
Im watching: House of Cards
I’m listening to: Let It Go

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:45 am

    Yeah, that Batman trailer is preeeeetty hype. I trust Rocksteady completely though — it’s gonna be soooo gooood!

Winscar_Shinobi said:

March 9th, 9:20 am

Lucky you being able to play towerfall :P

Im happily playing south park. Amazing game. Using it to pass the time until mgs5 and infamous SS drop.

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:45 am

    Did you catch either of our TowerFall livestreams last week? Adam Boyes came by and played a few matches with us!

jimmy_falcone said:

March 9th, 9:27 am

Playing: PvZ, Tomb Raider
Watching: Pitbulls and parolees, archer
Listening: Cherlene (songs from archer)

What time the drop?(unrelated topic)

Talesgirl016 said:

March 9th, 9:33 am

BREAKING NEWS! Ubisoft lied!! they downgraded Watchdogs Visuals for PS4 ):

Talesgirl016 said:

March 9th, 9:35 am

Did ANYBODY See Watchdogs on PS4! IT LOOKS HORRIBLE!! ):

Talesgirl016 said:

March 9th, 9:37 am

I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
I’m watching: Bold and the Beautiful
I’m listening to: American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

viceforce said:

March 9th, 9:55 am

I’m playing: Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost, Warframe, Dead Nation Apocalyspe, Dead Nation
I’m watching: Bitten, Helix
I’m listening: To the PS4 system sound

btw I noticed that I saw Destiny and Watchdogs were up as banners. Y is that I always thought first party games get put up there. and we are know that Destiny and Watchdogs aren’t Playstation exclusive.

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:48 am

    We just got some fancy new ones made up to match the Blog’s new background, and when we were making the list of games we figured it’d be silly to leave those out.

ifDOSelse said:

March 9th, 10:05 am

I’m playing: Battlefield 4
I’m watching: LOST
I’m listening to: Borgore, Elvis Presley

dodgedoors said:

March 9th, 10:07 am

playing stick of truth no time for anything else.
Justin, where is the blogcast again?

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:48 am

    No Blogcast this week, sorry. :( I blame Sid and Nick. We’ll have an extra-juicy one for ya next week though!

ferrers405 said:

March 9th, 10:27 am

Where’s the PS Blog Podcast of the week, did i miss out?

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:49 am

    We passed on this week’s show, but we do have a pretty compelling inFAMOUS Second Son interview to make next week that much better…

n0cDk3y said:

March 9th, 10:36 am

Dive was a great album. I take it Awake is out then? I like your taste in music Justin!

spcdster27 said:

March 9th, 11:02 am

When are you going to bring back the media player so i can watch my movies on my network on the PlayStation 4.

n0cDk3y said:

March 9th, 11:58 am

Sweet, sweet sound. Still waiting for the critics on Watch Dogs; 8-player free roam sounds nice in the world they created.

antidentity said:

March 9th, 12:07 pm

FEZ! Batmobile! Dark Souls II! Infamous! Watchdogs! Destiny! Beyond!
My wallet winces every time I get excited now (>_> looking at you Bloober), but DS2 will sort that out with an extra dose of sadness soon enough.

I’m playing: Thief, DCUO, Don’t Starve, Dark Souls [false sense of preparation]
I’m watching: The Neverending Story (preparation fo Lethal sadness. Artax!)‚ Samurai Champloo, Archer
I’m listening to: Trifonic, Disasterpeace, Bonobo, Phaelah, Chet Faker
I’m reading: The Wheel of Time: Crossroads of Twilight

on an unrelated note, aside from the sadness topic; Bloober Team! Fix Basement Crawl!

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    March 9th, 11:56 pm

    Trifonic, nice! You’ve got fine musical taste, friend.

Sorahl213 said:

March 9th, 12:45 pm

Woo! What an awesome week! Batman was the cherry on top, followed by the awesome South Park game I just finished today.

What I’m playing: Danganronpa (the “what if” scenario you get for beating the main story), Hatsune Miku on Vita, and Phoenix Wright 3.

What I’m watching: Catching Fire and Pokemon season 1(thanks netflix!)

What I’m listening to: Frozen soundtrack

What I’m reading: Old Man and the Sea and I Am Number Four

genius527 said:

March 9th, 5:25 pm

I usally play: COD ghosts (ps3)
What I’m watching: Things about the ps4
What I’m getting: The ps4 for my birthday in May!!!

Off Topic: When is there gonna be “MORE” ps4, ps vita, and ps3

genius527 said:

March 9th, 5:29 pm

Owah I forgot something,
I play at times: Assassin’s Creed 3 “Online”(ps3)
What do I go on, on the ps3: P.S. Home (ps3)

BlueBl1zzard said:

March 9th, 6:44 pm

I’m playing: Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, Dangan Ronpa (all 3 of my favorite characters died so far), Injustice (for vita), Toukiden Age of Demons.

I’m listening to: Hatsune Miku songs (World’s End Dance Hall is SO catchy!)

I’m watching: Walking Dead

I’m reading: various textbooks in preparation for midterm exams : \

Husteen said:

March 9th, 7:41 pm

i’m pretty excited for arkham knight: the graphics look interesting, and i really just like the arkham games. plus, i finally get to play as the coolest looney ever, harley quinn (injustice has been the only one so far). can’t wait to see what crazy/funny gadgets they give her. i’m also curious to know what happens in the story because, well you know… arkham city ending, and that’s all i’m saying.

hopefully arkham origins can hurry up and go on sale before i get my ps4.

SufferThorn said:

March 9th, 8:43 pm

Pretty stoked for Arkham Knight. Even more stoked for Metal Gear, which is just around the corner.

I’m Playing: …nothing at the moment, but I just beat The Stick of Truth.
I’m Watching: The Following.
I’m Listening To: Ghost – Infestissumam because it’s still that good.

Figboy said:

March 9th, 10:07 pm

It was quite a topsy turvy week for PlayStation. Looking forward to the upcoming games like Towerfall and inFAMOUS: Second Son.

What I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed IV and Injustice both PS4

What I’m watching: Batman: The Animated Series, Orphan Black on Amazon Instant Watch, and Archer Season 4 on Netflix (both on PS4).

What I’m listening to: Childish Gambino Because The Internet, and Camp, and Janelle Monae, The Archandroid and The Electric Lady.

alv_101argand said:

March 9th, 11:54 pm

Can’t wait for final fantasy x and x-2, deception 4, fez, steamworld dig and dark souls 2!! Already on my list of things to purchase in March.

What I am playing: ys memories of celceta, last of us
What I am watching: frozen
What I am listening: tearaway soundtrack and ‘let it go’-frozen

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