Dragon Fin Soup Coming to PS4, PS3, & PS Vita

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Dragon Fin Soup Coming to PS4, PS3, & PS Vita
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Hello, we are Grimm Bros, nice meeting you all! We are Ash Monif and Randis Albion, long time friends and industry veterans. Over the last twelve months, we’ve been working with a small band of indie developers and today we’re proud to share with you our debut title – Dragon Fin Soup!

Dragon Fin Soup on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Dragon Fin Soup is part roguelike and part classic console RPG, with a persistent world and story. It plays like a mix of Chocobo’s Dungeon and Secret of Mana, and it comes with two main gameplay modes. Story Mode focuses on storytelling, character progression, and plays more like a classic RPG, while Survival Mode plays more like a Roguelike and features permanent death.

Dragon Fin Soup is a turn-based game — not quite like Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM, but more like Shiren or Chocobo Dungeon where foes take their turn simultaneously with the player, allowing for more dynamic and fast-paced gameplay.

The world of Dragon Fin Soup is inspired by fantasy and fairy tales and is set on Asura, a giant space turtle. We are not trying to retell the stories, but we plan to twist and re-imagine these iconic tales. One of the main characters is Red Robin. Though she’s inspired by Red Riding Hood, she is quite different than the character you might remember from your childhood. She’s cheerful, but she’s also a raging alcoholic who makes her living as a bounty hunter and sword for hire.

A year ago, Robin lost her memory in a tragic accident. As she rediscovers herself and the world, she slowly learns more about her bloody past, the mysteries of Asura, and a twisted tale of betrayal and murder.

Dragon Fin Soup on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Dragon Fin Soup on PS4, PS3 and PS VitaDragon Fin Soup on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

In Dragon Fin Soup we have day and night cycles, crafting, gathering, fishing, story missions, randomly generated quests and missions, wide-ranging locations and more. We also include 20 equipment slots for your weapons and gear, all kinds of abilities, magic and many other fun things.

Grimm Bros is a micro studio of five veteran developers. Our small team has been working on Dragon Fin Soup for a year now with the help and support of our amazing friends and family. We have three great programmers, a freelance composer, and one guy who is doing all the graphics, sfx, and design!

Bearing many awesome goodies Dragon Fin Soup is now on Kickstarter to help us raise more funds for polish and adding a lot of fun features. Please check it out and give us your feedback so we can make the best game possible! Also, keep an eye on our official site and Facebook page for more updates!

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108 Author Replies

  • Tuppery_Numnak

    This looks very promising.

  • BattleSkard

    Cool looking game.

  • Winscar_Shinobi

    I kinda want this. Ps4 is missing an rpg.

  • So if we back it on Kickstarter can we get a code for the PS platform of our choice?

  • Here. Take my money. TAKE IT!

  • Vita is getting some love!!!!! This game looks good. Has a lot of depth and I’m down with the dynamic day and night stuff!
    Awesome! I may not buy this day one but I’m definelty down for this. OOOOCHIEWALLYh

  • TheExiled12894

    Looks interesting

    • Ash Monif

      Thank you!
      Cool avatar btw! we have the Judge Helmet in our office :)

  • this looks great! perfect for Vita. hope to check it out at E3 this year.

  • GStylez1980

    VERY interested in a game like this for the Vita. Tactics-type games are perfect for a handheld. It’s hard to believe how many RPGs the Vita has secured for its future.

  • Really like the art style of the game. Would love to know more about the combat system.

    • Ash Monif

      Thank you!
      We will be releasing more videos, and show more of the game-play!

  • BlueBl1zzard

    This looks quite interesting, glad to see it’s coming to vita as well. Best of luck guys on getting this finished, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

  • Had to hop on and say this looks very promising. Secret of Mana is one of my all time favorite games ever. It’s actually the game that got me interested in creating games in the first place! I love the variety of fun that’s on offer here. If this game gets completed and pulls together as is hoped for, you can count me in for a purchase! Good luck on finishing the game. Keep up the hard work.

  • @Govi: Yeah if you back it on Kickstarter you have your choice of platform: PS3 / PS4 / PSVita or PC.

    I backed this game because I love the art, the music, and the thought of playing as an alcoholic, shotgun toting Little Red Riding Hood.

    • Ash Monif

      That is correct! Thanks for sharing the info and for supporting us!

  • looks good hope to hear more about pricing and playing time.meaning,how long does it take to finish the story mode….

    • Ash Monif

      Thank you! We will share more info and game-play videos in time!
      The game is still in development, it is hard to estimate the total playtime at this time.

  • You have the attention of my Vita. Make it so…

  • Already backing you guys on Kickstarter!

    It’s pretty impressive to see a major site like the Playstation Blog with a link to a Kickstarter that’s still running. I hope you guys get a lot of new backers!

  • Beautiful art style, am in for the PS Vita version thank you Grimm Bros

  • Looks really nice. Thanks for including a trailer; always helps when you can see the game in action.

  • I’ve really wanted a new game created in this style for an RPG. I’m excited to try this game!

  • My VITA needs this!

  • While I feel it’s unlikely you’ll be doing a cross buy promotion (buy 1 version, get access to all 3), I hope you at least provide a bundle discount. I’d love to be able to swap between my PS4 and Vita whenever I please. Not sure how much Sony helps devs in regards to cross buy and cross save functionality.

