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Mar 17

Mar 17

PlayStation Plus: Thomas Was Alone & Unit 13 for Members

Kristine Steimer's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist

Thomas Was Alone is a charming puzzle platformer where a group of AI shapes try to find their way through various environments. Who knew that basic shapes could be so adorable? Each new friend brings something unique to the puzzle solving formula, so you’ll need to figure out how to use their talents to your advantage. This title is also Cross-Buy, so Plus members will receive this for both PS3 and PS Vita.

Unit 13 will help you get your third person shooter fix on the go. There are plenty of missions to perfect your skills, and you can select different soldiers depending on what the task at hand is. With various objectives like staying in stealth or clearing an area ASAP, be sure to pick to your soldier wisely.

Our Spring Fever sale is also continuing this week with discounts on Steamworld Dig and Luftrausers as well as a bunch of Grand Theft Auto franchise discounts.

You can download Thomas Was Alone and Unit 13 after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 3/18.

PS Plus 3-18-2014

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Thomas Was Alone (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Thomas Was Alone
Thomas Was Alone is the critically acclaimed indie platformer about friendship and jumping. Guide a group of sentient rectangles through a series of environments, combining their skills to reach the end of each level. Listen to awesome music by David Housden, negotiate obstacles meticulously placed by Mike Bithell and immerse yourself in the characters’ journey with a voiceover read wistfully and amusingly by Danny Wallace.
Unit 13 (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Unit 13
Jump into the action with Unit 13 for PlayStation Vita and conquer 36 tactical missions and 9 high value target battles as you help take down global terror networks and earn your place in the military elite. With the precision of the PlayStation Vita systems’s dual analog sticks and unique touch interface, Unit 13 is the perfect on-the-go action shooter. Wi-Fi connectivity adds fast 2-player co-op action, and 3G compatibility keeps you connected for instant social updates and new daily mission challenges.

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Spring Fever 2014

Title Plus Price Regular Price
Luftrausers (PS3 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy ) $7.99 $9.99
Steamworld Dig (PS4 and PS Vita, Cross-Buy) $7.99 $9.99
Grand Theft Auto III $2.39 $2.99
Grand Theft Auto IV $4.79 $5.99
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars $4.79 $5.99
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City $4.79 $5.99
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories $4.79 $5.99
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories $2.39 $2.99
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas $3.59 $4.49
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City $2.39 $2.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories $4.79 $5.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories $2.39 $2.99

Other Discounts

Title Plus Price Regular Price
9-In-1 Mega Pack $1.49 $1.99
Atomic Ninjas (PS Vita) $2.09 $2.99
Atomic Ninjas (PS3) $2.09 $2.99
Foosball 2012 (PS Vita) $2.09 $2.99
Foosball 2012 (PS3) $2.09 $2.99
Real Boxing $5.00 $9.99
The Impossible Game $0.74 $0.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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FernandoAD said:

March 17th, 9:47 am

@Kristine, any info about FEZ? I read all over the web about the PS3 version, and i saw the banner of the Playstation Card with it, but, i can’t find it on the store. It will be released in the next update of the store tomorrow?

johnnyp70 said:

March 17th, 10:13 am

@52-Fez is scheduled top be released for all 3 platforms (Cross-buy) next Tuesday (3/25) and will have a Plus discount.

frendog said:

March 17th, 10:15 am


jalenthejiv said:

March 17th, 10:18 am

@Kristine,quick Question question.For the promotion where you spend 60 dollars and get 10 dollars back, does buying a twelve month PS+ subscription count towards spending 60 dollars?
Also is GTA V going to be on sale?

DarkStar83x said:

March 17th, 10:21 am

Too bad I already have both of those. Still, Thomas Was Alone was fun.

Welmosca said:

March 17th, 10:22 am

Good update…Unit 13 is a great addition to the IGC…its another game of the list “I wanna try it but I don’t wanna pay for it”…had the demo downloaded for months and never had time to actually try it…now I shall play it.Thanks Sony…And I bought Thomas was Alone some weeks ago…haven’t played it yet but sure looks like a good game.

Unknown406 said:

March 17th, 10:33 am

I’ll buy all the GTA stuff for ps3 but GTA V should be 30 to 40$ for playstation plus members just my opinion good day

jalenthejiv said:

March 17th, 10:40 am

is GTA V not going to be on sale?
I thought it was going on sale for 40 dollars.

MakoSoul said:

March 17th, 10:41 am

Gah, I wish Fez was coming out this week.

chrisgomez3030 said:

March 17th, 10:41 am

awesome week for the vita! two titles is fantastic.

PainOfSarrow said:

March 17th, 10:47 am

might get Luftrausers , idk though. also wow those gta game sales. i paid 50 to 60 for all those each. dont have Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, getting that for dirt cheap now.

