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Mar 10

Mar 10

PlayStation Plus: Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut Free for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

It’s easy to look at Lone Survivor’s art style and think it’s not going to scare you, but this game is legitimately freaky. You’ll take the role of a creeptastic guy attempting to survive in a city overrun by disease, which apparently turns you into a nasty walking ball of fleshy bits. Given the scarcity of ammo, you’ll likely be focused on hiding from the flesh monsters roaming the world versus conducting constant head-on assaults. The story unfolds based on your choices throughout the game and there are multiple endings to discover as a result. The final bonus is that this title is Cross-Buy, so PlayStation Plus members will receive both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.

The Spring Fever sale continues this week with day 1 discounts on Towerfall Ascension and Vessel. The franchise portion of the sale this week focuses on Call of Duty, so check out all of the discounted bundles below.

You can download Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 3/11.

PlayStation Plus 3-11-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut
In this psychological survival adventure, the masked protagonist must escape from a city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is a new kind of adventure where the choice of how to survive is up to you. Sneak through without firing a single shot, or kill everything in your path. Eat and sleep well, or resort to drugs to keep going. Search for survivors, or try to escape the city alone. Look after your mental health, or descend into madness. Lone Survivor is a game where your choices genuinely matter.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Title Plus Price Original Price
Ethan: Meteor Hunter $8.54 $9.49
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 And Season Pass Bundle $53.99 $59.99
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Complete Bundle $67.49 $74.99
Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Bundle $17.99 $19.99
Call Of Duty: Black Ops II With Revolution Map Pack $35.99 $39.99
Call Of Duty: Black Ops With First Strike $31.49 $34.99
Call Of Duty: BO1+DLC1 With BO2+DLC1 $62.99 $69.99
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 With Stimulus Package $17.99 $19.99
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 With DLC Collection 1 $62.99 $69.99
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 With DLC Collection 1 $26.99 $29.99
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Game Bundle: MW1+MW2+MW3 $58.49 $64.99
Towerfall Ascension $11.99 $14.99
Vessel $7.99 $9.99

Last Chance (Leaving on 3/18)

Instant Game Collection
Worms: Battle Islands (PS Vita)
Binary Domain (PS3)


If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 9:35 pm

@Primerolncognito Yeah, but I am quite selective about it. I can’t force myself to play games like Hannah Montana and stuff like that. :p

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 12th, 9:38 pm

@ DarkStar83x

That’s good. I wouldn’t respect a platinum like that. :)

But damn… how did you get to Wave 40 on PvZ? I keep falling short every time I try and I’ve tried every combination of plants I could think of.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 9:41 pm

@darkstar- lol, i suck at getting trophie s, but im visually impaired. saw i had more than someone once and became a trophy addict sadly… cant get platinums though, well might end up getting dragons dogma DA platinum some day, just need 3.

NickTheMenace said:

March 12th, 9:41 pm

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the reason for them taking so long is cause they are changing the games in the game collection? lol

Dovr329 said:

March 12th, 9:42 pm

so no update until tomorrow I guess…

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 9:43 pm

@PrimeroIncognito It’s been a while, so I can’t tell you exactly how I did it, but I used the same setup on both PS3 and Vita. Didn’t use any cob cannons. Got to wave 42 on both. Pretty much all I had to do was replace the pumpkin shields every now and then.

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 12th, 9:49 pm

@ DarkStar83x

Dude, I do that all the time! I put pumpkins on EVERYTHING. And I replace them as soon as they get destroyed (if possible). I have quadruple-quadruple pea shooters on each lane with torchwood to make it even stronger, reverse pea-shooters to hit the diggers, the freezing mushroom, plus the freezing watermelons in each lane to slow all the zombies down, 2 cat-tails in each pool lane, and I use the cherry bomb, plus double up on the peppers… and those damn Gargantuars still somehow get through eventually. I always die somewhere in the 30s. It’s a strangely difficult trophy considering how easy all the others were to get.

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 9:51 pm

@PrimeroIncognito We could continue this convo on PSN if you’d like. Well, hopefully SOny can fix whatever’s slowing this update to a snail’s pace!

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 12th, 9:54 pm

@ DarkStar83x

Nah, I’m going to have to decline that… I hate typing with the DualShock… ha ha…

If you’re going to bail out, then have a good night, man. I’ll figure out how to beat those fools eventually.

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 9:58 pm

@PrimeroIncognito Fair enough. I’ll still be here for a bit in case, by some miracle, they get it fixed tonight. Since it seems to have been a technical issue…smallest thing can mess everything up!

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 10:14 pm

Saw an article someone proclaiming the death of SCEA because the news hasn’t been all that happy the last week or two and now the store update dragging its feet. Well, it seems the Chicken Little disease has infected Sony naysayers, too. :P Not everything is going to be perfect.

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 10:15 pm

But then again, gaming journalism is about as sensationalist as regular journalism.

verasan said:

March 12th, 10:21 pm

I tried to download the game but i went online and the game lonewolf doesnt appear on the list to download yet ;(

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 10:46 pm

everyone give up already? i cant sleep sadly.

utzbastage said:

March 12th, 10:47 pm

is it free now or what’s going on..seems the store was not updated and when i search this game it is not free…what’s the story

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 10:51 pm

no, there has been a two day delay due to technical issues or something… sony hasnt said what at all, just said some issues on askplaystations twitter page. its the hurry up and wait game:). sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 10:53 pm

there was a partial update in some regions, just not ours…

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 10:58 pm

Not exactly true. Most of the new games and DLC are up on the US store, but there aren’t discounts available yet. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 11:14 pm

Well, we can always hope, right? They have to get it out sometime.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 11:24 pm

you could be correct, i dont know about discounts or other new games. ive been looking at the igc. i have no experience on the web store. i DID see something flash about CoD ghost, but i dont know what all games are in the sale. i do deeply apologize for any errors on my part. yeah they have to put it out sooner or later. id guess people will start losing it soon enough, lol.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 12th, 11:26 pm

i also apologize for my lack of punctuation, but i try to knock it out fast since i hold my device with one hand and write with the other. really hurts, lol.