  • almost lost my interest when I saw FFT mentioned. Hate those style games. But this looks great, thankfully it isn’t like that

    • Ash Monif

      It plays very differently from FFT and Tactics Ogre, there is no waiting in between turns
      Thanks for checking it out!

  • I’m interested now after the trailer tho

  • Oh wow, this looks really fun. Just the kind of game i’m into. I think i’ll have to get it. :D

  • I can’t help with kickstarter but Day 1 to me.

  • chaindrive30

    Not Even going to finish reading the article, you had me at Chocobo Dungeon and Secret of Mana.

  • Is this like minecratf? I want it.

    • Ash Monif

      Thank you!
      Even tho we do have crafting in this game, it is very different from Minecraft

  • This looks really awesome, and I just did back it. However, I must say I *HATE* the name of the game. The name, to me anyway, is an obvious take on shark fin soup, which brings up nothing but negative connotations as certain harvesting techniques of the fins are extremely cruel to the sharks. Anyway, I hate to be a downer, and again, I’m a backer of the game, but I wish the name was something different.

    • Ash Monif

      Thanks for supporting us!
      We of course condemn shark finning, it is a horrible thing.
      Dragons do not have fins, they have wings so this is dish is
      non existent in the world, its is more of a myth and expression.


  • Learned about this just now and backed immediately. Good luck.

  • DreamInInfrared

    Although admittedly I’ve played very few of them, I’m not a fan of roguelikes and permadeath. Too stressful for someone with limited time to game and many good games to play. :) So thanks for considering ALL types of gamers and including both a Story mode and a Survival mode. If the final game looks as good as this preview, I’ll definitely be on board for some Dragon Fin Soup on Day 1.

  • Cool, if it has cross buy, then I’ll definitely buy it as I’m always looking for PS4 and Vita games

    I agree a bit with #30. Permadeath with no carryover is too stressful. Though, if it’s ZHP style permadeath, where each time you die and get reset to level 1, some percentage of your stats and items carry over, then I’m OK with it as then you’re still making progress even when you lose. Some of my favorite games follow that pattern, like Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Azure Skies, and ZHP itself.

    • Ash Monif

      Thanks! We agree on that and so we provide an option for players

  • Oops, meant Azure Dreams in that last post. Been over a decade since I played it.

  • CommandingTiger

    That’ll be great for the Vita.

  • Yeah this is definitely catching my interest, just a question though will you be only controlling Robin or other characters as well? Or would the other characters be controlled by AI if there are any others?

    • Ash Monif

      Thank you!.
      Right now there is only one playable character but you can team up with some AI controlled characters and you also can have up to 2 active pets following you. With our Kickstarter we are trying to get some additional funding as we would like to add more playable characters in Dragon Fin Soup.

  • “part roguelike and part classic console RPG”… *heavybreathing.jpg*. I seriously can’t wait for this.

  • any GLBT characters playable, or non-playable?

    you say rogue-like? are there pets/familiars? can you train them to attach and steal from shops like in Nethack? are there wands of polymorph?

    • Ash Monif

      We have LGBT characters in our world as well as characters of different nationalities and species,
      In Dragon Fin Soup there is no discrimination.
      We are looking to expand on the Pet Ai functionality and features, this is still in development.
      We also plan on adding potions that will make you able to transform into certain monsters for a short amount of time.

  • Looks promising!

  • theodor70941

    I don’t know what to think of this!

    • Ash Monif

      There is no rush, maybe you can give it a chance some day :)
      thanks for checking it out!

  • Im down!

  • I like the music in the alpha trailer.

  • I like what i see, and her name is Robin?, ok… taking wallet out…

  • The rpg games are relly starting to pick up on the PS Vita which I’m glad to see!!!!!!!!!

  • classiccrank

    Couldn’t help but notice you’ve taken the time to respond to every comment. Classy move, that alone has my attention. I’m off to check out your kickstarter.

    • Ash Monif

      Thanks a lot! And of course, how could we not! We are so super excited!

  • You got my attention when you mentioned Secret of Mana. I like what you guys are trying to accomplish, i’ll buy it for the PS4.

    Please consider adding interactive features for streaming like Dead Nation did on PS4. Thank you

    • Ash Monif

      Thanks for your support! It will look very nice on the TV screen :)
      We will look into it!

  • Assassinjeph

    Everything about this seems totally great. Kickstarter is a little scary to me, but it’s definitely a day one buy on ps4. I hope you guys keep us updated here on the blog as the game moves along. Looking forward to release and wish you guys the best of luck on the kickstarter.

  • darkwonders

    Awesome job on the cross buy! Now it’s definitely on my radar.

    Will the cross buy apply for the Kickstarter if we choose a Playstation option for our digital download?

  • P3RR0-D3L4RG3

    ROGUELIKE elements?!! I’m totally in!


  • Oh yeah another rpg yes yes YESSSSSSS so when can I buy it.

  • This looks right up my street. My PS4 and Vita will enjoy this greatly.

    Just backed on Kickstarter. =)

  • Looks really good. The Vita version pretty much guarantees I’m going to pick this up.

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