Jeo said:

March 17th, 10:47 am

Wow… $0.60 off on GTA3?

I can’t help but wonder… why even have a discount at that price? I get that in percentage terms it’s big, but seriously, that amount is just embarrassing…

Lefoul-123 said:

March 17th, 10:52 am

Sony lied, where is the gta v sale?

MushThePainter said:

March 17th, 10:52 am

Nice. Can’t wait to try Thomas was Alone. Unit 13 is nice for those who haven’t played it, my first Vita platinum..

jalenthejiv said:

March 17th, 10:54 am

@Lefoul-123 I know, I hope its on sale, I was waiting for that.

CraddaPoosta said:

March 17th, 10:54 am

@Jeo – 60 cents off of something that costs three bucks is still a 20% discount.

That would be the same as buying a $60 game and only paying $48 for it.

I can haz GTA III on my PS3 for less than the price of a Happy Meal?

Yes, please.

DigiOps said:

March 17th, 10:56 am

@64 – I was curious about GTA V too, went back to the original Spring Fever sale post to check it out. GTA V doesn’t have a PS+ price. Its still going to be $40, just no extra discount for PS+. No one lied. Its just not a part of the PS+ update. Keep your shirt on.

Lefoul-123 said:

March 17th, 10:59 am

I hope its on sale cuz I want a digital copy.

DigiOps said:

March 17th, 11:01 am

It will be.

saab01 said:

March 17th, 11:04 am

I’m hoping thomas was alone is fun. From the videos it looks cool
Can’t wait to play it tomorrow.

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

March 17th, 11:18 am

FYI: These posts are always screwed up. I’m not trying to make a big deal out of it. I’m just saying is all.

Example: GTA 3 is priced right now at $9.99 on the store. So that’s the regular price. I think $2.99 will be the non-Plus sale price after tomorrow’s update. It just isn’t made clear in this post. Similar to the multiple listings for what appears to be the exact same game. We can deduce that one is for the PSP/(Vita?) version and the other is for the PS3/(PS2 Classic) version. A few more words typed into the keyboard by the ol’ staff in the first place would save a lot of confusion, methinks.

Squiggle55 said:

March 17th, 11:18 am

I voted for the spring fever sales this week. I’m excited to get to try Thomas Was Alone and Unit 13, but I’m even more excited about Steamworld Dig and I love sales.

boomstickbhg said:

March 17th, 11:34 am

Will this weeks update actually happen on Tuesday?

Last week was a disaster and Sony was terrible communicating with us (the last “tweet” was on Tuesday, aiming for a weds update, then no communication until the store randomly updated on Thursday).

What happened last week! We’re still waiting for communication regarding what the problem was/is.

This isn’t the first time in Sony PSN history you’ve updated a day late.

Are all the problems solved and we can expect a normal update this week?

BigBacon87 said:

March 17th, 11:39 am

Bring reasonable game prices back to Canada! $70 is going to lead to less game sales in the Great White North. Sorry I know I am off topic here but jeez Sony. The PS brand is finally returning to form and bam, let’s eye-gauge Canada. Unimpressed with the hike. I am still very impressed with Plus though so keep up the good work in that regard, looking forward to Unit 13.

TeamGreen615 said:

March 17th, 12:01 pm

Unit 13 was a solid game. Once I started playing it I knew I going for the platinum trophy. Enjoy fellow Vita owners!

TooLegit505 said:

March 17th, 12:11 pm

Let me guess, free Vita games also include Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush, and Uncharted as well right? Old stale games. They need replacing.

carlpain said:

March 17th, 12:19 pm

I may get GTA IV. I got it for PC, but my I lost my progress. It’s a steal for that price. Anyway, I have DS II, so I’ve hours and hours of fun.

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 17th, 12:19 pm

@ boomstickbhg

There you go again…

Anyway, Real Boxing for $5 sounds great. Chinatown Wars, Luftrausers, and Steamworld Dig too. Great prices on all.

carlpain said:

March 17th, 12:21 pm

Oh, I forgot to say: Thomas Was Alone is a great game.


March 17th, 12:29 pm

I really need that 64 G memory card for my VITA :D


CrimsonDream24 said:

March 17th, 1:08 pm

I’ve been checking that “I don’t own the content, but nothing for me this week” option a lot lately.

PS+ is a great value but I hope this drought ends soon.

GummyCore said:

March 17th, 1:20 pm

If I buy a $39.99 game and a $19.99 game (total $59.98), will I qualify for the $10 or do I have to go buy an avatar to top up the amount? (I know buying a $59.99 game qualifies, what about 2 cents less than $60?)