DarkStar83x said:

March 12th, 11:42 pm

On an unrelated note, Stallion83 on XBL hit a million.

Starkiller1230 said:

March 12th, 11:48 pm


polkacore said:

March 13th, 12:00 am

Hrm. I have an active plus account and yet Lone Survivor: DC is not showing up as free for me. It is not listing in the ps plus>free games section and when I look the game up it tries to charge me.

DarkStar83x said:

March 13th, 12:03 am

That’s odd. Well, let’s hope they can solve the problem tomorrow.

DarkStar83x said:

March 13th, 12:11 am

Another thing…I wonder if the maintenance messed up whatever they use for the update. Either way, hoping they can get it sorted out tomorrow.

ItsCiga said:

March 13th, 12:25 am

I can’t believe I acquired my first platinum trophy while waiting for the update LOL.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 13th, 12:25 am

yeah, heres hoping, and indeed this is sad… sleep well darkstar:).

starkiller you should look back in the blog. theres been a nasty delay. check http://www.twitter.com/playstation for tiny posts, lol. ask playstations twitter page said there are issues…

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 13th, 12:26 am

lol, congratulations!!! something good for you there:)

ItsCiga said:

March 13th, 12:31 am

Thanks! Play some of your games while waiting, it helps, aha!

NecroNeko666 said:

March 13th, 1:16 am

It isn’t up. What happened? I was looking forward to it.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 13th, 1:28 am

people need to skim the last three pages before asking.

yeah itsciga:) playing gta5.:)

Sniper0Chance said:

March 13th, 4:15 am

This is sad and really disappointing that a big company like sony has this big of a problem and I kind of now expect more then a I’m sorry from sony.

DragoNsChampioN said:

March 13th, 4:28 am

thant makes two of us sniper0chance. they just called it a night without a word on twitter it would seem, which pisses me off. the delay stinks, but is what it is. it needs to be made up for definitely, but its the fact that they dont care to tell us whats wrong, as if we’re little babies, lol. im now hoping it will get done by this evening when i wake, lol. heres hoping:).

Neonridr said:

March 13th, 4:38 am

It’s just odd that none of the moderators can come on here and post a quick little blurb apologizing for the delay or anything like that. Obviously I understand that issues come up, but communication with your userbase isn’t exactly a new thing.

Here’s hoping they get whatever issues they are having solved, I want to try out Lone Survivor on my Vita, lol.

sobombado86 said:

March 13th, 5:44 am

What is crazy about it is that last week the update was perfect.

joufes said:

March 13th, 5:45 am

LOL just woke up to see no update and no apology or further communication on twitter XD (b^.^)b good job guys…good job….

llobak said:

March 13th, 5:53 am


Why my PS VITA store doesn’t show that the lone survivor is free for download?

And others game also appear to not free anymore? example game like gravity rush, wipeout, unchartered etc

My PSN PLUS expiry date is Jun 2015! Please help

Neonridr said:

March 13th, 6:05 am

@llobak – there currently is an error with the store. It has not been updated yet to show Lone Survivor for free. Don’t worry, everyone else is experiencing the same issue, we are waiting for Sony to clear up this error and get everything up and running.

Once it is fixed, Gravity Rush and Uncharted *should* go back to being free. Although might I recommend actually downloading those games if you haven’t already. They have been free for a very long time, and it’s possible they may not stay free forever.

BattleToadGX said:

March 13th, 6:11 am

I have a feeling that there won’t be a update either today or tomorrow.

PainOfSarrow said:

March 13th, 6:13 am

llobak , unfortunately you will just have to wait for the store update. there is a long ass delay. also unfortunately sony dont have the ability to give any damn info. why one person come here and give a little itty bitty tinny info is beyong me.

PainOfSarrow said:

March 13th, 6:14 am


Codeine519 said:

March 13th, 6:16 am


In addition to what Neonridr said about the games you mentioned not being free forever, one thing you might want to do is go through the motions online for “purchasing” them when they are free, and even if you don’t download them right away they will stay free to download as long as you keep PS+.

slender_man420 said:

March 13th, 6:41 am

I just checked my psn store. It says the 3 evergreen titles are no longer free. Could this be the reason for the loooong delay? Probably changing the main 3 free titles for plus? :P

UnholyBahamut said:

March 13th, 7:02 am

Ok guys this is no longer funny, please update the Store, even EU had their Store updated yesterday :(

SinsUnl said:

March 13th, 7:19 am

bsn isnt gonna get n no hurry for tha update or anything else they got our money already

SinsUnl said:

March 13th, 7:24 am

i wished we still got all our free bsplus games @ once @ tha beginning of tha month like we used to

Sniper0Chance said:

March 13th, 7:32 am

It’s looking like they might skip this week all together and pick up the next week witch is a shame.

SinsUnl said:

March 13th, 7:37 am

or they may make us w8 till end of month n give them all @ once

Funky0ne said:

March 13th, 7:48 am

@SinsUnl… I saw what you did there… with “bsplus” and “bsn”… ROFLMBO… good one. xD

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