And just to confirm, when the store updates on Mar 18 (assuming it’s on time this week) and the new set of weekly deals become available (like GTA V at $39.99), I still have the rest of the day (till 23:59 Pacific) to qualify. The promo is “valid THROUGH March 18”, meaning the whole of Mar 18 counts. Correct?

ThumbsOfSteel74 said:

March 17th, 1:44 pm

@GummyCore: I wouldn’t risk it in either case.

Let’s face it: You’re unlikely to get an official response about any of this today. Just buy a $0.49 avatar to get you over $60. The savings on paranoia and post-deal rage are well worth it.

And again, I wouldn’t mess around with trying to stretch the deal till the last possible second. In the past, these deals have lasted through most of the final day listed. The question becomes: Yeah, but which time zone? Buy whatever you’re going to as soon as you see it on the store. Save yourself the hassle.

Arc93 said:

March 17th, 2:03 pm

Please!! Discount for Atelier games in the future.

CraddaPoosta said:

March 17th, 2:03 pm

Kristine answered that same question a few times on this same blog post.

The answer was “Yes”, spending $59.99 still qualifies you for the $10 credit.

Going to download South Park : The Stick of Truth tonight.

Alexison90 said:

March 17th, 3:19 pm

If i buy 59.97$ in 3 games i will have the 10$ credit for the promotion?

sirbflo114 said:

March 17th, 3:22 pm

Wow? Finally! A week where I won’t purchase something or download any instant game. My wallet needs a break.

illwiththeskill said:

March 17th, 3:31 pm

@74, who’s “we”? You don’t speak for everyone, I’m not waiting on an explanation for why the update was so late. Could they have communicated better? Yes. You didn’t lose any money because of this, if anything maybe Sony did but Sony doesn’t owe you anything, unless you ordered a physical product that was defective. The store update being late doesn’;t mean you’re now entitled to anything.

rpgaymer said:

March 17th, 4:20 pm

Literally just bought and and beat Thomas Was Alone last week… Oh well, it was worth the price. Charming game.

So nothing for me this week sadly.

GForce_Wolf said:

March 17th, 4:45 pm

Kristine, do you think we’ll ever get a locoroco sale??

robbins69 said:

March 17th, 4:51 pm

Thomas was alone is a great game. Enjoyed it on the pc. I’ll still probably download it on my ps3 just to enjoy it again.

Squadren_64 said:

March 17th, 4:59 pm

Aww shucks, wanting some ps plus ps4 games. Come on PSN!

tomster5858 said:

March 17th, 5:05 pm

arrggg!!! still no monster hunter unite….:(

GummyCore said:

March 17th, 5:50 pm

@ThumbsOfSteel74, ya, I will go with a $0.49 avatar just to be safe. The second question is more important. Of course I won’t drag till the last minute, regardless which US time zone. However I only have GTA V (going on sale on Mar 18 at $39.99 after the store update) on my to-buy list, still short of $20.01. I am going to see if there is anything new going on sale that I want go get. The problem is they don’t announce the new sale info until the store is updated, so there isn’t a lot of time to consider and decide. (Even deciding which avatar to get is going to take a long time, though I have already starting looking into that.)

The most important part of the question is whether the qualification period actually lasts till the end of the day, Mar 18, regardless which US timezone. Or will it end the moment the store gets updated?

Dude_Largepants said:

March 17th, 6:39 pm

What happened to the GTA V @ 39.99?

abuelo89 said:

March 17th, 6:49 pm

It is a shame that we won’t have drive club for ps4 and fo the latest comments it won’t be out in 2014. When can we get a real title for ps4. Outlast is great, yet i still want something amazing. I’m going to play thomas that sounds amazing. Thanks for this week content. Still disapointed in The COD discounts since there was no ghost or it’s DLC and in europe there was. Also we don’t get GTA V y the GTA discount.

tusunami said:

March 17th, 7:04 pm

I just receivedmyPS Vita 64gb like 2wks ago and I enjoy having a lot of room to switch on the fly and still have room left over for whatever games I want to download. These sales are once again stellar, now I gotta see what to buy!!!!!!!!!!!

GummyCore said:

March 17th, 7:22 pm

As announced earlier in the Spring Fever post, GTA V goes on sale this week at $39.99 but there is no further discount for PS Plus members. This is the “PS Plus update” post, so it only covers those items with further PS Plus discounts. GTA V is not covered here but should be listed in the “Store Update” post tomorrow when the GTA sale goes live.

RISE_UP44 said:

March 17th, 7:32 pm

It figures, I held off for so long to buy Unit 13 for my Vita and then I see it for cheap 10.00 so I buy it then the next week here I see it is going to be free on PS+.. my luck.. at least it was only 10.00 but still I wish we had a heads up a little earlier.. o well, lol..

Gamer_USA- said:

March 17th, 8:11 pm

Unit 13 was a great game and remains one of my favorite platinum to have obtained!

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